Impractical Jokers: The Movie – Official Trailer | truTV

Impractical Jokers: The Movie – Official Trailer | truTV

– Warning– the following
program– uh, movie– contains scenes of
graphic stupidity among four lifelong
friends who compete to embarrass each other. Hello? Oh. Are you all right? Oh my god. I’ve been down
here since 1987. I was looking for the gift shop. It’s on down on the left. On February 21, the
world’s greatest jokers are coming to the big screen. You’re The
Impractical “Jokers.” – Yeah.
– Yeah. I love you guys! I’m having this huge party. I’ll see you in Miami? Yeah! Yes! She sent three tickets! We’ll settle this. The four of us will compete
in hidden camera challenges on the way down to
Miami, and the loser doesn’t go to the party. Your object is to get
people to stop to help you. I lost my virginity
in this car. It was a hell of a night. Yeah, show me what
you have in the trunk. You don’t work for
the fuzz, do you? [LAUGHTER] – [INAUDIBLE] tattoo.
– Nice shorts. I’m just his number one fan. I need a little
bit more crazy eyes. Can I see your tattoo? [LAUGHTER] What are we doing? Four grown men, we’re
out here jacking around. If you guys want to leave and
go home, I’m ready to go now. No! We’re not going anywhere. We’re going to finish
what we started. Four jokers, three tickets,
10 challenges, one wild ride. Happy birthday. Best road trip ever! Oh my god! Guys, did you
think this through? – Not really.
– Not really. “Impractical
Jokers– the Movie.” In theaters February 21.

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  1. Does this mean that they are getting famous now? What if they get to big to the point where they can’t prank ppl anymore? But I’m so excited!!

  2. aww wow im so happy for them!! a movie deal!!?? they deserve it for bringing so much joy to our lives lol i love them all 🥰🥰💕

  3. Ehhhh I'm not feeling it. If i don't see no dicks, blood, or vomit then i aint watching it. #jackass for life. NELK does more hardcore pranks than these fucks

  4. After credits scene:

    Joe sees a man walk up and take Paula’s mic.

    Joe: Larry??? 😱

    Larry: 😎

  5. I absolutely love these guys, I feel they opened up a weird door for me comedy wise and I appreciate it.

    However that being said I’m never gonna forgive them for the Hawaii episode they filmed. Being born and raised of hawaiian descent, I watched it with an open mind but found a few things highly offensive and not funny. With all that they have done and do it was sad seeing them confined to a tourist luau.

  6. I spent years and thousands making a record label and getting this beat writing and recording this to be able to produce it myself. I need brutally honest opinions

  7. I do not even want to watch the trailer bc I want to experience it all for the first time in theaters! It's my wife's birthday that day and I already told her what her bday present is hahaha

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