It’s Still Your Bed — Gay Short Film

It’s Still Your Bed — Gay Short Film

Yes I did David, I told you when he moved in. No, you said he was staying in the guest room. That’s your mother’s office now. Didn’t you just spend an entire year in a dorm? Yes, that’s why I want my room back! Okay shhhhh, I just don’t want to hear any more about it, okay? Yes, sir. Good morning, Brent. Morning. This is David. Nice to meet you Nice to meet you. Well, you guys probably have roommate stuff you have to discuss so I’ll get out of your hair. Can we expect you for dinner tonight Brent? Yes, sir. Great, see you then. How’s it going? Not bad. Uh, you know, I can take the futon. No, no, no, you’re the guest. Are you sure? Yeah. I mean trust me, I owe you for taking all my farming chores for the summer. Well, thanks. Parents treating you well? Oh yeah, they’re great bosses. Very generous. Yeah “generous.” That is one word. Well, I’m gonna head out and go for a run. Oh, okay. I’ll see you later. See you. So you have finished beets on Friday, right? Yes, sir. Beets and cabbage. Great. So we’re on track for a Wednesday. I’m gonna start sowing the kale in the morning once I feed the sheep. Groovy. If you need me when I come back from town, I’ll be out in the back rebuilding the chicken coop with David. What? What? Yeah, did you think you’re gonna be off the hook all summer? No? Well, there you go. Oh, I’m sorry to interrupt you from your phone. I was just making plans with Steven. Oh, is he in town? No, he is in Phoenix for the summer with his girlfriend. Someone he met in college? Yeah. That’s too bad. It’s whatever. Have you met any girls in college? Obviously, I’ve met girls. Alright. Alright, I’ll change the subject. Sorry, didn’t mean to wake you. It’s okay. Oh my god, guess who just got engaged? Who? Katie. Tegan? No, Anderson. Are you serious, to who? Some guy from her church. Jesus, of course she did. Yeah, okay, look at these engagement photos. Is there a dog in every single one? Yeah! Wait, is that the guy your parents hired? Yeah, Brent. He’s hot! Right? I don’t know. And you get to share a room with him? That’s amazing. Ugh. You don’t have to be creepy about it. Well I just can’t believe you didn’t tell me how cute he is. Is he straight? I don’t know. He’s quiet so I can’t tell, but… Probably. Do you know when Steven’s coming home? I think this weekend. Are you gonna tell him? I don’t know, maybe. I know that you’re nervous, but I really don’t think he’s gonna care— Yeah, I know. I do want to tell him. I know. Yeah, man, that sounds awesome. Way more exciting than my life on the farm. Oh yeah? I mean, it’s cool. The family’s super nice. The town’s just boring as fuck. Well have you gotten laid yet? Nah. Not a lot of options here. Mrs. Cooper sounds like your type. That’s true. She’s not around too often though. Well you’ve still got time. Now’s when all the girls come home from college. Maybe. Well dude, you should come to Chicago. I can show you a good time. Yeah, I’ve got some money saved and can probably take some time off soon. Sweet, and we have a futon in the living room. Perfect. Yeah, I just wanna make sure we’re on the same page. In case you though something might happen. I didn’t. Yeah, I mean it’s all good. No hard feelings or anything. It’s just… we were just kids. You know? Yeah, it’s all good. Yeah. Anyway, I gotta get going. Yeah, me too, man. Let’s talk again soon, though. Yeah, see you. Hey. Hey. I can get off your bed. No you’re good. It’s still your bed. How was your night? Not bad. I was out, got bored, and came home. We could play something two player. I’m down with whatever. Fuck you. I’m not done. Fuck you! What the fuck! Mm, ha! Fuck this… Ow, fuck! Fuck! Yo, I still won, I still won! I’m gonna get ready for bed. You can keep playing as long as you want. I don’t mind. Okay. Fuck. So Steven, I just wanted to grab you before we leave… and talk to you about why I’ve been acting a little bit weird recently. And I told Emily about this and it actually brought us closer. And it actually might bring us closer It’s not a big deal. Well it’s not a big deal for you. It actually— Actually it is a big deal for me. It’s a really big deal. And what it is… Is… Hey man. Hey, what’s up? We’re heading over now. Be there in like 3 hours? Uh, you and Vanessa? Yeah, sorry about that. Change in plans. So I asked her to come with and meet you. Oh. Cool. But I need to get her back tomorrow night. So tomorrow won’t work anymore. You’re still free tonight, though, right? Yeah, definitely. And guess what we just picked up? Um, oh, I dunno… Uh… Rum? Close—It’s some weed. Pretty good stuff. Puts our high school supply to shame. Awesome. So I figure tonight once we get in, we’ll all just head over to the tower to light up? Yeah, sounds good. Sweet. I’ll see you soon. See ya. Bye. Hey Brent, me and my friends are gonna go smoke if you’re interested. Yeah sure! Weed or cigarettes? Weed. Nah, I’m good. I’ll take some more. Yo, do you remember the scavenger hunt out here? Yeah, until the “scorpion incident. “Scorpion incident?” What? Yeah, there was a lunchbox buried around here, and there was a scorpion in it. Oh my god, did it sting you? Well… No, it’s stung me. He screamed and then he threw the lunchbox at me. So that’s where you get your arachnophobia. Mm-hmm. Yeah, does he have you kill spiders all the time? All the time! Oh yeah. Yep. Whatever, dude, at least I wasn’t afraid of an imaginary fish. That was real. It was a piece of garbage. No. No, no, no, if you saw that fish you would not swim in that reservoir either. I mean that thing was like the size of a microwave. That was huge! A microwave? That’s not that big. Are you fucking with me? No, dude. I don’t know what type of fish you guys have in the ponds out here… But in the Mississippi, Microwave-sized is nothing. You ever heard of a paddlefish? Paddlefish? The fuck’s a paddlefish? No, look. My friend Greg caught one last year. Look. Oh! Shit! Is that photoshopped? Alright, let me see. Let me see. Holy shit, that’s insane. Fish are so fucking weird. You guys hungry? Didn’t we just eat? I need to eat something before bed. But we literally just eat before you got here. Are you guys down? I’m actually feeling kind of tired. I think I’m just gonna go to bed. Same Original Music by George Bjorvik

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  1. 15minutes of mindless manoeuvring before they share a bed. Most gays watching this will throw their arms up in the air in horror, comment on the coordinating tops or the whiney faghag and thank their lucky stars that life (gay/whatever) is way better than this and mercifully not so predictable.

  2. Wow I am impressed this short film was everything I just love how it started as they don’t know but when he does one little thing it turns out to be a great thing 10 out of 10! five stars 👍🏽 great job

  3. 8:11
    My sister: THATS GAY
    Me: iTs sUpPoSeD tO bE gAy dUmB aSs
    8:39 *gay thoughts kick in*
    Me: 🤣😂🤣😂

  4. One Kleenex holds two separate loads?? What is that Kleenex made from? I need several to clean up myself, and that is with me not being really horny. I call bogus!!! Plus, the Kleenex didn’t even look wet, much less soaked.

  5. 10:10
    Me: Oh My God! I can't believe! Damn! He do that! That's cool! And the other guy don't realize that. Wow! I need to calm down XD

  6. Next part pleasesssssssssssssssssssssssssSsssssssssssssssssssssssdssssssssssssssss😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  7. I liked this film
    Because and only because i see the true essence of love in it.
    It can be between tow men. Two girls. Or even with a non living thing. Or an animal.
    It is the essence of life and the source of power.
    Love is a vast different from sexuality
    I see love in this video and liked it and not because of the sexual gesture.

  8. So fking awesome, it reminds me my 2017-2018s, so tremulously and gently, love it.
    I also love chattings on grate distances so write me if u want 87019513221😅

  9. I mean I love how it ends but at the same time I dont really think it had a real message or purpose to it. I'm all about actually being able to see our kind of romance shown but it basically felt like an extended intro to a porno. No discredit to the actors tho.

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