IT Industry Jokes 2.0 | ENGLISH stand up comedy by Sanjay Manaktala

IT Industry Jokes 2.0 | ENGLISH stand up comedy by Sanjay Manaktala

what is your name miss in the back in the
yellow? Gina.
Gina?like for real? Gina, ok…what do you do Gina?
I’m in the back, why you picking on me? Whoa…..
Gina Gina Gina… Let me tell you something about the IT guy
show… There’s no concept of back benchers over here
ok. alright?
they sat in the front, they get rewarded. this show is called the IT guy
becauseI myself am an it guy how many it people here?
yes yes i love it you’re still smiling i love it
yes which company do you work for sir?
none of them awww
which one? i’m actually in consulting not in IT
you’re actually…that’s what you think. i’m actually in consulting bro.
NOT IT. who do you consult for?
Infosys. but i’m a consultant bro.
i was with a IT company I moved.
from America To India…and my client, was a bank of america.
that’s what it is alright? that’s what I did. I was all excited.
I’m gonna do outsourcing model i’m gonna be amazing.
I’m gonna be solution, technical consultant. where am i gonna work?
Call center. what the heck!
but it was nice fine, I ended up being after a year here
I was the guy often times anybody, anybody worked in a call
center? yeah I did ok.
that laugh was evil. he’s like HA!
He’s like “I knew I was better than this dude” I knew it!
I knew I was better than him. BPO…(spits)
I knew it right! I was the guy
But I wasn’t embarrassed,I liked doing it. I was the guy, you know, often times, if you
work in BPO
in a call center, ok? you get a racist person
on the other line and they wanna talk, to an American
they’re angry, their call is coming to India, the Phillipines,
they wanna speak, to an American. so we had a guy call in
and he was like Yeah my ATM card is not working, this is bullshit
and my coworker thank you for calling a bank of america
you’re talking to david
and he was like, no i’m not this is bs
get me an American! and they give me the phone
i’m eating my dosa ok
i’m like swiggy shanti, ok
i put it down i’m like alright fine,
hi hi hi, i’m an american he’s like “What’s your name!”
I got defensive I’m like Sanjay
he’s like this is BS get me someone with an american name!
i was like ok fine fine fine but you know, hang on, let me just, what’s
your name? he’s like ahhhh
Manjunath Manjunath!?!
are you kidding me bro? Manjunath has a problem, that his call is
outsourced? are you serious?
I was like Manjunath what the hell bro!
i dropped protocol I went off script
I was like Manjunath hold my dosa
I was like Manjunath this isn’t cool brother
i was like Manjunath, You’re Indian I’m Indian
why the hell do you not want to talk to an Indian person
about your technical issue? and he’s like
Because I’m from India bro and I was like yes, and?
every time, there’s a technical issue and I ask somebody to fix it
they give me the same BS answer and i was like well what’s the answer?
and he’s like “Sar, server issue is there?” Oh my Goodness.
You know! server issue is there.
a way of life in our country. server issue is there.
i went to get my Aadhar card 14 times, you know why?
the first 13 times, server issue was there. I went to get my drivers license 7 times.
you know why? the first six times?
(audience) server issue is there. my wife was like, look, we got married, we
gotta make it official we’re going to the court at the BDA complex
in Bangalore, you are not getting out of this, we are gonna make it official
no taking it back and I was like fine
and we go there was no server issue
it was working just fine. now i’m married folks.
there’s never server issue when you need server issue.
that’s what we need. it’s terrible dude, it’s terrible.
but the last thing i’ll say, the last thing I’ll say.
is uh, life is tough. it’s tough to be single.
you said you were married six years sir? how did you ask your wife to marry you?
“it was an arranged marriage.” “normal arrnaged marriage.”
how did your father ask your wife to marry you?
oh ok, nevermind, nice. it’s though you know.
i’m married now. marriage is difficult.
4 months i’ve been married. i’m already complaining about it.
4 months. people are like why did you get married?
i’m like content i think. i mean I have to.
clap if you’re married. how long you been married Miss?
17 years. 17 years?
where’s your husband today? exactly!
sir, learn something, we have to. 11 years from now, that’s what happens.
marriage is crazy dude. any doctors here?
anybody nurses, doctors? any medical, you’re health care right?
health care and technical stuff right? same thing ya.
my wife is a doctor. you know, and it’s tough, as an IT guy
to compare. your life
with the life of somebody who does something important
you know what I mean? you will never outshine
you will never win because my wife
will come home from a long day, 15, 16 hour shift right?
i’ll be at home, just chilling hanging out
you know, and my wife she’ll come in and i’ll be like
“hi baby, how was your day?” she was like Oh my God Sanjay it was so terrible,
here hold my bag, it was just horrible this kid came in, he had a cancer, but we
found the tumor very early but we saved his life, but we had to operate
for like 14 hours, but thank Goodness I caught it when I did
because now he’s going to live a long healthy life
and he’s going to survive it’s just so rewarding
and so amazing how was your day?
some server issue was there. thank you guys very much
enjoy love you guys so much
thank you, to the it people engineers everybody enjoy your life and make the most
thank you all

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  1. I just like your [email protected]!!
    Try some catchy thumbnail and title next time…. look for famous stand up videos thumbnails for reference… I have no relation with you but want to see your comedy succeed…. just I like you I think…means you are kind of polite but has good comebacks… ok keep it up enough said ….

  2. Dear Geena, (like in Geena Davis?)

    the sweet spot are the middle three rows.

    dang🀦! but now Sanjay too would read this

  3. Yesterday I had one parcel to be received, on website it was out for delivery.
    Today I asked post man
    Why you didn’t delivered yesterday

    Sir vo server mai Problem tha 🀣🀣
    Immediately I remembered your laugh show 😁

  4. Here I'm the doctor and my wife is in IT, I think she'll get offended if I show this video to her but I really want to experience this set πŸ˜‚

  5. My chat with my crush:-
    She: Hii !
    Me: Hello world
    She : Do you love me ?
    Me: If love= heartbreak ;
    print('I have a GF')

  6. Jus now I watched ur video for th vry first time…2 days before I said to my reporting manager..we had *some server issue here* thought f it n laughed loudlyπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  7. I lovedddddd it
    Keep up your work. Love from PAKISTAN πŸ‡΅πŸ‡°πŸ‡΅πŸ‡°πŸ’―β€οΈ

  8. Just randomly I opened this clip but you are just amazing .. loved it . And yessss server issue shit is so real lol.. recently I came to India and I wanted to activate my old sim but for whole week the provider said β€œ server issue is there β€œ 🀣🀣 and I ended up with s new SIM card lol

  9. I'm doing masters in biotech and my cousins are in their MBBS
    Its tough to be the runt of the family man.

  10. I'm going into I.T. industry in a couple of months. Enjoyed your set! Very funny ! Keep it up Mr. Sanjay ! πŸ‘

  11. I subscribed to ur channel bcoz I mainly like ur accent dude .. audience r afraid that u gonna roast them n answering so cleverly in this show , so u don’t get chance to roast like chicken .. verdict from your previous shows, Pay to Sanjay comedy show to get roasted 🀣

  12. Awesome content… Loved this set. Looking forward to attend some live show soon. All the very best buddy πŸ‘

  13. Well sanjay u r not funny as you think you are in your head . Your jokes are stuck seems like they have server issues

  14. His accent is Good.
    Or probably, mine is badπŸ€ͺ
    Anyway, keep rocking! Loved the Ginaa partπŸ˜‚

  15. I have commented long ago but now aftet 3 week you can see my comment… I guess some server issue was there πŸ˜‚

  16. As I was fascinated by ur previous vid so I moved forward to watch this second one.. Really bro u just put ur 100% and da way u bantered da backbencher lady was just amazing.. #from the CreepyIndianMen

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