INSTAGRAM – Expectation vs Reality – How to Take Perfect Pictures/Boomrang/Slow-mo | #Fun #Anaysa

INSTAGRAM – Expectation vs Reality – How to Take Perfect Pictures/Boomrang/Slow-mo | #Fun #Anaysa

Today we’ll tell you how you can make perfect boomrang, pictures or Gif with you BF, BFF even tik tok video as well you’ll have fun watching these ultimate tricks so hit 1,00,000 Likes to this video and help us to reach 8 Million soon so do SUBSCRIBE fast for this kinda picture you need help from few of your friends let the gather dry leaves and make them to fall like this can you please take one more picture as a safe side wanna capture loveable picture with your besties like these then just fold the pages of a book in heart shape and keep your phone like this and set timer don’t get so much busy in capturing photos…otherwise:-))…LOL OMG!! Jeetu got jumped into the drain who is this Jeetu…I don’t know…:-))) did you see something… No dude… I can see only at night…:-)) she has gone into the drain I swear…I myself came down to found you in the drain Ok.. I didn’t found… they are staring by the way we’ve got that perfect boom rang but how you’ve made this?? just need a one to hold the camera so we’ve made a very humble request just keep the camera static and then take short clips while doing jumps so many video editing apps are available these days so at last add all that short clips of your jumps let’s try some different pictures you wait here will bring cake for you is he handsome hmmm…… will use this picture for our photo how?? just set the flower like this in front of camera we can use a single frame for capturing different pictures we all have a panorama effect in our phone just need to move your camera in a single direction so finally you’ll get multiple photos in a single frame now have a look on its reality so where you mistaken?? not to move to and fro in front of camera and whatever you want to wear or hold in your hand keep on its perfect place beforehand

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  1. Ye video to mast hai by the way congratulations and celebrations …… Aare Anishka di ka birthday Jo aa raha hai 💎

  2. Yrr…inme se kuch hacks to 5mins craft ne b dikhaye the aap khud ke naye hacks banao plzzz ye sab purane ho chuke h

  3. तुझको न चोदू तो बुर खजुवाता है

  4. l love . anishka di .jeetu di
    bharti di 💖💖
    anishka di very beautiful
    my fevrate di 😇
    so agli video mai app viral clothes hacks tasted

  5. Girls:- Jhaadu nhi lagate hum ,boy :-aey kutte kaat lo inko ,girls :- Mana kb Kiya🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  6. Without Anushka the Anisha was incomplete Anushka is the main girl Usi ke liye Hamen Anisha ko dekhte hain vah Ki anisha Jaan Hai

  7. हमारी फोटो कभी यूट्यूब pr आ गई तो हमारे गाव में भूचाल आ सकता है


  9. I am too much happy to see anishka Di who like anishka Di like

    👇👇👇👇👇👇👇here is the like

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