In Time 2011 Film Hd   Justin Timberlake, Amanda Seyfried

In Time 2011 Film Hd Justin Timberlake, Amanda Seyfried

I don’t have time I don’t have time to worry about how it happened It is what it is We’re genetically engineered to stop aging at 25 The trouble is we live only one more year Unless we can get more time Time.. is now the currency We earn it and spend it! The rich can live forever. And the rest of us I just want to wake up.. with more time on my hand than hours in the day Hey, Mom. You got in late last night. I put in some overtime. Where’d it go? On you They drink it in New Greenwich. Happy 50th! Fifty? That’s right. Twenty-five for the 25th time. Oh, I was sure I’d have a grand-child by now Here we go! Bela’s daughter is always asking about you. Who has time for a girlfriend? Besides, what’s the hurry? What do you got? Three days Not even. We owe haft that in rent. Eight for the electric. And we’re still late on that loan. I can make extra on the side know. I could… What, start fighting? Nobody wins. Yeah. Remember, I’m not here tonight. I got two days’ work in the garment district. I know Meet me at the bus stop tomorrow after I pay off the loan, I won’t have long I’ll be there. Will I just wouldn’t know what to do if I lost you I’m late. Let me give you 30 minutes so you can have a decent lunch. I love you. Happy birthday, Mom, When you get back.. We’re going to celebrate. Will Will You got a minute? What are you talking about, Mya? You have a year. Not a year I can use yet. Come on Will I’ve got bills to pay. Here, take five minutes! Get out of here. Four minutes for a cup of coffee? Yesterday, It was three. You want coffee or you want to reminisce? Two coffees. How many shifts you got today, Borel? Just the two. Really excited about it. If you had any of your father in you, we could make a fortune I don’t fight. There’s another one. Broad daylight. Whoaaa.. What is this? Where’s the rest? Never met the quota. My units are up from last week. So’s the quota. Next That’s a joke, right? Next You in, Will? I don’t have time to gamble any more. Oh, Thank God. Because ever since you stopped playing, I started wining. You still owe me an hour. You seen Borel? Will Hey, man. Your wife’s looking for you. You’re not gonna belive it. This madman’s been buying drinks all night. He’s got a century! Come on, let me get you home. Soon as I finish this drink. Hey! You! You! More everything! Do you want to come home with me? You can take us both home. Excuse me. You need t get out of here. Somebody’s gonna clean that clock. Yes! I mean, they aren’t going to rop you. They are going to kill you. They can’t take that much time and let you live to tell about it. Yes. I don’t think you understand. You should not be here! Will… Will.. Minutemen! Minuteman! Walk away, Will. Those gangsters aren’t playing around. Wait, wait.. wait He’s asking for it. Let’s go. He’s not one of us. You think he’d help us? Don’t worry. I won’t do anything stupid. Go The name’s Fortis. And that, sir… is a very nice watch. Do you mind if I try it on? I think it would suit me. I’ll tell you what. I fight you for it. Come on. I’m an old man.. Turned 75 last week. I need a moment. You ready to go? Ready to go. Let’s get you out of here. Get him! Stop What are you doing? I can take care of myself. Yeah, It looked like it. I know what I’m doing. Run! Run! Come on! Here! Hurry! Move! Where the hell are you going? Get in here! I know who took him. I know who he is. Who he was. Damn it, damn it, damn it.. What the hell are you doing here? Flashing all that. You out of your mind? I’m Henry Hamilton. Will Salas. Ugh. God. Drink more, it gets better. Not much better. You’ll be safe till morning. I’ll get you out of here. You’re from New Greenwich. Does it show? Nah. Looks like you could use some help yourself. No, Thanks. How old are you? In real time? Twenty-Eight. I’m 105 Good for you. You won’t see 106, you have too many more nights like tonight. You are right. But the day comes when you’ve had enough. Your mind can be spent, even if your body’s not. We want to die. We need to. That’s your problem? You’ve been alive too long? You ever know anyone who’s died? For a few to be immortal, many must die. What the hell is that supposed to mean? You really don’t know, do you? Everyone can’t live forever. Where would we put them? Why do you think there are Time Zones? Why do you think taxes and prices go up the same day in the ghetto? The cost of living keeps rising to make sure people keep dying. How else could there be men with a million years while most live day to day? But the truth is.. there’s more than enough. No one has to die before their time. If you had as much time as I have.. ..on that clock.. What would you do with it? I’d stop watching it. I can tell you one thing. If I had all that time.. I sure as hell wouldn’t waste it. Get some rest. Don’t worry. I won’t take it in the night. And I won’t take yours. It does get better. Oh, hey, Will. Hey, Greta Is Borel in? Yeah. Borel Look at that. A shame we gotta wait 25 years. We could use that year right now. Borel I’m here. You’d better get her inside, Greta. Look at this. Where did you get that? The guy at the bar. The were going to kill him. He gave it to me. He timed himself out before I could stop him. No one gives anybody 100 years. He didn’t just give me this. He gave me the truth about it. You can’t let anyone see that. Hey. You know that time will get you killed. How long have we been friends? What, 10 years? Here. A decade You’ve been like a brother. Where are you going? Where this won’t look out of place. I finally got the time to take my mom to New Greenwich. Greta, I’m going out! Loan payment received, two days. Thank you. Dayton Two hours. It’s always been an hour. Now it’s two. Price went up. Since when? Since today. My son is meeting me. He’ll pay the difference. I can’t do that, policy. Please? It’s a two – Hour walk. I have an hour and a half. Then you’d better run. Stop! Please.. Stop. Wait! Please! No! Wait! No!.. Please! Mom? Will Will Will Mom No, no, no, no! No..! No… No Thirteen zeros. Unlucky for all. The last time anyone saw him alive, there was over a century on that clock. Around here, they’d kill you far a week. What was he doing in this Time Zone? What I was thinking.. was he might have brought this on himself. Interesting. How long you been keeping time, Jeager? Five years. Let me know what you think when you have been doing it for 50. It doesn’t matter why he came here. What matters… …are the hundred years that came with him. Gotta be a witness. Trust me, no one saw anything. What would you like us to do, sir? What we always do. Follow the time. Hey, Ray. I’ll give you 10 minutes for an hour. When are you gonna get out of the game, Leila? You gotta be pushing 60. Thanks for letting everyone know. Am I in the right place? We don’t normally make pickups in this Zone. I was lost. Please deposit one month. Please deposit two months. There are more of these than I remember. That was a year. Welcome to New Greenwich. What are you really doing here? I’m going to take them for everything they’ve got. I’m going to make them pay. Please, miss. You can’t be too careful. Are you sure? What’s a night here cost? Two months for a standard room. Give me a suite. Do you need help with your bags? No He’s fast. He’s going to have to be. The camera doesn’t show us how the body got into the river. What do we really know? What do we know? We know that most thefts in Dayton amount to hours or days. This was a century. I don’t see any more in cirulation. He could have capsuled the time. You can’t hide a hundred years in the ghetto. They can sense when a man has a month more than he should. The time left town. That’ll be eight and a half weeks. Take a week for yourself. Thanks You’re.. .. not from around here, are you? You do everything a little too fast. Not everything. What’s that place across the street? The casino. Can anybody go? Not dressed like that. Good luck. Sir You were right. If you turn back the clocks the day of hanilton’s death,.. and look at the time checks, someone spent years crossing four different Time Zones from Dayton to New Greenwich. The cameras picked up on this suspicious behvior. He’s conscious of the surveillance, He doesn’t have a bodyguard, and he runs. But if he has time, he doesn’t need to run. It’s a hard habit to break. You’re looking for a match? His name is Will Salas. You know him? No I remember his father. Good evening. I assume my time is as good as anyone’s. Indeed it is. However, There is a voluntary donation for non, members. Most give a year. What’s your game? Poker Right this way. What’s the limit? There is none. I don’t believe we’ve had the pleasure of your company before, Mr… Salas Will Salas Philippe Weis You must come from time. You could say I’m gambling my innheritance. You don’t have a guard, .. Mr Salas? I assumed I was amongst friends. Bet you 50 years. You must be young. When you’ve been 25 for 85 years, like I have.. knowing only a random act of violence can take your life, You learn to appreciate what you have. And you seem to have a lot to appreciate. I call Of course, some think what we have is unfair. The time difference between Zones. I’ve heard that. But isn’t this just the next logical step in our evolution? And hasn’t evolution always been unfair? It’s always been surviral of the fittest. Raise you another two centuries. This is merely Darwinian capitalism. Natural selection. Absolutely. The strong survive. And I think your hand is weak. I call It appears you’re all in, Mr. Salas. Thirteen figures. Well played. That was some risk. It wasn’t a risk. No offence. I knew I was going to win. Confusing times. Is she my mother, my sister or my daughter? You’re hoping she’s not my wife. Things used to be simpler once So I’m told. Very beautiful. Daughter. Though she does look a lot like my wife. Sylvia? Will Salas. Congartulations, Mr. Salas. You’ve take years off my father’s life. Which is normally what you do. Isn’t that right, my darling? We’re having a party tomorrow night. Perhaps you’ll give him a chance to win back some of those years. I’d love to. Carl will tell you where I am. Good night, Mr. Salas. Sylvia, stay with your guards. Fifty-Nine years. Plus tax. The price includes delivery. Delivery? To wherever you’re going to display it. Display it? Hell, I’m going to drive it. Will Salas. Allow me to introduce my mother in-law, Clara. my wife, Michele, and my daughter, Sylvia. I believe you two have already met. Nice to meet you all. I’ll come find you later. For our game. I look forward to it. Having fun, Mr. Salas? Please, call me Will. It’s okay, Constantin. Do you always have a hired hand standing right next to you? No. I usually have two. That doesn’t make it very easy to get to know you. I think that’s the idea. Your idea? My father’s. I understand. You all have a lot to lose. So do you. What do you do, Will? I haven’t quite figured that out yet. Yes, why bother? What’s the hurry? Right. Why do today what you can do in a century? I know one thing we can do. Dance with me. Do you really come from time? Why would you doubt that? I saw you run. Reminds me of people who come from the ghetto. Sometimes I envy them. You don’t know anything. Oh, no? The clock is good for no one. The poor die and the rich don’t live. We can all live forever as long as we don’t do anything foolish. Doesn’t that scare you? That maybe you’ll never do anything foolish? Or.. ..courageous or anything worth a damn? Come with me. This was tonight. He’s only an hour ahead of us Look at that. I’ve never seen anything like it. What are you doing? We don’t go in. You’re insane. You have this.. your backyard. You never go in. And i’m insane? Well? What are you waiting for? Sylvia, come on! What happened to doing something foolish? I don’t know you. We could change that. I get it. You’re our here all alone, with a stranger, You can’t be too careful. Maybe you can. Sylvia! Sylvia! I have to go back. To what? You should go back. Have you seen my daughter? I have She’s with her guards. Right behind you. Thank God. Now, how about that game? It’s all right, everyone. What’s this about? I’m sorry to have to break up the party, Mr. Weis. I just need a word with your friend. My friend? Very well. I’m Timekeeper Raymond Leon. I’m Will Salas. I know. What are you doing in this Zone? It’s not illegal, is it? To change Time Zones? No, it’s not illegal. It’s just… ..rare. Where did you get that? I won it. Gambling All of it? No. A man named Henry Hamilton gave me over a century. He said he didn’t need it any more. He timed himself out. Henry Hamilton was worth thousands of years. He could Practically live forever. You expect me to believe that he was immortal.. and he wanted to die. I don’t expect you to believe it. But it’s the truth. It was a gift. I’m not a thief. But, hey.. If you guys are looking for stolen time. maybe you should arrest everyone here. Oh, I see. You’re talking about justice. Well, I’m a Timekeeper. I don’t concern myself with “justice”. I only concern myself with what I can measure, Seconds, minutes, hours. I keep time And that time is in the wrong hands. That time will be held,.. ..along with you. We’ll leave you two hours for booking and processing. Why are you investigating a suicide? There’s mass murder in the ghetto every day. That is fascinating. Huh.. I heard another man talk like that. It was over 20 years ago. You’re probably too young to remember your father. We’ll arrange safe transport. This is New Greenwich, after all. Sylvia? Do as I say and go with the guards. Oh, for God’s sake, father. There’s an army in this house. If we can’t stop one man from killing us, we should kill ourselves. Stop him! Move! Get out of the way! Put it down or I’ll blow her head off. Thanks. You’re going to kill us! Please just let me out! What are you doing? Do you even know how to drive? What’s there to know? Oh, shit. Give me some time. I guess you really are from the ghetto, after all. What the hell do you know about where I’m from? Give me some time. Or you’re gonna kill me, like you killed Henry hamilton? Lend me an hour. I’m not giving you a second. I should have listened to my father. Please, take me home. Please. I can’t do that. Why? You’re keeping me alive. Keep that covered. Anybody sees it, you’re definitely dead. Now that worked too well You guys wasted a gorgeous car. Look who it is. Who it was. He’s done in minutes. He’ll wake up dead. That’ll be a shock. Too bad. I would have preferred to kill him more beautifully. The girl’s still breathing. She’s got a decade. Holy shit. The man he stole from me had more than a century. What? We’ll divide it later. It’s like an angel fell from the sky. Fortis! Leave it! Fortis! Look at me. You okay? No. Why are you laughing? We’re not dead. Yeah, we’re not alive for long, either. Where did my time go? I have a half hour! Ah. You’re lucky. Minutemen. Does everyone in the ghetto steal? That’s rich, coming from you. Please help me, Will. Let me guess, now you like the idea of sharing. Come here. Hey, don’t worry, it’s not the first time I’ve been this broke. Well, it’s a first for me. What are we going to do? Whatever we have to. Come on, we got to go. Dispatch, wire me my per diem. Time transfer. Cutting it close again, sir. Well, I’m still walking around. Judging by the lack of dead bodies, I have to assume they are also. They got jacked. They couldn’t have left here with more than minutes. He’s back in his old neighborhood. So, where do you want us to start looking? We don’t. He’ll come to us. Borel? Borel, open up, it’s Will. Greta. Where’s Borel? He’s dead. Dead? Why? You gave him a decade. He drank himself to death with nine years on his clock. Jesus Christ. Greta, I’m so sorry. Goodbye Will. Will, we have minute. Try not to act like it. What is that supposed to mean? Shut up! We’re going to die, Will. Do you want to die? Shut up! I hope those are real. Run. Stop! Wait! Please wait! Come back in an hour. That won’t be possible. Here! I’ll give you two days for them. They’re diamonds. You can take the 48 hours, or you can be a pretty corpse. We’ll take it. Don’t make a sound. Give me my time. Let’s go. I guess I got my wish. I did do something foolish. Your name’s on a lot of buildings. It’s my father’s name. How much is he worth, anyway. Eons. What do you think he’d pay to get you back? You have no shame, do you? Please deposit one minute. Dial Hello. Mr. Weis.. please give the phone to the Timekeeper. Hello, Will. How much do you want? A thousand years. You’ll never live to spend it. Then distribute it to the Time Lines in Dayton. Do it by sunrise tomorrow and she can go home. Will.. I’m afraid for you, Will. You keep talking like him, you’re going to die like him. My father died in a fight, trying to take a man’s time. Oh, no. His crime wasn’t talking time. He was doing something far more dangerous. Please don’t make your father’s mistake. Dayton. Padre Plaza. I know it. A thousand years to the Time Lines. A thousand years. It’s nothing. It’s for our daughter. No, It’s for them. This is insane. They can take your time, just like that. Or you can take theirs. This is insane. Yeah. It’s insane. We should be safe here until dawn. I pay by the day. It’ll take them a while to find me. This is your place? There’s water. It’s cold, but it’s something. You can put on fresh clothes. Where’s your family? My mother time out. This is her dress. Yeah. What about your father? He died when I was a boy. He was a fighter. Strong arm. He wasn’t the strongest, but.. .. he knew how to win. How do you win? I’ll show you. What you do.. .. is let them have the upper hand. And then.. .. he’s let his time go all the way down. Because he knew. that when you were down to your last seconds and they think it’s over, they start watching your clock.. .. and forget to watch their own. He died in a fight? I think he was killed.. .. for giving away what he won. He wasn’t just giving them time. He was giving them hope. How long have you been this old? Twenty-Five for three. Twenty-five for two. What was it like when your clock started? I was in the street. It almost knocked me over. My year was gone in a week, we were so in debt. After that, I lived day to day. Mine was a little different. It woke me. I look in the mirror. I guess everybody does. That’s what you’re gonna look like for the rest of your life. My dad gave me a decade to celebrate. You must hate me. Where I come from. It’s nobody’s fault, What they’re born with. They open in a minute. Let’s see how generous your father is now. The Timekeepers would have never let him do it. You don’t have to say that. How do you think my father built all those buildings? By giving away a thousand years? Now what? You can go home. There’s people on the streets. I can move without being spotted. What have you got? Eleven hours. How does anyone live like this? You don’t generally sleep in. You can call for help. I’ll watch from here, I’ll make sure you’re safe. You know, You could fight this. I can say that running to the ghetto was my idea. My father’d believe that, he thinks I’m reckless. He has a lot of influence, Will. He can get you a lawyer. He can make a deal with those Timekeepers. I’m pretty sure that Timekeeper doesn’t make deals. What are you going to do? Steal? Is it stealing if It’s already stolen? Here. Just in case. I’ll be right here. Please deposit one minute. Father? Sylvia? You couldn’t spare a second, father? I wish I could say I’m surprised? Did you hear what I just said? You know I’d do anything for you. They’re coming to get you. They know where you are. Will, look out! Sorry to disappoint you, we don’t keep much on us. To discourage thieves.. .. like you. Think of this as a gift. Will! Come on! I didn’t mean to shoot him, I wanted to scare him. I think you did both. You could say thank you. Thank you! What have you got? Nine hours. Why did you give him time? You should have take it. Timekeeper live day to day. It’ll be hours before the others show up. He could die in the ghetto. He still might. Timekeeper, what’s the hurry? Stay a while. You might like us if you got to know us! They’re going to think you’re with me. Yes. This is a mess. Welcome to my world. Back off! You’ve been shot. I was worried you time out. Where’d you get that? What are you going to do? We can’t keep driving around in this car. It’s a cop car. So let’s make an arrest. Was I going too fast? Not fast enough. The mistake you make was stopping. Now.. Let’s see who you got back there. Got to be a year or two nobody’s using. It went off. I was just trying to help. Come on. Now, I’d say, “Your money or your life”, but.. .. since your money is your life… How dare you steal from me? Don’t think of it as stealing. No? Think of it as repossession. I’ll leave you with what I’ve had most every day of my life. One day. One day? Are you insane? You can do a lot in a day. Those are pretty. I owe you these. You shouldn’t have. You! Out! Will Salas, prime suspect in the murder of Henry Hamilton, we believed to be traveling with Sylvia Weis, daughter of finance magnate, philippe Weis. Citizens are advised to exercise extreme.. We look cute together. It doesn’t say you’re wanted. It doesn’t say I’m not. You’ve forgotten I shot a cop. I admit, not very well. It was your first time. I can say I made you do all of it. You can go back. Go back to what? Do I really want to spend my whole life trying not to die by mistake? A lot of people would say being here is a mistake. I don’t have a choice. I’m starting to think that I don’t, either. I want to reassure you all there is no cause for alarm. No ransom was paid. Your Zone is at risk, Philippe. It puts us at risk. It can spreed. Too much time in the wrong hands can crash the market. This hostage situation will be quickly resolved. Sir. Everything is under control. We’ll talk soon. Timekeeper. After this regrettable incident, It’s really not necessary for you to come in person. I’m afraid it really is.. ..necessary. When can we hope for a rescue? I believe that’s the point. She doesn’t appear to want to be rescued. Mr. Leon. Raymond. May I call you Raymond? I blame myself. I invited the man into my home. He had so much time, how was I supposed to know? Of couse, Sylvia brought this on herself by her lack of vigilance. That’s why I always tried to keep her close. But she is clearly under Will Salas’ control. If it’s a matter of resources, I’m happy to make a contribution. It’s a scandal, what we pay our Timekeepers. I’ve issue a warrant for your daughter arrest. If she contacts you and you assist her in any way, I will issue a warrant for your arrest. There is nothing I cannot buy. Now, how many of my years do you want? There aren’t enough years, even in your lifetime, Mr. Weis. Good night. This is called.. ..a trigger. And you don’t pull it.. .. until you actually want to shoot something. I wanted to shoot something. Right. Will, if you get a lot of time, are you really gonna give it away? I’ve only ever had a day. How much do you need? How can you live with yourself watching people die right next to you? You don’t watch. You close your eyes. I can help you get all the time you want. I need to borrow a month. What’s the interest? Today’s rate, 30%. I can’t pay it back. We can always come to some arrangement. Ladies and gentlenmen, I’m happy to announce that Weis Timelenders is now offering interest-free loans with no payments. Ever. So help yourselves and take a day. Take a month. Hell, take a year. Come on! Help yourselves! Take it. No one’s watching their clocks, huh? Get out of here, or I’ll confiscate every second! Must’ve thought it was a drive – Through. Turn around. Don’t move. I don’t have much. Everything I have, I give away. I know. Yes, sir. I do know that, sir. There are years that shouldn’t be there. I will stop him, sir. Doesn’t he understand.. .. he’s hurting the very people he’s trying to help? Well, now. Look at all that. Yeah. I finally had time to buy one of these. Let’s not do anything I might regret. What was that about? I wasted 30 days. And today, Sylvia Weis withdrew some of her “inheritance” when she and Will Salas robbled her father’s time bank for the sixth time in a week. I give her everything. Does she want to kill me? You were killing her, Philippe. You were suffocating her. You suffocate us all. Call. That’s good. Just.. .. not as good as that. You haven’t forgotten how to play cards. Why did I play strip poker with you? Why did you? Sir. They’re still there. How did you know, sir? This is where the hours and the days are. He’s paid them all off. This is where I would hide. Put your clothes on. Stop! We’re trapped! No! we’re not! Jump. They won’t do it. We shouldn’t do it. Come on! See? They won’t jump. So much for your theory. Shit! Here! Stop! Stop! I’m telling you, he’ll give up before we do! You sure about that? No. Go I can’t. You can! Go! Un-fucking-believeble! Hold on. You two look familiar. How about now? Welcome to the Century. Hi. We are.. .. looking for a quiet place to stay. How many rooms? All of them. We were hoping for something long-term. Can we rely on the discretion of you staff? I’m sure you can. I’m sorry. We’re fully booked. Nobody goes anywhere! You know who I’m looking for. I’m looking for.. .. whoever gave this man a month. And I’m gonna clean the clocks.. .. off of everyone of you in this hellhole Until someone.. .. say something.. .. I wanna hear. I can’t hear anything. Clean it. No, wait, wait, wait. Please! Please! I don’t know where they are! Please! Please! I believe you’re next. At last,.. .. someone’s acting reasonably. I just want a share of the reward. My young friend. You’ll get your reward. Ten years. That’s insulting. If they catch us, .. there’s no way they won’t kill us, is there? Do you regret this? You saved my life. When? Now. And every day since I met you. You forget, I almost got you killed a few times, too. I’m willing to overlook that. How’s the poor little rich girl? I never got a chance to.. .. properly thank you for your time. I’m not surprised you stayed. It’s the life,.. Isn’t it? Here.. .. we don’t stop living.. .. until we’re actually.. .. dead. There are s lot more ways to die around here. But here, there’s dancing before dying. Of course, it’s your friend.. .. I’m most happy to run into again. You’ve been causing a lot of trouble,.. .. which is normally my job. Don’t you understand? The reason Timekeepers leave me alone is ’cause I have boundaries. I steal from my own people. You surely know things are bad.. .. when I have to restore order. Fortunately for you,.. .. I don’t like to kill a man in cold blood. I do it. But I.. .. I prefer not to. I think you deserve a fighting chance. We play to zero. What’s the point? I lose, I die. I win,.. ..they kill me. If you don’t fight,.. I’ll kill you now. And her? After I take you, I’ll take her. Oh, yeah.And.. and her time. Then I’ll collect my reward for making everything right in the world. This way! All the time he’s taken. Don’t you mean the time he’s given away, sir? Even to you? I have given 50… ..years… ..of my life.. .. to this job.. I am not about to see those years go to waste. Goon. I’m sorry to be the one to break this to you, but by tomrrow, You won’t have time to stand around. God! It’s over. We lose. We’re not doing any good. At least we’re trying. No! You don’t understand. All they have to do is keep raising the cost of living. A hundred years. Two. A thousand. It does nothing. So, what? We just stop fighting? We can’t win. We can’t hurt them. The time we’re taking makes no damn different! What would? What would hurt them? A million years. You got a million years on you? I guess it really would take a million years. Let’s give up. Stop! I’m Sylvia Weis. I want to surrender, But only to my father. Sylvia! Hello, Daddy. Stay where you are! You’ve hired more guards since I last saw you. Thanks to you, I need them. One too many. Guns down. Now! Do it. Let’s go for a ride. You’d steal from your own father? Is it stealing if it’s already stolen? What’s the combiantion? Well, It’s not my birthday. You’ve started to regret that day, I imagine, Father. Try 12-2-18-09. Darwin’s birthday. Survival of the fittest. It cost us centuries just to bribe our way in here. Let’s see what it got us. Quality time. There really is a man with a million years. That’s my first million. It won’t be my last. You know how much good it could do? I know how much harm it could do. Try to understand, even if you gave s year to a million people, you’re just prolonging their agony. You’re prolonging their lives. Flooding the wrong Zone with a million years, It could cripple the system. Let’s hope so. We’re not meant to live like this. We’re not meant to live forever. Although I do wonder, Father,.. If you’ve ever lived a day in your life. Is that so? You might upset the balance for a generation. Two But don’t fool yourself. In the end, nothing will change. Because everyone wants to live forever. They all think thay have a chance at immortality. even though all the evidence is against it. They all think they will be the exception. But.. .. the truth is,.. .. for a few to be immortal, many must time. No one.. .. should be immortal. If even one person has to die. What was that? What just happened? It must be a mistake. A million years just went off the clock in New Greenwich. It’s not a mistake. It’s gotta be a mistake, sir. It’s them. Take a month, Maurice. Dispatch, what can you see? There’s a lot of traffic in the vicinity, sir. All right, look for the slowest car. You have a million years. You are definitely not in a hurry. If this works,.. If this works, we gotta get more. Dayton’s not the only Zone that can use s few extra years. And wire me my per diem. Wait. Never mind. I have him. Give the order, shoot on sight. In New Greenwich? That’s against policy, sir. So is having a million years leave the Zone. The time cannot leave the Zone! Shoot on sight! Keep going! Keep going! We’re close! We’re okay!. We’re okay! Your late. Need a minute? Go. Go Where’s our capsule? Too late. Lost a lot of time, Mr.Leon. Looks like you’re about out yourself. Move! You get out! get out! We gotta het to Livingston. We can make it. Can we? Stop! You can run. So can you. You’re from here, aren’t you? Long time ago. Yeah. I worked out how to escape. And now you make sure no one else does. That’s the way it has to be. I didn’t start the clock. I can’t turn it back. I keep it running. I keep time. I’m gonna need some of that time you borrowed from me. Unless you want us to die on the way to our execution. We don’t have enough. One of us can make it. Take time. You take mine. You can get there, I can’t! I can’t get there. You can. No, no Yes Please! No. There’s time. What? The Keeper’s time. Run! Run! Run! I need time. Time transfer. What have we got? A day. Could do a lot in a day. Sir do something. It’s already done. These are live pictures from Dayton. Citizens have take to the streets. There’s so much stolen time in circulation. Far stories in Dayton lie idle. And now, citizens are crossing Zones, seen here entering New Greenwich. While authorities claim they have the situation under control, others fear the system mybe headed for collapse. We will continue to update you on this developing story. Sir, we lost Zone Eight. And ten. It’s spreading. What do we do, sir? Go home. Still no sign of fugitives Will Salas and Sylvia Weis. Authorities continue to ask for the public’s help. and bringing these criminals to justice. Told you there were bigger banks. You almost missed your calling.

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  2. I think it's a very interesting movie, but too sad to see it twice. I recommend it for someone who has not seen it.


  4. lol no bullet marks at all on their car. No scratches or anything, even after ramming through the building. great cgi.

  5. This was a good movie but I really hate it when some of the actors are talking in a very very low voice just like Edward and Bella in the Twilight Saga and some other hollywood movies. Can you all talk clearly and in a moderate voice??? Will your time be reduced if you don't raise your voice?? 🤔🤔

  6. You know what's sad ? If the mom hadn't given will 30 minutes for a decent lunch . She wouldn't have died . 🙁

  7. To niesamowite jak te mlode ladne zgrabne amerykanki biegaja. Najpierw ta lekarka od Dr Housa gna jak lania a potem Amanda tak biegnie z tymi swoimi cudnymi cyckami,ze trudno uwierzyc.

  8. Everyone in the 1% should watch this movie especially if there are slowly dying in their death bed. I wonder how many will shed a tear.

  9. A great concept, but very poorly executed. I completely lost interest after some point. Cillian Murphy, however, still delivers and Justin Timberlake exceeded my expectations.

  10. Eyyy my dad actually saw them capturing a part of them running to a jewelry store which is near now a 99 cents store! And saw Justin Timberlake🤩,but didn’t recognize him until my mom started screaming at him of y he didn’t take a picture!🤬😂

  11. i say FUCK the world when i imagine my mom gonna loss hertime for nothing ,fuck you all leaders in the world,let the people live fucking free mother fucker,fuck your evebody mother fuckers leaders kings queens fucking bitches mother fuckers,hey guys if u are not angry about this you are fucking bad guy and i say FUCK YOU TOO

  12. Why would they need that big of a bank when they can just store so much time like a Hundred million into one container.

  13. 2019 time travel L.Y. Timefinnish. Earth order and instruction point discovered in this year.8nights and 7 days coutinue w3.ans in The book of travel lightscreen tab.80%earthnature burned distroy.and then Earth inside gases leaks and Earth feldown in the world and fire come on the earth.this Earth End product is Hell.only fire.and many years later on the sky some galaxies universe natural proses complete his paradise trees water fall and much more humans.but some natural sonud and resistance coming quickly come on the glaxie

  14. Why do you want to stay in a corrupt and dying world? Take my time I want to live in Glory not some run down shank town world! Comments show just how attach this society has become to this dead world. Too busy wanting to live like a cockroach in this world rather than an eagle in God's Kingdom!

  15. Well well remb bible.mark of the beast.micro chip is coming.and if you except push of a button and your time goes poppppppp.out of time

  16. Watching in Philippines. .. I feel so guilty about this movie.. I'm not a very bad to my mom.. only is there some situation don't want to happen but it happened…I love my mom…I'm nothing with out her… shes my life… bcuz she gave me life.. time will come it will be fine.. I will make way how to make it.. by the way.. I love this movie❤❤😊

  17. Mark of the beast.Jesus bless. Please everyone read the Gospel 1Corint 15:1-4,Rom 3:25, 10:9-10, John 3:16 & Ephes 2:8-9.

  18. IN TIME
    [[ ]]

    Ang Debbie Ocean ay nakakakuha ng isang grupo ng mga kababaihan na nagsisikap na pilitin ang New Zealand City Millennium.

  19. it's in reverse & stuck on zoom, but i DO luv these actors. every1 knows that Johnny Galecki was in The Big Bang Theory, hell they might of even seen him in Bookies or Hancock… but… do ppl realize that he was ALSO little "Rusty Griswold" from Christmas Vacation TOO? … cuz he WAS! 👌😏👍

  20. Sao ban lam duoc phim nay ma khong bi YouTube no xoa hoac delete tai khoan cua ban hay qua vay? Co gi chi cho minh biet duoc khong? PhamAlan at gmail

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