‘In From The Side’   Independent Gay Rugby Feature Film – Kickstarter Video

‘In From The Side’ Independent Gay Rugby Feature Film – Kickstarter Video

I’ve been working in gay film distribution for over a decade now and I’ve seen everything come across my desk and I mean,literallyeverything But one thing I have noticed is there is a huge amount of depressing gay lives on screen. This is not that kind of movie But what I love about this is it’s in the milieu of the newer sort of gay cinema that’s forward thinking, where we are more accepted where we are more concerned about the more universal themes I think there is definitely a place for films that deal with the struggles of coming out and sexuality But we also need content that deals with the other side of the gay experience and I feel that is often under represented, and I think that’s what partially drove me to want to make this project So 5 years ago I joined a gay rugby team in London and it sort of introduced me to a world that was really rich in culture and I immediately thought this is something that would be really great to portray on film There have been a few documentaries over the years that have explored this But what we want to do is to create a feature length narrative story It explores and archetypal gay and inclusive rugby club That’s sort of a mixture of stories from many of the clubs that I’ve played over the years All put together into sort of one story that kind of is representative of what that world is like A lot of films explore groups of women and what those friendships are like This film deals with the male emotions and what it’s like when you put a whole bunch of men together Whoaimto love each other But you know, obviously, nothings as simple as that At it’s heart the story really is an exploration of what it’s like to be a gay man in the 21st century In an ever more progressive world and the different kinds of friendships and connections you can have with people and the rugby world is kind of a really interesting Petri dish to explore those concepts It’s a story of two guys essentially that just fall in love and what that means, the ramifications When that happens in a world that is so small and so incestuous it’s like high-school any small rupture has like a butterfly effect to it I actually, oddly enough, distributed Matt’s first film I mean one thing you notice about it, amongst other things is the incredible visual eye and the flair that he has behind the camera So when we spoke about this new story I got really excited and it’s a story I really believe in and also one that I think an audience is really going to respond to We have a lot of resources that a lot of film makers don’t We have access to a lot of locations We have a really refined script that we’ve have a lot of great feedback from and more importantly we have access to the best cinema camera on the market that’s used to shoot a majority of the Hollywood blockbusters that you see in the cinema. We already have so much in place. We are ready to go, we just need a little extra help. So this is where you guys come in. Making a film isn’t cheap Actors and crew need to be fed expenses need to be paid for, costumes need to be made Sp please consider helping us out to make this project a reality and to bring this world to life Do look at yourself, I’m not even looking at that! at all, cos I can’t Ultimately it’s a story about forbidden love But uniquely the forbiddeness doesn’t come from homophobia or sort of the issues over their sexuality So it’s quite… it’s very contemporary Who do you relate to most in the script? I certainly relate to every character in the film at some point because they all go through various things that I think we’ve all been through I think I’m Alice What you think you would say that you’ve learned from me in the time we’ve worked together? Exceptional patience This is like this all the time! The struggle is real! To make this the film we want to make, we need your help essentially Pretty much anything you can give will help us immeasurably And we have these awesome… …he’s looking at me like I’m and idiot. Whatbenefitsare you going to give? I’d keep your money! I’m awesome atthat, how dare you! Everybody who contributes to this film will get a big big big big thank you kiss from Matt. Check out the website for more information There are awesome perks We are going to love you forever if you give to this movie Thank you very much. Thanks guys.

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