Iron Man 2 Official Trailer #1 (2010) – Marvel Movie HD

Iron Man 2 Official Trailer #1 (2010) – Marvel Movie HD

Could we pick up now where we left off Mr.Stark,please Yes,dear Can i have your attention? Absolutely. Our priority here is to have you turn over the iron man weapon to the American people Well, you can forget it. We’re safe. America is secure. you want my property you cant have it But I did you a big favor I’ve successfully privatised world peace. We’re adjourned for today. You’ve been a delight. Okay, give me a smooch for good luck or I might not make it back Go get him,boss You complete me. You come from a… family of deeps and butchers and now like world guilty man would like to re-write our history and you forget all the lives the Stark family has destroyed They would deploy the walter and the sharks would come ha ha ha

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  1. Roses are red,
    Violets are blue,
    I want another Marvel movie,
    But Tony, not without you.

    You will always be remembered ❤️

  2. El villano es la peor cag..da entre todas las peliculas, debieron de meter a la carcel al que hizo el casting y al que diseña los trajes

  3. Wow I forgot how well made this trailer is. This movie had a lot of content and good action. I feel it’s a bit underrated.

  4. The best part about Iron Man 2 was the story groundwork it built for the MCU as a whole. It should be appreciated more for doing an excellent job at that

  5. They just had to replace the screenwriters of the 1st one with Jennifer Aniston's ex who couldn't write worth shi–.

  6. I R O N M A N 2


    Robert Downey Jr.
    Gwyneth Paltrow
    Don Cheadle
    Scarlett Johansson
    Sam Rockwell
    Clark Gregg
    John Slattery
    With Mickey Rourke
    And Samuel L. Jackson As NICK FURY

  7. When are all of you going to wake up? Ivan represents Jesus on the movie, by they put him out to be the bad guy. Tony is a representation of the Antichrist. Type this is on YouTube: Marvel Not: Satan's Endgame. Watch the whole thing!

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