It’s a Drew Carey Show Reunion – American Housewife

It’s a Drew Carey Show Reunion – American Housewife

Oh. Well, you’ve done
quite a good job here with your little posters
and everything. [ Chuckling ]
Thank you. Uh, but why don’t you
sit back and let a professional
take over? We’re so grateful
you’re here. We’ve tried everything.
She just won’t budge. Stand back. This… could get ugly. If you’re talking about
your suit, you’re right. You’re going down,
lunch lady. Bring it, eco-nerd. I took the liberty of going through your trash
last night, and I found some stuff,
alright. Enough to charge you
with murder. Of a little lady
called… Mother Earth! Oh, that’s good.
That’s here. Yeah,
that’s right. You got nothing on me,
recycopath. Exhibit A — you…
throw away batteries. Do you know what could happen
to you for doing this? Nothing?
Well, yeah…for now. But when
this becomes a law, you are in mild amounts
of trouble, lady. Got anything else?
Back to your trash. By the way,
the hair-removal industry thanks you
for your continued support. Exhibit B — you put cans
in the leaf bin. How do you live
with yourself? Quite well. And on Saturdays
and Sundays, butt naked
and drunk all day. Exhibit D… Wait,
didn’t he skip exhibit C? Oh, for God’s sake,
Greg, let the man work. Alright. You… put your magazines in
with the regular trash. Hey,
wait a minute. You subscribe
to “Cats Weekly”?
Yeah. I have two cats. And if you got
a problem with that, you can walk right out —
No, no, no, no. I’m a — I’m a cat guy.
I love cats. What kinda —
What kinda cats you got? Calicos. Got to be a strong person
to have a Calico. You have to act like
you don’t need ’em. That’s the key. Yeah,
but you so do. Oh, yes.
More than air. What’s happening? ♪ You have
the most beautiful eyes. You should see ’em when
I have my blue eye-shadow on. Hey, uh… can I take you
to lunch? Well, actually,
I’m a lunch lady, so that’s pretty much
the only meal I’m not available for. But I am free
for dinner. So am I! I-I-I was gonna make a big deal
out of checking my calendar, but, uh, I’m a man
who likes cats, so… we both know
I’m free. [ Chuckles ] Wait,
are you…done? Is she gonna
recycle now? Who cares, man?! We both love cats! The same breed of cats! Franklin:
He’s looking at her the same way
the FedEx guy looks at my mom.

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  1. The "You should see me with my blue eyeshadow" comment from Mimi was absolutely amazing. Definitely the best Cast From the Past all week.

  2. Probably one of only 2 times I clicked on this channel in months. And I don't even like the show all that much but I loved Mimi and Drew. Kate was the one that made me not watch. Can't stand her. Epitome of shallow and social privilege that desensitized her to lonely people. She once made fun of a woman for "not getting any."

  3. The Drew Carey Show was one of the most underrated yet awesomely relatable funny shows out there. Man do I miss it. Too bad boxed sets can't be released cause of so much use of iconic songs that make getting copyright permission impossible for the budget it has. Non Liberal down to earth Humor. The Best.

  4. Although itโ€™s incredibly rough that the Drew Carey show will probably never be fully Re-released in any physical or streaming service, Iโ€™m really happy that a good chunk of the cast got together again for this.

  5. OK. Ryan and Drew and Mimi were on this. Now i say we have a Drew Carey Show reunion on "WHo's line is it anyway?" because I'm pretty sure Deitrich Bader hasn't been on there. I remember when my mom pointed out the actress who plays Mimi. I was like "WHAT?!"

  6. Wish I could watch, Seing this clip' s like watchin Drew & Mimi get into it all over again & Oswald & Lewis standing there, basically watchin Drew Carey Show all over again but without the Cleveland ROCKS intro + Kate's missin, but this is ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘, think they stopped show ing Drew Carey Show on the channel laff, I think it should be added to Netflix, it's just season 1 on ๐Ÿ“€, along with a set of only 6 episodes want it for ๐ŸŽ„, we were watchin it 1 time & my ๐Ÿ‘ฉ said him & Kathy Kinney were real life friends.

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