Is Captain America: Civil War the Best Movie Ever?! | Film Legends

Is Captain America: Civil War the Best Movie Ever?! | Film Legends

Hello Theorists, Jacob here from Wisecrack you’ve probably heard MatPat push to us on film theory Check out my dear friends over at the Wisecrack channel My friends over on the Wisecrack channel Wisecrack Wisecrack channel Yeah we’ve got abit of a Bromance going on Which is why we came up with a fullproof way to rank the best movies of all time it felt like a match made in youtube heaven for all you theorists we consulted with game designers and mathematicians running stress tests and vetting calculations for 6 months all to discover what truly makes the greatest movie of all time based on a proprietary set scoring categories we’ll analyze all the ways a movie can flex its muscles to rack up points Style: the look and sound of a movie depth: the smarts and subtext of a film context: how it connects with history and culture and technique: the directing, writing, performance, and more anything and everything a movie does right in these areas, will earn it points on its journey to become a film legend and when a movie’s really on a roll BIBLICAL REFERENCE the more each subsequent achievement is worth unlocking higher multipliers and even hidden bonuses BUT if a movie falters and it’s streak is broken? UNCLEAR MOTIVATION then combos will be lost and multipliers will stall back there will be many films, many contenders for the crown but only the best of the best will have what it takes to earn top spot on the film legends leaderboard. proving once and for all what really are the best movies ever made so settle in, grab that bag of cheetos, and get ready to play FILM LEGENDS welcome to film legends where the most renowned films of our age battle to be crowned the greatest of all time we’ll be analyzing and rewarding points for every single thing a movie does right many will compete, but in the end, only the strongest will have what it takes to become FILM LEGENDS TODAYS CHALLENGER: CAPTAIN AMERICA CIVIL WAR At the beginning of the film the Hydra agent enters the passcode: 17826 which reversed is 62817 per IndieWire: the original release date of Spider-Man Homecoming EASTER EGG those crafty Marvel executives incepting viewers with subliminal messages BUT HEY IT WORKS! I’m so there opening day for Spider-Man CORPORATE SYNERGY yet right after filming, Spider-Man’s release date switched to July 7, 2017 INCEPTION RUINED dream a little bigger darling… Bucky’s transformation into a cold-blooded assassin raises questions about accountability during wartime is he responsible for the murders he committed? or was he just following the orders of others? DEEP THOUGHTS this dilemma paralles one of the most famous trials in modern history The Nuremburg Trials: where German soldiers, post world war 2, claimed they could not be held guilty for their actions as they were only following orders HISTORICAL PRECEDENT the camera placement constantly obscures the characters, reflecting the Captain’s covert operation SWEET VIZ in the Marvel comics, Falcon had an actual bird named Red-wing that he telepathically commanded this has wisely now been grounded into a drone which Falcon accesses electronically ADAPTATION WIN NEW MULTIPLIER and now: trailer money shot cmon Marvel, have you seen Lost In Translation? Scarlett Johansson can do a whole lot more than a sumersault give her an actual part to play! SCARJO DESERVES BETTER combo lost! Civil War questions the American Military’s right to operate in foreign countries after Wanda accidentally kills a number of citizens the world turns against the Avengers, questioning if they too have the right to operate on foreign soil TIMELY UNCANNY VALLEY ALERT these CGI “people” always look like creepy wax figures from Madame Tussaud’s TOO CREEPY the Russo Brothers giving their fellow Community cast members work, even if they’ve already won an Oscar Tony and Steve both feel accountable for the loss of their loved ones For Tony, the death of his parents For Steve -Bucky
-Bucky’s transformation into an assassin NARRATIVE PARALLELS both Tony and Steve seek to correct these past mistakes Tony by creating a simulated world where he tells his parents he loves them “I love you dad.” Steve by deprogramming the Winter Soldier back into his old pal this focus on the past reflects Friedrich Nietzsche’s philosophy Ressentiment For Niche, humans are aware that the past can never be changed yet desire a world that is different than it is now this causes them to be scornful towards life much like Steve and Tony are tortured by their own past misdeeds DEEPER THOUGHTS Miriam: His name was Charlie Spencer per the credits, the woman who confronts Tony Stark by the elevator is named Miriam a reference to the comics character, Miriam Sharp, whose young child is also tragically killed -Miriam: and I blame you
-Voiceover: ADAPTATION WIN King T’Chaka: Victory at the expense of the innocent, is no victory at all T’Chaka here cites a Pyrrhic Victory a victory that inflicts such a devestating toll on the winner, that it’s actually a defeat DEEP THOUGHTS Tony would later re-echo the King’s Pyrrhic thoughts, when citing the collateral damage caused by the Avenger’s supposed victory Tony: oh that’s Charles Spencer by the way. We dropped a building on him while we were kickin ass by contrast, Captain America’s moral philosophy closely mirrors Utilitarianism Steve: We try to save as many people as we can, but sometimes that doesn’t mean everybody Wherein an action is deemed good if it benefits the majority The spectical of previous 3rd act action climaxes are now reframed as destructive tragedy ACTION SADNESS yet Civil War still indulges these same destructive specticles while simultaniously admonishing them so which way is it? YOU CANT HAVE YOUR CAKE AN EAT IT TOO prisoner: how did you find me? Baron Zemo tracks down a Hydra agent in hiding through a series of leaked S.H.I.E.L.D. E-mails wikileaks anybody? look at the Vision rocking a Cashmere sweater! MARVEL SWAG Vision: I’m saying there may be a Causality a direct reference to Aristitilian philosophy. Aristotle stated that knowledge cannot be achieved until we have grapsed its cause to do so, Aristotle used four different causes to come to a final conclusion exactly as the Vision then proceeds to do. stength, challenge, conflict, catastrophy Civil war questions the amount of freedom we’re willing to sacrifice in the name of security Steve: if we sign this, we surrender our right to choose. Should the Avengers give up autonomy by signing the Sokovia Accords for a potentially safer world? we balance these same issues in many areas of modern life such as gun control Wire tapping and the FBI’s battle with Apple over Iphone security TIMELY Sharon Carter’s speech at Aunt Peggy’s funeral, is a direct adaptation of Captain America’s lines in the Civil War comic Sharon: Even if the whole world is tellling you to move, plant yourself like a tree Sharon: and say no, you move ADAPTATION WIN yet by taking the speech away from the Captain it becomes an on-the-nose screen, telling the Captain exactly what to do in the next scene Steve: I can’t sign it -Too Easy!
-ADAPTATION FAIL STREAK BROKEN Those inheirit distrusts, turn to government institutions Black Panther and Captain America both openly question the motives and effeciency of sacred institutions reflective of the current left and right disillusionments of the political process -Nat: Why you don’t approve of all this?
-T’Challa: Not really Steve: It’s run by people with agendas FEEL THE BERN Steve: This doesn’t have to end in a fight, Buck. Bucky: It always ends in a fight I wonder who’s going to be right? NARRATIVE FORESHADOWING T’Challa: in my culture, death is not the end T’Challa says, in his culture, Bast and Sekhmet lead you to the afterlife a reference to the two cat-like Egyptian Gods considering the importance of cats in the Wakandan culture, it’s no surprise that T’Challa dresses up as a panther by night shoulda seen that coming as a token of amends, Tony brings the pens President Franklin Roosevelt used to sign the 1941 Atlantic Charter In Tony’s lense, the Atlantic Charter was a step toward the formation of the United Nations countries with differing opinions still working for the sake of global community just as the Sokovia Accords were However, through Steve’s lense, The Atlantic Charter pushed America closer to war Steve: some would say it brought our country closer to war the attack on Pearl Harbor occurred only four months after the document was signed DOUBLE-TAP HISTORICAL PRECEDENT this marks an interesting role reversal loyal Captain America now takes sides against the government 1940’s Steve: Each one you buy is a bullet in the barrell of your best guy’s gun while the rebellious Tony Stark sticks up for the man 2008 Tony: I’m trying to play ball with these ass clowns Senator: F*ck you Mr. Stark MULTI-FILM CHARACTER ARC Wanda’s forced detatainment at Stark Headquarters Tony: she’s been confined in a compound parallels America’s shameful internment of Japanese Americans during World War 2 Steve: Protection? is that how you see this? it’s internment! the government’s need to control and monitor the Avengers mirror our own government’s desire to curb the poliferation of nuclear weapons overseas Government guy: Do you know where Thor and Banner are right now? gov’t guy: find a place to keep a couple 30 megaton nukes, there’ll be consequences TIMELY Bucky is held in a prison capsule labeled D-23 aka Disney’s biannual version of comic-con CORPORATE SYNERGY ohhh yeah, another trailer money shot! SWEET VIZ As motivation for his violent actions, Zemo listens to a recording his family left him words prompting violence we’ve actually seen this play out throughout the film Steve, Tony, and the Winter Soldier are all triggered to violence, not by actions, but through words Steve: what did you say? TRIGGER WARNING Tony: about time we met YES! A Marisa Tomei and Robert Downey Jr reunion I’ve been waiting decades for this. I mean who doesn’t love Only You? Tony: It’s so hard for me to believe that she’s someone’s aunt Peter Parker wears a Virtruvian pizza shirt a reference to Da Vinci’s Virtruvian man Proof that Parker’s a really cool nerd Peter: When you can do the things that I can but you don’t, and then the bad things happen Peter: They happen because of you Peter Parker’s heroic reasoning reflects Irish Political Theorist, Edmund Burke who once said: The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing DEEP THOUGHTS Hell Yeah!! WOO so many trailer money shots, so many!! impossible to count! TOKEN UNLOCKED SWEET VIZ -Hawkeye: there’s our ride!
-Nice Arrested Development reference does this mean Tobias can join the team? DOUBLY SWEET VIZ Peter: Hey guys! you ever see that really old movie Empire Strikes Back? Peter, everyone’s seen Star Wars, you’re not referencing My Dinner With Andre SPIDEY FAIL! When did Guantanimo Bay move underwater? TIMELY Clint: The Futurist is here! Hawkeye refers to Tony as the Futurist A deep cut reference to the Robert Downey Jr solo album also named the Futurist MUSICAL ALLUSION! Tony: (Scoff) Manchuriann Candidate? You’re killing me. A reference to novel and the film, Manchurian candidate where a benevolent citizen is brainwashed into an assassin LITERARY ILLUSION Zemo: did you really think I wanted more of you? Holy subverting genre tropes! Zemo’s master plan isn’t to take over the world with super soldiers, but to get revenge against the Avengers for his family’s death Zemo: they brought you here? SHYAMALAN TWIST! Zemo: An Empire toppled by it’s enemies can rise again Zemo: but one that crumbles from within Zemo: that’s that. forever Zemo’s paraphrasing noted Philosopher Will Durant who, in his book The Fall of the Roman Empire stated: “A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself within.” DEEP THOUGHTS A panel to shot recreation from the Civil War comics yet another panel to shot recreation SUPER ADAPTATION WIN Steve: I could do this all day -a nice callback to the Captain’s signature phrase from the first film
-1940s Steve: I can do this all day -who doesn’t love a Stan Lee cameo?
-Stan: Are you Tony– Stank? UMM RHETORICAL QUESTION And for one final point: MARVEL Forcing movie goers to watch the end credits since 2008 SUPER MARVEL SWAG Alright Captain America let’s see how you did over 3 million points in style! lookin good Captain lookin good and depth, context, and technique? who says Marvel movies can’t be smart? and don’t forget those highlight reel ready videos earned you a special bonus! the golden trailer token! now lets head over to the leaderboard, we’re climbing, climbing and–! NUMBER ONE! OUT OF—– one…. think we need some more competition in the mix! let us know in the comments what movies you think have what it takes to earn the top spot and come back real soon as the Captain defends his title against a whole lotta slow mo IS THE NEXT CHALLENGER READY? HEY YOURE STILL HERE! I hope you liked that first episode of film legends but believe me, things will get a whole lot more interesting when more and more movies are competing for the throne so make sure you click here to visit the Film Theorists channel page to subscribe and get notified when knew episodes drop and also be sure to click here to check out Wisecrack we’re the guys who created Film Legends! we’ve got tons of videos on our channel exploring the smarter side of Rick and Morty, the Walking Dead, Guardians of the Galaxy, Sausage Party, South Park, and more so go watch some of our videos and be sure to subscribe I’ll catch you over there! Later!!

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  1. Because there are 30 slots open at the end of the video, and I don't believe that CA:CW will hold up to future endeavors, here is my list of the top 30 films ever made (truly, Film Legends). And keep in mind, these are in no particular order, since the numeric system for this show is subjective.

  2. Sorry for my year latency, but the problem with this setup for rating is that your adding random amounts of "points" to overly spesific/under qualified details. It should probably have more of a setup like cinema sins, where each "sin" has a specific rating on how bad it is, with the average/common ones being 1 point, while the ones that seem more horrible having more like 5 (yes, they tend to over dramatize it with doubling and 1000 point adds, but it's also not for actual rating so much as it is a humorous kick that ends up equating to nothing). This is supposed to be a fair toss up of different movie, so there should be established rules to it and not just "YOU GET 1000 POINTS! AND YOU GET 1000 POINTS!"

  3. Predator, AVP, Prometheus, Alien Covenant. Suicide Squad, Batman vs Superman Dawn of justice, Spiderman homecoming. Naruto road to ninja, Bleach: fade to black, Blue Exorcist movie. Nightmare on elm street, Freddy vs Jason, Maximum Overdrive. Hitman, agent 47, skyfall, spectre, max payne. Spawn, ghost rider, riddick trilogy. The pacifer, vin diesels XXX, fast furious series. Monty pythons search for holy grail, monty pythons meaning of life. These are my suggestions for the movie legend challenge

  4. There is no way in hell that Captain America: Civil War could possibly be the best movie ever fucking made. That's a complete joke.

  5. Nice video, but this is one of my LEAST favorite Marvel movies. I just didn't buy into the premise of it all. Wanda blows up the corner of a building, and you don't even see anyone get hurt from it, yet they act like she caused the twin towers to collapse.. In the comics, it was a rogue hero who caused a massive explosion killing tons of people, and even destroying a school of children. Vast difference!

  6. Oh please… I have not watch those old star wars movie, and will not watch them. I just not interested I guess.

  7. Just fyi, its not necesarily a reference to Arrested Development, that is literally the Logo of Leipzig Halle Airport 😀

  8. 2:35 bucky is completely different case. He was brainwashed he was not capable of making any choices,
    as a result his actions are completely justified.

  9. This is one of my least favorite MCU movies because barely anything happened that wasn't resolved before Infinity War. Cap lost his shield, Shuri made him new ones.
    Bucky lost his arm, Shuri made him a new one.
    Team Cap got thrown in the Raft, Cap broke them out.
    Black Widow went into hiding, she comes back in the next movie she's in.
    Team Cap and Team Iron Man fight for half the movie, Cap sends Tony a letter basically saying that none of it mattered.
    Ant Man was broken out of prison, the worst he gets is house arrest.
    Rhodey's legs are paralyzed, Tony makes him robot pants to help him walk.

    You see my problem with this movie? The action was cool but overall, the movie barely contributed anything to the MCU. So yeah, Zemo. Your plan DID fail.

  10. This really was the best Marvel movie ever. It was like, a climax of all the Earth based movies so far, and all views were carefully crafted.

  11. I haven't seen a single star wars movie so Spiderman was right to reference it. Shouldn't have lost points for that one.

  12. I'm kinda curious whether there's more to Stan Lee's cameo and lines in this movie than we thought: either Cap was being petty when he wrote the package and actually writes "Tony Stank," or, and this is the more likely possibility, he wrote it in cursive because everyone wrote letters in cursive back in his day, and Uatu for whatever reason is unaware of this vastly different font. But then again, Uatu is a Watcher and should be aware of all the cultural and typological evolutions of humanity, no?

  13. Removing points for Scarlett Johansson doing a flip over a motorcycle mid-fight and for a computer program looking like a computer program is so stupid.

  14. umm… tony stark in the comics actually IS a futurist. that's his whole motivation in the comic book version of civil war 2.

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  17. 10:46 That lacks context, the only reason it looks like Cap beat Iron Man in the original Civil War comic is coz Iron Man's suit was already completely shut down by Vision from the back. When Captain America and Iron Man faced each other in a fair 1v1 fight, Iron Man destroyed Cap without even trying. Cap was sent on a medical bed almost dead whereas Iron Man didn't even have a single scratch on his armour.

  18. The U.N. ain't a government. It's a feckless wannabe despots and dictator's club. It has no authority. Which is a good thing.

  19. What do you mean by saying the Airport scene is having a cake and eating it too compared to other Avengers' missions? The airport was empty

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