India Ki Azaadi Aur Kashmir | Stand Up Comedy | Sahil Horane

India Ki Azaadi Aur Kashmir | Stand Up Comedy | Sahil Horane

Disclaimer: 18 plus content.The video is meant for entertainment purposes only and we do not intend to hurt the sentiments of any individual, community, sect or religion. This video is a work of fiction and any resemblance to any person living or dead is purely coincidental.

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  1. Haan, Thor wala joke maine churaya hai. Apne khud ke video se. If you don't believe, checkout the video 'Dandiya aur harami ladke' on the same channel.
    Also, I don't understand why people are taking offence on stupid jokes. So sad ki ye comment karke batana pad raha hai. Achcha nahi laga to chhod de na bhai. Ya dislike ka button daba multiple times. But in even number. Like 2,4,6 etc.

    P.S. Rajeev Gandhi wale joke me bomb haar me nahi tha I agree. Par joke banane ke liye wo modify karna zaroori tha. Ye wikipedia article nahi hai, stand-up comedy video hai to itna modification chalta hai. And yes. Rajeev Gandhi was a commercial pilot. Not in the Air Force. But simple mental exercise shows that commercial does not rhyme with Bofors which was the main point of that joke. As for calling someone without appending 'ji' to their names does not mean that you do not respect them. Jo log soch rahe hai ke Sardar Patel ke naam ke aage ji nahi lagaya to main unki izzat nahi karta, wo bohot hi bachkani soch wale hai. Izzat dil me honi chahiye. Aur ye freedom of speech unhi mahaan freedom fighters ki den hai. And I'm grateful to Patel, Nehru, Gandhi, Subhashchandra Bose, Bhagat Singh, Ambedkar and all our freedom fighters for that. Aur wo zinda hote to is baat pe naaz karte ki humne hamari pushto ko aisa desh diya jaha apna opinion batane ki aur har cheez par mazaak banane ka swaatantrya hai. Aur kuch log unhika naam leke unhike wichaaro ko contradict kar rahe hai. Khed ki baat hai. Sach me izzat karte ho unki to unke wicharo ke baare socho ek baar.

    -Sahil Horane

  2. every tom dick and harry becoming comedian. the tone itself is so boring leading the jokes become so lame. comedians like johny lever didn't speak a word many a times and still it was comedy. stop this naive race

  3. Sahil horane bhai u nailed it with logical humour but the urban youth doesn't understand the humour of such high quality..

    Watching this on may 2019

  4. Nice constant
    But i didn't like ur opening line
    "Sabse ghatiya gaane dandiya k time bajte rhete hai"

    For ur kind information it is now much more better songs played in dandiya…
    U can visit Ahmedabad or Baroda…then listen once….

    Sometimes it hurts….

    Ese kuch bhi bolna nahi chahiye….

    Starting disclaimer dala hai don't get offended….

    But kya kr kahi baar gussa aaja hai…..

  5. It so easy to comment on azadi …to make azadi jokes ..we cant understand what was the situations that time …i do not support any party or any person ..that time those people did what they find correct …we were not there…we just read nd listen nd understand the words of other ..we can judge ..we can gibe opinion…but to make fun of death people shows that we r not alive …

  6. There are billion other topics political parties, system anything but using name for freedom fighter as if he is our buddy and making people laugh on deaths during partition is too bad. It's like sprinkle salt over wounds.

    There are many lighter moments from where you can create you jokes. Think 🤔 about it.

  7. History padhale… Partition M. Jinnah aur M. Gandhi ki wajah se hua tha.. Neharu acche the ya bure the mujhe nahi pta.. Par partition ka aur nehru ke PM banane ka koi connection nahi hai.. Patel ne Hyderabad wapas liya tha.. Kashmir nahi.. Kashmir ne Instrument of Accession khud sign kiya tha.. Patel ne sign nahi karvaya tha raja hari singh se…

    Tune EIC ke bhi joke churaye hai.. Last thor wala bhi churaya hai..

    Jo original tha woh galat bataya hai.. Abe Stand-up comedy ka bhi ek level hota hai.. Woh toh gira diya upar se desh ijjat sare aam uchal di..
    Tu hi hai asli anti national…!!!

  8. You are spreading a not so correct fact that partition was due to nehru……you can share baised jokes but but don't seem right to spread fake.

  9. Bhai Pre Independence and post Independence 3 cheeze galat hui… Ek tere Baap k Baap ka paida hona usk baad tere baap ka paida hona aur usk baad tera paida hona…. Respect Our Indian History Chutiye… Apne comedy carrer ki Roti History ka mazaak bana kr na sek gaandu…

  10. He s so wrong on Kashmir integration facts..Abe Chodu pèhele history thik se padh le..there s no documents which supports or says 370 fR inté was nehrus rayta fr appeasement.. integration was done long b4 370

  11. Joke ok hai.. but u r spreading fake news.. ppl became more dumb by listening to u..
    Others r still not big a blunder as this 1.
    patel was not directly involved with accession of kashmir..
    The maharaja of kashmir, Hari Singh had come to India multiple times to join kashmir, WITHOUT any terms or condition. But our nehruji was nehruji only.. so shit happened!!!
    Pata karlo bhai.. study some history, by multiple sources coz bohot jhutt bhi chap raha hai is par..

  12. This is type of political standup required. Start from end i was all laughters😂😂. And equal harm to everyone.

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