Is This the Secret Twist of MCU Phase 4? | The Big Picture

Is This the Secret Twist of MCU Phase 4? | The Big Picture

[Sighs] I imagine having to drop everything and cover Walt Disney subsidiary product announcements as a film and entertainment journalist is
sort of like having to cover the White House for a global news bureau in 2019, right? Like you don’t want “Hey, look what dumb
thing this bunch of jerkoffs did this week!” to be a story with more immediate global impact
than whatever you’d actually prefer to cover, but… it kind does? And it’s my job. Anyway! The Disney D23 Expo has concluded! Black Widow has a poster, three new Marvel
Cinematic Universe-connected streaming shows have been announced, Black Panther 2 is dated
for 2022, we know a tiny bit more about what a few of these things are… “about” and
Spider-Man is two giant entertainment companies haggling in the press over the price of a
decision they don’t have to make right away either way using social media as leverage
so there’s no reason for anyone to get all heated about it and besides I guess someone let like an
actual villain from Captain Planet become “President of The Rainforest” so we’re
all kinda f—— anyway so how about some baseless! Algorithm chasing! Marvell speculation!!! To keep us all distracted as we rides this snow piercer straight into the apocalypse. [Jarvis] “Shall I try Ms. Potts?” “Might as well.” [engine thrust] [sound effect of Goofy screaming] Okay so now we know what “Marvel Cinematic
Universe: Phase 4 – Now With TV Stuff You Actually Have To Watch” looks like… unless
they add another Spider-Man and another Avengers: Lady Prequel, Friends of Steve R, Sexy Rainbow
Space People, Sorry About Iron First, Not Legion, Oh Yeah – You Never Got A Part 2 Let Take Care of That, Graphic Design is My Passion, Market Research For Future Projects: The Series, A Goofy Movie
But With Legolas and Katniss and Natalie Is Our Friend Again. But what we don’t know… is what the “big
story” is. By which I mean, by the end of the first Iron
Man and Incredible Hulk people pretty much understood that the vague overarching goal
that isn’t necessarily a “storyline” but feels enough like one that you’re obligated
to follow it was eventually shoving these guys together into “The Avengers,” and
then by the end of that movie you kinda got the sense that before everyone was too old
to keep doing this stuff they’d all fight whoever the purple guy at the end was. Well, now that’s all been handled and the purple guys been fought and the game is still running – so what’s the new reason to keep going? What’s the new things that’s going to tie the overarching in between stuff of all this together? Well, I think I’ve got a theory – based
solely on information available, the way Marvel has operated in the past and their general
M.O. so far of borrowing from some of their popular comic book storylines to get fans talking between movies for free advertising, but also updating those stories to be ya’ know… comprehensible to… regular humans. [Thor] “I don’t understand.” “I do.” “I understood that reference.” And since I’m trying to keep this to one
episode we’re gonna cut some corners and compress some details to get this done really, really fast so… [rushed] Comics! Are!! Weird!!! Blah blah blah… Hit up The Google
if you want more specific details yadda yadda. Okay! So the biggest W-T-F in the lineup by far
was “Wandavision” because a show about Scarlet Witch and Vision just chilling out
happy sounds… odd? And also Vision is dead, leading many to speculate
that the series would involve some kind of dream or alternate reality time travel since in the comics
Wanda’s very vague and hard to explain and kind of silly powers involve being able to rewrite the fabric of
reality itself if she wants to. She and Quicksilver were also raised as babies
by a midwife who was an artificially hyper-evolved humanoid cow? Her name is Bova? I don’t… think you’ll need to know that,
but… aren’t you kind of glad you know that now? Anyway, in the comics when Scarlet Witch and
Vision got married they moved to the suburbs and had two kids of their own even though
he’s a robot using magic and science because comic book, but it ended up badly because the
two kids weren’t actually real… or, rather, more unreal than they were supposed to have been…
and the Devil – like literally the Devil was involved in this… look, they’ve changed
what was “actually going on” here a few times retroactively, but basically the kids were blinked
out of existence in the end and this was so traumatic everyone who knew about it agreed it was best
to just wipe the whole incident from Wanda’s memory and never bring it up again. “Not a great plan.” No… really, that’s how they left it: “Someone
with the power to end the world by thinking about ending the world, has a go-crazy-trigger-phrase, everyone just try not to bring it up.” This was really stupid and everyone really
did act like it never happened for a few decades then in 2004 “Wanda Remembers Her Kids
and Goes Crazy” was used as the inciting incident for “Avengers Disassembled” which
ended the original version of The Avengers and kicked off the entire 21st Century of
Marvel Universe “event” storylines cycle including New Avengers, Illuminati, House of M, Civil War, World War Hulk, Secret Invasion, all of it – like even that thing where Spider-Man made a stupid mind erasing deal with the Devil, that was part of this too. The whole thing. Oh also House of M was the one that established she can create an alternate universe multiverse if she wants to. So! The fact that the MCU versions of Quicksilver and Vision are both “back” in some way for Wandavision seems like a pretty clear tell that the series will
be doing a “Scarlet Witch creates a fake happy ending” alternate universe storyline… and that it’s
probably not going to end well for her. Because these things never ever end well for her. And the fact that the series will be shortly
followed on the release schedule by Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness in which
she’s scheduled to be a “supporting character” leads me to ask the following question – what if what
they’re not saying yet is that Wandavision is going to end so badly for the title characters
that Wanda isn’t just a co-star in Doctor Strange 2… she’s the villain?? I mind incidentally – regarding why specifically
Wanda’s psyche broke down in the comics: “Multiverse Of Madness” is an
awkward title… but it’s also an Acronym. But there’s more! We also now know more about “Falcon and
Winter Soldier,” which people thought might be about the two guys fighting over Captain
America’s legacy and who gets the shield, but might be about them fighting… about that but other people over the same thing: because Wyatt Russell is now confirmed to be playing a fan-favorite character named John Walker. In the comics, Walker starts out as a kind
of right-wing “my country right or wrong” unquestioningly nationalist wannabe version
of Captain America called “Super Patriot;” but he gets hired by the government to actually
replace Steve Rogers as the “official” real deal Cap during the famous 1980s “Captain America:
No More” storyline because quitting the mantle under Republican presidential administrations
that the writers didn’t care for is kind of a thing Steve does… semi-frequently in the comics
actually. Anyway when that story ended Walker continued
on as “U.S. Agent” – basically the bootleg Fox News talk radio version of Captain America. Here’s the thing: For obvious reasons, though
Walker himself isn’t always a full-on “villain” in the comics, he or some incarnation
of “U.S. Agent” is often the go-to guy for “evil version of The Avengers” bad
guy teams like The Dark Avengers of Thunderbolts. And while the “Dark Avengers” replacement
team originated as an “upgrade” of a new Thunderbolts incarnation during one of the
event books cascading out from the post-Disassembled post-Hose of M New Avengers stories (that would take too
long to fully explain) the original Thunderbolts (actually, short version on both: Bad guys
pretending to be good guys as a cover for bad guy stuff) “Everybody got that?” “Good!” first showed up in the aftermath
of a different “Avengers (and also the X-Men and Fantastic Four) seemingly destroyed by
powerful psychic breaking reality” storyline in the not all that fondly remembered 1990s onslaught saga… which I’m not explaining again unless it turns out I’m really on the money with this bullshit and, like, Scarlet
Witch is the MCU Onslaught in which case… “I am so tired.” Yeah! Anyway, those first Thunderbolts were a master-plan by Baron Helmet Zemo, and Daniel Bruhl is confirmed coming back as his incarnation of Zemo for Falcon and Winter Soldier in case you forgot they left that guy alive. So with Walker, him and several other still alive villains to work with in
this megafranchise, including the guy whose middle name is “Thunderbolt” – is it possible
that the reason we haven’t seen an Avengers movie announced for this “Phase” yet is
that the “twist” is actually going to be Avengers 4 being “Dark Avengers?” [singing] “We’re so f—- dark, performance art. Always so f—– dark.” Hell, extrapolating even further: A lot of
the post-Phase 4 build already being set up has involved younger people as super heroes as opposed to the mainly middle-aged heroes of the first three Phases: Hawkeye is about Clint Barton
training Kate Bishop, Ms. Marvel is a teenager, so is Spider-Man (now let’s be real: they will
sort that out and he’ll be back in here one way or another) and they’ve alluded
to Cassie Lang getting her father’s Giant-Man powers a few times already – so maybe following
“Dark Avengers” in Phase 4 with “Young Avengers” in Phase 5 and then like “New Avengers”
in Phase 6 or maybe “Avengers Reassembled” would be the most logical second “Avengers Trilogy?” Ya’ know with all the other movies filled in between that. I mean that make a certain amount of sense to me. Or I could be completely wrong and everything is just a build to X-Men vs Galactus or somebody. Anyway, that my theory I’m sure we’ll find out if I right or wrong. I’m Bob and that’s The Big Picture.

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  2. I'm still sticking with the '15 Secret War and Dr Doom turning up… If only because I want a Marvel Legends Doom figure.

  3. They already said that this Phase will be shorter. Plus Wanda is a great idea. I love Galactus but at this point he would just end up feeling like Thanos 2.0.

  4. unless phase 4 is short the idea of stretching the young avengers that far out won't work.
    Unlike comics Thespians in general grow, if phase 4 takes 4 years then that is actors current age +4 + 4 years worth of life which Murphy assures me will make things go sideways at least a few times.
    Murphy likes to keep them on there toes.

  5. I love the new image of facial emotions on black background dynamic in the first few frames. Feel free to use that for all the run of videos. Very stylish.

  6. Multiverse of Madness is said to be leaning into Horror… I wonder then, is Strange gonna be wandering through Wanda's nightmares? That'd be interesting, no question.

  7. At this point the MCU have practically turned my mind to numb paste, and I have given up on trying to follow internal story-continuity. So whatever you just said: Sure, I'm game! Whatever Disney/Marvel studios actually decide to do: Sure, I'm game!

    "Insert that clip from Spider-verse here:"

  8. I'm torn. on the one hand, this sounds almost inevitable. Your theories and context clues make A LOT of sense and the more I sit on it, the more I'm convinced this will be what happens. However, I see them using Wanda as the catalyst for soft rebooting early decisions they don't totally like; mostly Pietro's death and the two of them not being mutants. It would make sense for them to use her as a gateway for the mutants and for this and Dr. Strange to do the combined house keeping. It would give Disney enough time to get their X-men ducks in a row. We'll see I guess; all I know is this is the first video to get me to care about phase 4.

  9. This would be amazing which means the chances of it being made are slim to none. Also thank you for mentioning Legion. I'm still in a bit of mourning for that great show.

  10. 5:23 i kept putting off watching this video, but i'm glad i watched it now because that reveal had me biting the inside of my cheek to keep from laughing because i'm in a library right now

  11. So many people must think the idea of WandaVision is weird. But, the romance between Scarlet Witch and the Vision was one of the main throughlines of the Avengers comics for like four decades.

  12. IVE BEEN SAYING THIS!!!!! Wanada is going to end up being the next big bad lol. (i could totally be wrong idc….but it’s fun to think about, more personal)

  13. I figured we'd get Kaang the Conqueror due to the Avengers messing with the timeline which is his domain. Which could in turn lead to the creation of The Savage Land or something

  14. Good analysis Bob but I think you're vastly overselling Walker's popularity by calling U.S. Agent a fan favorite character.

  15. I'd have liked to seen a mention of Adam Warlock. Most of your speculation makes a lot of sense but since we know he is coming and he is one of the most powerful beings in the Marvel Universe (he was the god damn Living Tribunal for a while!), I think he's going to be more than just a one and done appearance in Guardians 3.

  16. Hi Bob (or anyone from escapist)
    Big fan with huge respect for your work and opinions (don't always agree but at least your arguments are well thought out! 🙂 )
    Just wondering if your could post a link to the episode about Onslaught? I checked it out ages ago but would love to watch again – YouTube and Google searches turned up nothing useful!
    Thanks heaps and keep up the awesome work! 🙂

  17. There's a lot about Scarlet Witch I love and it's borked how raw a deal she always gets in the comics. Can she just have a happy ending that doesn't involve erasing her memory and that doesn't get turned on it's head in the very next storyline, for once? And then just leave her alone. At least for like… maybe a decade or something. Come on.

  18. I don't have a source to quote, but I thought I heard somewhere that they are not going to do Avengers anymore. At most, they will have a superhero support another superhero, but no more giant Avengers crossover

  19. Bob I love the amount of research and detail that goes into your videos. Also the Onslaught cross over is what made me quit comics in the 90s, man it was bad.

  20. I love when you do your comic book analysis because unlike every other YouTube channel you:
    1. Always turn out right.
    2. Keep cynical reasoning to a minimum and basically have the MCU formula figured out.
    If there was a fantasy league of Marvel, you would've made me a millionaire by now.

  21. Every time I get on youtube I put items in my Subs that I want to watch in my "watch later" list. You never make it on my watch later list.

    Because I ALWAYS just click and watch your videos immediate, Bob 🙂

  22. I mean, they did reintroduce the Iron Patriot armor. It’s not too much of a stretch to say the Dark Avengers might show up

  23. Spoilers for the highest-grossing movie ever:

    Honestly, I’m still holding out hope that the next “Saga” will have Kang the Conqueror as the Bid Bad. Considering how badly the Avengers screwed over the timeline at the end of Endgame (no matter how much they tried to deny it), at the very least we have a split in the timeline with Thanos effectively dying in two/three different years: 2018 at the start of Endgame and 2014 Thanos dying in 2023. That kind of ripple (paradox?) could easily mess with Kang’s future empire, so maybe he sends people back in time to “correct” the timeline. Plus it would add more credibility to the theory that the kid from Iron Man 3 (aka the one from Stark’s funeral) is going to be Iron Lad in Young Avengers, since the Iron Lad in that book was originally a young Kang.

  24. my theory follows a similar format, though the dark avengers are met against the secret avengers, scrull activity starts the secret invasion, (not sure the particular order) but the last tentpole avengers movie will be the secret war,

  25. That bit about Spider-Man is pretty much honestly what is going on between the companies.

    Odds are the deal was made already and they're just fucking around everyone else…

  26. I just hope they were watching your old Fantastic Four pitch and took some notes because of everything on this roster FF is up there with Kamala on the list of things I can't wait to see them actually pull off.

  27. Yeah, I suspect there are three stories waiting in the wings…

    A young Avengers team (most likely assembled towards the end of the next phase)
    Some sort of Thunderbolts/Dark Avengers deal
    Some variation of all the Kree vs Scrull stories

  28. I hope you are right. At least for some of it. Dark Avengers was one of my favorite recent story arcs and a really great concept for the MCU to explore.

  29. want to combat climate change? save the amazon? stop the weakening of our societies? it's easy, just make all soy products illegal.

  30. I haven't liked MCU Scarlet Witch at all since she got away with all those murders in Africa by pinning them on the Hulk. She's already a villain, just admit it.

  31. In hindsight, Brian Bendis was bad for mainstream Marvel since he showed them that writers can just ignore the continuity like it was nothing. This really frustrates longtime readers like me.

  32. I have reason to believe they're going to adapt the Serpent story line from Thor in phase 4. My reasons are as follows
    1. It's been all but confirmed that Fin Fang Foom is going to be in Shang Chi. It would be really disappointing to bring in a character as big as him and then make him a 1-off that plays 2nd fiddle to Mandarin. Plus I recall a time Jormungand disguised itself as Fin Fang Foom with illusion magic in the comics, there's likely a reason Shang Chi is coming out so long before Thor- it would be a heck of a surprise to bring him back but in a fake-out like that.
    2. Asgard is destroyed and all the Asgardians are on Earth now, and the new Thor herself will be from Earth. What Thor villain could we expect to find on Earth? Jormungand, the Midgard Serpent. Not sure how or if they plan to bring in Odin's evil brother, but it seems too good an opportunity to pass up.
    3. Kaiju films have had somewhat of a resurgence the last 6 years, what with Pacific Rim and its sequel, the Legendary Monsterverse, Colossal, Rampage, Netflix Godzilla Trilogy independent of the Legendary Monsterverse, Shin Godzilla also independent of Legendary Monsterverse, SSSS.Gridman anime, Kaijuu Girls anime and Ultraman Netflix series reminding us of Ultraman's 50th anniversary, Power Rangers theatrical films and 20th Anniversary, Attack on Titan anime, etc. Disney isn't going to want to miss out on that trend, Marvel has so many Giant Monsters that could be adapted, such as Fin Fang Foom and Jormungand. It doesn't just make story sense, it makes business sense. It'd be bad business to miss such an easy/obvious opportunity for giant monsters. Besides, Marvel was an Anthology Comic company before they were a Superhero Comic company, and many of those anthologies involved giant monsters. While Anthology series are notoriously difficult to market, they are doing a "What if…." series that could easily be used to open the door to honor their roots.
    4. There's no way they're going to make a character as big as Mandarin a one-off either, especially not Mandarin. I have reason to believe Awkwafina is going to play Li Mei, who will be used to resurrect Mandarin and therefore make it relevant to feature Fin Fang Foom again. But they're not going to want to space out Fin Fang Foom's appearances and relevance that far, so that makes for all the more incentive to adapt that Jormungand disguise I mentioned.

  33. I got a strange add sponsored by Brazil. It said that they are fighting to protect the rain forest against illegal deforestation.

    What the heck is the point of spending money on adds like this? How does this help?

  34. What I like about Bob's theories is that he's not worried about being right or wrong, he's just having fun with the information he knows. And that's always enjoyable to watch rather than someone who tries to blow your mind.

  35. I think your close but not going far enough. I also think scarlet witch will turn villain but…will pull a reverse house of M and will bring mutants into the MCU

  36. Hey Movie Bob you have an xbone right? I vaguely remember that being mentioned on a game overthinker episode
    Anyway they have 4 game combo of the disney afternoon stuff from the golden age
    Thought you'd be interested. Theres a bunch of other retro compilations on the xbox store too

  37. Doctor Strange (Englehart): "Go on and make magic babies, Wanda, even though I know you would rather adopt. Your worries are silly, it will all be fine."
    Doctor Strange (Bendis): "Wanda is a dumb stupid woman for making magic babies, it's all her fault and nothing to do with me."

    Yes, Bob, movie audiences will surely love seeing Doctor Strange being a lying, incompetent, backstabbing asshole.

  38. This all seems like a pretty good guess as to where things are going, but really I'm just here in the comments to geek out over the Sifl & Olly clip. Thank you for that.

  39. Scarlet Witch is probably my favourite character. I really hope they actually give her the power she has in the comics. Batshit crazy Wanda is best Wanda.

  40. Do you guys wanna tell Bob that the fires aren't a harbinger of the Horseman of Famine, riding on his black steed with a scale in one hand and a Zippo in the other (In fact, the fires—which happen in a cycle, because a rain forest is still a forest—were actually worse in 2011)?

    …Or shall I?

  41. Multiverse of Madness secretly spelling out that Wanda is gonna reality-bend some kids into existence is one of the biggest stretches I've seen since the whole "Thanos secretly spells out the locations of each infinity stone" theory. Though, since that one actually ended up being kind of true…

  42. 4:21 The New Avengers – Illuminati and Captain LGBT and The Eternals who are shape-shifting-alien-lizard-humanoids living among the people while hidden in a plain sight.

  43. You talked Wanda's appearance in DS sequel without even mentioning about the horror part of Doctor Strange or some teases the director posted on his twitter.
    Yeah, could be completely wrong.
    What it is about people want to adapt HoM in Strange's sequel only to make Wanda a plot device? Because that's what she was in HoM.

  44. Since Scarlet Witch seems to be a big focus this phase, I expect she'll eventually cause a House of M-style situation which will bring in X-Men and Fantastic Four

  45. I'm a little mixed on "Scarlet Witch is the Big Bad for Phase 4" theory. On one hand, it would be really interesting if the Big Bad turned out to not just be someone who we already know (in the movies, not just in the comics) but someone from the Avengers no less. On the other, I feel it could go very wrong. In the sense that having a Woman who probably has PTSD after all the shit she's been through end up being a villain, I'm worried that people won't be that thrilled about it. But we'll see.

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