Inba Twinkle Lilly Comedy Scenes | Kovai Sarala | Saranya Ponvannan | Kalpana | Manobala | Itly

Inba Twinkle Lilly Comedy Scenes | Kovai Sarala | Saranya Ponvannan | Kalpana | Manobala | Itly

‘Dr. Rudhramoorthy
Psychiatric centre’ Doctor, the disease may get
cured by merely looking at the room. What’s your recurrent problem? If I lock the house, I will check the locked door
multiple times. If I lock the vehicle also,
I’ll check it multiple times. At times, wish to check
other’s vehicles also. You have OCD syndrome. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Everyone has this problem But to you,
it is above normal. Those who have this disorder, will
be resolute, and do what they wish. If not, their mind will not
sustain in peace. They are beyond control. Yes doctor.
I feel the same. If I suppress,
my hands and legs shiver. For this as a reason, I got a daughter-in-law
with same disorder. One fine day, my son’s boss who has
bald head, came to our house with wig. my daughter-in-law was anxious
to call him as bald head And I want to take his wig. We both had OCD., – I will leave bald head.
– Bald head? You are dismissed. As I’m the cause for
all the problems, my son showed me the way out. Oh my goodness!! How about your stay now? I am staying in my friend,
Inba’s house, When listening to you, it
seems, OCD is a huge problem. Instead of being with your daughter-in-law
who has that disorder, It’s good for you to stay with us. My good time… …If they know I have
the syndrome OCD, they will not let me stay here. What the hell OCD? If I hit in the centre of the brain
with a plunger, it will go off. Be quite. It is an inability to control the mind. if we wish to do something,
we will adamantly do it. You also have that adamant love on China. Yes Inba. Madam, Madam,what OCD is this? Why do you move
to and fro? I forgot to take dosage
in the morning. OCD level has raised. If I decide to do something,
I must do it. Let’s look at our work. Good morning madam, What do you want? Have to meet Inspector sir. He is taking bath. Just wait. Okay, madam. Why does she apply
heavy lipstick? I want to wipe that now. No madam. She is Inspector’s wife. – No madam.
– I can’t control myself. Leave me. Hey, Why do you apply
heavy lipstick? Why so heavy? Why so heavy? How dare you touch
my mouth? I have a disorder, It’s OCD… You must have heard about it. You come to my house, And dare to tarnish my beauty? I won’t leave you. Don’t go that way. He is taking bath. Sorry sir. Sorry sir. Sorry sir. She has a disorder called OCD, You mean for her? Do you
want me to believe that? I promise I have OCD. Oh… for you and him,
is there CD also? That’s not the CD you mention. OCD is a mental disorder. What do you mean as OCD? It’s acceptable once
to open the door, But you opened it thrice. Is he so handsome
to see numerous times? Hey,you don’t know about my charm. She knows. – It’s known to the world!
– Then, you be with her. Sir, she denigrates
our department, But you simply poise,
you simply poise, sir. you simply poise, sir. Sorry sir. Has everyone seen? Enough of that. Which I doesn’t want to
see in my life… …you have showed me that again. I didn’t see anything sir. You look at him. I will go to my parent’s house. – Just a minute.
– Hmm… Thanks. You has taken
a good decision. Thanks madam. She believed me! Dare to laugh at me? You has shown my
enclosed beauty to the world… Sorry sir Why did you come here? Piracy CD Deva has given
the bribe money, I feel guilty to hold it.
Take it. Take it carefully. Is there exact amount? Girija… Just a minute mam. She goes on her own. What did I tell you? You must be careful in maintaining
the accounts. When will she come? She acts to an extremity. – Sorry madam.
– Atleast, now you came!! Is your Aadhar number
attached with pan number? No one should move! If you move,
we will shoot you. Tell him to give the money. Take the money. Hey, cashier… Give the money. Give it… Take it.
Take it. ‘Welcome to Chennai metropolitan city’ Hello! Where are you? I’m in Chennai. Now you told me,
I’ll come over there and catch you. I will bifurcate your love. What? Do that if you can? What are you looking at? Come, let’s go away. Not only she left, Along with her, my dignity, respect
and honor, everything has gone. Did she took your brief also? Hey shut up. It’s all because of you. Days before our marriage, You tried to elope with a driver. That character is
inherited to your daughter. Shut your trap. Why do you blame me unnecessarily? Who tried to elope with driver? Don’t talk without conscience. He is not the driver, But a Cook. It’s good if I would’ve been
a cook in this house. Then my father stopped me. He advised me philosophically… …changed my mind and got married to you. What was his philosophy? Mind is like a ocean, will you dream about
only one person in that? you can dream about one thousand
persons, you silly, he said. So, in your mind…? If I wish, I would’ve dreamt of him. About him too… Dreamt of Perumal in
neighbouring village, Dreamt of Vadugapatti Ramasamy, And why not all your friends? Just because you
tied the mangalsutra, Though you look awful, I am leading this life with you. contrary,you are blaming
a loyal wife! I agree you are loyal. But you let your
daughter to elope. If you had ever checked
our daughter’s phone, we would have
cut down the roots. A mother can check a daughter’s
materialistic things, But shouldn’t check
her personal phone. Horrid philosophy! Their marriage will not happen. They didn’t leave to get marry. Then? It’s Living together… That means? A trail whether they
can both live together. Shame…shame… In Maanappan generation, What a lewd life it is? Sir,if I call hooligan Verumpandi, He will get back your daughter. – Call him immediately.
– Yes sir. Sir, it ‘s better to file a fake
complaint on that guy. About what? That he molested
your daughter in a bush, misbehaved to madam, Sinner! Then arrogantly to you… Stop it! Is all this your desires? Our daughter left
early morning at 5., Nobody knows other than those
who were in the street putting Rangoli. How many of them were in the street? The entire village it seems! Oh… then the entire village stinks. Sir…Verumpandi is coming. Tell her to get in. Why must she go? Sir, Verumpandi comes naked. Tell her to get in. Sir,Verumpandi is coming. Hello… Don’t look at him. Take your hand. I will see him. Listen to me. Hello madam! Hello sir! Hello! Is it necessary now? Don’t look at him. Listen to me. He is a behemoth hooligan only! Don’t worry boss. I will find out your
eloped daughter. Success!!
Success!! Sir,madam’s whereabouts is known. Good! Sir, Verumpandi went to
the guy’s house, On looking at him,
they might have got cold feet! and given the Chennai address
of their son’s. They can’t resist. On his stance,
they must be frightened. But a small blunder happened, sir What is that? He came to house
to tell the address. In your absence,
he went to meet madam. Went to meet her? The same way,
madam left running. But he didn’t reverse. He chased her. She ran away. Atlast she fall on the cot. He clenched on her foot
and almost for an hour… For an hour…? Told the address. For an hour? Verumpandi was with her? Yes sir… Where is she now? She is tired of struggling. Devi… Dear, look here… Haven’t you seen ghost films? Don’t think of what you have seen? Verumpandi is like a child. He came to help us. He didn’t do anything wrong. I’m doubtful
if you stare, Tell me. Don’t want.
Don’t want. What’s that, don’t want? What he has given?
And you don’t want? Did he give the address? Yes, he gave the address. Good! Tell me now. Tell me the address. At the top, no.18
Beneath, no.28 Are we going to buy
briefs for Verumpandi? You are giving
the measurements of that. Tell me the address. That’s the address. Valasaravakkam,
Venkateswara nagar, At the top, no.18
Beneath, no.28 It’s enough. I will find the place. Let’s go. – Oh no…
– Don’t leave her. Hey stop… I said stop. Ajay, my father has come! Oh… has my father-in-law come? – Didn’t my mother-in-law has come?
– Why do you ask her? Hey, you can’t escape from me. It’s good if you open the door. Dad, After a few days, if I own any
hard feelings towards him, I will be back on my own. – Why are you in hurry?
– What? Sir, she is very clear. Come, let’s go… Dad, though whatever
misunderstanding arise between us, We will get marry. If so, I will abduct you
with mangal sutra. Dad, we caress each other. Is it so? I am least bothered, Only mangalsutra is important to me! Maanappan’s family dignity
lies in mangal sutra. If you don’t come out, I will abduct you both, look for
a bride and groom separately. Who is that? So louder like a thunder? It must be in neighbour’s house. Poor girl! Let us go for help. Hey lily, someone is brawling out, Come, let us see. Though you uproar,
we won’t come out. Why do you shout here? I will scold or shoot my daughter, Who are you to ask that? You are making nuisance
where four families reside. Is four families residing here? Where are the other two? She mentioned about us. Whatever it is, we will
go inside and talk. Come in. You let them to love and
looking at them as fun and frolic. What to look at? Always they stay indoors. Still I didn’t see anything. So, anyone can
fling in your colony. And you languish at them. Oh no… it’s not flinging,
It’s living together… In English, it’s living together…
In other way, it’s fling only. I know that. I won’t leave them. Why do you disgrace
your daughter’s dignity? Request you as my brother, Please come in and discuss. – Am I your brother?
– Yes brother. – Come in.
– Brother, Come in.
Come in. Sir, three sisters are inviting you. Talk with them and come later. Hey, they call me with affection. Why do you wink your eyes? Come in. Come in brother. Yes, I’ll come. Hey, your father went to
that granny’s house? If he get caught here,
he would’ve escaped. But he is entangled
with that grannys, Now he is finished. Why do you roar? Don’t you love your daughter? Don’t I love her? I didn’t get this gun to
shoot my daughter. If she doesn’t come with me, I will shoot myself. Oh no! Brother…
Brother… No brother. Hey, are you going to
save him or kill him? Leave it. Is it good at this age? Control Yourself! No… I won’t restrain myself
for others. Control yourself, brother.
or you may go out. Just wait for two days, we will
have a word with your daughter. What you say is right! Upon advice from elders only,
she knows about good and bad. I will be back after two days. Promise to send
my daughter along with me. Okay? I am leaving. – Give the gun and leave.
– Why? That is…
if you take the gun with you, you may have the mind to shoot
yourself at any time. Yes, I may shoot myself,
because I’m Maanappan. That’s why, I tell you to
keep the gun. As you insist, I keep the gun here. I rely on you. Don’t cheat me. My God!! Sir, where is the gun? My sisters asked it fondly,
given that to them. If we send that girl with
him, we may demand money. Lily, you think like an antagonist! Best idea! – What you say?
– Be quite. They came here
to live together, By bifurcating them,
do we need to bear that sin? You feel pity for all… But who shows pity on you? If that manager has pity,
He would’ve have given the money. How good he is to give!! We can’t get money by
asking him politely. If we threaten him with a gun, He will bray and give the money then. Take this gun. Shall we threaten him? I just told, but she took the gun
for god’s sake. Holding gun is not asking. Its robbery! Then we will do robbery. To save Ashmita… …do you mean,
it’s not erroneous to rob the bank. The money we had for
surgery is lost in that bank only. We will get back from
where we lost. Tell something which happens. Why won’t it happen? We need a gun,
for robbery Somehow we got it. Two lovers from unknown
place come here… …and in search of them,
someone carries a gun, and he left the gun with us. God is showing a way to us.
Gospel truth! That’s it. Think well! We will thrive to rob. Do both of you know a fact? I know to shoot the gun in real. What? Do you know to shoot the gun? In college days, When I was in NCC, I learnt to shoot the gun. Then, why do you become a cook? Hey fool, is she working in military
to shoot with gun? Just because of knowing
to shoot with gun, What can we do? We can do whatever we wish, If you really know to shoot,
then our job becomes easy. Do think well. They came with the gun,
commanded to lift hands, Within five minutes,
looted the money and left. Exactly. We will do the same, Within five minutes, we
will threaten them by gun, Loot the money and will leave. Don’t anyone catch us? On that day, did the security
get caught of the robbers? Everyone stood panic-stricken. Why? – That’s the power of the gun.
– That’s it Could we buy a gun on our own? God sent us this gun by… …giving a pointer to
the money which we lost. For that sake, is it right
to rob the bank? Hey, are we going
to rob other’s money? Bank personnel lost our money,
so we will take only that money. Thats all! It’s piteous to listen to their story, Just because of that, planning
to rob the bank is a mediocre. If we ask them to refrain from
it, will they listen to us? Let us see what happens… A single gun is not enough, we
must get two fake guns also. If we have three guns,
all will overhang. Yes! Anything is not good,
If we do just once. With three guns, We must shoot three times. Shoot…shoot…shoot… Why she laughs differently? She has some disorder. Hides to me! She will get caught one day. My good time! I didn’t reveal anyone
about my OCD disorder. Not only that, you must
wear a mask and go. By taking a decision in emotion,
you forgot about a point. If you go as you are,
police will definitely identify. You are right! But now,
after the robbery… …the police will search
for three men with mask. Even if we tell on our own
that the grannys… …robbed the bank,
the police hardly believes! Superb! Living together.,
thinking prejudice., Listen carefully. By holding the gun, Not only you act as males, You must talk in hoarse voice only. The manager must tremble
upon hearing your voice. Exactly! Inba, take a stand
and think well. If we get caught, we will
be imprisoned for life. Is it okay? Yes, okay. Will Ashmita be saved? We will progress..perform…and procure… As metro railway project is going on,
The road had a crater on the way to the bank. So police arrived late on that day. if we take a chance,
the police will come late only. Rehearsal 1 Security Manager Marigold, jasmine… Buy fruits. Buy fruits. ‘Name : Kaluthu
Occupation : Terrorism’ ‘Present Plan : Abducting old people,
brain wash them to terror acts.’ If you become
members in our organisation, Your fate will change. Hi Brother, Is it the meeting of
Actor’s association? Where is Vishal, the actor? He is busy in resolving piracy cds. Hey, Did you get the people
going to actor’s association? What do you want
us to do now? You must exchange fake notes! You must place bombs! You must shoot with guns! You sinner!! That’s all… You want me to
shoot with guns? I was cooking pancakes. You got me here
and asking to shoot with guns. Are you mad? Someone told that
biriyani will be given. Instead you keep on talking… The money you earn
throughout the year… …will be given as
wages for a day. I will transform your life
from hell to heaven. Don’t hesitate… Come on. Though said a lot, Everyone stands
as if called for Exam. Chicken biriyani or mutton biriyani? Hey nuisance, does he have teeth to bite?
Get him biriyani. Boss, your partner has come. If you listen to this Kaluthu,
then only you can escape. Let’s go. We will decide
after eating. Hi partner, Hello boss!!! Everything was good. Take it… This month’s collection. It’s of exact Weight… Take it. What discourse is going on
for the old people? You are the reason behind it. As Maria committed suicide,
You absconded. But professor Dhulani
was caught in that case. Boss,somehow we must
get Dhulani out. For getting him out, this senior
citizens operation is going on… They look like going for a surgery,
what operation do you plan with them? Now police suspect youngsters, If we send old people to place bombs,
Police will not suspect. But they don’t fall
prey easily. Wonder when they will understand
and form a group? If you get existing
group of friends, The job becomes easier. Exactly! Hey,
Get three strong grandmas… They ought to be friends… …and they must
face a big problem. Sir, good afternoon sir… You are transferred,
Why do you stand here? Sir, when the bank was robbed
all were watching. Why do you transfer only me? When we all were standing
with our hands up, Though you had gun,
Will you also stand with hands up? The head office is aware
about everything They told me to transfer you. Sir, my lover is here only. I will not go in transfer. Oh… you want me to retain you
in job if your lover is here. Nothing to do
Go Sir, in the same branch,
are you not caressing your love, Girija? Hey…hey… Why do you talk about Girija? I will talk like that only. – Do you want to be in a job here?
– Yes. Ok, I will talk to head office
and manage somehow. Thank you sir. Look here, You shouldn’t talk about Girija anymore. – Bye sir.
– Go. You take care of it, sir. Hello… Is it BCC bank manager? Yes. Tell me.
Tell me. I am Inspector, Encounter Ekambaram. Tell me,
Tell me sir In your bank, if any old person deposits
money excessively, Immediately inform me. What do you say sir? Old people, money and all… It’s nothing… Aged parents deserted by their children, Elders in depression, Old persons are targeted and abducted
by a gang which brainwash them… …to place bombs, do robbery.
and other terrorist acts. We got an information about it. What do you say sir?
Already our bank was robbed. What is there to rob again in the bank? If happens also, will you let them? They are different. They belong to original group.
This is a terrorist group. Do you remember what I said? Be alert. Ok Ok…
If any problem, call me. What does he say? Old persons… Money…and Robbery… Will any terrorist come in a different way? ‘Name : Astrology bear SOMANATHAN
Occupation : Nameologist’ Tell your name. Sukumar Sukumar You shouldn’t add
or delete anything in my name, Will you change something
within that name? Better you change
your name as ‘Kusumar’ Hey, A stench name to our boss? Guruji Can you name a big don as Kusumar? How do you think of such bad names? Hey, the vibration of this name
Is good. Kusumar finance limited Kusumar hotel and resorts Kusumar… Kusumar rods Kusumar flats Kusumar noodles Kusumar 4G mobiles Excellent!! Hereafter no one will say
punch dialogues to me, right? Certainly… They will take flight to another country
and speak to you from there. Because, they can’t breathe
against the storm Kusumar Super Guru!!
Shake hands… Boss, madam always call you
fondly as Suku, But what about now? Hey.. How to change
my wife’s name? If you are Kusumar, means Then your wife is
Mrs.Kusumar. This is the world canon. You both will face competition. You must practice writing your
name Kusumar for 108 times… Tomorrow morning,
we both will go to bank, Open an account in the name of Kusumar,
and deposit money. Stop…
We have arrived. So you took all the jewels
from the locker as our bank was robbed? Nothing like that sir… …tomorrow is my sister’s marriage,
Thats why I took all the jewels. Okay. As already the
robbers came here, They will not come in near future. You go fast… I will wait in the parking. Don’t go anywhere China. Come,
let’s go. Quick…
Quick… They run fast,
Think of themselves as youth. No one should move. We will shoot, if you move. Go… If anyone tries to escape, I will shoot. Go… Come… What are you looking at? I will shoot. Go.
Open it. Take the money. Go. Don’t shoot haphazardly. Don’t shoot. Don’t move.
Be there! Hey cashier,
Give the money. Ok, as planned we will get the money. They are afraid of fake gun. Job will be done in five minutes. Hello, is it R2 police station? There is a dacoity in BCC bank. What? Dacoity in bank? Sir, it will take twenty minutes
for me to reach BCC bank. You don’t worry, I am near to the bank.
I will go immediately. Hey, take the money. Don’t shoot,
I will give. Time is going on. Car is also not in good condition now. Don’t know how to get them? Take it.
Sir… I am getting OCD now, I managed in rehearsal, But I can’t control now. Inba is not looking good with the mask, Now I must take off her mask. I can’t control myself. Now I must take off the mask What?
Is she coming to shoot anyone? I can’t. Take the money!
Why are you coming near to me? If I take off the mask,
face will be visible. But I will feel good if I take it off. What are you doing? No… Is it you? Is this woman? Is this lady? Why lily is doing this? Yes, it’s me!! Then, what about those two? But. He is billa!!
He is Ranga!! I am here with two hooligans. I will shoot you. No…no… I am also a woman. See… I will show another woman. Come here,
I won’t. She spoiled. Come here. She spoiled. For what the hell did we…? I will feel good
if I take off the mask, Take it. We are caught. Women!! Now only I feel peaceful. Is the mask good for women? Are you all women? Are you afraid of their guns? You are good enough to catch them, go… If women shoot,
won’t the gun get fired? If you move, I will shoot. We will leave in five minutes, Why do you hurry? Our faces are visible to camera. Do we look beautiful? Shut up… I will tell you a point,
You shouldn’t mistake me. Didn’t I tell that my
daughter-in-law has OCD problem? I too have the same problem. You sinner With this disorder,
Why did you come with us? – It’s to help you.
– Bullshit. Is this the way to help? Don’t understand
what they are talking about. All our plans became mere waste. We should do the job before police arrives. China will be waiting outside. Just two minutes more. No.2, get the bomb. Ok, No.1. Nobody must identify it as a fake bomb. It looks like sweet box. Look at this, It is remote bomb. If I just press it,
The whole building will be destroyed. We are suicide squad. We are not bothered about our life. Are we suicide squad? You didn’t tell me all this? Hey, No.2 Get the money. Quick…
Yes… Is it all one lakh bundles? Take that. Three…four…five…six… Still left, madam. It’s enough for us.
You keep the balance with you. – I don’t want, madam.
– So you don’t want it? – Then is it fake money?
– I promise it is original money. Then, you also be good and
stand there. Yes, madam.
Don’t shoot at me. He left as soon as I said.
Everyone is afraid. Are you afraid? I don’t know where I will shoot? – Go there.
– Don’t shoot anywhere, madam. Go away. He may die on the way. China must be waiting with
car outside, let me see. Okay. Police has come. We are done. Police!!! We are caught! Police has come! We must escape soon.
Hurry up! Who called the police?
We didn’t! It’s me, sir. How many are they? Three persons went inside. One person dropped them
here and left by car. Did you see the car driver? I saw him. He is thin by physique, resembling
Dhanush, the actor. Then we can catch him easily. So, Puzhal prison is confirmed. Police will save you and arrest
us, don’t even dream about that. Have you confirmed we
will be arrested? We planned that police will be late. But they came so early now, – What to do now?
– Yes. Everything happened because of you only. As you took off the masks… …and made us tensed,
It became late. Police has come,
What to do now? You are the reason
for the problem, – You must tell an idea.
– I have only one idea. We will get surrender. What?
You mean surrender? Did we come to surrender? We must take the money
and go out. Hey. Come here. What are you doing here? No.
To deposit money in the bank, Bank is being robbed. You are crossing here. You may die with bullets
piercing in. – Go that side.
– Yes sir. Sir, he only dropped the
robbers by car. – Who? He?
– Yes sir. Don’t you have sense? When I say about the bank robbery,
his whole body is shivering. Is this weak body had driven
the car strongly? Sir, Hey, Is our Inspector a fool? to take action by listening to
whatever you say, He will conclude who is innocent
and robber, By their appearance. Isn’t it sir? She is more than enough. Sir, he resembled the same. Thin physique… Is a person with thin physique
might be a robber? Actually,
I don’t know to drive the car. You don’t even know to drive
the bicycle, isn’t it? How did you find out sir? Its obvious by your appearance. Will you catch the robbers
by getting inside? You shouldn’t ask all those,
We will take care of it. Leave now.
Go and stand there. Go. Let it be. Go. Go fast… He stares at me. What are you looking at still?
Go away… We ourselves don’t know,
what is going to happen? By our plan, the Area
Inspector arrives late only. Sir, he is the Area Inspector. Good morning sir. Did you find anything about the robbers? The phone keeps on ringing.. Is it the police calling? I will attend the phone call, you manage here. I will check outside. My OCD daughter-in-law also has come. Is it china standing along with the crowd? He acts as if he doesn’t know anything. It’s ringing. Hello… Hey
Police has mustered you. Muster up? A woman’s voice is heard!! If I come in,
I will shoot you Hey, do you know how many
people are battling for life here? What do you say? What? Are you in panic? If you want to know the status,
talk to the manager. – Hey, manager…
– Yes, Come here. She is calling. I’m going. I am not escaping. – She only called.
– Go away… Did you call me?
What’s the matter? Tell the police clearly about the
happenings here. Sir,
I am Bank manager, Rajagopal. I am Inspector Ekambaram. Last week itself you told me, That a group is planning
to rob the bank. As I was busy with
another affair, I didn’t care about it. They have time bombs sir. Save us sir.
Please. Three grand old ladies
has come sir. What happened sir? You said you will threaten them,
but you look bizzare. It’s nothing. Three old ladies are inside,
They have guns in their hands. What Mustafa told is right. Missed it!! Sir, when they trained
grannys for robbery, Then they must be a powerful organisation. Ask them to name their organisation? To which organisation they belong? That is….that is…sir.. What’s the name of your organisation? That is… Keera Koitha, Keera Koitha, Keera Koitha Organisation We will be head the persons
as we cut the greens. Sir, they are keera koitha Is it keera koitha? They have an array of guns, sir. Yes sir, They have remote in their hands. In the same bank…the money… Hey, give it… Lily, take him away. Come, the mongoose head. You must not tease.
I know that. Heard well? Allow us to go out. Come. Come. Madam, whatever it is, we
could’ve solved among ourselves. In a hurry, why did you join the
organisation and got huge guns? Don’t talk. It’s all because of you! I got depression by your act. Only the gun will talk hereafter. If only guns were inside,
we can manage easily. But they have bombs also. If it blasts, even skeleton will not
be spared. What to do now? If it is Keera Koitha,
We must be very careful sir. They kill the person and leave the
greens stuffed in their mouth. Let they leave after killing, What is that?
Stuffing greens in mouth? It’s the same as the ritual of
stuffing rice in mouth. What are you blabbering,
as organisation? Good time… The manager tried to tell that
we lost the money in this bank, Before that,
I grabbed the phone from him. Otherwise, police would have
known our profile by this time. That’s why,
fabricating us as terrorist. Don’t do anything in hurry, Police informed everything about them. This is Keera koitha group. Are we abducted by terrorist? Did these ladies go mad,
and join a terrorist group? We must be careful. Ask the bank manager
about our organisation. If these people come to know,
that I’m the reason for them, to join Keera Koitha group, I am done. Rajagopal, be careful. We did rehearsal for robbery,
but not how to escape? Who knows we will get caught? You don’t worry, You grab the bag and phone
of all the people here. When the police calls, I’ll confuse
them by saying something. In the meantime, we will get
an idea to breakout. What happened?
Why are you standing here? Nothing. They are caught inside. Oh no!!! One person has seen me. Oh… did he see you? Why do you shout? There is only a sole way
for them to escape. What’s that? We conjoined will pray to god. That paves way to escape. Sir, did you find who
the robbers are? It’s Keera Koitha group
Three age attend grannys, Sir! No…Three grannys are inside. We’ll get them out safely by our
Operation team. Yes! Our inspector will plan a crucial
operation to arrest the grannys. China, our grannys are with masks, Then how did they find them as old? Each old lady is in a peculiar shape, So they find out
them as grannys. That’s what I told in the beginning,
as this task won’t work out. Right! Ok, it’s said they belong to
Keera Koitha group, That is… Twinkle might have had a stomach upset, What? No, might have panic-stricken, So blabbered as
Keera Koitha group. She might have told
something about you. – Hey,
– Ha… Keep your bag and go. No, I will hold it. Hey, I told you to keep the bag and go… Oh no! Go… Police, Media,
such a big crowd there. How to escape from this crowd? The robbers In BCC bank,
is known that… …they belong to
Keera Koitha Terrorist Organisation As they have arms and ammunitions, Police department is taking stern action. Hariharan! Three grannys went long before
to rob the bank. What does the police
say about it? Hariharan, Can you hear me, Hariharan? Hariharan… Hariharan,
People are watching. Stop nodding your head and answer me. Three grannys involved in the robbery
has created shockwaves. Hariharan! When joining the channel, you said
that your hearing is good. What happened to you?
Tell me something. Hariharan! I’m asking you for a long time,
Say something. Are you going to talk or not? Hello sir, Totally how many? Sir, myself,my wife and my child… …my uncle, my brother-in-law
and my maid. Totally six members sir. How many of them are inside the bank? You ask about that? Totally 32 members sir, 20 of them are bank staff,
12 persons are customers. Sub Inspector Sivagami reporting, sir. I need to show you one stuff,sir, Why didn’t you show me? – It’s the Blue print of the bank.
– Blue? Blue print
Hold it sir Open it fast. Sir, this is the entrance. Exit. Right.
Left. Center here, sir It’s visible by merely
looking at the bank. – Why do you need a blue print?
– Sorry sir. Close it. Look, get me the details of the bank
staff, and the customers who went inside. I will investigate sir. Look at the way she goes. Very good!! Sir, don’t accolade her. Don’t even trust her. She exaggerates things. Trust me! I am Encounter Specialist
Inspector Ekambaram. Bon Fire sir. You are not worth for such a high level. Then I am adam’s ale. Good to get water in a kettle. – Then I am a kettle.
– Shut up. You are simply blowing words Is this your job? Who is he to plan things? Ekambaram, media is around us. Police department’s honour and
dignity is in your hands. You must not give any
interviews till I say. Okay, sir.
But I have already given sir. Are you here to give interviews? You must have arrested
them by this time. Grannys possess bombs, sir You can’t even catch the three grannys, Instead, giving interviews.

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  1. I start regnognize Devadarshni more after 96! She is a very good actress! Hope to see her more in the future

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