iPhone XS Max vs Hollywood Movie Cameras Red & Arri

– How’s everybody doing? Today we are comparing some
Hollywood movie cameras, to an iPhone XS Max video. First of all, no this is
not a pink phone, okay? It’s gold according to a bunch
of smart people at Apple. Lots of under the hood
improvements on the video camera on this thing, so we’re
going to be comparing it to this RED camera, and an Arri Alexa, all these cameras that they use to shoot big Hollywood movies. Yes, maybe I’ve done this once, twice, eight times before in the past, but this time it’s gonna
be a different result because of how smart they
made this video camera. It’s gonna be an interesting one. And also I like views,
so please subscribe. Now before we get into
this ridiculous experiment, I just want to give a quick golf clap to the squad gang that
discovered telomeres. If you don’t know what telomeres are, oh, (laughs) broseph, you are missin’ out. Now we’re all made out of like a kajillion different cells, right? And if you take a closer look, there’s a bunch of
these little DNA strands all scattered up in there, and these strands are held together with something called telomeres
which a lot of scientists describe them as like these plastic caps at the end of your shoelaces. As these plastic caps unravel, they start to fray and
eventually it just falls apart. Very similar to the way our DNA works. We’re all basically born
with like these nice long telomeres at the end of
all of our DNA strands but from the moment we’re born they slowly start to shorten
every time the cells divide. That’s how forensic scientists can look at a blood stain, look at that DNA, measure that telomere
and generally estimate how old this person was. A lot of people call it life’s fuse because you can see it
get shorter and shorter. And when that happens, age
related diseases will come asking you if you want
to Netflix and chill, that bucket will get kicked. Are you terrified yet? So were these three people, and they basically went out to find the oldest living thing on Earth, which was a bristlecone pine tree measured to be over 5000 years. They went up that tree and
went, give me your ways! They did some science stuff, probably did like a ritual dance around the tree, and discovered an enzyme
called telomerase. And this Telomerase
enzyme in this tree gave the ability to this tree to split cells without shrinking the teleomere. And remember, telomeres and telomerase may sound similar, but they’re not. Telomeres are the shoelace caps, telomerase are what
protect the shoe lace caps. So after these three finished their ritual dance around the tree, they were like, look what we found! And they got a Nobel Prize for Physiology and Medicine for 2019. So ever since then, people
who are smarter than me, have been trying to figure out how to use the telomerase information
and apply it to humans. Turns out we have a lot of telomerase inside our bodies already. Now, there’s still a lot of studies that need to be done, but in the
last decade, we have learned what helps with telomere
activity, and what doesn’t. The two worst things you could be doing to burn that fuse way
faster than it needs to be are cigarettes and processed meats. Ham, canned meat, bacon, these things can burn your
telomeres 14 years faster. Bacon, why? I loved you. But on the other hand, you
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whole plant-based foods. So yeah, if you don’t want
to get wrinkles so early, then go eat some spinach
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how much Botox costs, so I could be wrong. And of course, frequent exercise, not only for your telomere, but it’s one of the fastest ways to create brain cells, and you’re gonna be jacked
and just all around good. You’re going to take over this world. What was this video about again? Oh, yes, cameras. Alright, let’s get to that. – Do I look legit? – You look pretty
legit, just act natural. – Whoa, it’s heavy. – For this first test, we’re gonna start with the Arri Alexa, which has filmed a ton of different films. For example, the latest Blade Runner, which won an Oscar for cinematography. And of course, the iPhone 10
XS Max mounted next to it. Let’s see if you can figure out which camera this sequence
was shot on, here we go. And now here’s the same
sequence from the other camera. Okay, so now before I spew
all my opinions at you, I want you guys to take
that poll on the top right and tell me which camera you like better, camera one on the left,
camera two on the right. And also this song was sent to
me by one of my viewers, DIMD. Thanks for sending this
over and letting me use it. Soundcloud link in the description. Alright, so you guys
ready for the results? Camera one is the iPhone XS Max. Camera two, Arri Alexa. I’m just going to go ahead
and start off by saying, the iPhone XS Max smart HDR is really, really impressive. I mean just look at the sky on this shot, I mean the HDR is pulling all
that detail out of the sky and it’s just insane that at first glance, the iPhone can look better than a camera that costs 100 times more. – Look at Gene, AKA Potato Jet. – Alright, so now let’s see what happens if we take the iPhone
and stack it up against a RED camera that shoots 5K. The results? Once again, pretty similar. You can see more detail coming
out of that sky and the car, so what the hell is going on here? Now, what I think is interesting about this totally not pink phone, is that the hardware
itself, not that special. It’s physically impossible to cram an awesome sensor and lens
into this little tiny body, but what they focus on is the software. It’s a smart camera, and it’s constantly analyzing the environment
and making tweaks. It’s like having a tiny munchkin colorer sitting in there, making
adjustments as you’re shooting, you can literally see it change. This on the other hand,
super powerful censors, super powerful optics,
and zero smart features. And honestly, if you’re
on a professional set, you don’t want the camera to start doing everything on it’s own, it’s all fully manually controlled. But as far as camera phones go, it’s really awesome to
see what kind of feature and innovations they’re
putting into these phones where the footage comes
out looking awesome just right out of the camera. All you have to do is
pull it out of your pocket and hit that record button. This is really, really impressive. So does this mean
professional filmmakers can sell all their expensive equipment and just rely on their phones from now on? Not quite. The Arri Alexa looks great
right out of the camera, but it’s not designed to go straight from the camera onto the internet. It’s designed to be flexible
so after you shoot it, you put in the work to get it to look exactly the way you want it. And the look you’re gonna want to get out of your camera is
gonna change all the time depending on what you’re shooting and the mood you’re going for. And if the HDR look is
the look you’re going for, then the professional
cameras going to be able to get it better every single time. There’s also this
undeniable cinematic quality that comes out of a professional camera. And I don’t think it’s something that can be easily explained with specs, you just have to look at it and say, oh, this looks like a movie, or, this looks like an instagram story. You’ve got a nice soft like
glow of light coming in. We’re just going to zoom this lens all the way over to a 90 millimeter. Judy’s gonna stand right there, and we’re gonna get a cool little shot with very shallow depth of field. She’s gonna pitch her social
media accounts or something. – Wow, can you stop being so spammy? Hey guys, you can find me at Judyelle on Instagram or Youtube. You can follow me or whatever. Ta-da! – So again, lets not forget that a lens is a really, really
important part of the camera. You have limitless option
on professional cameras, but using the zoom option on phones just never looks that great. So, lets say you want
to shoot an interview with a tight angle lens, you’re gonna get much better
results on a professional lens. Unless of course, Steve’s the
one in front of the camera, then you’re screwed no matter what. Now lets talk about lighting for a second. A lot of times, if we’re
trying to create a cinematic lighting environment, we
create a lot of contrast, which includes creating a
lot of dark pockets of light. So it’s pretty important
that you can point a camera at a dark patch
and still have it look good. And in this example, the RED
can look into a dark area, and yeah it does look dark,
but it still looks good, beautiful, and sharp. Opposed to the iPhone that
just looks super grainy, mushy, and just a little bit like puke. It reminds me of puke. So yeah, pretty much to nobody’s surprise, an iPhone is not as
good as a cinema camera, but at the same time, I
do think it’s fascinating how good these phones are starting to look with all that artificial intelligence, alien spaceship technology
going into these things. And who knows, maybe we’ll
start seeing some of these smart features in future
DSLRs and mirror-less cameras. I mean, this technology is moving so fast that in 10 years, the way
we see a professional camera could be completely different, so this is really exciting. Now, after all this talk
about cameras and technology, I feel like I have to state the obvious, which is that professional
cameras are better than your iPhone, but
nothing even comes close to being as important as your creativity, your content, your ideas, so if the iPhone’s the only
thing you have access to, shoot it on the iPhone. No one’s gonna really care. They would rather watch
something good on an iPhone than on a professional camera. There’s plenty of professionally
shot content out there that nobody wants to watch. So yeah, you should totally
check out my video course, link in description, where I talk all about how to create good content and I try to put technical
stuff aside for the most part and just focus on, what is good content? Why do we enjoy movies? What’s a story? What specifically makes
the difference between good and bad, I mean, go sign
up and then you could just watch this beautiful
face for 2 1/2 hours. Oh my god, the sun is setting so fast. I swear three minutes ago it was so much brighter back there. Most important of all, don’t forget to chill once in a while. Stress is straight up
kryptonite to your telomeres; it just chops it down and shrinks it, so every day, 10, 15 minutes,
just take a deep breath, chill, don’t even think about anything. Especially in this current day of age, where everyone’s just like,
hustle, hustle, hustle! Don’t forget to catch
up on your beauty sleep, and take a big deep breath everyday. Okay, good, I feel much better. But let’s wrap this up with
the usual reading of comments, so let’s just take a look. “Next weeks collabs gonna be fire.” Yep, actually I’m gonna
see you tomorrow Armando, so bring your A7S and we’ll battle it out. “Don’t be upset about all the comments.” What, why’d you have to capitalize the up? Vicky says, “hey it would
be great if you make a video “on Sony’s A7iii, I want to see
your perspective on the A7iii.” So that’s coming, and I actually spent four to five years as a Sony guy. My main camera used to be the Sony FS100 with an Odyssey 7Q. I’ve shot many projects on the FS7, the F5, the A7S ii. So, I do love Sony, just not
as much as I love my Canons, and I’ll kind of talk about why when we do the video with Armando. So if you want to know why, then make sure you’re subscribed, and while you’re at it you might as well just hit that bell
button right next to it, I mean, you’re already there. You’re already down there with your mouse just like clicking and it’s just like, get the bell, dude, just hit it! “What is up with all you guys?” Hey, why are you guys,
stop capitalizing those. “You look like the kid from Up.” You know what, Thomas Cabrese? I’m gonna dislike that comment. I wonder why YouTube doesn’t show how many dislikes a comment has. “Love everything this kid uploads.” “Films Up for this video” Stop it! (laughs) “You look like
the up from the kid.” Okay, that’s kind of funny. “While the EOS R was constantly hunting “and getting out of focus
during your first comparison, “literally I’ve been using
this camera every single day “for the last week and this is “the only time it had focus issues.” The EOS R’s auto-focus is
honestly really, really good, and for some weird reason,
there was something going on with this shot where it had trouble. I think it’s because
all the light coming in from the side and all
the contrasts going on in the photo behind it, it was just having trouble tracking it. Stuff like this always happens, okay? It works perfectly fine
until I see the auto-focus is doing well, ans then it
just dips in and out of focus, that’s just how life works for me. “What do you think about “the Black Magic Pocket cinema camera?” (laughs) I don’t know, I
pre-ordered it like a year ago, and it still hasn’t come, so
I’ll let you know eventually. “Keep up the good work.” Guys. “You look like you’re getting upset.” I’m not getting upset, and you guys are totally shortening my telomeres right now. “I think I’m just gonna have to give “Hero Seven a shot for vlogging.” I’ve actually heard a lot
of people talking about the Hero Seven, I might
have to go pick one up, but I just bought this thing. My bank account, man. Anyways, I made it passed 10 minutes and this video needs
to be right around 4K, which means this video
is gonna take forever to render, so I might
as well start it now. So, I’m gonna peace out here. See you guys later.

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