“Imperials” 1st STAR WARS Fan Film? 1978 Kid Epic [Full Movie]

“Imperials” 1st STAR WARS Fan Film? 1978 Kid Epic [Full Movie]

HAN: Luke, you ready to take off? You know I’ve got to get to Tatooine or
Jabba will find me and kill me. LUKE: I’m surprised at you. Do you really think Jabba will kill you if
you don’t pay him, he doesn’t even know where you are. HAN: Don’t be so sure. I bet the word got
around that we destroyed the death star. HAN: Chewy turn on sub light engines. Prepare to take off. HAN: Did you bring any Corellian Rum aboard? LUKE: It’s over there. HAN: Good. COMMANDER: Lord Vader, we’ve detected a small freighter coming from the rebel base. Should we capture it, sir? VADER: Yes, I want that ship. R2D2: Beep! Beep! Beep! C3PO: Detecting Imperial fleet! CHEWBACCA: Roar!!! Roar!! HAN: What is it Chewey? LUKE: Why are we shaking? ALARM! ALARM! LEIA: I’ve got a bad feeling about this,
can’t you do anything about it? HAN: It’s too late they have us in a tractor
beam. LUKE: Look at the size of that thing. HAN: Into the smuggling compartments!
FAST! HAN: Come on, hurry! JAMES: We all can’t fit in sir. HAN: I was afraid of that, Luke, Leia, Chewy, and you soldier come on, we’ve got to make a stand. We have to shut off the tractor
beam before they realize who we are. HAN: We’re lucky, they haven’t come yet. COMMANDER: Come on. BLAST UM! C3PO: Oh, My. R2: Beep, pop, beep. LUKE: Watch out! We’re surrounded! What the hell are you doing!? LEIA: Just get in. A supply room!? Shut up, Han. Luke tell her to stop having these
…ideas. Hey you guys, over here. I think I found a way out. Through the vent. C3PO: Oh my, I hope master Luke is okay. R2D2: Beep. Beep. Plug in and see if you can find the tractor beam. Beep, pop, beep. Weewoo beep!! What? It’s in this room? Don’t tell me I know where it is. BEEP BEEEP! Shut up you bucket of bolts! Ah, here it is. Won’t master Luke be so proud of me! I hope this works. Are you kidding me? COMMANDER: Lord Vadar will be pleased
to know we have you. Take them to the detention block. I will inform Lord Vadar. Chewey! LUKE: 3P0, are you guys o.k. and is the ship
o.k.? C3: We’re not in the ship sir. We shut off the tractor beam, aren’t you
proud of me? LUKE: You did great, meet us by the ship! HAN: Here they come! LEIA: We’ll never get out of here alive! HAN: Oh? Well, charge! LUKE: Good work Han. Next time let’s all work together. HAN: Fine, let’s get back to the ship, now. Ahhhhh! 3PO, you sure about the tractor beam? C3: Yes sir but we saw… LUKE: Not now. LUKE: Come on. We’re getting out of here! REBEL: We were afraid you weren’t coming back. HAN: I hope Luke’s Droids turn
off that tractor beam. Punch it! Okay, keep us on course to Tatooine. Alright, we’re headed to Tatooine. What!? We’ve got to inform the Rebel base of the
Imperials new machine. Hold it, I came on this trip to pay off
Jabba, not to help the Rebel alliance. Han, come on, are you crazy we’re risking
the rebel base! Listen, we can go to your rebel base
after Jabba. Han, if you don’t, we have a few men
here that will make you! Fine, your highness. Assemble the entire Imperial fleet. Then set course for the 4th moon of Yavin. We will soon destroy the Alliance. Hit sub-light engines. General, on our way to Tatooine, we saw a gigantic new Imperial ship. We must make plans to destroy it. COMMANDER: There is no alternative but to leave this base. What, leave the base? We have survived harder times than this. GENERAL: He’s right, we are strong enough to stop running. But how do we destroy that ship? We could build a large battle ship strong enough to destroy it. As strong as their ship? According to what you tell us that would be
impossible. We don’t have the time. LEIA: No, not that big, just big enough to
damage theirs. REBEL 3: Damaging it wouldn’t do anything,
And plus how are we supposed to make it? LEIA: We melt down and combine our best ships into a mega destroyer. HAN: It wouldn’t work, Leia. LEIA: Do you have a better idea? GENERAL:She’s right, but we must get started right away. John, head to the control room and wait for
me. You three collect our ships and get
all the resources you need. You two see if you can get any civilian ships
to help us. This is the General Dodonna, as you all know of this Imperial ships is no double going to attack the rebel base. The council has decided, thanks to Princess Leia, to build a mega destroyer to try to
challenge the Imperial ship. So we will need the help of every person. We have three weeks to get this done. Sir, Departure Clearance. LEIA: Where are you going Han? HAN: For the third time, I’m going to go
pay my debt to Jabba. Han, you can’t leave now, we need
you more now than ever before. I saved this base, I did my part already. I’ll be back someday, Princess. Han, you’re still going? We need your help to build this ship. I’ve got my own plans. It’s time for you guys to figure this out on your own. Luke, did you see Han is leaving? Ya, he wants that bounty off his head. I hope he knows what he’s doing. I’ve got to help the General. REBEL: Sir, Han Solo has landed in Space Port 6. What happened Han? I had a little fight with Jabba’s men. I told him not to go. He looks much worst than he says, what happened? He had a laser fight with about fourteen
of Jabba’s men. He was lucky to get out alive. JOHN: Scanners picking up something in the Yavin system. GENERAL: What is it? Imperial Star Destroyer entering the system! LUKE: Well, I’m going to go get me some
Tie fighters, R2 come on. VOICE: RED ALERT, RED ALERT, BATTLE STATIONS, BATTLE STATIONS. VOICE: All fighter pilots, man your stations,
all flight pilots man your stations. REBEL PILOT LEADER: Move in for attach position. Blue Two do you have any signals? REBEL PILOT: Yes, coming in point AA38R. O.K. break formation and get
that ship. VADAR: Launch all squadrons of our ships including
mine. I want to destroy that Skywalker boy. Got a fight on my tail! I CAN’T SHAKE HIM! I’m on him. Got him! Blockade runners, engage destroyer and try to blow out it’s engines. VOICE: Out of control! Great work men! That’s probably the first time in our history
we have destroyed a Star Destroyer. No readings from other enemy destroyers so
ships may return to base. Runners stay on patrol. Roger. This is Red Squadron we are moving back. This is Gold Leader we are moving back to Yavin Moon. This is Blue Squadron we are returning to base. John, any readings? No, Runner Two is going on patrol…. Runner Two has reported Imperial ships coming out of hyper space! VOICE: All ships man your stations, RED ALERT,
RED ALERT. Han come on. No way, don’t count me in. Why? Oh, alright. Be careful Luke. Fighters coming in. Chewy, keep flying. I’ll take port guns Our main cannon is out. We are being overrun! Stay in the fight. We’ll have more squadrons move in to help you. I’ve got a Tie Fighter on my tail, can’t shake him. R2 see if you can increase the power. Luke, I’m right behind him. Thanks, Han. VOICE: Lord Vadar, we need more assistance
the Tie Fighter troops are being heavily attacked. VADAR: Attack the Rebel’s squadron with one of our destroyers. VOICE: All crews to your battle stations. Ship must join the battle. Clear the launch pad – start the countdown. 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1. How many men are aboard the ship? Minimum crew of 300, sir. Is it battle ready? Barely, half the armored and cannons are still under construction. I guess we have no choice. VADAR: Send in the fleet. We
must destroy that ship immediately. Look at the size of that Rebel ship! They have never built a ship like that before! VADAR: Never mind – focus on the smaller ships. VADER: the force tells me that just might be Skywalker. We’ve got to help Luke and Han. They are going to be overwhelmed. C3PO: And R2, and the wookie! I’m sorry your highness, but two men are not important enough to risk this base. But they may die! I’m sorry. I’ll get you for killing my father and Ben! VOICE OF BEN: Luke, Luke. Do you think that is what your father would
have wanted? Revenge? You must not kill Vader. We’ve got more problems. General, tanker fleet has volunteered to collide with the destroyer. That’s a suicide mission. These men have a plan. Very well – Take off immediately. Destroy that Rebel ship! General, now we can help Luke and Han. Very well, send two squadrons of
X-Wings to help. General! Imperial Death ship entering the system! Send our ships to attack it immediately. I want every ship available to attack that ship! VOICE: RED ALERT, RED ALERT. VOICE: ALL PILOTS, THE IMPERIAL MEGA SHIP IS NOW ON OUR TARGETS – MOVE IN AT 2.738 – AND DESTROY. LUKE: Let’s go. Luke, do you really think we can do anything to that? LUKE: We must try! GENERAL: Fighters, attack the neck of that ship immediately! REBEL COMMANDER: Rebel Destroyer. Attack the main engines. VADER: Intercept that rebel attack! PILOT: Sir, our engines are out. Only thrusters left. Set crash corse. That’s an order. Move all rebel ships out of the way of the big Imperial ship. Did you build any escape pods on that thing? Sorry sir, there wasn’t time.

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  1. Great HoloMovie! It looks like a lot of fun & a lot of work.
    Fantastic work from the kids in this time!
    Hey', I like this Luke Skywalker,..and Han! 😉

  2. So many of us were doing things like this when we were kids. It was SO AWESOME seeing that this has been preserved for the generations! Well done, guys! 🙂

  3. Amazing! I'm writing fan-film reviews on www.dewbackdiscussions.net, and coming across this one is an absolute treat.

  4. Absolutely awesome. I would love to see The Special Edition of this. I don't know if you took the audio off but I would like to hear some Starfighter, laser, R2D2 and C3PO sound effects thrown in. Plus some laser blasters. Now with software you can even take out the hard wire holding this ships. Would be even more awesome!

  5. Despite the story largely retreading "A New Hope", I still liked this more, and thought it was more original and refreshing than any of the recent theater productions…especially last jedi.

  6. (Applause…) Hey! That's great, kids! (now adults…) This is a wonderfully made production with such limited resources and low tech equipment. You guys, and girls, were great! I loved it. –I hope all of you went on to successful lives in whatever paths of the universe you chose to follow… (Hopefully guided by the light-side of the force!) 🙂

  7. Apparently I didn't post a link to my review when it was done, so here it is: https://www.dewbackdiscussion.net/reviews/2018/4/9/fan-film-the-imperials-strike-back-review
    We'd also like to feature fanfilms on our website and on conventions, so I'd like to ask you for permission to show this movie. Of course we would not monetize it in any way. Sincerely, Mith

  8. I won't be so general and say all kids…..but (some) kids today won't know what all this was like. Too busy with faces in the phone. 70s/80s (especially the 80s) we were taught to have imagination. From books (remember CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE?) to television (ever seen an episode of Muppet Babies or Amazing Stories) and movies………..well. old man just passing through.

  9. well. what a treat finding this. those kids must be fifty by now. ha ha, showing my age. great use of music and props.

  10. Along time ago when we used our imaginations.

    Imagination,Now that is word I havent heard in a long time….

  11. Do you see Rian, Kathleen, J.J. and all the rest of you [email protected]*&!%s that are DESTROYING Star Wars? THESE are the fans that you're disappointing in more ways than a 1000. This video represents literally millions of us from around the globe that have been following and supporting SW since '77. You say you don't need to listen to the fans?! FK-U. Instead of naming the last film "The Last Jedi" you should've called it, "The Last Star Wars Film You'll EVER watch". Ass****s.

  12. Due to copyright infringement, some of the STAR WARS music has been pulled by YouTube. Some scenes are now totally silent. We'll try to create a new version with public domain music. Won't be the same though without John Williams. 🙁

  13. BEAUTIFULLY done! Love every nostalgic second of this.. and the work – that particularly back then – went into this one.

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