Imagining the Fourth Dimension

Imagining the Fourth Dimension

imagining the fourth dimension here’s where we start getting into some possible confusion because the same word can have many different meanings when people say that time is the fourth dimension what does that mean the fourth dimension adds a way for the third dimension to change this is obvious when we say the third dimension is space without time but the entropy-driven arrow of time that people associate with this concept is obviously not spatial because it behaves in ways that are different from the first three dimensions this is why some people prefer to say that the fourth dimension is a temporal dimension while the first three are spatial but the more we learn about space-time and general relativity the more we realize that time is not just an arrow the fourth dimension stretches it bends and quantum entanglement shows that it’s possible for particles to make instantaneous connections within it even for there to be causality in times reverse direction and as mind-blowing as this may be to fathom the accepted definition for antimatter is that it’s matter which is moving backwards in time this is why with this project I prefer to call the fourth dimension duration I ask people to accept that time is a direction not a dimension in the same way that up or forward are directions rather than dimensions two opposing directions can be used to describe a spatial dimension and time and anti-time are two words we can use to describe the fourth dimension but they’re not the only words and this is important because all we’re really trying to do here is come up with words that describe the dimension which is at right angles to the third dimension here’s something important to remember none of these dimensions exist in isolation you can’t make a 1d line without using points you can’t make a 2d plane without lines you can’t make a 3d space without planes and you can’t have a 4d duration without multiple plank frames of space saying the fourth dimension is duration makes no more sense than saying the third dimension is depth if when we say those phrases we’re thinking you can have duration without space or depth without length and width saying the fourth dimension is space-time then at least acknowledges that the fourth dimension encompasses the dimensions from which it is constructed and doesn’t exist in isolation from the other dimensions let me say this again it doesn’t matter what label you put on the fourth dimension or any additional dimension as long as you’re thinking about how the new dimension is somehow at right angles to the ones before a rose by any other name still smells a sweet to paraphrase mr. Shakespeare so time is not really a dimension but no matter what to mention you’re examining the direction of time is a word we can use for tracking change from state to state in art there really eleven dimensions I insist that it makes no sense to say that the first three dimensions are spatial and the fifth dimension and above our spatial or at very least space like but then to say that the fourth dimension isn’t spatial if that were the case then the mental castle we’re building here has a very rickety layer at the fourth dimension and the whole structure is prone to crashing down last entry we talked about how it’s really impossible for us to see the third dimension because it takes a certain amount of time for the light from anything in the third dimension to breach our eye and that’s just as true for our hand in front of our face as it is for a star ten light years away saying that a third dimensional object has length width and depth is a phrase we casually say but we have to keep in mind that discussing a third dimensional object like a cube is the same as discussing dragons or Flatlanders a 3d cube is an idea which we can freely discuss but without using the fourth dimension to view such an object it’s only a concept likewise persons who talked about tesseracts as being four dimensional objects say that this is what the real fourth dimension is like but what we’re really talking about with a tesseract or any other n-dimensional shape is the same as a cube it’s an idea in order for a tesseract to really exist it has to have a duration within its dimension and when we watch an animation of a rotating tesseract we are visualizing how that structure could rotate and change from state to state over time when viewed from the third dimension likewise just as a cube represents a simple and idealized shape within the third dimension but there are the limitless range of other shapes that can exist within the third dimension the additional degree of freedom afforded by the fourth spatial dimension allows for an even larger number of other shapes which can exist within that dimension one word physicists used to describe the path an object takes within space-time is a world line another word for a fourth dimensional shape coined by author and futurist Bruce sterling is a spine with my imagining the tenth dimension project I asked people to visualize themselves in the fourth dimension as a long undulating snake which is a way to think about the data set that represents a person’s length or duration within the fourth dimension from conception to death do you see how that snake is a spine depending upon your point of view though that snake could be much blurrier than what we show in the original animation every day our bodies are exchanging atoms with the outside world through the air we breathe the food we eat and the water we drink a constant cycle of repairs and replacement means the spine representing a person from conception to death is a much more wide-ranging and interconnected shape than what we might first imagined one of the 26 songs attached to this project called change and renewal is about this idea let’s finish off by thinking about the point line plane postulate again which can be used to visualize any number of spatial dimensions the trick I’ve suggested you start with each time is to think of a point that encompasses the entire dimension then find a point that is outside of what that first point encompasses so a one-dimensional point in the largest version of its indeterminate state occupies the entire length of a line and some new point not found anywhere on that line allows us to visualize the second dimension a two-dimensional point in its largest version fills an entire plane and a point not within that plane gets us to the third dimension a third dimensional point at its largest version is like a single Planck unit sized slice of the entire universe and allows us to think about the possibility that Julian Barbour is pointed out that each of those 3d frames allows for the instantaneous quantum connections often deemed as supremely mysterious and unfathomable having said that though we still have to decode the mystery of how we can have a physical world made out of objects that are not infinitely large within the third dimension and this is why I say those quantum connections are at right angles to space-time so let’s continue the point line plane postulates logic into the fourth dimension a 4d point at its largest version would encompass the universe not just in space but in space-time the point would reach from the beginning to the end of the universe in the same way that a photon traveling at the speed of light would perceive itself to be simultaneously emitted from a distance are and arriving at an observers retina this is an important concept we looked at in light has no speed it also ties nicely to something Einstein said a number of times there is a way of thinking about reality in which the separation between past present and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion what’s outside that largest possible 4d point we’ve just imagined well if you are a person who has been trained to believe that free will is also nothing more than a stubbornly persistent illusion you might well say that’s as far as we need to go after all if the universe was set in motion at the Big Bang and anything we do is an inevitable outcome based on what has come before then the largest 4d point we can imagine accounts for all of that from the beginning to the end including the now that each of us is observing at this very instant but what if you believe in free will with this project that’s where we start to think whoa the fifth dimension [Music] [Music]

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  1. ooohh rob I made a stoopid lol kind of drunk commenting about sciencey stuff lol I pasted it all below.. new account btw look forward to more chatting with you my friend 🙂

    hmmm… sort of.. but not quite..

    allow me to explain. I am not sure yet if objects can pass from what you call the fourth dimensional space into the third dimensional space. I need to think on that more with more data at a later stage. what a person looks like (or an any being, especially trees, the perspective of trees is fascinating to me) would be being conceived (ie in the womb) and being born, growing up, growing old, and exiting is dying. it is not as simple as spatial. these so called "4th dimensional beings" (four is not quite adequate to describe it. BTW neither is three for so called 3rd d beings) can see, hear, sense, move etc inside and out but also know thoughts, feelings etc etc of so-called "third dimension"
    .. OK so you know how we are getting into VR these days? … ahem ..cough.. break the fourth wall ..cough cough..
    some call it.. cough really loud… lifting the… ahem … Vale …ahem.. nothing any of you care about actually matters. just live it up while you're here OK ..
    ta ta sweet dreams

    yes I am "crazy" but I'm also smarter than most of you crazy humans and all my crazy theories and conclusions (which were done after much much study and contemplation I might add) turned out to be correct and that math I skipped, well it added up so my sub must have a calculator up there in my brain. most of the greatest minds in history were "crazy" like pope and Tesla and what was the name of the little Italian fella who realised there was an entire universe with billions of planets and other suns just like ours? any who, I'm tired nightie night my curious ones x

  2. imagine how it's feel when we touch 4d object?
    we can feel whole object or just a part that is visible in 3d world?

  3. So….. everything that will happen has already happened and everything that has happened will happen again forever and ever.. and ever. The person reading this right now and has read this before and will for sure read it again

  4. I don't see how anything could exist in a 4th dimension. From the animation your insides and outsides are changing positions all the time.
    I didn't understand at all where time fits if it isn't a dimension.

  5. This video is kinda old. I understand there are a total of 11 dimensions. This guy should do a video on all 11!

  6. If humans are able to understand the concept of higher dimensions doesn’t that make it possible for us to see and be in them?

  7. The Whole (universe) begins and ends. The Lord made it so — and perceives All-which-is without needing space and time. His choicest creatures (us) are blessed with a mind that u'stands this. Praise be.

  8. BS. The immensity of space is filled with dark matter, therefore, there are not empty spaces and black holes only exist in the fantastic imagination of clown scientists. There is not a fourth dimension. Everything is matter.

  9. If you have the time then perhaps you should watch this video.

  10. *Puts something under the bed*
    Me: I will never lose it again!
    *It goes to the fourth dimension*
    People in the fourth dimension: this thing… this is true beauty

  11. Labeling the fourth dimension as “duration” actually coincides with all of the ideas that are introduced in calculus of four dimensions (calculus of four variables). I like how he explained this “duration” ideology.

  12. So why does the 4th dimension constitute not only spacetime as a direction, but also the additional purely spatial structural appendage which the tesseract supposedly represents? Why is it overloaded in that manner? What does space composed of separated but bordering 3d space have anything to do with a cube composed of cubes? Is there even movement in the 4th dimension, considering that movement through 3d space is a product of us traversing the 4d plank length spaces of a 3rd dimensional representation? And if we are in the 4th dimension in this manner, then what the heck is the moving tesseract supposed to be representing if we're already representing traversal via the 4th dimension? It doesn't feel like a tesseract represents very well the capacity to actually see the width of time. A tesseract feels like a bad way to represent time travel by showing only sequential spatial modification.

  13. How could a 2 Dimensional being if there is ever such a person ever conceive a third dimension? We are not smart enough to know the unknowable unless we experience it and I say good luck to that although here is a clue, People that had a near death experience often say they can see in all directions at once. Is that part of the 4th dimension? It sounds preposterous but that’s exactly what it supposed to sound like coming from a 3-D world

  14. There is also a theory in the video called 4D Toys which explains fourth dimension not as a duration or anything time-like, but just as fourth coordinate "W", which, in theory, proves an existence of hyperspace we only see a slice of in our 3D world. In a mentioned video you can see a computer simulation where objects travel in all four dimensions and no time measure is involved. It looks like for example, a sphere or cube suddenly dissapears and shows up in the opposite corner of a screen. It can be said, there might be two fourth dimensions, first is about two spaces linked by duration like in this video, but second is about the same space, but with more coordinates than three visible. Following the second one, if an object disappears from our sight it doesn't need to move in time – it just changes its position to the one we don't see, just as flatlanders wouldn't see us jumping or ducking. If fourth dimension is not about duration, but about hyperspace, finding a way to manipulate it will be a step to make even furthest space travels possible in blink of an eye.

  15. In spatial dimensions an object can "disappear" by moving through through a higher dimension to a perpendicular plane and "reappear" by moving back into the plane it came from. The temporal dimension does not appear to work this way.

  16. Whenever i watch this, i think about how stupid our entire civilization is. In the middle of watching cat videos, we go and watch a short video about the 4th dimension, thinking this video will explain everything to us about some stuff nobody actually knows is true or not. Whats the difference between the search for evidence if God is real versus searching for scientific evidence that still needs more evidence to make it valid? “We are one step closer to understanding…” x y and z. How many times have we all heard that?
    We arent any damn closer. We are stuck on this floating rock and havent found jack shit. We were just riding horses!!!

  17. Awesome video!! I just don't get how we know there's 11 dimensions ya know?.. this is all so confusing but you guys make it a lil easier!

  18. I basically imagine our existence like this: if you blow a cloud of smoke (or vape) it looks three dimensional… but if it illuminated by a few rays of light (such as light coming in through blind slits) it looks completely flat and that's all you see. It's hard to explain this… so I posted a video on my channel. Lol, but this is how I feel our existence as three dimensional beings is. Obviously the smoke exists and travels in three dimensions, but when interacting with a two dimensional plane of light… looks two dimensions. I guess a four dimensional being would be able to perceive where the smoke is, was, and will be all at once.

  19. i understand u but in the 4th dimension u dont control time u percieve things the human eye cant see and not see a new direction but see another world like 4th dimensional beings which are called "ghosts" like were percieved by 2d beings as straight weird lines

  20. I think if a being exsist in the 4th dimension. Then they are split apart but somehow still one individual. Sort of like how we got two eyes and they work together to capture a 3D object In front of us. I think the 4th dimensional beings will have more eyes that are separated like 4 people standing around a 3D object maybe one even above. But the eyes all work together rendering the object from all sides. Even if the Being change direction they forever with their eyes is all around and can see from all sides although they appear to be many but are just one. Just my thought. Also being able to move at a distance so fast or appear in more than one place at the same time could adhere to time. Like when we say do you remember that time..but imagine it happening simultaneously at the same moment. I believe time 4th dimension stores infinite events. Sort of like saying everything that has happened to you or can happen. You are already exsist at all the points in this dimension. Maybe you dont travel. You just exsist there already like an Avatar of you waiting for you to look through its eyes. If the eyes is the window to the soul. Then your soul would exsist any and everywhere just open your eyes and look through in time.

  21. He's basically saying the fourth dimension is time tunnel that exists within the 4th dimension. The past present and future exist all in one in the 4th dimension while we can only conceptualize the past and live in the present. In the fourth dimension you see everything as one, like looking at a seed and seeing the fruit at the same time. The closest example I can think of is like when your in your room watching on your smart phone something that happened in the past, relatively to that time you are in the future but are also living in the present. He is also saying because we can see 1/2/3D within our plane such as in a form of a drawing or motion pictures, 4d has to exist within our plane too we just cannot "see/experience" it because humans can only witness the present( time going up) . There are other beings that can be on this plane and conceptualize the 4th dimensional plane… Aliens/Demons/Angels/God………imagine if future humans could go into the fourth dimension and go into the beginning of time and try to shape humanity and here we are today not realizing that it was future humans behind every past event , "let us make them in our image"

  22. So in 4d i could see through things? Or see all of an object without moving it in different angles? Like being able to see underneath human skins and look and the blood and bones?

  23. This is completely wrong. Higher dimensions is not a physical property, it is a mathematical concept. The forth dimension is just a one more spatial dimension above the third dimension. It has nothing to do with time. There is so much psuedointellectual bullshit rambling in this video it is not even funny…..

  24. My summarisation in the first part of the video is that the 4th dimension consists of objects but its changes that will happen during its full duration will happen all at one moment.

  25. Brilliant! Have you ever considered using entheogens such as LSD or 5meo-dmt to empirically understand these truths?

  26. That cube I think that is 2nd dimension.first is circle I think and I see that before in the full moon.😎😎😎

  27. The accepted definition for antimatter isn’t that it’s matter moving backwards in time it’s a particle with the same mass that has the opposite electronic charge

  28. 4th Dimensional objects cast 3d Dimensional shadows when I heard that the 4th Dimension made a little more sence and a little less sence at the same time.

  29. I think Time is just part of the observer's conscience, duration. It is a concept that depends entirely upon perspective. Time has to exist on top of any other dimension, for those observers able to see those dimensions. I think we actually live in a 4d reality, with the 4d being the scale of the observer, or maybe, the 3d coordinates inside of an object. e.g. With a ball, you have its XYZ position with respect to a 3D frame OUTSIDE of the Ball. If you go look INSIDE of the ball, the XYZ coordinates are still the same, but now you are in a whole new place/reality, does looks different, people on the ·3D world won't be able to see you, you will perceive time different, slower than when you were bigger and you will probably don't see them either.

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  31. This is just my (stupid) theory.

    There is height, length, width.

    My theory is Squeeze because I think black holes are from the 4d

    Imagine Earth being squeezed down to a pea, It will turn into a
    Black Hole. Since, compressing something like an atom closely packed
    together in a very big object will bend space until space gets a

  32. Are bodies will not support the 4th demension just as it will not support the 2th demesion so we can not vision how it will be like because we will never see it only therorize it

  33. So by performing the same procedure over and over again we can make infinite dimensions,in which we do not even have a definition of 👽😱

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