In the Process: Big Picture Vs. Details

In the Process: Big Picture Vs. Details

It’s incredibly tricky to maintain a balance
between the details and the big picture thing. I’m so bad at that. I’m horrible. When… I do not improve by changing something
but I make it worse. Sometimes you have to zoom out.
Sometimes zooming out requires stepping away from it
and not listening to it for a little while. I’ll sleep over it, look at it again
with a refreshed mindset and refreshed ears. I perform. So I go on stage and try things out. I refine it a little bit more, and a little bit more,
and a little bit more with each performance. You need to be focussed on the macro
when you perform because you are on stage, you have to be able to communicate. …until I come to a phase where it’s time to
capture the songs where they’ve been developed, the ideas are there and they’re strong… And then I go in and kinda start to shape things,
so, I’m like, ah this part’s great, this is great, let me put those together. Whenever you get that first arrangement together it’s a really good idea then
to let other people listen to it. I don’t do anything alone. I have a team,
and we discuss and we talk. You can really kind of pick 3 or 4 people
that are gonna give you that feedback that’s gonna help you progress your music. They will… point out things that you’re not gonna notice,
and after that it’s actually a process of reduction. And I’m always on the side of reducing things
more than adding and adding and adding… and actually more looking like,
what could I actually leave away. I think a musical idea can very easily get lost
if you just over-charge it or over-produce it. I just always try to stay in a compositional state. And so I pretty much tell myself,
‘I’ll deal with this later.’ The details in the actual musical idea of a track,
of a piece of music are much more important to me
than the actual technical details. Now if I’m 50% happy
with how something sounds, let’s go. I find that deadlines are the most useful thing. So I have a kind of clock going on
in the back of my head at all times, so even when I’m digging into a sound
I have to think about the bigger picture overall, will I have something to take home?
And say, hey listen to what I made today… or will I just have a snare drum, like,
it’s so EQ’d.

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  1. thanks for these! and huge thanks for always representing women in your content. it's so important to have female role models to look up to for the budding generation of women in music

  2. Please keep this kind of stuff coming! I really love to hear these bits from more philosophical standpoints. There are turorials everywhere. And that's fine if you want to achieve a certain sound. But these help to rethink your own approach and workflow.

  3. I don't know who any of these people are so I wouldn't care either way. I completely disagree with the idea that you need to give yourself a break from your project in order to come back and fix it later. That is the main thesis for why your music is changing too much. Every change you make in your music has the potential to become a different sounding song by the end. Change is defining the differences which really does play the largest part in the final product. If you don't track your changes you will never know the difference. I suggest saving a new edit of a song each time you've left the project. If you make a song today and finish and save. If you decide to work on that project again tomorrow you should create and save another version and work on the song while saving it as version 2. Keep doing this until you are done but remember if you've done something that feels like it got you away from the original idea you can revert to the save beforehand and actually look(hear) the differences. Maybe you want to revert one part of the mix while maintaining the rest of your work. This is something tracktion has as a regular part of their daw process.

  4. Asking a musician to talk about this sort of thing… It's like those stupid little descriptions they put next to paintings to try and justify them.
    Step back and it kinda just sounds like waffle.
    I'm not saying art/music isn't worthwhile or skillful. But this waffle certainly isn't.

  5. Guys from Ableton! I need subgroups in Live, it's very useful tool, when you mixing large projects. Please, make this happen in newer versions. Tnx!

  6. Zoom out step away sleep over ut out..focus on macro…make slapen put parts toeter..After arrangement Let 1 0r 3 people lister..they point out and leave things way ….story import …not technical…have click ging…somethin to take home and show to someone

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