IN THE DARK || Short Film

IN THE DARK || Short Film

[upbeat music with ominous undertones]
🎶 You know I love you baby, more every day 🎶 🎶 You are my sweetheart baby, in every way 🎶 🎶 You are the one that I will always adore 🎶 🎶 Say you’ll be mine forever more 🎶 SAM: Iris! Come on, let it go. IRIS: She doesn’t even like this kind of music, Sam. It’s not right. EMILY: Iris. [record player cuts out]
IRIS: It’s not right! Okay? I’ll find something. EMILY: Hey. I don’t care about the music. You couldn’t have known one was here. None of us could. [Emily laughs.] [Iris laughs.] IRIS: I can’t believe you found that. SAM: What is it? IRIS: This crap Emily used to listen to in high school. EMILY: It is a gem of an album. IRIS: I cannot relate to you at all. EMILY: Well, you said we get to listen to what I want tonight, so… IRIS: Yeah. We do. [angsty record player music starts] SAM: Hey. We’ll deal with tomorrow tomorrow. ‘kay? IRIS: Alright, Em. You and your questionable taste in music win. What else do you want to do tonight? EMILY: What time is it? SAM: Midnight. EMILY: You two should get some sleep. If you leave first thing, push hard tomorrow, you should make it to the river. IRIS: I’m not sleeping. EMILY: It’s west of here. I’m gonna get some air. Sleep. [door opens, shuts]
SAM: Wait. IRIS: You think more of ‘em will show tonight? SAM: It’s not for them. IRIS: We’ve both already got red hands, Sam. I’m not pulling the trigger, too. SAM: Come sun up, someone’s gonna have to. IRIS: Yeah? Well it’s still pretty fucking dark from where I’m standing. [ominous music] EMILY: He’s right. You should just do it. IRIS: No. EMILY: A few hours isn’t going to change what’s coming. IRIS: I didn’t stop that thing from killing you just to do it myself. I didn’t stop it from killing you. EMILY: They say feeling is the first thing to go. You’ve heard that, right? Everything just…goes numb. IRIS: Yeah. I have. EMILY: The way the world is now, there are times when I would’ve thought, ‘Hey, maybe that’s not so terrible. Not feeling anything.’ But… It’s worth it, isn’t it? I don’t wanna not feel anything about you. I know it’s selfish, but everything I feel is about you, and I just wanted you to know that before I don’t anymore. It’s okay. I know. Maybe in another universe, right? Or if the world was ending. IRIS: Isn’t it? EMILY: You don’t owe me anything. Maybe it’s okay that this happened. That it was me. This is gonna be over one day. It is. And Sam is good for— IRIS: No. Em, your… EMILY: Fuck! I can’t get you sick! I can’t!
IRIS: You won’t. You won’t. EMILY: What time is it? […noises…] SAM: What other choice do we have? Iris! IRIS: Fine. You’re right. Let’s just… …get it over with. Can you do it? SAM: Yeah. I got it. IRIS: Fuck. EMILY: What time is it? The world didn’t end. IRIS: No. It didn’t. SAM: I’m glad you’re still alive, Em, don’t get me wrong. But you still got that. EMILY: Yeah, I don’t know, Sam. I don’t know what to tell you. SAM: Yeah, I bet you don’t. IRIS: We should get going. SAM: Wait. Let her go first. Where we can see her. Could be delayed. EMILY: I feel human enough. IRIS: Sam. SAM: It only takes a minute for everything to change, Iris. Shouldn’t risk it, should we? EMILY: It’s fine. I get it. SAM: You’re a better shot. If anything happens… Everything okay? EMILY: Yeah. Just… Not sure where we’re going. SAM: Let’s go. IRIS: I’m sorry, Em. Things’ll be back to normal soon. EMILY: I know.

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  1. Damn there is a lot of kissing in this Rachel. I knew it couldn't end all happy since Rachel wrote it. You did a great job behind the scenes with this Whitney, I love it. 🙂

  2. I for one was blown away by the realism of that zombie hand in the beginning….

    But for real, really enjoyed this, from script to set to final cut… a beautiful short film that packs a lot of emotion into 11 minutes… From a geeky side, I particularly enjoyed seeing how the first scene was cut together in the final after seeing each take of it throughout the day…. filming is cool!

  3. "First" which mean there will be more short films! (I hope xD <3)
    You've done a great job on production, Whitney, and the cinematography is beautifull. I can see that you guys spend a lot of work on this and it surely paid off. Fitting theme compared to Halloween is coming up. Definately sharing <3!

  4. Really dug this! Spectacular lighting and writing. Left me wanting to see more of these characters and the universe in which they inhabit.


    But for really real, I'm so proud of you guys for making this, very CW dystopian angsty shippy show-esque.

  6. WOW. Love Em's acting, and the tension between the three characters. Great writing – dark and realistic at the same time. I totally ship Iris and Em! LOVE LOVE LOVE.

  7. I'm really confused but I also didn't feel the time passing at all bc I was so tense so good job lol
    also wow what a nice zombie hand erin

  8. I absolutely LOVE when people use zombies as a vehicle to explore deeper ideas. And there was so much going on here!!! Every look and choice of word showed something new about the characters. It felt like I walked into a real life event, with everything messy and unexplained as each interaction revealed more. So many feelings about the world not ending and how many meanings it had every time that phrase was uttered, so many of them contradictory but honest at the same time. Very real characters. Sorry, I'm gushing. It was just fabulous! Can't wait to see more!

  9. Loved the opening scene. My favorite part. And the set is wonderful. But didnt believe the outdoor lighting, the only actor I believed was Emily. This was split for me because it was so so close to hitting the right emotional note.

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