Intelligent Khiladi Hindi Dubbed Full Movie ( Goodachari ) | Adivi Sesh, Sobhita Dhulipala, Supriya

Intelligent Khiladi Hindi Dubbed Full Movie ( Goodachari ) | Adivi Sesh, Sobhita Dhulipala, Supriya

[INAUDIBLE] [GUNS CLICKING] [FOOTSTEPS RECEDING] [GUN SHOTS] [WATER STREAMING] [WEEPING] [SATYA]: I couldn’t save dad, my boy. Is dad coming tomorrow, uncle? Dad will always be with you.
Right here… Satya… Hmm… Mr. Acharya is calling you.
-Hmm. [POURING] Sir! At ease… Sir… [SATYA]: Raghuveer’s
son Gopi is my nephew. He has got no family left. My sister passed away
when the boy was a kid. I am all he has right now, sir. News suggests someone is leaking
Trinetra’s information to ‘Al Mujahideen’. Missouri Head Office was given this hint. We went there to investigate. There… In the forest… [ACHARYA]: What does ‘Al
Mujahideen’ know about Trinetra? Everything, sir. Names and addresses of
everyone involved in Trinetra… A list of our undercover agents
and their family details… It’s a complete breach. [TYPEWRITER CLICKING] What happened? Hello?
– Shut down. Shut down! [POUNDING MUSIC] Where are we going, uncle? I’ll tell you. Uncle, my teddy bear… Come on… Move… Get in. [POUNDING MUSIC CONTINUES] [FIRE BLAZING] [CAMERA CLICKS] [PHONE RINGING] Hello… [SATYA]: Ravi, listen…
I need a favor. [TYPEWRITER CLICKING] Uncle, dad will be
here tomorrow, right? My dad will be coming
tomorrow, right? [MELANCHOLIC MUSIC] Whenever something goes wrong,
we should come here. Hmm… Hand me a basil plant. Raju, get me a basil plant. Ramji… Trust him alone. We’ll be staying here from now on.
– Hmm… This is our safe house. Dad… Dad… [CRYING]
– Gopi… Gopi, what happened? I miss dad. Dad won’t come to
my birthday tomorrow, right? [SNIFFS] Gopi, listen to me. Your birthday isn’t August 19th anymore.
It’s June 12th. June 12th… I’m getting you a new birth certificate. Your dad’s name isn’t Raghu. You aren’t Gopi hereafter. You aren’t born in Delhi.
Gopi doesn’t exist anymore. Remember this. Your dad’s name isn’t Raghuveer. And your name isn’t Gopi. Hmm… [SCHOOL BELL TOLLS]
Go. Gopi… Gopi…! Good. Is he your dad? Hmm, yeah. Children, he’s new to the class today. What’s your name, dear? My name is… Arjun! Sir… Telugu, Hindi and English classifieds… Thank you, sir. Which job have you rejected today?
– Infosys… Tell me this. I really want to know. What job are you looking for? [SMILES] [CAMERA CLICKS] ‘Why do you wish to join our organization?’ I love my country. ‘Has anyone in your family worked
for our organization before?’ Umm… No. [PHONE BEEPING] How are you, son? Dad, do you know how hard it is to
find a phone booth in 2017? Do you know how easy it is
to track a cell phone? We can add a software to our phone, right?
It can’t be traced. Forget that. What about Infosys? Err… Rejected! You mean yourself or them? Raju… This is the 7th job you rejected. You know the job I’m looking for. Is it wrong to become like dad? Is it wrong to hope
you don’t end up like dad? Dad… [SATYA]: I couldn’t save dad, my boy. [MIND VOCIE] You sent 174 applications. There’s not a single reply. One last application. ‘Has anyone in your family
worked for our organization before?’ What do I have to do
to become like dad? [SMILES] [ARJUN]: Come on. Come on. It’s not here. What about this? Come on! [MELANCHOLIC MUSIC] Happy birthday, dad. I’d always ask dad… I’d always ask uncle
to tell me about you. You are no more. But you’re with me. What do I do? Dad said you were all
smiles with everyone. [WEEPING] I’m also the same. But, I tend to joke
at the wrong time. I wanted to join the Army and
then RAW to serve the country. Since I was a kid,
I aspired to become like you. When I was 19, I said I’d join
Army and dad scolded me. He didn’t agree. He still doesn’t agree. That’s why I’ve applied to many
organizations without his knowledge. But no one seems to respond, dad. I yearn to be like you, dad. But I can’t find the way to do it. One application, dad. Just one chance. [PHONE RINGING] [WEEPS]
[SNIFFS] Hello… What’s up, man? I’m watching a movie. Today’s my birthday.
I’m a throwing a party. Be there. Really? Where is it? Thanks for coming. You guys carry on. I’ll be right back. What do you want?
– I’ll just come. Tell me what you want.
– I’ll be right back. Yeah. I’ll arrange it for you. [MUSIC PLAYING] [POUNDING MUSIC] [MUSIC CONTINUES TO PLAY] [GUY 1]: Let’s see how she
is going to refuse today. She is on the floor below. About to go off duty. If she refuses this time,
we’ll not let her go. Take her. [DRAMATIC MUSIC] [KNIFE SWISHING] [DRAMATIC MUSIC CONTINUES] Okay. All right. Hmm. I’m heading home. [THUD SOUND]
[SCREAMS] Hey, stop! Stop! Don’t move! [PANTING] [THUD SOUNDS] [GRUNTS] [YELPS] Target is in the van. [GOON]: Where’s Satya? Tell me. Where’s Satya? Tell me.
Where’s Satya? Who’s Satya? [GUN CLICKS] Now tell me. Hey, you better tell me. I don’t know who Satya is. Then it’s time for you to die. Wait! Why do you wish to join RAW? Aspiring to be like your dad? Do you know my dad, sir? Dad’s my strength. Country’s my reason. CBI, NIA, IB, Foreign Affairs…
174 applications… You didn’t skip anything, did you? While helping a stranger
was a momentary test for you… Whether or not you’d talk
about Satya is a bigger test. You passed them both.
You have all the qualities but… You lack one thing. Technique! [DRAMATIC MUSIC] [BRAKES SQUEAKING] I’ve sent the location
coordinates to your phone. Tomorrow 10 am sharp. Hello… Hello… You didn’t tell
me what your name was. Who are you guys? Hello… Hello! [CAR ENGINE VROOMING] Happy birthday, dad. ‘You’ve arrived at your destination.’ What’s Tailor Man? [SENSORS BEEPING] Excuse me… Excuse me, hello. Excuse me… This address… Head towards the alteration room. Excuse me… Hi… What’s your name? Arjun. Arjun Kumar. Would you just say it? You only asked me, right? Would you do whatever I say? This is what happens
when we recruit kids. Stand. Okay. Are you done? Stand here. Come on, erect.
– Huh? Stand erect. Stand in attention. [SCANNER BEEPING] Hey, how does it know my name? Aadhar Card has your
retina scan, right? Cool!
– Very cool. Come on. Nice! [SHYAM]: This way. What’s that? Are you trying to smooch? Bloody fool! Come on. Speed up, goddamn it! Move it. Shyam… ‘Voice not recognized!’ Bloody hell! Shyam…!
– ‘Voice recognized!’ [MONITOR SQUEAKING] ‘Code accepted!’ This reminds me of James Bond. We don’t have that much budget. ‘Proceeding to Level Beta.’ How deep is it? A guy recently laid a bore
and fetched water too. [MUMBLES] Shit head!
-Why do you care? Does your neck ache?
– Hmm. It’s not mentioned in
the background check. I just had it. Damn! All of this is under Tailor Man? I can’t believe it. Tailor Man is on top of this. You’ve got to believe it.
True National Security begins here. Hi, sir.
– Hello. Happy birthday to you, sir! Thank you and same to you.
Go put this in the office. Kissing my butt! Goks… Goks, ah?
– His name is Gokaraju. He was in the top 10. He misbehaved with the
boss’s wife and ended up here. And you are? I’m the Boss. This is your first orientation. Before you say something…
– This way. You’re late. Err… The lift was running slow. [GIGGLES SOFTLY] Something funny, Leena? Err… Sorry, sir. In the next 20 minutes,
anyone of you might die. Live for 20 years and
no one’s luckier than you. Before I give the details out,
sign the contract in the file. Secrets remain concealed. And we aren’t responsible
for any consequences. Sign only if you’re ready to die. [SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] RAW protects India from the outside. IB and Police protect it from within. Borders are guarded by Army,
Air Force and Navy. Only one entity coordinates them all. [PROJECTOR SQUEAKS] Trinetra! In South India, amongst the 40,000
applications RAW received last year… 800 members were selected. Only 6 of them were
selected for Trinetra. So, what is Trinetra? RAW doesn’t function in India. IB cannot operate outside India. Trinetra is boundless. We can operate from anywhere
because nobody knows we exist. No one knows of our being. We don’t come under the Indian Constitution. We report directly to
the Prime Minister’s office. Our duty is to infiltrate. Fraternizing with our enemies. Investigate. Finding out their secrets. And inform… Giving an update. The three ‘I’s. Trinetra! Trinetra was started after
the 1993 Mumbai blasts. But in the biggest data
breach that occurred in 1995… The entire agency’s information was leaked. Our best officer
investigating this was killed. [EXHALES] Post that, there’s no Trinetra. With the 26/11 Mumbai attacks… Our Prime Minister realized
enemies are living amidst us as well. He felt the need for Trinetra again. Up until yesterday, our bases
were only in Delhi and Mumbai. Trinetra’s been established
in Hyderabad today. [ARJUN]: Anything else? [CLEARS THROAT] I mean, sir… You’re spilling us all the
secrets in this secret location. What if one of us exposed them? 2 years back, you sent an application
to RAW for the first time. From your university library. You had a girlfriend back then. Jennifer.
-[GASPS] 2 months back, she dumped
you as you didn’t care. 2 days back, you flirted with
a girl at a night club. The girl didn’t give a damn,
you felt bad and your ego was hurt. 2 minutes back, when Shyam
joked about the bore water… You cussed him from behind. Behind your jokes and laughs,
there’s a serious intellect. Your humour is your defence mechanism. You didn’t mention any of this
in the application. But we know. Trinetra is always watching, Arjun. It’s on the observation 24X7. Everybody clear? Yes, sir. Moving on… In the next few months,
we’ll train you in 3 aspects. Cyber warfare. Any device in the world with
a microchip can be accessed from here. Combat and tactical weaponry. Guns, bombs, etc. Martial arts. And finally, covert ops.
Undercover operations. Where does that take place, sir? Amidst people. [GASPS] [DRAMATIC MUSIC] Our identity always remains
hidden and that’s our strength. According to your strengths
and weaknesses in the training… We’ll sort you into
different departments. What if we had no weaknesses? [BRAKES SQUEAKING] [TV PLAYING] Greetings… Greetings, brother. Greetings. Master… [TRIPPY MUSIC] [POUNDING MUSIC] But, Leena. How…
– At ease. I’m your combat trainer. Krav Maga is a martial art. It’s an Israeli defense technique. Excuse me! You didn’t mention
your name last time. First lesson, guys. Our attack on our enemy… [THUD SOUND] [CHOKES] Keep it a surprise! Only then will our punch feel kicking. Nadia… Nadia Qureshi… Let’s warm up. 1… 2… 3… 4… Good! Next. In Arabic, we write from right to left.
– Okay, got it. [GUN SHOTS] To cheat a lie detector,
you need correct posture. No perspiration. Computers are a piece of cake for me. A piece of cake, huh? I don’t mean it literally. I mean they’re my strength. Breathing relaxed. Blood pressure pulse. Normal. You’ve exactly 10 minutes to
hack the class server firewall. Heart rate shouldn’t fluctuate. Go! Go… Go… Go… Are you working for Trinetra? No.
[LIE DETECTOR SQUEAKS] Damn! Mohammad, do you know
how this is done? Done, sir. He’s so disturbing. [SHYAM]: Good.
-I still finished. Arjun, debug it.
Not the other way around. What do you think about him? [GASPS]
-He’s got a great future. You don’t like him? No! [LIE DETECTOR SQUEAKS] Arjun, let’s stick to the subject. Sorry, sir. [RAPD GUN SHOTS] Think of this as a clock. Get to know the directions first. Behind me is 12’o clock. Behind you is 6’o clock. 3’o clock. 9’o clock. Tell me what you noticed. [BIRDS FLUTTERING] There are 2 bearded
guys to my right. 2 ladies behind me are
dressed in salwars. A guy is sitting to the
left wearing a leather jacket. Good. Who must be the
terrorist amongst them? Think about it. Wearing a leather
jacket on a sunny day… He’s reading an Urdu paper
from right to left. Why? Remember the three ‘i’s… First… Infiltrate. Mingle with the crowd. Second… Investigate. Find out. Third… Inform. I have to update you.
– Hmm. [POURING HEAVILY] [ELEVATOR BELL DINGS] Ah, sorry. Very sorry.
– Sorry. Sorry. [ALLURING MUSIC] Err… Are you a new tenant? Hmm. Come, let me help you. [CHUCKLES] Hmm. Thank you so much! Your name?
– Arjun. I stay in the opposite flat. Okay. Sameera… This is my flat. Umm… Coffee? Yeah, sure. Yes! [SMILES AWKWARDLY] Nice. Our floor plans are the same. But my house is a little… [SCINTILLATING MUSIC] Would black coffee be okay? [STAMMERS] Yeah, sure. [THUNDER RUMBLING] How is it?
– Nice. You too.
-[CHOKES] What? You are nice. You stared at me
when I was making the coffee. I just said what you had in mind. That’s the only difference. It’s okay. You’ll get
used to me with time. You say what I have in mind. You also say what’s
going to happen. Anything else?
– I am not good at that. I am good at this. MS Psychology, Harvard. [SIGHS] Born in Calcutta, July 29th. Zodiac sign is Leo. Raised in Vizag. Pursued MS in Harvard and
started practice in Hyderabad. And you? What do you do? Other than being sweet to girls. [SATYA]: Tailor Man? Yeah. Since when you are
crazy about clothes? Dad, don’t you want me to be happy? What’s the job? Err… Floor Manager… [GRUNTS]
[THUD SOUND] What’s that? I mean I order men to
pick up things from the floor. Plus accounts, inventory… There’s a lot. Is it? Get into the car. Huh? We are shifting to Rajahmundry. What?! What happened? You think I don’t know? I only left Trinetra.
Not my friends from there. I didn’t want this for you. But, dad, this is what I want.
– Then change what you want. You’ll be dead. Like your father! I am scared something
will happen to you. How long? These secret
meeting at the outskirts… Finding phone booths
to avoid call trapping… Gopi, I can’t… I can’t tell you. I won’t be there to look
after you over there. That’s it! [EXHALES] It’s for the country, dad. [DRAMATIC MUSIC] You must’ve forgotten
how that feels now. But you always knew
this is what I wanted to do. I’ve to go, dad. I am not a kid to hide anymore. I will be training with
your friends tomorrow. Bye, Raju. This is why Bin Laden
is so successful. He used video recordings as his weapons. Bin Laden is a terrorist
everyone is aware of. Rana… A terrorist known to none. Extremely dangerous. We don’t have his
whereabouts or identity. But the information we
have is really shocking. He specializes in brainwashing
kids and shaping them into terrorists. Stands no.3 in Interpol’s
‘Most Wanted’ list. He is behind Mumbai train blasts
and Varanasi temple blasts. Reports say he offered logistical
support to Headley during the Taj attacks. ‘Al Mujahideen…’ Most important leader of the
terrorist organization ‘Al Mujahideen’. Brutal, cruel and quick. ‘Al Mujahideen’ is spreading
fast under his leadership. ‘Raghuveer was killed
by ‘Al Mujahideen’, sir.’ ‘Dad!’ [DOOR BELL] [DOOR OPENS] Hi… Hi. It’s your birthday today, right? How do you know? You pursued MBA from ISB.
Zodiac sign Gemini. Birthday June 12th. Your profile only
gives away this much. You should tell me the rest. Well… Happy birthday! Didn’t your friends come over? No. I don’t celebrate birthdays.
– We’ll celebrate from this year. I’ll be there, so… [CHUCKLES SOFTLY] [SOOTHING MUSIC] [GUNS BLAZING] Busy with patient. So, Mr. Kumar… Hi… I’m Kumar. I’ve gone crazy. How is that? I’m really missing my
beautiful neighbor. [CHUCKLES] [SOOTHING MUSIC CONTINUES] What? What else? You’re crazy. I’ve never met somebody like you. [UPBEAT MUSIC [NADIA]: Leena is picking up, sir.
-Good. She is in 2nd position now. Who’s in the 1st place? Done, ma’am. 7.5 seconds… Next. Done, ma’am.
– Bullet drop. 9.3 seconds. Next. Shit! [THUD SOUNDS]
[GRUNTS] [GUN SHOTS] Good, Mohammad.
85 percent accuracy… Thanks, ma’am. 174 applications wouldn’t cut it. You need to perform. Are you Raghuveer’s son for real? Your performance makes me doubt it. [SAMEERA]: What happened? Oi… For the time being,
I’m working in Tailor Man. But since childhood… It was my dream to
work at my dad’s workplace. Your dad stays in Rajahmundry? Yeah.
– Hmm… Am I being too casual
about the company’s training? I doubt if I’ll ever be worthy of it. Do they have these questions or do you? [EXHALES] Okay. What’s your goal? To join that company. I’ll tell you something. It was my biggest dream
to qualify for Harvard. I worked hard. I got the admission
and I was so happy. In the third year, I got a
letter from the Dean saying… My grades and scores are
bad and I would be debarred. I felt I was not taking
my dream seriously. I then realized. My dream
wasn’t to qualify for Harvard. It was to graduate
with a Harvard degree. Now tell me. What’s your goal? Is it only to join your dad’s company? [POUNDING MUSIC] Hi, guys. [SAMEERA]: ‘What’s your goal?’ ‘Is it only to join
your dad’s company?’ [MIND VOICE] It’s to save
the country like dad did. [RAPID GUN SHOTS] 91 percent accuracy. [SAMEERA]: Hey, shall
we shoot a balloon? Yeah, sure. What did you notice? Downstairs. My 9’0 clock.
There are two guys. To my right. 3’o clock.
A guy planted a bag and left. Next!
[GUN SHOTS] A guy at the pan shop and
another at the general store. [TOY GUN CLICKING] 8’o clock behind you.
A guy is clicking pictures. He’s not taking selfies and
no one’s in front of him either. So, he is clicking the building. [RAPID GUN SHOTS] Good.
– Sir, one minute. Both of us entered
with bags earlier. But you already left
your bag downstairs. So, you are also… 100 percent. How?
– Counter strike. What?
– Err… Video game. Done, sir. [SHYAM]: Good one. [WHISPERS] Hello, Sameera… You work in Tailor Man, right? I’m right here.
Why don’t I see you? [ARJUN]: I’m in the alteration room.
– Where are you? Sir, I’ll just come. You’re already here, right?
– I’ll leave then. Hey… Hey… Hey… Girls get boys running for life. I can’t find the alteration room. Where are you? I’m coming. I’m coming. [SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] [PANTING] Umm… You seem to
be sweating it out. Who’s in there? Is it your dad? Hi, uncle… Hello… How are you? Are the clothes any good?
– Of course. Let me show you. [TRAFFIC NOISES] [CAMERA CLICKS] What’d you tell him? He wanted to meet my friend. Hey, what does he think of me? I don’t know. Arjun… I think he likes you. [CAMERA CLICKS] What would you like? Coming… Coming… Here I am. [CHUCKLES] I’ll leave. Don’t say that. Say ‘See you’. Okay. Bye. Are you going to my flat? [CHUCKLES] Hey…
– Hmm? [SIGHS] [GIGGLES] Hey, you cheater! [LAUGHS] Mr. Acharya sent the guidelines. Proper grading system, sir. Arjun and Mohammad are leading. Let’s see who gets the number this time.
[GRUNTS] Shit! [THUD SOUNDS] [UPBEAT MUSIC CONTINUES] Is that all? Is that all you can hit me? You’d suck at fighting the enemies. You will also die like your dad. [THUD SOUND] [GASPING HEAVILY] Arjun, are you okay? Damn it! Did ‘Al Mujahideen’ kill your dad? No. [LIE DETECTOR SQUEAKS] Sorry, sir. I wonder how he found out about dad. I only told him. I wanted to test you. The truth you hid about
your dad in 174 applications… You revealed it in the 175th. It means your dad is your weakness. You call him your strength. But I call him your weakness. Only if you conquer
the weakness called dad… You can save the country. [DRAMATIC MUSIC] [MONITOR SQUEAKS] Go ahead, sir. [THUD SOUNDS] Did ‘Al Mujahideen’ brutally kill Raghuveer,
a Trinetra officer and your dad… And take your dad away from you? [THUD SOUNDS]
[GRUNTS] My dad is not a Trinetra officer. [THUD SOUNDS]
[GRUNTS] He’s a banker. Enough! Enough! [DRAMATIC MUSIC] [DRAMATIC MUSIC CONTINUES] Arjun, that was crazy! I was almost going to hit Mohammad. Thanks. Arjun, dinner? You, me and Mohammad
are on the same mission. A terrorist caught me
and another did Mohammad. Save me and I will live. Save Mohammad and so
will the mission be. Whom will you save? If I get selfish, I’d save you. You are important to me.
-[SCOFFS] Mission is more important, Leena. You should save Mohammad. What about my feelings? Country comes first, Leena.
Remember that. Practically patriotic. Sir, you asked for me? Here’s Sameera’s file. Sameera’s file, what? Come on… You thought we didn’t know
your girlfriend visited Tailor Man? You think you’re smart, huh? She’s not a party animal. Has no boyfriends. No parents. It was all a lie. She has no parents? Death certificate? ‘Is this your dad?’ ‘Are the clothes any good?’ Where are you taking the file? [BIKE ENGINE REVVING] Hello, sir… Sir…! Who was it that
came the other day? What? Who was that with
you the other day? I’m with a patient. This is not right, Arjun. Is it right of you to lie to me?
– He wasn’t my father. It was my uncle that you met. Before 10 years, mom and
dad passed away at Yarada. In just a second, my life was shattered. Everyone assumed I was
Krishna uncle’s daughter. You did too. I let you assume so. I am really sorry I
hid something from you. But I don’t seek sympathy from you. Missing parents on the inside and
smiling bright for the outer world. Do you know how tough that is? [MELANCHOLIC MUSIC] [SAMEERA]: Arjun… Arjun! [BANKER]: Hello, Sameera ma’am… Yes? [BANKER]: We got a name
addition request for locker 135. Bank locker, ah?
You have the wrong number. Sameera Rao… Flat no. 1306,
Garden Link Apartments. Yes? Sameera ma’am, this way. 135… [METAL CREAKING] Thank you, ma’am.
– Thanks. [SMILES] What’s this? Sameera? [ARJUN]: Sorry, Sameera. I also hid a few things from you. World knows me as
Arjun but that’s a lie. The truth that shows
the real me is this locker. That’s why this locker
is in the name of Gopi. That’s because Gopi is a stranger
to the world. Sameera, I wasn’t born
on the 12th of June. My dad in my hometown
isn’t really my dad. It’s my uncle. My uncle have raised me indeed. But I grew up reminiscing my dad. Missing parents on the inside and
smiling bright for the outer world… I know how that feels, Sameera. You came into my life,
made me smile and fall in love. Yes, I love you.
That’s why I can’t lie anymore. Sameera, love means giving the other
person the ability to destroy your soul. But trusting them not to. I trust you. And I love you. My birthday is on
the 19th of August. My name is Gopi. Gopi? Couldn’t you find a better name? [LAUGHS] [ROMANTIC MUSIC] I don’t mind. We can get married. You are also a Leo, right? You are short tempered
by nature but it’s okay. [ALLURING MUSIC] ♪It is you… It is you!♪ I have just this. ♪You are my beloved♪ ♪You are the love of my heart♪ ♪I loved you more than my life♪ ♪I will come to wherever you are♪ ♪You take my life away from me♪ ♪You are my complete heartbeat♪ ♪I spend my life with you, O’ my love♪ ♪There is no need to
worry about any issue♪ ♪You are lovely, my dear♪ ♪Just stay with me always♪ ♪Listen to me, O’ my love♪ ♪My dear! Don’t leave me and go♪ ♪My dear! Be by my side♪ ♪My dear! Never go off just like that♪ ♪My dear! Always be connected with me♪ [MUSIC] ♪My dear! Be by my side♪ ♪My dear! Always be connected with me♪ Oh, god! I think I’m already late. [TRAFFIC NOISES] Bye. Bye… [HORNS BLARING] [SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] Hey! [POUNDING MUSIC] Hey, you! Who are you? [FOOTSTEPS RECEDING] He saw me. I ran from him. He’ll recognize me. I can’t follow him anymore. When? [THUD SOUNDS]
[GRUNTS] What does 1112 mean? Tell me. What does it mean? Tell me. [RAPID GUN SHOTS] Hey, come on. Come on. Move it. [GUN SHOTS] Shit! 1112… It’s December 11th. I feel they’re planning on
something on this date. I’ve noticed him twice. A coincidence? There are no coincidences in
our stream, Shyam. We have to be specific.
– Yes, ma’am. No, sir. Our location
hasn’t been compromised. Yes, sir! Team is already running a
photo match with the sketches. We are checking the traffic
cameras and CCTV footage. Sir, about tomorrow’s selections… Ma’am, is Mr. Acharya coming from
Delhi for the selections? The date Arjun mentioned
was 11th December. It’s the 11th of November today. Have you got the route map? Yes, ma’am. What about security? It’s tight. Mr. Acharya is coming tomorrow. But let’s not put this
investigation on hold. Inform the entire team.
No threat is too small. Okay, sir. Arjun…
– Sir… Our doubts are our clues. Let’s not forget that. Good job, Arjun. Cheer up, man! Selections are tomorrow. I’m not watching you anymore. Really? I am. I will always. Cufflinks are great, dad.
Why aren’t you coming? Come by next week. It’s not about the selections. You have a girl to meet. Hi, uncle… Hey, don’t be loud. Is she the one? Hi, uncle… I am Sameera. Gopi’s friend. Don’t worry. I’m a good girl. My qualifications are
not so bad either. Dad, I mean… Has he told you everything, dear? He just expressed his feelings. By the way, you won’t be
coming tomorrow, right? Why’d you say that, dear? You wouldn’t send the cuff links
through post if you were coming. No, dear.
– It’s okay, uncle. We’ll find time and come to you. Bye. [MONITOR SQUEAKS] Allah, bless us! Allah! [DRAMATIC MUSIC] Sameera, does the tie… Wow! Let’s go out once you’re back. Tempting me, huh? You aren’t flattered so easily. [CHUCKLES] I’m already flattered. [PHONE BEEPS] Shit! Time to go. [PEPPY MUSIC] Hello! Selections are that way. I got a gift for Damodar sir. Whoa! Okay, go. You go check. [INDISTINCT CHATTER] Were you caught up in the lift
this time as well? No. I was busy dressing the part. Today, to announce the first six cadets
in Trinetra’s Hyderabad wing… Our organization’s Founder
Mr. Acharya is here. Salute!
– Welcome, sir. Done! At ease. I’ve been monitoring your training. I’m really proud of you for
surpassing my expectations. Let’s begin. Yes, sir. Leena Rajan, you’re assigned to our
Embassy surveillance in Bangladesh. Sir! Uma Viswanath… The same
thing in Beijing, China. Yes, sir. Ravi Varma and Kishore Krishnamurthy… You’ll support Nadiya
in our tactical team. Yes, sir. Mohammad Pasha, you’ll be
safeguarding Trinetra in Hyderabad. As long as I’m in Hyderabad,
you’ll work with me. Yes, sir! Sir… Oh, right… I didn’t tell you, right? I have no medal for you, Arjun. Arjun, you don’t get a medal.
You get a number. You asked us, remember? What if someone had no weaknesses? [UPBEAT MUSIC] [SCANNER SQUEAKS] I don’t feel anything. [LASER SQUEAKS] 116. MOO-92FS… 22 calibre… Made in Germany. Thank you. Ready! The world you are about to
enter is invisible. It’s a dark world swiftly
conquering the world of light. There’s reprisal. There’s betrayal. There’s pain. There’s loneliness. You’ll taste victory and defeat too. Yet, even when death is smiling
in your face… Soldiers who risk
their lives to guard the country… They aren’t at the borders alone. They should be within the country,
willing to face the extremes. So, my dear soldiers… This is your moment. Hold your heads high. India needs us. India needs you. Welcome to Trinetra!
And congratulations! This will save you from the smoke. [DRAMATIC MUSIC] Where are you?
Your room was locked. I’m in the cellar. Coming. Oh, my goodness!
You said you’re coming. You often say you’re leaving
and I feel you’re letting me go. Come fast.
– Okay. [PUFFS] [PHONE RINGING] Hello, Satya… Hi, Damodar. Are the selections done?
– He has finally achieved it. He also brought me a gift. [TV PLAYING] ‘1112… It’s 11th December.’ Victor, come in. Heading towards
Jubilee check post. 89 minutes. Alpha, route diversion ahead. Can we go ahead? Take a left. And then go
straight from the signal. Move. Unplanned diversion. 2 minutes delay. Take a look at the check post. [TYRES SCREECHING] Hey, take your car out of the way. I’m moving. Can’t you see? What’s wrong? Traffic is jammed, sir. Charlie, come in. Victor, clear the traffic quickly. Victor, make it fast. [POLICE SIREN] [ARJUN] If the date is right
to left, it’s November 12th. In case it’s left to right,
it’s December 11th. ‘When?’ Right to left. November 12th. It’s today. Will you come meet me sometime
or still be in hiding? Let’s have a drink together. [SATYA]: You know it’s all for his safety. [CHOKING] Hello… Damodar…!
What’s the issue in clearing the traffic? Sir, sorry for the delay. Hmm… That’s okay. Look over there. I see smoke. Charlie, come in. There’s smoke coming
from under the car. Get down and check it out. Arjun, tell me. Mohammad, listen. There’s a problem. What? We got the wrong date.
It’s not December 11th. It’s November 12th. We read it wrong. It’s not from left to right.
It’s to be read from right to left. So, it’s today.
Get Mr. Acharya on the line. Sir, it’s Arjun. Hello, Arjun. Hello, sir! We got the date wrong. You’re not safe.
Sir, you’re not safe. [RAPID GUN SHOTS] Hello! [CLAMOR] [RAPID GUN SHOTS] Shit! [GUN SHOTS CONTINUE] [GROANS] [GUN SHOTS] [GRUNTS] Jai Hind! [GROANS] Mohammad! Mohammad! [GUN SHOTS]
-Gopi, turn the TV on. [ON TV] In the State’s capital, Central
Government’s convoy had been attacked. A few commoners have also lost their lives. This tragedy occurred near
TV 5’s Head Office at 12 noon. [SNIPER CLICKS] [ON TV]: All the visuals have
been recorded in the CCTV. Here are the exclusive visuals on TV.
[GASPS] [GASPING] Sameera! [GRUNTS] Sameera! [GRUNTS]
Sameera! [WEEPING] [MELANCHOLIC MUSIC] [SATYA]: Gopi, pick up the phone. Gopi! Pick up the phone. Gopi! Gopi, pick up the phone! Hello. Gopi, Damodar is dead. Both Damodar and Acharya are dead. What? [ON TV]: Here’s the bike
the killer used at the site. TS 07 FA 0049. This bike is registered under the
name Arjun Kumar. That’s my bike. [ON TV]: And here’s the
gun the killer used. Police have handed
it over to the Forensic Department. You’re being framed, Gopi. Gopi, run. Listen to me, Gopi. Run! [SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC]
[GLASS BREAKS] [CLAMOR] [CAR ENGINE RATTLING] [DRAMATIC MUSIC] [PHONE BUZZING] Hmm. He escaped. He wasn’t hurt at all. [SQUEALING] Tell me. OK. Ma’am! 10 of our agents died. Arjun did a blast at
his home and escaped. [DRAMATIC MUSIC] Okay. Sir! Send the forensic team
to the crime scene. And keep it a top secret. It’s Arjun. No, ma’am! Arjun called me at that time. He tried to warn me. Tell Arjun this. The mission is
important to me as well. Sorry, ma’am! We couldn’t save Aacharya sir. Aacharya sir? [MONITOR SQUEAKS] [SNIFFS] He tried to talk but couldn’t say anything. Go immediately to Arjun’s apartment
and start investigating. Okay, ma’am.
– Go. – Okay, ma’am. [DRAMATIC MUSIC] [MELANCHOLIC MUSIC] [POUNDING MUSIC] Trace the vehicle owner’s
information immediately. Ma’am!
– What did you find out? Arjun tried to escape
in this vehicle. We suspect that he killed Aacharya
and came back in the same vehicle. What about this video? We got this from the CCTV footage of
travel signal. Arjun’s fingerprints are on this gun. Ma’am! Its clear Arjun is the
primary suspect. Ma’am! The security team is on live. Hmm.
– Okay. Are you saying that
he’s your agent? Yes, Sir. Do you understand how
serious the situation is? Who does he support? Ma’am! Arjun’s account was credited with
2 crores just an hour before the attack. He got calls from an encrypted phone
at that time. But, nothing has been traced. Not just that. There were outgoing calls to
Karachi and Dhaka from his satellite phone. Pakistan? [DRAMATIC MUSIC] He disappears in a jiffy. He wanders around to hide. You taught him all that. I don’t know what you will do.
But, find him. Alright! Cut his financial access. Freeze all his bank accounts. None of his debit or credit cards
should work. [SCREEN BEEPS] Inform immediately to the
national and state highways. Arrange checkpoints. [PERSON 1]: Move aside…
– [PERSON 2]: Check behind. Let them go… Inform the airports, police stations
and all railway stations. Send a notice to the Interpol. Arjun shouldn’t leave the country
at any cost. Ma’am! Shall we spread the news
about him on TV? No! It should be done in secret. We should play a trick to lure him. Thanks. Welcome. [NEWS READER]: M. Arjun Kumar who is accused
of this barbarity will be found and punished. Warrants were issued from
the prime minister’s office. The accused did a blast at his house before
escaping and his lover died in the blast. Hail Ram Prasad…! [HAILING CONTINUES] Can I get a basil plant? Dad! They killed her. They killed her instead of me. They used your bike. They transferred 2 crores to your
bank account from Dubai. Some anonymous person did that. You’ve become their target, Gopi. But…why me, dad? I joined Trinetra recently. Why would they frame me to kill
Aacharya and Damodar? Why would they kill me
if their intention is to frame me? That’s how they operate. First, they will kill both of them… …and had put the blame on you. Then Trinetra will hunt for you once
they find out. Then, if they kill you, Trinetra will keep on
chasing you forever. They knew about Acharya’s
route map earlier. That means somebody from
Trinetra helped them. Or.. The one who did it must be
Trinetra’s comrade. You got the clearance
from the minister, right? Tell them that the
CBI is handling the case. Ma’am! I am telling them
that we are from CBI. Warn the cops not to contaminate the scene.
– Yes, ma’am. Ma’am! Damodar Sir got a call from
a number before the attack. Arjun too got a call from the same number. The number is encrypted. Our trace is bounced. Here are Arjun’s phone and gun. Take them to my office.
– Yes, ma’am. Ma’am! Phone. Ma’am! Arjun was spotted in Rajahmundry. The news is on TV. Send someone immediately. I am already on my way, ma’am. Head to the airport. The media does our
job better than us. Inform to the cops at Rajahmundry. Okay, ma’am. [SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] Chief! Gopi is in Rajahmundry. Khan! [GRUNTS] [METAL THUD SOUND] [PHONE BUZZING] This phone was with one of them. Try the code 1112. 2111? The password is incorrect. The thumb impression is needed.
[PHONE BUZZING] There’s a new message and
the content is hidden. We need the fingerprints. Did you see him anywhere?
– No, Sir. Did you see him? I saw him earlier. He left in Murthy’s auto.
– Call him. Hey, Murthy! Where are you? [PUFFS] The thumb impression is needed. Which hand? [DRAMATIC MUSIC] [SCREEN BEEPS] It is open. Yes.
– Was it here? I dropped him here. He comes here. Arthur Cotton Nursery? A message from Air India! The flight is from Vizag to
Chittagong via Kolkata. Bangladesh? There are 2 names here. R. Ali and S. Sheik. Do you know them? Flight takes off in 3 hours. Gopi! Time to go! Come on. This is an encrypted phone. Inform me from this phone.
– Thanks, dad. Be careful. Uncle! Have you seen this guy? Hmm. Where? There. Let’s go. [MOTORCYCLE PURRING] [DRAMATIC MUSIC] He’s over there. Catch him. Catch! Catch him… That way! [DRAMATIC MUSIC CONTINUES] Where did you get
this shirt from? A guy gave 100 rupees to wear it. [UPBEAT MUSIC] This one is good. How much? 200 rupees, Sir. 200? You quote the same
price to the cops too? You guys are more like family, sir. Good you said that. Today is my wife’s birthday, sir. Today? Yeah. Why do you care about his wife? Umm… True, sir. So! This is your investigation. Sorry, Sir. Let’s go.
– Who is he? He is from Intelligence Bureau. In Rajahmundry? Was it informed to the cops?
[KNOCKING] Ma’am! Shyam called.
Arjun escaped from Rajahmundry. What? [SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] [CAR LOCK SQUEAKS] [DEVICE SQUEAKS] [TRACKER BEEPING] Yeah! I will take care of it.
Don’t get angry. Listen! Why do you get upset all the time? Let’s definitely go on your birthday. Be happy at least now. Yeah! I should fly the plane. [PILOT GRUNTING] ‘This is the final boarding call for the
passengers to Kolkata. 2 coffee. Flight no. C231!’ Passengers! Please report to the gate no. 1
for immediate boarding.’ [PHONE RINGING] Hello! Visakhapatnam airport. There’s a bomb in flight 231 that goes to
Kolkata. What? 30 minutes. Hello! I’m sorry/ sir.
But there’s an emergency. Please try to unerstand. Please, Sir. It’s for your own security. Please try to understand. ‘We request all the passengers to proceed
back to the boarding area.’ ‘We regret the inconvenience caused.’ ‘Is that your dad?’ ‘Are the clothes any good?’ Sorry! There is a technical problem. I’ll call you back.
I’ll be updating you. [GRUNTS]
[THUD SOUNDS] Who are you? Tell me. Who are you? Tell me. What your plan? Tell me. Hey! Hey… Cyanide! Hey! No… No. [PUFFS]
[EXHALES SHARPLY] [POUNDING MUSIC] Rahmath Ali…which is R. Ali. Krishna Rao. [email protected] Sameera Rao! Sameera Sheikh! [DOOR KNOCK]
[PASSENGER]: Who’s in there? Open. Okay. Just a minute. [PASSENGER] Who is he? Crazy man! Yeah. Hey, you! Where are you going? Wait… Security! Catch him. Catch him! Stop. You go that way. Come with me. Gopi! Tell me her email ID. [email protected] [KEYBOARD CLICKING] First question! What’s her last name? Sheikh. Sheikh. Next question! Where is she born? Calcutta. Calcutta or Kolkata? She used to say Calcutta. No. Wrong. You can try 2 more times. Try Kolkata. Kolkata. No! One more chance! Think carefully. Chittagong. Are you sure? Yeah. Got it. Good…
Gopi! Last question… They’re outgoing, short-tempered. Who are they? No problem at all. We can get married. Aren’t you Leo too? You are short-tempered but it’s okay. Leo. Yes! Yes! I’m in. Gopi! There’s nothing in the inbox. There are 10 emails in the outbox.
But they’re all empty. If she sent, then there should
be something there, right? Whatever is sent looks empty. There’s nothing in it. [CLOCK TICKING] Why isn’t there anything here? 116. Is it empty or does it
looks like its empty? What do you mean? Highlight the email. Gopi! Multiple texts appeared quoting
‘file uploaded’ but it is empty. There’s nothing in it. The file has been uploaded
in some or other medium. Check Google drive. Got it. Audio files have been uploaded. [SAMEERA]: I met Gopi today. I took an apartment beside
his apartment. He didn’t suspect me. He said that his name is Arjun. What is your name? Arjun! I live in your opposite flat. [SAMEERA]: I met Gopi again to
give a birthday surprise. He likes me. I hid the satellite phone in
his kitchen when I got a chance. It is done. What’s the plan? I got your message. Sorry for the delay.
I will need more time to get closer to him. Gopi is the reason. Gopi doesn’t trust anyone that easily. You won’t get impressed easily. ‘You sent me to manipulate Gopi.’ ‘I am a psychologist. Not a magician.
It will take some time.’ ‘He almost saw Kabir before Tailor man.’ ‘I distracted him.’ Arjun. ‘I have his bank details.’ ‘Arjun Kumar. Bank account number
is 5010296496.’ ‘I repeat.’ They transferred 2 crores from Dubai. ‘I guess our plan is working out.’ ‘Gopi started liking me.’ She bought the bottle that was
given to Damodar. Gopi! Didn’t you want to gift
something to your Sir? I’m sorry, Gopi. I don’t understand why
she manipulated you. She didn’t just manipulate me
but she cheated me. [SNIFFS] If I have to find out
why she cheated me… I have to find out
who made her do it. [DRAMATIC MUSIC] I won’t leave it until I find them. I’ll find them no matter how long it takes.
I will go to any extent. [DRAMATIC MUSIC CONTINUES] Next. [TV PLAYING] Next. What’s your name? Ahmed Chowdary. Okay, Ahmed Chowdary. Can you please make it fast? I got married recently. My wife is waiting for me. [CLOCK TICKING] ‘Next.’ [OFFICER]: How’s it going? Good, Vijay! Did you take the printout? Sir is inside. Security! Fast! Let’s go. Alert! Indian terrorist on land.
Dispense search party. Do you like Bengali music? Okay. I thought that nothing will happen here
when I was sent to Bangladesh. Suddenly, India’s most
wanted man comes here. Isn’t it exciting? Leena! Boss! You called me
in a lovely manner. Please! I am just trying, boss. The gear is here. It is Nadia ma’am. Leena! I got information from
Chittagong port. Arjun is there. Trace him immediately. Okay, ma’am. And Leena! Kill him if necessary. Tell me something.
If I’m helping you now, Will it favour your or the mission? When I proposed, you gave me a choice
between saving your life or the mission. Should I save you or work the success
of Nadia’s mission? What will you do? [SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] Excuse me. Tell me. Isn’t Sameera Sheikh available?
– Her? I don’t know. She took it 6 months ago and says
that she doesn’t need it 3 days ago. Okay. Do you have her contact? There were many incoming
calls three days ago. If you get her call or find her
contact, tell her Fatima came. Okay…I will tell.
– I will be there until tomorrow. Okay. I will let you know. Thank you so much. Hey! Put that down. How many pictures of these
burnt ones should I click? Take it. There is nothing but earrings, Sir. Earrings? These are not earrings but cufflinks. Kadiyapulanka, Rajahmundry? I hit him, Sir. But he escaped before I caught him. ID? I really hit him. He escaped with the ID. What about the clothes? I hit him, Sir. But, he escaped with my clothes too. The person that you
hit might be different. He’s trained for 6 months to defeat
beating and kill. He killed 5 people
before you and escaped. How long has he been with you? I did not hit him, Sir. He hit me and took my clothes and ID. [PHONE BUZZING] Yeah, Ghose! Tell me. Sir! I have the Rajahmundry address. Do you know her? Do you recognize her? Did you see her anywhere? Excuse me. I have been searching for like 1 hour. There’s a clinic over there. Did you ever see this person there? No. I did not see. A girl is here. [WATER RUNNING] [THUD SOUNDS]
[SCREAMS] Who are you? [THUD SOUND]
Who are you? [SNIPER SHOT] Hey…. Stop! Where are you from? Tell me. Don’t move. Don’t. [SNIPER SHOT]
[GROANS] [TELEPHONE RINGING] I was going to kill them in a while. Sorry. I didn’t know. Don’t mind. I will come.
[KNOCKING] [SNIPER CLICKS] [SNIPER CLICKS] [JEEP ENGINE RATTLING] Err… Excuse me. I need the footage for a week
before 12th November. I am talking about that CCTV footage.
– I have to see Samantha. Is it possible? She got married. Tell me if there any post. We will send it. Speed post. Didn’t you see this? No firecrackers! No power banks! No inflammable items. It does a blast. Next. Stop. Zoom it. Zoom it fast. Hold this. Move. Don’t be scared. Rewind it. Again. Zoom it. Stop. [SCREEN BEEPS] They went into that house. Move fast. [VEHICLES PURRING] They’re searching for us. I will go. I will come along.
– No. Cover me. I need to know their position. Arjun. [SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] Arjun. [GUN SHOT] Arjun! Corridor. 2 o’ clock. One. Twelve. [GUN SHOT] There’s one in the bathroom. 6 o’clock. [GUN SHOT] 12 o’clock! He’s coming out of the room. [GUN SHOT] 10 o’clock! 11 o’clock. [GUN SHOT] 9 o’ clock! Be careful. Anyone else? 12 o’clock! There’s a movement outside. Oh shoot!
I haven’t seen them. I am sorry. Hey! 2… 6 o’clock! Hey. Look. [THUD SOUNDS]
[GRUNTS] 12 o’clock, 7 o’clock,
3 o’clock, 5 o’clock! They are right in front of me, Leena. [GUN SHOTS] Sorry! Everything clear? Hey! There’s someone
in the background. Right side corridor. Hey! Not that way. He
went into the room. Other side. Arjun, he’s at the back. Go… He’s escaping from the back door. Arjun! Take the shot. He’s a young kid. Is there anyone else here? No! But, that kid might
tell them about you. We don’t have time. I know. Let me see what’s in here. They’re doing it explicitly. They’ve got the equipment
needed for an army. This might be one of
their safe houses. [GUN SHOT] I’m going to the basement. [BULB FLICKERING] My name is written
here in Arabic. Mission Gopi! Leena! Can you hear me? Sam…? Leena? [METAL CREAKING] [VEHICLES PURRING] Oh, no! Arjun, they’re here. They’re here. Come in. Arjun! Come in. They entered the house. Arjun… Come… Arjun? Arjun! Can you come in? Arjun! Arjun! Can you hear me? They’re here. Arjun! They’ve entered the house. Arjun! Arjun… come in. Can you hear me? [GASPS]
[THUD SOUND] He killed everyone, Chief. [CHOKING] Where is he? [THUD SOUNDS] [SCREAMS] [KNIFE SWISHING]
[GRUNTS] Where is he? Tell me. Otherwise, you’ll be dead.
Tell me! [BOMB BEEPING] Tell me! Anything else? [GUN SHOT]
[EXPLOSION] Are you okay? Let’s go. [BLAST] [PHONE RINGING] Who’s phone is it? [RANDOM SONG PLAYING] ‘Press 1 to set this
song as your caller tune.’ [PHONE RINGING] Hello Gopi Sir, this is
Bhaskar from Axis bank. When will you come to check the locker? Bank can never deny
people from IT department. What happened? Is it black money case? Did the government find him? [LAUGHS] Don’t you watch TV?
– No chance, madam! People are addicted to serials nowadays. When the government seized
Arjun Kumar’s bank account? Why didn’t you say about the locker thing.
– Arjun Kumar? Who’s that? This locker belongs to Mr. Gopi. I wasn’t talking to you. Oh! Bluetooth. I know. So, what’s up? Oh! No. Why so serious? [MONITOR SQUEAKING] [TRAFFIC NOISES]
[PRAYER AT A SHRINE] [SINGING RANDOMLY] Hey, uncle! What do you have? What do you want?
– I need VHS and DVD player. Is it to watch that kind of movies? What? Is it to watch blue film? No… I just need VHS and DVD player. DVD, VHS! Watch whatever you want. Don’t make it a mess. Rana, who guides us
and Mujahidin are the ones. Their mission is the same. That is to destroy India. It has begun 35 years ago. [RAPID FIRING] Our mission has been
growing high with God’s grace. We train new recruits like you
and present them at India. India will be doomed today. Tomorrow. 3 countries will be united as one. Who is greatest?
– Allah! Who is greatest?
– Allah! India has parted our country Pakistan
and Bangladesh came into existence. That’s when we decided
to destroy India. We don’t have to cross
the border to make it possible. India should be destroyed within. What do you like, dear? Gun. Salma! What do you like? Playing. Salma! What do you like? Gun. India is a country of non believers. We should be safe from them. This is a mission
that stays for life. And this is our expert trainer. Our very own Indian. Rana! [MELANCHOLIC MUSIC] Dad. [SCREEN BEEPS]
Tell me, Gopi. Gopi! What happened? Why did you lie about Dad? Gopi.
– Dad! What’s the truth? No, Gopi. What’s the truth? [PUFFS] Your dad and I were friends. We met in the army. Same regiment. Fourth Battalion. Great bonding. Wonderful friends. Our friendship had grown into a bond. Trinetra was just established. Raghuveer was recruited to the Assam branch. After that. I was assigned to Dehradun
along with my colleague Vijay. You didn’t have mother
when you were a kid. Being a motherless child,
you were kept at the Delhi house. Your Dad would visit you every month. Dad! That was the last
time you saw your dad. One day we got a message
from Sikkim office. We got to know that classified information
is being leaked since one year. To investigate it… Along with my colleague Vijay… We went to Sikkim. Two of them. Raghuveer? He leaked the information. [VIJAY]: Documents?! Satya! He’s got the documents. He’ll give them. Let me see. [VIJAY]: He is giving them! [GUN SHOT] [RAPID FIRING] Keep firing. They’re going right. Keep firing!
Keep firing! [RAPID FIRING] [GROANS] Satya! Are you okay? Go and get the documents. Get the documents! Vijay! Check them. Check them, Vijay. [GUN SHOT] Vijay! Why’d you do it? For money, Raghuveer? That’s not my name. This is not my country. [GUN SHOT]
[GRUNTS] Vijay… Vijay… [GUN SHOT]
[GROANING] Al Mujahideen killed Raghuveer. His body washed away in the river. I didn’t just kill your dad Raghuveer. He was a terrorist. Al Mujahideen. That is your father’s identity. He grew up with them. He killed people for them. I was scared that those
terrorists will come for you. That is why I changed your
identity without your dad’s name. Gopi cannot be a terrorist’s son. No one should know.
So, the government wasn’t informed. Raghuveer wasn’t a soldier
who turned out to be a terrorist. His was a terrorist disguised as a soldier. That is why I killed him. I killed him!
I killed him! How will you take such a painful truth? He’s alive. He is still alive. What?
[EXPLOSION] Dad. Dad. What happened? Dad… Dad… Dad! [GLASS BREAKS]
[THUD SOUND] Raju. [FOOTSTEPS APPROACHING] [TYRES SCREECHING] [DRAMATIC MUSIC] Where’s dad? I’m right in front of you. Where’s dad? I’m right here. We shall start in a while. We’ll go to Mumbai by road. And to Karachi by boat. We can’t go to Bangladesh anyway. Everything will be explicit over there. Good job! You are my son. Is that why you wanted to kill me? Kill you? I spent 20 years without you. [SQUEALING] Do you know how I found you? Your application. You wrote that you’re my son with pride. That is when I was sure
that you’re my son Gopi. Yes! My people are in Trinetra. I knew you wouldn’t come for me. You wouldn’t come if I ask you. I knew that you wouldn’t agree. You’ve been nurtured that way for 20 years. You serve your country in the army,
Tricolor or Trinetra. If I come for you, these people
and Satya would kill me. They called me a terrorist. You are my son no matter what. That is why I couldn’t stay away. I started this plan when you joined Trinetra. One shot. I made them believe that
you killed Damodar, Aacharya. They won’t believe even if you say the truth. They will definitely kill you. You won’t have friends, food,
shelter or any other way to live. That’s was the way to bring you to me. You would have no other choice. You will slowly accept me. You might argue now but
you will join me later. You will be with me. This country has forced me to
do so much to get my son back. This is the country of nonbelievers. [SCOFFS] My biggest weapon was Sameera. She’s one of our best soldiers. I asked her to get close
to you, influence you… And find about you and Satya. She tried hard. [EVIL LAUGH] But, you’re not that easy. We surprised Sameera
at the time of the attack. We asked her to give
you this injection. Right now? ‘Her reaction was suspicious.’ I understood then. Satya didn’t come because of her. You don’t want to
come tomorrow, right? We will come when
there’s a possibility. If she followed our instructions… Satya would’ve been dead
like Damodar and Aacharya. You would’ve become unconscious
and at my sight in Bangladesh. I thought she would do a good job. But, I never expected
her to spoil the plan. The injection wasn’t in her hand
when she came up to meet you. Sameera doesn’t know
that we were watching her. We were ahead of her. So, I implemented plan B. [TYPING] [SNIPER SHOT] [WATER SPLASHING] I planned to get close
to you through her. But, she got close to you
and kept me away from you. You were hunting for
who was behind this. And I was waiting
to get close to you. We’ve been looking for each other. [SHADY LAUGH] Anything else? [GASPING] Dad! Any last words? Did we meet in the same way again? You might be his father. But, he is my son. Raghuveer! You might be his biological
father but I am his foster father. Rana! My name is Rana. Rana! You heard it right. I’m not that easy to trick. This is my plan B! Trinetra is always watching. [SCANNER SQUEAKS] Go. [RAPID FIRING] Ravi! Gun! [RAPID FIRING] Bring Gopi. Go and bring Gopi. Fast. Rasheed!
– Chief. Start the vehicle.
– Okay, chief. [FIRING CONTINUES] Come. Tie him up. Tight! [GUN SHOTS]
[PANTING] [GUN SHOTS] [RAPID FIRING] [GUN SHOTS] [CAR ENGINE VROOMING] [PANTING] Hey! Don’t move. [SQUEALS] [THUD SOUND] [TYRES SCREECHING] [GASPS] [GRUNTS] [GASPING] Leave him. I will. Will you come with me? Surrender, Rana. That sounds like Dad to me. We don’t have any differences. Both of us hold a gun. You are a spy for Trinetra and
I am a spy for Al-Mujahideen. We do the same thing.
Why do you judge me? Why should I surrender? You’re betraying my country. I’m trying to protect my country. So, what? Will you kill your own father? Won’t you believe it unless I kill? You’ve been away for 20 years. How can you expect me to let you go? You won’t come for my sake. But, you will come for his sake. He won’t. He’s ready to sacrifice
his life for his country. He will not come even
if it costs my life. Gopi! Let’s go. Come. How can you expect me to come
after whatever has happened? You’re my blood! [MELANCHOLIC MUSIC] I lived with your memories. Don’t believe him. He’s trying to emotionally blackmail you. Will you believe him or me? He tried to kill me 20 years ago. He told you that I’m dead. He convinced me that you’re dead. He’s trying to separate both of us now. He’s the one who emotionally blackmails you. No, Gopi. We don’t need this. We don’t need this country,
flags or Trinetra. We don’t need anything. Come with me. Come. Come. Come! What will you do to become like dad? Whom do you want? My father is my strength. Do you want him or your father? ‘Only if you conquer
the weakness called dad…’ ‘You can save the country.’ Gopi! Do you want him or your father? [DRAMATIC MUSIC] I want my country. [GUN SHOT] [MELANCHOLIC MUSIC] [WEEPING] [POURING] [MELANCHOLIC MUSIC CONTINUES ] [HELICOPTER WHIZZING] Arjun! I’m really
happy that your here. I’m just curious to know. How did Trinetra find you? Nadia believed that I am innocent. I received my passport
and glasses at Vizag. She helped me without
Trinetra knowing. We need to help Gopi.
– Yes, ma’am. [GUN SHOT] Go. Mohammed told Nadia before dying
that I called him before the attack. Damodar and I got calls
from the same number. Nadia thought that
it was from Satya. Hello, Satya. Their person is in Trinetra. That person revealed
my application details to Rana. Who’s that, Shyam? Will you give it like that? Give it to me. I will wrap it up. You gave that whiskey bottle
to Damodar that day. You went in search of Satya
to the post office at Rajahmundry. That means you’re the one
who told Rana about Satya. You set up the background
check for Sameera. What? Are you..? Sameera faked the background.
She’s the one who did this. I just can’t believe that
you have fallen for this shit. I saw the video in Bangladesh, Shyam. ‘Shyam! What do you like?’ Computer. It was Rana back then. Now it’s you. Right now? Yeah. [SNIPER SHOT] There’s no difference. [GASPS] I’m watching you, Shyam. [DEVICE BEEPS]
[SNIPER SHOT] Sameera’s letter. I found this in your bank locker. ‘Dear Gopi, I’m not the
one that you think I am.’ ‘I got scared to reveal the truth.’ ‘But, I understood that our
love is precious than my life.’ ‘I thought about it.’ ‘I remembered what you did.’ ‘So, this is my letter.’ ‘I love you.’ ‘Sameera Sheikh’ They will give you an official apology. [SCOFFS] They call me a terrorist
and apologize now. That’s something like it. You’ve got a new mission. Do you remember Aacharya’s words? ‘The world you are about to
enter is invisible.’ ‘It’s a dark world swiftly
conquering the world of light.’ ‘There’s reprisal. There’s betrayal.
There’s pain. There’s loneliness.’ ‘You’ll taste victory and defeat too.’ ‘Yet, even when death is
smiling in your face…’ ‘Soldiers who risk their
lives to guard the country…’ ‘They aren’t at the borders alone.’ ‘They should be within the country,
willing to face the extremes.’ [UPBEAT MUSIC] Welcome back! Agent Gopi. 116 reporting for duty! [SUBTITLES BY TITLES MEDIA] No problem at all. We can get married. Aren’t you Leo too? You are short-tempered but it’s okay. ♪It is you… It is you!♪ I have just this. ♪You are my beloved♪ ♪You are the love of my heart♪ ♪I loved you more than my life♪ ♪I will come to wherever you are♪ ♪You take my life away from me♪ ♪You are my complete heartbeat♪ ♪I spend my life with you, O’ my love♪ ♪There is no need to worry about any issue♪ ♪You are lovely, my dear♪ ♪Just stay with me always♪ ♪Listen to me, O’ my love♪ ♪My dear! Don’t leave me and go♪ ♪My dear! Be by my side♪ ♪My dear! Never go off just like that♪ ♪My dear! Always be connected with me♪ ♪My dear! Be by my side♪ ♪My dear! Always be connected with me♪

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  1. OMG ๐Ÿ˜ฑ This is Very CrAzY Movie ๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿ˜ฑ
    And Only 6 Crore Se itna Mast Action Movie Banaya ๐Ÿ™‹ i Dont believe it ๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿ˜ฑ
    And i am always South indian ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ณ Dekhna hai ๐Ÿ™‹๐Ÿ™‹
    Love From BANGLADESH

  2. เค†เคšเคพเคฐเฅเคฏ เคœเฅ€ เค•เคพ เคกเคพเคฏเคฒเฅ‹เค— เค…เคšเฅเค›เคพ เคฅเคพ

  3. First time I seen this type of movie and first time I writing comment .Hope never and ever no one movie take off than it. 100%. Better than any Hollywood and Bollywood movies

  4. Super Hit MoviE ๐ŸŽฌ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ
    Bollywood sa jaya South ki MovieS ๐ŸŽฌ Kis kis ko pasand Hai ????
    South MovieS ๐ŸŽฌ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿ’ช
    Fans Hit LikE Here๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿ‘‡

  5. I feel proud to see the scene of chittagong in Bangladesh.i am a chittagongian, but there no terrorists, no IS And no Mojahideen Jongi. We live in peacefully in chigittgong.

  6. WAH……WT A MOVIE …..Itz a TELUGU MOVIE …&This mve TEAM Made it in Hollywood Range with 5 CRORE budget …
    Hats off to THIS TELUGU DIRECTOR .

  7. Pakistan share krna tha Bangladesh k wajah
    Pakistan h terrorists country
    Khair ye movie he Bangladesh wale samjhe ki ye Pakistan k hi terrorists he and enjoy this movie๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  8. ๐Ÿ‡ง๐Ÿ‡ฉ๐Ÿ‡ง๐Ÿ‡ฉ๐Ÿ‡ง๐Ÿ‡ฉ๐Ÿ‡ง๐Ÿ‡ฉ๐Ÿ‡ง๐Ÿ‡ฉ๐Ÿ‡ง๐Ÿ‡ฉ๐Ÿ‡ง๐Ÿ‡ฉ๐Ÿ‡ง๐Ÿ‡ฉ๐Ÿ‡ง๐Ÿ‡ฉ๐Ÿ‡ง๐Ÿ‡ฉ๐Ÿ‡ง๐Ÿ‡ฉ๐Ÿ‡ง๐Ÿ‡ฉ๐Ÿ‡ง๐Ÿ‡ฉ๐Ÿ‡ง๐Ÿ‡ฉ๐Ÿ‡ง๐Ÿ‡ฉ๐Ÿ‡ง๐Ÿ‡ฉ๐Ÿ‡ง๐Ÿ‡ฉ๐Ÿ‡ง๐Ÿ‡ฉ๐Ÿ‡ง๐Ÿ‡ฉ๐Ÿ‡ง๐Ÿ‡ฉ๐Ÿ‡ง๐Ÿ‡ฉ๐Ÿ‡ง๐Ÿ‡ฉ๐Ÿ‡ง๐Ÿ‡ฉ๐Ÿ‡ง๐Ÿ‡ฉ๐Ÿ‡ง๐Ÿ‡ฉ๐Ÿ‡ง๐Ÿ‡ฉ๐Ÿ‡ง๐Ÿ‡ฉ๐Ÿ‡ง๐Ÿ‡ฉ๐Ÿ‡ง๐Ÿ‡ฉ๐Ÿ‡ง๐Ÿ‡ฉ๐Ÿ‡ง๐Ÿ‡ฉ๐Ÿ‡ง๐Ÿ‡ฉ

  9. Bollywood me sirf Salman Aamir sharukh ki kachra hi dikhai degi..south ki scripts bollywood walo Ko shamjh me v nahi aayegi..

  10. What a movie hai yaar, Bollywood, Hollywood aur sabki baap banayi hai, wah , amazing , fantastic , thriller, suspense movie hai.

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