In the Tall Grass | Official Trailer | Netflix

Help! I’m lost in here! Did you hear that? Is someone out there? Help me! Help me! Cal? Becky? Something’s not right
about this. I think we should
head back to the road. Becky? Travis? Who are you?
What’s going on? I came looking for you. What? How did you get here
before us? I don’t know. My boy,
he’s lost in here too. -This is nuts.
-Where are you? -It’s only a field.
-What’s happening? -He went the other way.
-Natalie! I’m never going to find her. You can find things. But it’s easier
once they’re dead. How long have we been here? I’m not sure. Don’t let Cal… That sounded like me. This field
doesn’t make any sense. Name one thing in here
that does. You think this is just chance? We’re all here for a reason. Becky! Oh, my God. It’s grass. It’s just grass.

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