iMovie Tutorial |  Basic Layout, Creating a New Movie and Importing Media

iMovie Tutorial | Basic Layout, Creating a New Movie and Importing Media

Hey kids Curt Clapier here with teach mom
how. Today we’re going to do in iMovie tutorial
we’re going to learn the basics we’re going to keep it short there’s a lot more to know
about iMovie but I’m going to break it up into chunks. CCC don’t get overwhelmed and so you can get
started today. For today’s tutorial are going to go over
three things. We’re going to go over the basic layout of
iMovie what you’re looking at what each thing does. What the different things do. We are going to go over second how to create
your first project, how to get started. And then third we are going to go over how
to import media into imovie so that you have videos and pictures and music to edit with. So lets get started, we’re going to show
you how this all works now. Ok, here we are in iMovie. This should be the latest version of iMovie. So we are going to get started here. You’ll probably seeing something similar
to this. You might also be seeing this but where we
want to be is in projects so we can create a new project. You always want to stay organized. That’s the number one thing that confuses
my students is that they don’t stay organized. So make sure you stay organized. So click projects and we are going to create
new. Click on create new. We’re going to start our first movie. You can do a movie or a trailer. It’s like a cinematic trailer. It’s fun to do for things like trips and
highlights and things like that. But today we are going to keep it basic and
just do a movie. And this is going to create a new movie for
you. Ok so when you start your first movie you
will have three basic areas that you need to pay attention to. This first area is your media. It’s where you’re going to vfind your
videos, your pictures, your audio where you’re going to find titles, backgrounds and transitions. So this is all your media. It is where you’ll preview things and decide
what you want to put in. It’s also where you’ll import media to
use in your video. This over here is your preview screen. This is where you’ll preview your clips
or your pictures, you’ll preview your media. You’ll also watch your Movie. This is your timeline or your movie. Anything that you want to have in your movie
you simply drag into here. You put it in your timeline here. Ok. So you’ve got to make sure you use this
and understand how all these there areas work. Alright so the last thing I’m going to show
you today on iMovie is how to import media and have media available to edit in your video. Alright, so this is the area you’re going
to see your media. If you have imported anything into your iphoto
library, videos and photos, either ’cause you’re linked with icloud or ’cause you hooked
up your phone to your computer and you imported them. Those will show up in the iphoto library. If you’ve imported them anywhere else then
you’ll have to find them on your computer. Or if you’ve downloaded videos from a website
you’ll have to find those on your computer and import them into here. you can also import straight from a video
camera or a phone right into iMovie. We’ll go through that real quick right now. You want to though, before you get started
importing you want to be aware of what events are. Events are any time you import videos into
iMovie it’s going to bring them into an event. So, think of an event as all of the crap that
you might use in your video, you might use in your movie. It’s all your photos, pictures, whatever you
might use in your video, not necessarily what’s going to end up in your movie. So, what I always do for every project is
I start a new event before I import anything. K. So I’m going to click right here, I’m going
to right click right here and choose New Event. So it’s going to start my new event. You’ll see I have tons of events here that
I didn’t keep organized with. So, trying to do a better job with that. So make sure you name your event. I’m going to call this one iMovie Tutorial
1. And then everything that has to do with this
project, k, everything that has to do with this project you want to import into that
event, iMovie Tutorial 1. Then you click on import Media. You’ll see that you can record stuff straight
from your camera. You’ll also if you have a video camera hooked
up you’ll see that here to import. You’ll also see devices so you can click on
your hard drive and navigate to wherever you’ve saved your videos. That’s what we’re going to do today. So if you click on your hard drive, find where
you’ve saved your videos. This is the somewhat tricky part. You’ve got to know where you saved your videos. You’ve got to pay attention to that. In my case I’m going to look for some that
are under pictures. And you’ll see I have a bunch of pictures
here that I can import. Also, if you’ve, um, just imported them from
your phone into photos by default, then they’re going to already be in your event, or, not
in your event, let me show you. Right here under iPhoto library, this is just
anything that you’ve imported already. Um k? You can also, if it’s easier, you can also
click on your event. Click on your event and you can click and
drag videos into here. So I can navigate to a few videos that I’ve
recorded or that I’ve imported to my computer. Like, let me get this junk out of the way
for you. So, here’s my three, I click on these and
I can drag them into where it says Import Media. And let them go. And that’s going to put those in my event. And so there’s a few ways to import your videos. If you’re confused and have questions go ahead
and leave a comment and I’ll do my best to respond to them, but, the bottom line is you
can import them straight from a camera, you can import them by recording right into iMovie. Um, if they are in your iCloud or iphotos
library you can grab them right here and you can also, in finder, click and drag. You can click and drag into a folder. So you could hook up a hard drive or a camera
with photos, click and drag them to a folder on your computer and then from there click
and drag them into iMovie. There’s a few ways. You just want to get all your media that you’re
gonna edit with into this one event. And then you can begin editing. Ok? We’re not going to go over editing the clips
today. You can play around with that or you can click
on this video in the description and go check out my other tutorial on how to actually make
basic edits in iMovie. Ok? That’s it for today’s iMovie Tutorial. I hope you found that helpful. On the screen, here, you are seeing other
videos about video editing and other iMovie tutorials. Please check them out. Please also subscribe to my channel and please
also share this video and please also like it. Even if you didn’t like it please like it. It costs you nothing. Thank you for your time. We’ll see ya next time.

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