IT: CHAPTER 2 Trailer #2 NEW (2019) Pennywise Horror Movie

IT: CHAPTER 2 Trailer #2 NEW (2019) Pennywise Horror Movie

Something happens to you when you leave this town. The farther away you go, the easier it all gets. But me… I never left. I remember all of it. *Water gurgling* HELP ME! To the Losers. We made an oath. *To swear…* If IT isn’t dead… If IT ever comes back… …we’ll come back, too. We didn’t stop it. Pennywise. The clown. We can’t let it happen again. Child:Hello? Kid? Kid:Helloooo? Pennywise *Giggles* HELLO. Please. PLEASE. Pennywise:*LAUGHS* *Screams* Pennywise: For 27 years… Pennywise: I dreamt of you. Pennywise: I craved you. Pennywise: I MISSED YOU. We need to finish it. For good. I’ve seen all of us die. It consumes us from the inside, until we don’t have a choice anymore. You lied, and I died. YOU LIED AND I DIED. *breathes in and roars*

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  1. We're absolutely stoked for IT: CHAPTER 2 and the new official Comic-Con trailer has dropped! What does everybody think?! #ItChapter2

  2. Director of the film in 2015 .The last witch hunter his name is Breck Eisner movie comic book DS Flash instead of Director Andres Mosketti will film a spin off Movie in 2018 Aquaman

  3. The last shot was so awesome..judging by that and the photo in the teaser, I wonder if it's going to be that Pennywise used to be human and was sort of possessed? Instead of the whole giant turtle thing or whatever he was in the book and 1990 movie.

  4. I have a feeling that we're gonna see only a little bit of adult Stan in Chapter 2.

    Some of you who grew up with the original It film may already know.

    For those who don't know: In the original film that was directed by Stephen King, there were two parts, at the end of part 1, Adult Stan found out that It was back. And because of this, Stan had committed suicide in the bathtub, slitting his wrists and he wrote 'It' in blood before dying.

    In advance, If this is even close to a spoiler, I am terribly sorry and if need be, I will take this comment down

  5. That's pennywise look at the old lamp in the back remember IT is a malignant force that got in that man's body the force landed on earth when it lost the battle with maturin the turtle

  6. The director said he ain't trolling no more he going straight for the kill now and he gonna probably have more movie time.everyone knows that Eddie and Stanley dies so

  7. Wow this looks like this chapter is going to be faithful to Stephen Kings novel and I can't wait to see this on bootleg hehe

    Now will this be the highest grossing film probably not but this looks like this will be the best horror movie of 2019 .

    I hope there will be some Oscar nomination for this film .

    A++++ for the film trailer now no more trailers😋

  8. Can I just say how great of an actor James McAvoy is?? Like he never disappoints. And the casting agents did such an amazing job for this movie. 😍💕💕💕💕

  9. Will they do something with his lisps??
    Since part 1,he had a lisps….

    Part 2,His lisps has worsen now….he sounds more like POOH…
    No one going to take him even more seriously….

  10. Finally the losers say his the first one only pennywise said his own name. Not just "IT" or the "clown"
    Anyone else notice that??

  11. 2:19 the face I make when I hear my crush is now single 😂😂
    Love Bill Skarsgård 🎈🎈🎈🎈

  12. Lol my mom loves bill so much she even watches his films all the time but when we watched the 1st movie she was like "Oh that face looks familiar" and when I showed her this trailer and she saw bill at the end she went off straight to the theater

  13. 2:00 When i am playing fortnite and ask my duo for heals but he said he had none few seconds I die and it turns out he had a shield pot

  14. You know what I just realized, they didn’t have any encounters with it at night in the first movie except for bill in the basement when he saw Georgie, in this one they have multiple encounters with it in the the dark it seems like

  15. I finally watched the remake of it gotta say it was pretty good. Hope this one can live up to the first.

  16. The Adrian Mellon scene is basically the adult version of Georgie nice to see they will include it unlike the miniseries

  17. Why do I love the background music that's like VrUmVrumVRUMvrumVRumRUM

    Ya know

    I wish I knew how to make you hear it idek

  18. When pennywise says he missed them that makes me think this will be hell of a lot more that just a horror movie… Could this possible be a psychological horror just a little bit… Also doesn't Georgie's voice sound fake af

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