Inside the Strange, Psychic World of Indigo Children

Inside the Strange, Psychic World of Indigo Children

– Without thinking, just say, “I am color ‘X.'” What color do you think you are? – A creamy orange?
G: Yes–
– Okay– G: …An off white, like you might have at your walls in the late 90’s. -We are going to do your aura photo. We find, more often than not, people will actually get their color right. We have the sense of who we are. G: Can’t wait, let’s see what happens. – Now let’s put your hands on this plate
G: Feels a little bit like the electric chair – There’s little… little danger here
G: Okay
– Here we go An aura is a colored band that some people say they can see around the human body Showing it’s spiritual states Few can see them but I found a man called Eric Sage who said he had a camera that could do just that. It seemed like an odd job, looking at people’s auras every day. A bit awkward to be stepping in on something so private. But I supposed Eric was a professional, like a gynecologist or such. E: That’s pretty good. G: This is Tinder gold right here. [Laugter followed by mystical music] When I was 4, I had many visions of meeting God. Of meeting new people. G: Indigo children. Astral beings sent to guide us all to a higher plane… or hyper children running around with untreated ADD? – How can you tell if your child is gifted or has a disorder? Some parents and even some doctors believe that a number of children today are gifted with psychic powers. They call them “Indigo Children”. G: The term has been around since the 1970’s, coined by psychologist and medium, Nancy Ann Tappe Who claimed that she’d noticed a sharp uptick in the number of babies born with indigo-colored auras. But it was in the 90’s that the phenomenon took off in the mainstream. Thanks to the book “The Indigo Children: The New Kids Have Arrived” By husband and wife team: Lee Carroll and Jan Tober. Say you’re an Indigo, um, and somebody comes up to you and asks you a question about their life And you could tell them what it was and how it happened They entered all of our homes: Oprah featured them, documentaries exposed them, And all across America thousands of parents refused to swallow their kids ADHD medicine. Rejecting medical disgnoses in favor of declaring their kids as Indigo – I think its a stab at trying to apply a more positive label to these children rather than the more pejorative terms like ADHD. G: Many of the kids who were raised in its shadows are now adults. Do they still see it as their glorious destiny… Or as something much less benign? For all my motherfucking indigos that are in the building, let me hear real quick. [Crowd cheering] I’ve come to America to see how brightly the indigo movement’s aura is still shining. My journey began in New York, where I was in Sheepshead Bay to meet a full-blown adult indigo. It’s been hard to put a definition on what exactly indigo is. The Indigos are a leaderless group. But Edward, the man I’m about to meet, is at least the leader of the New York City Indigo meet-up group. So, perhaps he’ll have some ideas. Edward claimed to be on an intense spiritual journey, which was in part why his apartment contained no furniture. He first diagnosed himself indigo over a decade earlier, after an online test. Hello, Edward, I’m Gavin. I’ve come over from England to search about Indigo children. I gather you’re the boss of the NYC meetup group for Indigos. Yes, I’m…I’m the founder. So what are the key Indigo traits? Highly psychic or intuitive. Many of them will be capable of healing other people, whether emotionally or energetically or physically. Non-conformative to anything from school to parents to jobs. That is why many of them are out of place, they just plain and simple different. There is no label to it. It’s not ADD or ADHD. It’s, ummm, it’s just a different vibrational, energetical type of a person. The whole notion of Indigo, the whole idea is to pretty much change the way of the world. In every aspect. G: Hmm, and what are you here to do differently? My spiritual journey is to help people. To bring the change individually as well as on a group level. Through spiritual awakening, consciousness awakening. And change all the patterns you acquired one lifetime after another. Umm, could you perhaps read my past lives? I will, I will need to shut my eyes for a moment to give you an answer for that or that, Umm… Edward didn’t seem to be getting any information about my past life. Was that the psychic’s protective boredom threshold kicking in? Even I wasn’t sure. So okay, so its a very interesting thing. First of all I am not getting any information about your past life. But… Still some information came through that I was told to relay to you. Okay. A little bit of information. Actually first of all you are an indigo yourself. I am an indigo? Yourself, first of all. Second of all it is so, find your core. Find what moves you and makes your soul and your heart sing. And do that. You will be able to bring a lot of changes and beauty to this world in your own way Okay. Well and on that uh bombshell this is Gavin Haines, Indigo, signing off with Edward Tarashchansky, Indigo… ish. Very nice meeting you brother. Edwards message, to find what moves me, was very inspiring. But, as what moved me was cock fighting and the films of Michael Bay… Perhaps I was going to struggle to bring joy to the much wider world. The upside to being diagnosed Indigo was that I was now part of a kind of extended family. I wanted to go meet more of my brothers and sisters. So I went to see the Brands. Idelle who was a holistic dentist and her daughter Diandra who was an indigo healer. Hi Hello Holistic dentistry it turns out was just like regular dentistry. But with tuning forks sending out psychic vibrations, spiritually charged crystals for patients to hold during their root canal and funky esoteric necklaces. So, not much like regular dentistry then. What does holistic dentistry entail? Holistic dentistry entails uh working with materials for the patients highest good. You want to use dental materials that are bio-compatible. Therefore you don’t want to use anything that’s toxic, like silver/mercury fillings are very bad. We also avoid fluoride because fluoride is a neurotoxin. Now Diandra, you are a uh, Indigo? Yes. At 16 I became a full blown intuitive. I started seeing angels around people. I started seeing colors, that’s the etheric field. The chakras on people. Uh, then I started talking to other forms. So Angels, Archangels, ascended masters, God/Goddesses, etc… So for me it wasn’t about separating myself or thinking that I was weird or different. It was just about knowing that there was something more and what can I do with this gift. We’ve written this book, “Enlightened Indigo Child”. So that parents and children together can learn what they need to do to have a very healthy child. And all these kids are being institutionalized and labelled with some horrible mental or emotional disease which they don’t really have. Say with the example of Diandra was she ever labelled as a uh… Well she was, was labelled as uh having some sort of disability, a learning disability. Now here is a child who is absolutely brilliant in more ways than one. And uh, we have a teacher who thinks she has got a problem. Okay. I know my child better than any teacher. I know she doesn’t have a problem. If anyone has a problem, its the teacher and the school system. The browns offer to show me one of the services that made their dentistry holistic. Specially made tuning forks to detox the body and balance its energies. B flat. The reason why we got into this was because I had my own challenges. I had lyme disease for 8 years. Oh ya? And when I had it I was quite handicapped. Conventional medicine said that I would never be well and I should just close up my practice and go on permanent disability. And that was gone when I took the weekend course in the tuning forks. It changed me. It changed my whole life. Sitting in the dentist chair having tuning forks waved around me felt very luxurious. But its a bit like when I was a kid and they had calming pictures of Donald Duck on the ceiling at the dentist. *Tuning forks chiming* *Laughing* It’s over, how are you? Just kind of tripping balls there, ya. I bet, I bet. Idelle seemed to place a lot of weight on her daughter’s specialness and the dynamic between them was certainly intense. “Ascent almost” fire of the auric field????? Flemington, New Jersey. When we heard there was going to be a psychic fair at the local Elk Lodge my own psychic sense told me that maybe we could find an indigo or 2 here. Well the stones have all different property. For example we have like our rose quartz. Yeah. When you’re looking for love. Uhh can we get a couple of them? How much are they? They’re 3 dollars a pop – Bargain. Are you uh indigo? Do you know any indigos? Yes I’m an indigo. Are you? Yes. Okay. Well how does it feel? Umm, it was interesting now as an adult I can say I was out of body. And I was more comfortable out in nature or in solitude than I was comfortable at school or with other kids. So what are you doing here at the fair? I am… I am a shamana. Which means a female healer. So I’m doing etheric surgery and armor removal. Which means I scan a persons auric field to see what structures are there that are blocking the flow of spiritual energy. Well it sounds like very important work and uh, thank you very much for sharing. Oh well thank you, thank you so very much. Not only was this a 1 stop medi-clinic for etheric surgery, a psychic fair was also full of the usual; Clairvoyants, gemstone salesmen and auric artists. Uhh, love the artwork. Thank you. What, is there something representational here? Chromotherapy, color healing, working with colors. What about indigo? Is that a color that you would incorporate into your pallet? Ya, indigo is a very powerful color. Are you aware of the concept of indigo children? I have an indigo child. Do you? I do. And uh what is it like to be an indigo mother? And is that a special thing? Well you kind of buckle up. And sit back and relax as best as you can because they are always on the go. They are very knowledgeable. They’re very insightful. To the point where it can be a little bit spooky sometimes how they know things. Was this child asked to be put on medication at any point? I, uh… pretty much refused medication. Okay. We used um… sugared iced tea. What’s that? Um… Iced tea… Okay, sugared iced tea, ya. That has sugar uh… because it reverses. It calms them down. Like uh, if she had a test, she would get really really nervous. So in the morning I would be sure… Cause normally sugar would hype kids up. And it has the reverse effect on my daughter. That is one to ponder. Thank you very much for your time. Good to meet you. Turns out I’ve been treating myself as an indigo for many years with sugared iced tea and didn’t even know it. Indigos seem to be plugged into a higher spiritual switchboard. I began to wonder what would happen if I dialled out to modern psychology. It was time to seek out professional help. Thanks so much for sitting down with us. Um why don’t you just start by telling us a little bit about your practice. Well I’m a clinical psychologist and I work with children, teens and adults. I specialize in ADHD. What are the key symptoms of ADHD? Many people know the basic ones of lack of focus and inattention. Difficulty getting started on tasks, so thats procrastination. And once you get started on something its very hard to maintain effort. So you kind of lose effort and focus. Uh, difficulty actually regulating your emotions. That sounds like a lot of people I know. Its not so much the symptoms as to the severity. I mean what does treatment involve for ADHD nowadays? Basically nowadays uh, ritalin, adderol, concerta, vivance. Stimulants are the main treatment So you very much believe that ADHD and ADD are real things, real entities in the world. These are diagnosable conditions. Absolutely. You mentioned earlier, um, a case of a woman who came to you with a child who potentially had ADHD but she had diagnosed as indigo. Ya. Taken away from you again. What happens if ADHD goes unchecked? Years of undiagnosed ADHD lead to school failure and if its super hyperactive maybe he can’t make friends and keep friends. And, uh, year after year of failure, uh, compounded leads to real pervasive and deep shame about oneself. Which is uh, the recipe for you know depression and anxiety and drug use and also… and then possibly jail. Recognizing a child with ADHD can, can draw well, or horseback ride or do something unique and supporting those gifts is great. But saying that you uh, without doing anything are unique and special and uh, different than every other child is not helpful. You think they’re making mini-monsters? Children who can only be isolated? Yes, right. Narcissists. Ya. Ya. And that’s a bad thing? Yes. The older I’ve gotten the more I’ve realized that my drawing usually is really much better than I think it is when I just don’t judge it at all. When I kind of just draw. Just free-styling. And there’s no judgement – just free-styling. Oh! This is actually the chakra test that I took online. My indigo third eye was 89% and it was the most active. 89% ya. Seraphina was diagnosed as indigo at a young age by her Mother when she started recognizing her… extraordinary gifts. Were you already interested in the idea of indigo children or was it something that appealed to you? Very much so. Ya very much so. Ya. I think from the time I was in my twenties I began delving into spirituality and the meaning of life, vibrations, past lives. When did you first realize that your daughter was an indigo child? Oh very very early on, from the moment that she was an infant The unique way Seraphina sees the world, visually, um, in terms of perspective its very different. G – Some people feel that indigo children have been sent here to open up the world to a new age. Ya I’ve heard of that. G – Do you feel that you have been sent here to open up the world to a new age? I feel that I’ve been sent here not only to benefit those who know me. In terms of giving advice or having a shoulder for someone to be able to cry on. Or be able to give them a different perspective on life but also just for me to figure out what I’m here for and figuring out what my journey is. I find I’m constantly learning from her.
So each year its just this new discovery of the more gifts she has. G – Tell me about your gifts. Um, I can read auras of people that I’ve been living with for a while, like my Mom
G – okay
Or my Brother. I always realized like, ya, she has this orange glow about her and it was always something…
G – Okay so its orange?
…I kind of just knew.Orange. I don’t know. I don’t see them. And what about your Brothers aura? Um, I’d say my Brothers aura is like a light blue. He’s definitely blue because I find blue to be, like, strong and it can kind of be cold or even aggressive. G – A cold blue. Was it any wonder her Brother was called Azure? Seraphina seemed to spend a lot of time comparing herself to her older brother. The more she talked of him the more I sensed the dynamic between them could be the key to something. What was it like growing up with an indigo Sister? A – Seraphina is a lot more artistic and creative than I am. Um, and she has a very different way of viewing things than I do. And I think that was like obviously a large source of our confrontations. And academically school has come much easier to me than it has to Seraphina, that’s not to say it’s lack of trying on her part. But for me it was like school was always a second thought. It was like whatever I wanted to do and then sure I’ll get A’s and then move on. Whereas for Seraphina she really had to like sit down and you know contain her attention on the 1 topic at hand. G – Do you have any interest in that sort of esoteric realm? Are you into vibrations, crystals, those sorts of things? A – No, that, that to be completely honest that just… Granted I… S – Irritates you? Mother – Wait, no finish that thought I want to hear that. It makes you what? A – It makes me like… It makes me laugh. Almost like it’s a joke, the significance of her being some type of like.. A – I don’t, I don’t know… Like uh…. G – Ya, *chuckle* okay. A – Like I understand she’s a unique individual but like the G – Put a label on that and to then… A – Like as an indigo child I’m not really you know… there’s going to be like a new wave where they lead our world, our civiliz… I don’t.. Through their creativity, I don’t, maybe I don’t know. G – But probably not? A – Probably not no.
G – Okay *laughs*
A – I think that they’d have trouble with their shopping lists you know, just getting things done. G – Azure was right. As an indigo I did have a great deal of trouble with my own shopping lists. But then taking over the world is frankly a completely different skill set. In a world of online auto-diagnosis quizzes, indigo has long since spread its tentacles outside of the realms of psychic fairs to the hip hop community. Together with the likes of Pro Era and Flatbush Zombies, the Underachievers are “populizers” of an esoteric rap phenomenon some call “Beast Coast” Preaching the gospel of indigo through their music. I went to New York’s Webster Hall for their homecoming So where my motherfucking indigos at in the building, let me hear real quick *Audience cheering* I said where my motherfucking indigos at in the building But in the past 2 years or 3 years of us trying to do it passionately we’ve come far. G – I mean what do you think of the link between ADD and indigo? And do you think there is a case for the counter-argument that like some kids are diagnosed as indigo when they should be on some medication? I don’t believe in ADHD. Because when I was younger, I was like, smart but I was like very bad in class, like mischievous. So um they wanted to put me on ritalin and like adderol. Thank god for my mom she was like no way are you doing that shit. I saw that they kept telling kids they have ADHD, a lot of kids out of my generation. So I started doing research on it online and thanks to the internet I came across indigo. So then I just went on a mission from then for me telling as many kids like yo you’re not hyperactive, you’re probably indigo. That’s where it all started from. Then he told me that. G – Diagnosed as indigo? Ya But is everyone you know indigo? Is that like a kind of blanket statement? What kind of percentage of your friends are indigo? Everyone.
I feel like you are.
G – Ya?
I feel like everyone is
G – Okay. It’s because of the power of the internet, right. It’s linking us up in a way that we have never been able to link up before. If the indigo should became then the universe cautions. Then that’s like my religion, what I believe in. That’s pretty much saying that uh God is the combination of every single living thing on the planet. But the problem is that we have country lines that we are divided by, economic class and weight class and intelligence and colour and race and culture and religion and all these different ways that dividing us. We lose track of the connection that really keeps us together. G – Hearing Issa talk about this global lattice of weirdos and creators he was hooking up was powerful a vision of culture I’d heard in quite some time. Indigo or no, he was a special kid. As the night wore on indigo and brandy mixed easily. I did also wonder what indigo was doing to their health because I’d never seen so many medical marijuana prescriptions in my life. Around 1 am Issa decided he’d teach me a funky new hip hop dance called the elephant. My standing had fallen sharply within the rap community since I’d failed to learn how to dougie. So it seemed a chance worth taking. I felt really bad spilling Issas drink but then as an indigo I knew he’d forgive me. That’s how it works, right? I’m at the end of my quest. I’m exhausted. My aura is just a pool of muddy brown cosmic sweat dripped around me. I’ve been promised a series of golden gods, but, overall I can’t say that I’ve been overly convinced by the extra sensory powers of the people I’ve met. Overall, indigo seems to be a catch-all for a range of new age experiences. Talking to angels, colour therapy, sensitivity to others. These have all been around for hundreds of years. Why is indigo happening now?
Because people need it. Like any religion, indigos externalize a higher power which then validates their own sense of internal specialness. That’s not always a problem. The more I’ve interacted with the indigo tribe, the more I’ve come to see them as an important rebuttal to the idea that medicating anyone can solve their problems. Some people just are different. They learn differently, they think unconventionally. We’re all told we’re special. It’s just when some people are told they are more special than others that the awkwardness starts to creep in.

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  1. Wait she met God and people in dreams so she's phsycic nonono i have family members who have met God in dreams or had visions of him, i have had dreams that his presence was obviously in, that doesnt really make you phsycic one man for instense hears the audible voice of God everyday, he even told him to meet a man and they met, the other man had a dream about Jesus a few days prior, thats just God givin love

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    We are Not. I actually have my faith in God but totally relate to everyone in your documentary.. and I'm "indigo" (i just heard this term watching ur film" but we Are Not more special. We were just chosen..we were gifted.. we all have gifts that we were given at birth, and then some are chosen for specific tasks. Throughout the Bible people are chosen.. even though they did their thing (drinking, fighting, prostituting etc) they still were chosen. Just as we are. Not because we are better.. not because we are more special..we just were picked. But we do see the world differently, and we can push our energies out there to complete the tasks that we are suppose to~ Great Documentary!!

  4. My mother and aunt are very into astral stuff and they also called me an Indigo Child from an early age. Later I found others were told the same and we all had pretty much the same traits that could be related to autism, adhd and other psychological diagnoses. But most of all, we were all told we were special and in turn we would be treated differently than our cousins, siblings. The case for narcissism rings true, because we are taught to believe we are special, kind of untouchable, and so we should be prudent about interacting with the world. Our mother's live was genuine and well intended, but the results were malign.

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  34. As a Crayola Crayon child, meaning pick your color, I deem any self proclaimed Indigo persons null and void. All people are unique in some way and some are born with special artistic gifts and talents that others don't possess, it's a product of nature (genetics) and nurture whether your parent(s) encourage the development of your gift(s) or whether they surpress your gifts through abuse and/or neglect. We are all Indigo Children, lavender children, puse children, or sky blue is the limit… You can be what you want to be. Now I need some Ritalin… 😉🙄🤔😊👍🖖😲

  35. Its not that hard to sense someones vibe by the way they carry themselves. Its called platonic realism . I guess I have super powers. Im an indigo adult 👀

  36. Real life is WAY better than we where told… Don't knock what one doesn't understand, makes one look slow, uneducated and asleep. Does a pain shoot down your spine every time you see someone get hurt? Probably not. I can feel the people around me. I know if your good, but what I really see is the dark disturbed people, ever since I was a little kid. I know because I remember when I was 4 and I'm 46 now. To those on the fence about all this, meditate deeply, and don't give up if you want to understand. We all have the same/different powers, it's these children that are just showing us that it's possible. It's up to us to wake it up inside ourselves. If you don't understand, slow down and you will. This is not a myth, this is a legend. Get off all the distractions and look it up for yourselves. Don't let anybody tell you about something they don't understand, no matter how much they don't believe it, research for yourself. Like I was told when hearing about this, don't even believe me, go find it for yourself. And if you think your too tough to meditate, the most successful warriors mediated before battle. Time to wake up and quit attacking what we don't understand because people are missing out. I found something deep that I can't explain, but I had to go looking first before I could find it. It's different for everybody, but guaranteed result if you don't give up… Happy Hunting 😉

  37. Schools in India are incorporating meditation in their classes, the results have been remarkable Not all of them have the ability to do the same thing in the same way but many of them are really showing consistent results, and the program is just getting started. Don't believe me, India has the science to look at.

  38. After years of focused research on his Subject: These so called Indigo's have what I believe to be clinically identified as Split Brain Syndrome which necessitates that they do not share the usual societal thinking process to application of (Right Brain Serial and Left Brain Parallel) Thinking. After years of researching this phenomenon I have come to understand that this condition has most likely been caused by a neurologically toxic mix of Childhood Vaccine Cocktails which causes a Right Brain ~ Left Brain Disconnect. I understand this as I have Split Brain Syndrome and personally spent a great deal of years and self analysis to discover both the cause / effect and further.., how to successfully control and positively exploit the benefits of the condition. Look into the Condition and learn the real cause of why these individuals have different approach to mental thought processes.. Split brain has at least one definable benefit and that is it is more than possible to develop binary thought process (ability to think of 2 conscious thoughts or logical demands simultaneously I.e. utilizing both the Serial and Parallel process neural nomenclature to quickly solution-ize any given task or problem by what I will term rapid Switched Forward Thinking. and conversely invert (reverse switch) that process to thinking about 2 completely unrelated subjects at the same time.
    Split brain once understood and appropriately controlled is actually a incontrovertible Blessing.
    The Focused Mind is Amazing.. Moral to this Story..?? "Know Thy Self by understanding your own EGO "
    The Ego (R-Brain Dominance) is far more Instinct (Impulse) Driven than what we will call Common Sense (L-Brain). Once that is accomplished and you are controlling your EGO Driven Urges.., no matter what you attempt to accomplish will predicatively come about in a most fruitful and constructive manner.
    This is something I learned from studying the engineering mind of Nicola Tesla

  39. Blessings from THE TRINITY 3.
    ✨🤳✝️Pink, blue, green was me, black, white my colors are now.
    Cheers 🐝💖🌟

  40. Believe what makes you feel amazing. It belongs to you! Indigo is NOT real. It's an evolutionary step that is, in great part, technology based. Exponential growth is evident in the Autist, a perfect opportunity to see if evolution can be optional to a willing participant. Some want to be autistic because of intellectual benefit, but it sucks ass. Would you rather be perfectly ordered and balanced? Focus is about wisdom, learning to see. Some are born with it, and that's strange. But not a fuckin arrangement photons that didn't exist until observed. The only problem with this is that these kids are not being taught that they can direct their own lives in ways their parents can't let go of. Many of these parents reinforce their own insecurities by teaching their children that they are so unique that only Mommy or Daddy can truly help and understand. Sounds like modern day chastity to me.

  41. I don’t know when indigo became synonymous with ADHD? As far as I knew back in the day (25 yrs ago) Indigo kids were kids that knew stuff that they shouldn’t know ie past lives, super intelligent baby t not hyperactive soo… I do not believe any child should be medicated unless it’s cbd for seizures etc. Our brains continue to develop until approximately 25yrs five or take male/female. Some say 30 for males. 🤷🏻‍♀️ But everyone is indigo? Even as a “believer” I have to say I don’t think so we all think our children are special, that’s part of the job description imo but to breed narcissism is not ideal for humanity😂
    Gratitude for this interesting vid

  42. I had a psychic experience. Speaking mind to mind with another person. Believe me, it’s something we can do without. It’s really an invasion of privacy if one chooses to do so. Plus it’s just freaking weird. The whole indigo children thing is a croc of shit

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