Indian Rhapsody | Middle-Class Family, English & Public Transport |Stand up comedy by Rajnish Kumar|

Indian Rhapsody | Middle-Class Family, English & Public Transport |Stand up comedy by Rajnish Kumar|

My name is Rajnish Kumar and talking about my background, I don’t come from any humble background. We were poor and arrogant. You know, what’s my family business? It’s to find a business. We did that every generation, no one actually
found one and stuck to it. Like, I’m a stand-up comedian and my father,,
umm, we had a small tea but my father, a man of high self-esteem, didn’t let me sell tea. He used to say, “Son, you are too small..So,
you better sell those mini cigarettes. But he is a very nice person. He is such a ground to earth that he named
our house ‘ Within Limit Habitat’. Now, everytime someone tries to bully me by saying,
“stay within your limit’.I go like, yeah, I stay there only, even you should come someday. But it gets really awkward watching tv with
him especially the day IIT result is out. Because there is always one chaiwala’s kid
who cracked that exam and it gets really uncomfortable and then the tension floats there until the next news comes, “iit student committed suicide”, then I feel like hey, it’s my turn now. He doesn’t spare me compare me from even the most successful chaiwala. He keeps insulting me by giving an example of Modi and says ‘See how big comedian he’s become. He also does his shows outside, all sold out. And you keep doing shows in the middle of
other’s shows. Even i want to have my following so that people come to watch me also. Recently, My friend suggested me that everything will be fine the day
you will have 5 million views. I have started working on that goal. So, today I got 100 views. Hundred people passed by me. I was standing right next to Rajiv Chowk metro
station. My mom doesn’t like my offbeat career. She thinks I might be affected by people’s
evil eyes by performing in front of people And then I am like how will I have views without
eyeballs. Let me tell you where I stay in Delhi. I STAY IN A VERY PORSCHE DELHI AREA NAMED
KAPASHERA BORDER. Well, Savdhaan India is our fav tv show. My uncle is such a big fan that recently someone
robbed his house. He first raised his suspicion at his servant
provided he doesn’t even have a servant. When you come from a middle-class family,
you have your own insecurities. Like all other comedians, I still don’t have
any airport jokes. But I try my best. Like whenever I travel by train, I put my
phone on airplane mode. think i might get some jokes but i get nothing except turbulence in train. People often judge you by how you speak I don’t get the English language. In India, we are made to sound like a native speaker. The same English Britons speak, it becomes British English, when Americans speak, it becomes American English but when I speak, it’s
all poor English. We don’t have such prejudice in the Hindi
language. Nobody says, your Hindi is too bad, you don’t
sound like Baba Tulsidas. You should take pauses like Kalidas does. In the English language, they have these silent
letters, letters that aren’t doing their jobs. They are there to trap people like me so that
they can have a laugh when I yell out words like ‘pneumonia’ and laugh at the fact
I was supposed to skip the first letter of that word. I feel like, hey why don’t you put your letter
in the middle.i will skip it anyway. I find it weird when I see people talk to
babies in full sentences, way before they learn alphabets. They will talk to babies, hey honey, tell
me who loves you more, Mumma or dadda? And then your baby is like,’ beeee’.I know
your dada su*ks , you are a momma’s boy. I find it very insulting when I see people
talk to their pets in English but they give up on me. They will talk to their pet, ‘ Hey, is everything
ok? And the moment I appear they switch to Hindi
and ask my well-being in Hindi. Hey, have you noticed that these repeated announcements inside public transport make it so tough to lie on phone !! The moment you lie on phone
that i have reached Rajiv Chowk , PA system will announce , “This guy is at Noida City Centre”. And you are like , hey why are you trying
to ruin my plans The other day I met a person with genuine
trust issues. like he was using google maps inside Delhi metro.. He was right next to me and suddenly the voice came, ‘turn right’ and I was like
hey, how do I turn right,, Yesterday, i took an uber to go home So, my cab driver who looked very friendly,
showed me a rash biker in the middle of the trip and then told me, “Bro, this guy will get hit for sure , and then after some distance my driver hit the biker and then he looked at me and said , “See, bro ,I told ya”..psycho cab driver I thought he was just sharing his on-road experience
and not his bloody plans with me.

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  1. Kya level hai bhai jokes ka.. boht shandaar bhai..loved it💙💙💙💙💙💙💙😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  2. Seriously this is some great stuff bro….. can't wait for you to have your own show….. well written script…… my wishes are with you….. sharing this right now on FB……

  3. Bhai english bolne ki jarurat nhi hai, tera joke bina english k bhi mast hai, english pe kyu mehnat kar rha hai, time waste hai.

  4. I always use Google maps especially when I'm in delhi! No matter if I'm inside the metro or not 😂😂 merko khtrnaak lgte hain bde sheher

  5. Love you bro… your effort convey.. how much you worked hard to get here..keep it up. One day you gonna pull it off

  6. बरसात में इतने मेंढक नहीं निकलते जितनी हमारी हंसी निकल गई भाई, बहुत ते बढ़िया 👏👏

  7. Bhai, you have a very good tell. You lines are strong, delivery is great. Don't work on your English becoz English itself is a funny language & it increases the fun when you say it. Get more contents, more videos & fir sab aap hi ka naam lenge. All the best bhai.

  8. I'm so sad that I wasn't able to support u from the start 🥺💜 You got that amazing talent dude! Just loved your content 💖 Never stop and I'm sure you gonna reach your goal pretty soon 💜💜💫

  9. Yesterday last week…😂😂 idk if it was intentional or by mistake but it sounded so funny man… Like Rahul Gandhi
    P.s. love your content man. Idk mujhe itni late kyu mili tmhari video. But hats off man. Your videos sound so realistic and definitely has some message behind.

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  11. Bhaiya you are great,beautiful stand up from you,thanks a lot,and i learn a lot of good English from you seriously,both your Stand-up and English vocabulary are of high standards,keep up the great work and I'll keep laughing and learning from you

  12. Bro .. great writing..take some time, work on ur set n then post it …u have a great potential .. but finishing can be worked upon … just a suggestion ..

  13. Bro you killed it! You have a lot of talent and you are really really funny. You will surely do your own shows in india and abroad. We will always support you. Keep smiling.

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