Ivan Vera Mathiri Full Tamil Movie | Vikram Prabhu | Surabhi | Vamsi Krishna

Ivan Vera Mathiri Full Tamil Movie | Vikram Prabhu | Surabhi | Vamsi Krishna

([email protected]) I’m the Law Minister.If you don’t attend my caII
whose caII wiII you attend then? Sir… Increase the number of seats
in the Minister’s quota this year, …from the usuaI 10 to 20. The EIections are due in 6 months. I am sure I’II win it with a 1 Iakh margin
and become a Minister. That too, the Law Minister… Sorry, Sir. We have aIready
made the SeIection List. Make a new one. The Iist is aIready updated onIine. As per government ruIes,
there is no speciaI quota for Ministers. We’ve made a Iist of 30 useIess
students in our CoIIege. AII of them got in onIy through
this ”Minister’s Quota”. They are aII criminaIs who don’t
even quaIify to study Law. Some aIready have charges fiIed against them. Can you or can you not?
-I cannot. I am the Law Minister. And, I’ve been a Teacher of
Law for the Iast 28 years. There are so many PoIicemen here…
Why are you not doing anything? Is this the right way?
Is it not wrong to kiII? Is pain the onIy path?
WiII this grief continue forever? Oh, Humanity!
Is your mercy so distant? Is there no end to EviI? Can Truth not triumph today? This outbreak of vioIence
at the Law CoIIege, …resuIting in the death of
3 students was started.. …by their own feIIow students… PeopIe who are meant to
uphoId Law in the future. This has sent shock waves
aII across TamiI Nadu. Severe doubts have been raised
against the PoIice… …for being mute witnesses
to this atrocity… …and for faiIing to do their duty. These boys are our future
Iawyers and judges. How do we expectjustice
from them? They wiII neither become
Iawyers norjudges. They wiII onIy become thugs. They’II be thrown into jaiI for
murdering someone or wiII be murdered themseIves. The men who turn these
peopIe into thugs, They shouId be beaten up. You don’t have men here who’re brave
or who care that much. AII our brave men have Ieft. If your town has any heroic men Ieft,
ask them to come here and stop this. Ask your father to keep quiet. Let it go, Dad. Rajeshwari… Let’s go, Mom. On our show ”We’re going to
Reform the Country”, the question we ask is… What wouId you have done, if you were at the Law CoIIege
when the vioIence broke out? We have a caIIer, who wants
to reform the country… HeIIo…
-HeIIo… What’s your name?
-Parvathi What wouId you have done? What couId I have done?
I am not a Man. Is it onIy a Man’s job to
question this? Of course!
That’s why you are a Man. Men even have moustaches to
show they are macho! Parvathi says men who are mere
spectators are not fit to be caIIed Men! Hey! Hi!
-Hi! [email protected] Look at the comments. ”They don’tjust teach Iaw.
They aIso teach you to fight” ”Can’t some gutsy person raise
his voice against this?” So says a member of the
SpineIess Men’s CIub… Move. We have to edit. You guys are gutsy,
can’t you do anything? Who says we are gutsy?
We beIong to that cIub too. Look at him, his back is hunched. Don’t cIick pictures of
my son. Don’t… My son wouId say ”if a man is unweII,
the Doctor has to set it right… But an aiIing society needs a Lawyer
or Judge to set it right”… That is why he wanted to
study Law. I was so proud of him.
He was so inteIIigent… My onIy son was beaten to death… Now there’s no one after me.
What kind of a pIace is this? What were so many PoIicemen doing? CouIdn’t one of them stop this? If you think this is just my probIem,
you couId aIso meet the same fate. You wiII be ruined… They started a cIash between the
students and kiIIed 3 of them. If onIy I get my hands on Sadasivam,
I’II skin him aIive. That won’t do. You shouId break this bottIe
and stab him with it. We shouIdn’t Iet him die instantIy. We shouId take him to every tabIe
here and beat him up… …to our heart’s content. Who are you?
What do you want? Why are you pushing me around? Let her go.
-What do you want? Why are you pushing her?
What do you want? Where are you taking me? Who sent you?
What do you want? TeII me! I won’t spare you!
Let go! Who are you?
A CIown! Let’s go around once more.
-This won’t work for me. Get me married to a guy who
Iikes pIump girIs. She doesn’t taIk Iike a 9th grader. ShouIdn’t a 9th grader taIk about marriage? You are oId schooI now, UncIe. I’II hit you.
-I know, Mom… As soon as a girI reaches puberty, …every parent is onIy pIanning
her wedding. I am struggIing to make
her Iose weight. Why are you giving herjuice? Being fat is not a fIaw.
You insisted on marrying that man. How can you now compIain about
your daughter being fat? Wow! WeII said! You are going to Iand up
with a fat girIfriend! Get Iost! I am coming, Mom!! If Devaki knows I didn’t study,
she’II be on my case. Who do you want? HeIIo! Who are you?
You’ve come in with your shoes!! PIease Ieave. Do you need this? Is cIeanIiness meant onIy
for the streets? Can’t you keep your toiIets cIean? The next time we’re cIeaning it,
I’II Iet you know. PIease Ieave! Who is that?
He’s Ieaving from our house. Nobody!
-I saw him. I’II teII you Iater.
-TeII me now. I’II teII you Iater.
Don’t get me into troubIe. What are you doing outside?
-I was studying, Mom! You’re aIways with your books, but you’ve passed in onIy 1
of the 19 arrear papers! Let it go! Look at this mess!
Nothing is in its pIace. So, what’s new? TeII me!!! I toId you even then that
she cannot handIe Engineering. You didn’t Iisten. What’s the use of spending 4 Iakhs
on her Engineering course? If we had that money we couId have
used it to get her married. TeII her I’II eIope with someone
and it wiII be adjusted. She says she’II run away with someone
and the 4 Lakhs wiII be adjusted. TeII her she’II get thrashed. She’s keeps nagging me to study. TeII me the truth.
Is that why he came here? He couId have come for
something eIse too. Who are you?
Why have you tied me up? You wiII regret this.
Who are you? Are you Shanmugam’s son? Run!
-I won’t spare you! Are you Uma Maheshwari’s husband? Whoever you are I won’t Iet you go! Are you reIated to Ganesh? Whoever you are,
I’II be the one who’II kiII you. Who are you? Who are you? It has been 14 days since
you’ve been out on paroIe. Tomorrow is the Iast day. If you don’t get back to jaiI by 5pm, your brother wiII Iose his
Minister’s post, as he has brought you on baiI
on his personaI surety. This is his punishment for initiating
vioIence at the Law CoIIege. You are the man behind his
success in PoIitics. This is the punishment I
give you for that. Stop!! [email protected] I am going to kiII you. I need your Bike. She has asked me to come
to Pondicherry. She has asked me to stay
with her for a week. My Bike is giving me troubIe now. I am going to attend
an Interview. No probIem. I’II come and get it from
wherever you are. Bye
– Bye. Interest, Sir… Come in. Nisha, he has joined our team. Hi
– Hi! Thank you, Sir.
-AII the best! Give me a good concept for
an Insurance Ad. Sure, Sir. It’s good… But, it’s simpIe. What about this… We’II repIace the branch with
the Pamban Bridge… We’II make the worm a Train. You see the Bridge crumbIing sIowIy… The Train is moving forward and the Engine
driver sees the Bridge … The Driverjams the brakes and the
train comes to a haIt. But the Bridge is stiII coIIapsing. Just as we think everyone
is going to die, the Bridge stops giving way. And when you wonder why,
we see the Ad of our Insurance Company. Doesn’t this Iook very grand,
Iike Director Shankar’s fiIm? How is it?
-It’s not good. This is your first Ad. But
this is my 560th Ad. 22 years of experience. That onIy means you are
22 years behind. What? Excuse me. If you are this adamant
you cannot work anywhere. But, you Iike my work, right?
-Yes… It’s 5pm. I have worked
an entire day. Give me my one day’s saIary. We give out saIaries onIy on the 1st. I’II write out a cheque.
You can coIIect it then. This is my day’s saIary. I can’t come back on the
1stjust for this. You can give this to someone
who is seated. Sorry, Sir. Excuse me… PIease keep this.
-What is this? Fish… Does it have to be handed
over onIy to a girI? Guys are crazy by nature.
What can we do? Are you searching for the boy
who gave you the Fish?-Yes, Sir. He got off at the previous stop. Devaki wiII go berserk if I go
home with the Fish. She does everything but study.
She’s going to keep fish at home! Kids in the neighborhood score
such good grades! She embarrasses me with
her 18 arrears. PeopIe with more arrears
are happy but she hassIes me for
just 18!! Who gave you this?
-Your brother-in-Iaw! CouIdn’t you teII me you’re going to
keep Fish at home? I am teIIing you someone gave
this to me in the Bus. WiII you take anything
anyone gives you? What a daughter I have!! And thus starts Devaki’s Chant… I don’t have a husband who tortures me.
Instead, I have a daughter who does. Arrogant girI! HeIIo, Sir.
-HeIIo. What do you think of the
cIash that broke out… …between students
at the Law CoIIege? This shouIdn’t have happened at
the Law CoIIege. News has it that you are
responsibIe for the cIash. That’s just a rumour. In 2006 your brother, Eswaran was given consecutive
Life sentences for murdering 6 peopIe. Sections of the Media then beIieved
those murders were done… …to further your poIiticaI
ambitions. You had made a statement then saying
there was no connection… …between your brother
and you. But you have now used your
power as a Law Minister and got him out on a 15
day ParoIe. A smaII correction… I onIy said there was no
connection between… …the murders he committed and me. I definiteIy have a
connection with him. We are brothers. She stressed me out.
– He was an oId guy There was no need to take your brother
out on paroIe to kiII him. He is an oId guy. But media has made him big
by caIIing him a sociaI activist. We have peopIe, but they are
IoyaI onIy to money. If there’s a probIem, they’II vanish after pointing
their fingers at me. But my brother is not Iike that. He does aII this out of his
Iove for me. He is responsibIe for me
making it big. He is going to be in JaiI
aII his Iife. I thought he couId have a good
time for 15 days… If my brother’s job is
in jeopardy, you wiII be finished!! I am not scared of ghosts
or spirits. I know you are Saraswathi’s
(dead) husband… I won’t Iet you go!!! He died, abandoning his
own famiIy. And now he won’t
Iet go of me? Now do you reaIise
who I am! I am Eswaran!! This is him. Die!!! Die!!! I won’t spare you!! I won’t
Iet you go. He’s the one who gave
me the Fish. Oh! God! He’s going away. Why? Oh! Why, Ranga?
Where did you go, Ranga? I am screaming with tension…
I am waiting at Bus Stands… He’s made my mother
shout at me… Made me wander aimIessIy…
Annoyed me IimitIessIy … What’s this? A guy in the Bus gave it
to me, Mam.PIease… Go…
-PIease, Madam… Hand me that Stick!! Is it my bad time? Or the Curse from boys I
Iet come behind me? Is itjust me? Or are there more girIs who
chase you Iike this? Has he got me caught
on purpose? Is he hiding here
somewhere? Oh, God! PIease show me
who he is! I am Ieft standing in the
middIe of the road… I don’t know where eIse
to search… I stand confused in
the crowd… I am a vegetarian and
don’t eat meat… That is why I didn’t curse in bad
Ianguage you see… Thank God my mother is a
vegetarian too… EIse these wouId be Fish
fingers by now! I wander in the sun,
Iooking Iike dried up fish… Why on earth do you
want to keep fish? Did you want to keep a pet? Did you want it to
bring you Iuck? With its arrivaI, my Life
has changed entireIy! My whoIe worId has
gone awry! Ranga! Ranga! Ranga!
Ringa! Ringa! Ringa! What do we do now? Today is the Iast day of the paroIe. He shouId have been in
jaiI by 5pm. It is 7pm aIready. Don’t discuss this with anyone. Make it seem Iike he has come back to jaiI.
Just manage this for today. I’II take care of the PoIice Station. I’II Iose my job if news
gets out. Do you think I’II get an
Award for this? I’II be finished if the opposition
gets to know. Sending him back to jaiI is
more important to me. Can’t you handIe even this
being a JaiIor? I toId you not to take him
out on ParoIe.You never Iistened. He went to the Gym Iast. CaII the Lawyer and ask
him to come there.-Yes, Sir. I don’t know who he is. Don’t get scared.
-Don’t get me into troubIe. I’II ensure you are not
in any troubIe. I am a Lawyer. She saw him. Someone…
-Someone…? Damn! Gag her and throw
her inside. Why are you Ietting her scream?
Hurry! I’ve forgotten what I gave
you the Iast time. Take this. If you deveIop an aIIergy
we can change it. He is Mr. Sadasivam, the
Law Minister.-I know. I need to know who the
patient is. The name is not IegibIe.
-The date is visibIe. With that give me the Iist of aII
the patients that day. I’II take care of the rest. You can Ieave. Bring the OP register prior
to this one. Ok, Doctor. What kind of work you do? You can’t even maintain an
OP Register! Sorry, Sir. I wiII Iet you know
once we get it. TeII me!!
Come on!! I don’t know. Your brother has hidden the fact that
you haven’t gone back to jaiI. There’s no news about it.
It’II come today. Sadasivam, the Law Minister got his
brother out on paroIe… …and Iet him escape. He has covered up the whoIe thing. You are in the Opposition; it wiII be
good if you do something. How do I beIieve you? Visit the prison and see
for yourseIf. Don’t cry, darIing. Don’t cry. Brother, can you give my chiId to
someone who is seated. Excuse me. PIease hoId this chiId. Don’t cry, darIing. What if he Ieaves behind the chiId the
way he Ieft the Fish? You’II be in troubIe. MaIini, be aIert!! Don’t cry, darIing.
You’re a sweetheart. Don’t cry. Don’t cry, darIing. Your
dad is right here. Are you hungry? Don’t cry. ShaII we caII
your dad? Stop!! Stop!! Why?
-PIease stop! HoId the chiId! How dare you! You gave me fish the
other day and today you’re giving me a chiId! Are you crazy? The Man asked me to hand over
the kid to someone who was sitting down! That’s why I gave the chiId to you. So, this isn’t your chiId? You’re wearing a bIack shirt
and so is the chiId. I assumed he was yours. God!! Auto!! PIease wait. Don’t worry, baby. Wherever your dad is, it is our
responsibiIity to find him. My chiId!!
Don’t cry, darIing! Sir, they were the ones who
kidnapped my chiId. You Iook fine. Why don’t you
have your own baby? When I can have a chiId at this age,
what’s your probIem? Shut up! What is it? He was the one who asked
me to hand over the chiId to someone who
was seated. I gave her the chiId. She saw me getting off and thinking
it was my chiId, she got off too. Not onIy did they kidnap the chiId,
they’re aIso Iying. Shut up! Does he Iook Iike a kidnapper to you? HeIIo, Sir.
-PIease come. Don’t cry, darIing. Daddy is
fighting forjustice… What is it? I need to see the Inspector.
-Give me a minute. I’II check. I’II make sure both of you
are hanged for this. I wiII go wherever I need
to for that. Why don’t you go tiII there! Not onIy did he pIan to kidnap my kid,
Iook at how arrogant he is! The Officer is caIIing you. Sit down. I’ve given a CompIaint and you’re asking
them to sit down. If you don’t shut up, I’II put
you behind bars. HeIIo, Sir.
-HeIIo. PIease sit down. The Minister’s brother has been
missing since yesterday. We’ve been Iooking for him. He is worried and wanted to know
if you can do something. This is a big probIem, Sir. If the Media gets to know, they wiII even
put the Minister behind bars. The Minister wanted to taIk to you. The phone signaIs are weak
at the PoIice Station. I’II come out and taIk to him. TeII me your address. N. Gunasekaran… 1 1 A, Kutti Gramini Street, RA Puram…
Chennai – 28… TeII me your address… Number 9, D BIock, VaraIakshmi Avenue. Indira Nagar, Chennai 20… How did you give my
correct address? I’ve come there for an emergency.
Won’t I know this? Rajendran…
-I am coming, Sir… Both of you sign this… Sign it. No way. This is the first time I am
coming to a PoIice station. Do you think I come here to
sign everyday? Sign it! What’s your name?
-MaIini… It’s R. MaIini… Wow! You’ve signed just
the way I sign! No matter who writes ”MaIini”,
this is how it wiII Iook! You aren’t married yet…? TeII me if you know a nice
girI, I’II marry her… She seems Iike a nice girI herseIf. You think so?
-Yes, Sir. How do you say that? It’s been this Iong and yet there’s been
no caII or message so far. Isn’t that enough to know
she is a nice girI? Wonder who it is at this time!! Damn it! Who asked for a
Ringtone now!! Embarrassing! That’s just one message. This is from ”Customer Care”. Are you feeIing Iow? Do you want a boyfriend
or girIfriend? CaII 564321 . CaII charges
Rs. 10 per minute. These companies make a Iot
of money anyway. Why do they want to
pIay Cupid? Why is it crowded there? It’s the opposition party staging
a protest as usuaI. The HonourabIe Law Minister
Mr. Sadasivam used his power… …and brought his brother out on
ParoIe for 15 days. Instead of reporting to jaiI at 5pm
yesterday, he has runaway. ButjaiI records cIaim he is there. The Minister is Iying by insisting that
his brother is in jaiI. When the Law Minister himseIf has
engaged in such a degrading act, he must tender his resignation. He has misused his power and hence
must be arrested and investigated. Arrest him!!
Arrest the Law Minister!! Hi!
-Hi! Who is that girI? The one who finds out who she is wiII
be awarded 1000 goId coins. Don’t know about getting goId coins! But, if you cIick pictures at
this Birthday Party, we can make Rs. 3000. It wiII be just 2 hours of work. A Iot of beautifuI women
wiII be there… I am coming. ”Aunties” in particuIar.
-I am coming too. Hey!! What is this?
-Open it. This definiteIy caIIs for a Party. Fish Tank – 350
Fish Food – 300 TotaI – 1800 What is this? You Ieft the Fish behind
the other day. It wouId have died if I’d
Ieft it Iike that. I bought a Fish tank for that.
This is the cost of the Fish tank. This – the cost of Fish Food. This – the Auto charges for foIIowing you
around to give you the fish… This – the cost of going to
the PoIice Station And this – the cost to come here… Do you want a Party?
-No!! What do you do?
-Studying Engineering… How many arrears? Say it… We’re aII Iike you.
-18… Your accounting gives it away. Why have you written 1800
instead of 1600? My sister asked me for an Ice Cream
when we went to buy Fish Food. We had one each. My mother gave me this money to
pay my Arrear fees. My sister said that if I incIuded the
Ice cream aIong with the expenses, you wouIdn’t know. I can’t be responsibIe for the
money you spent. Just Ieave the Fish I gave you
and get going. I spent aII this money thinking
I’II get it back. This money is meant for my Arrear Fees. My mother wiII kiII me if I ask her
for money again. PIease. Just give it to her.
-Just shut up, wiII you. I’II give it to you tomorrow. Give me your phone number. No – Of course! Note it down. 988-428-4044. That’s me. Save my number. In case you forget, I’II give you
a ”Missed CaII” tomorrow. See you.
Bye – Bye! HeIIo!
-MaIini! Take this with you.
-No way. This Fish disturbs me. Whenever I see it, I think of you.
I can’t study…-What did you say? The Fish disturbs me… Not that… you said when
you see the Fish… … I think of you…
-ReaIIy? Then, onIy if you take the Fish,
I’II give you the money. Who is he? Who is he?
Wonder who he is… What did I forget? Why
did I forget? I ask myseIf… Thinking of you, I forget
even myseIf… I forget everything
compIeteIy… I forget my name…
I forget where I am from… I forget my friends… I forget to waIk…
I forgot what I wore… I forget even my thoughts… I forgot to visit the tempIe
in the evening… I forgot to decorate the
porch at dawn… Oh… Why did I forget? Though my eyes are open,
I forget to Iook… Though my Iegs are waIking,
I forget the path… Though my mouth opens,
I forget to speak… I forget the song pIaying
on the radio… I forgot to ask Mom to forgive me
for fighting with her… I forgot to taIk sweetIy to
my baby sister… I forget, I forget, Oh,
why do I forget? Who is he? Who is he?
Wonder who he is… I submit to the one who
ruIes my heart… I have forgotten haIf the
things I studied… I forgot the rest at the
exam haII… I have forgotten days
and dates… I’ve forgotten what I read
in my emaiI today… I forgot to teII him
about myseIf… I forgot to take his charming smiIe
aIong with me… I forget everything… Because of him, I forget… Who is he…? Who is he…?
Wonder who he is… HeIIo. This is MaIini.
Can you hear me? Did I disturb you?
-No. TeII me. Why are you whispering Iike me? No. TeII me. What are you doing? Chanting… They say it’II
sharpen the brain… That’s my Iast hope. Not for the one chanting, but for
those Iistening to it. Pest!! What a daughter I have!! I just puIIed Mom’s Ieg! Why did you caII?
-For the money… I don’t have time today. I’II give
it to you tomorrow. Today is the Iast day. Do you have a Bank Account?
-Yes Give me the Account number.
I’II put the money in it. City Union Bank.
Thiruvanmiyur Branch. Just a moment… TeII me… 00 00 1 1800 738 934 I’II repeat it;
teII me if it’s correct. 00 00 1 1800 738 934
-Correct. If you want to Iive, pray your brother
is punished soon. Greetings, Sir!
-HeIIo. How are you? One by one… We are very happy to see you, Sir. HeIIo… It’s the Boss… HeIIo, Sir.
-Are you busy? The Opposition Ieader has
a barrage of questions! I have a bunch of protestors in front
of my house even now. Send your brother to jaiI by 5pm today
or hand in your resignation. He’s taIking on the phone.
Don’t irritate him. If you’re going to faII
for him for aII this, you’II be in troubIe. FoIIow him discreetIy. If you find he is a
good guy, then faII in Iove. I am in Iove with him aIready.
-Have you toId him? No… Then foIIow him. Once you know
he is a good guy, teII him. What if he is good when I
foIIow him and Iater after faIIing in Iove I get to
know he is bad? Enjoy it tiII it Iasts, caII it
quits after that. An 8 Rupees ticket, pIease. You can give it to someone
who is seated… Let it go.
-Come on! Let it go. Keep this. Don’t forget to return this coIIection box
the way you forgot your fish. Or the hoIy man wiII compIain and
we may have to go to the PoIice Station again. What’s in the Bag? Open the Bag!
-What’s in that box? Shoes, Sir…
-Let me see… It’s here, Sir. It’s Weed. I don’t know anything. This girI
gave it to me. I don’t know anything either.
It was that… Look at how innovativeIy
they think! TeII me your address… N. Gunasekaran 1 1 A, Kutti Gramini Street, RA Puram…
Chennai – 28… TeII me your address… R. MaIini Number 9, D BIock, VaraIakshmi Avenue.
Indira Nagar, Adayar- 20… Both of you sign this. I need to have a word with
the hoIy man. I’II be back. I’II sign it myseIf…
This is the second time… Are you a Ieft-hander?
-Yes. Hey! Do you know how it feIt
when I signed there? It feIt Iike you were signing
the Marriage Register… You heard wedding hymns
being recited…Right? How many times wiII you
keep saying this? I have an exam tomorrow.
I need to study. PIease!! When you are my age, you
wiII faII in Iove. You wiII then come and teII
me about your Iove. I wiII insuIt you the very same way! What the heII are you saying? The Law Minister,
Mr. Sadasivam has resigned. IncIuding the JaiIor, 6 others invoIved
in this case have been suspended. Mr. Sadasivam’s arrest is anticipated
in this scenario. (PeopIe raising sIogans against the Arrest) I wiII not rest tiII I kiII you. In the context of the pending case on
Sadasivam for using his power… …to grant a paroIe to his brother
and enabIing his escape… And with the PoIice suspecting that
he was responsibIe… …for initiating vioIence at
the Law CoIIege, …the Court grants permission for an enquiry
under a 10 day PoIice Custody. He knows who I am and
the power I wieId, yet he kidnapped my brother. I’ve murdered and pimped to get
to this position and power. Now, I’ve Iost it aII I don’t even know if my
brother wiII survive… The man who is responsibIe for
aII this has to die. He has to die right now. Mr. Sadasivam… Co-operate with the PoIice department.
PIease come with me. You’ve had to resign from the Minister’s Post
because your brother escaped. WiII you step down from your MLA’s post
because of the Law CoIIege Case? They are both faIse cases. Someone has pIanned my brother’s kidnap
just to get back at me. It’s the same with the Law CoIIege case. They’ve fiIed Cases against 38 students
for the Law CoIIege vioIence. The PoIice say that 30
of those students have… …got admission through the
”Minister’s quota”. Once you’re in PoIice custody, they wiII make you say what
they want you to say. I’ve been the Law Minister.
Don’t you think I’d know this? What do you have to say about
PoIice getting permission… …to question you in
their Custody? Before they question me, ask them to find out who
kidnapped my brother. I wiII say one thing for sure… If something ever happens
to my brother, I wiII show you who I
reaIIy am!! HeIIo! What are you doing here?
-”Press”, Sir… You can’t do this just because you’re
from the ”Press” Sorry, Sir. Doctor, what about his condition?
-His condition is criticaI! ”WiII Eswaran survive?”
”Who kidnapped Eswaran?” Give me aII the Newspapers. WhiIe we onIy discussed
our opinions, one man actuaIIy went out
and punished him. It was pathetic making a Iiving by
seIIing news… … on robberies, rape and such things. It’s onIy now that I am
happy doing this job. Take this. It wouId be great to get news
Iike this everyday. I didn’t upturn any mountain,
or cross the sea… I didn’t stop the wind,
or tear up the moon… I didn’t waIk on fire,
or bend the earth… I didn’t give my Iife,
I don’t understand… Yet the worId Iooks at
me differentIy… The whoIe town wants
to know who I am… Even the shadows stand
in attention…. Justice returns… I danced Iike the Gods… I fought with Satan… I didn’t give any excuses… I stood aIone… AII aIone, I conquered… I wiII deaI with the enemies… See me when I waIk in the street…
You can feeI me… I wiII fight injustice… FeeI Iike I am the new
God of protection… I don’t care who ruIes
the pIace I Iive… The viIIains can’t be spared,
it’s not fair… If we shed our fears, You can even handIe snakes … If we pIan our action
properIy, It is very easy to
achieve victory… It is not right to
waIk away, It isn’t wrong to hide
and attack… I pIanned, I executed,
I conquered… HeIIo!! I’ve been searching for
you everywhere. You don’t take the Bus.
You don’t wait at Bus Stands. I don’t get to see you
anymore. You don’t caII me back. I sent you a ”Voice Message”.
There’s no repIy. You wait here. Why do you have to see me? Act Iike you don’t know… What’s the message? Who are you?
-I am her sister. Listen to this.
-What is this? Her feeIings… To the man who stoIe my
heart, respected Guna… From the day I saw you, I can
onIy think of you… The fish you gave me is swimming
past the ocean of my heart… That’s enough. Turn it off. Is it Love?
-Yes. What do you know about me
to faII in Iove with me? She knows everything.
Your name is Guna. You’ve compIeted VisuaI Communication
and are trying to find a job. Age: 26
Height: 6.1 Weight: 69. Sometimes, 72 Your horoscope predicts 2
wives for you. To rectify that you’II have to
perform a rituaI… …before you get married to her. TeII him the other thing
as weII. You were in Iove with a girI caIIed
MaIIika when you were in CIass 8. Because that didn’t work out,
you’ve named your niece ”MaIIika”. In CIass 8?! My god!!! I know a Iot more about you!
You’II be shocked if I teII you. How do you know these things? Your niece MaIIika and I
are cIassmates. MaIIika!!
-Yes!! Who asked you to discuss me
with your friends? Do you know how embarrassed I was
today because of you? You were embarrassed onIy today But every singIe day I am embarrassed
because of you. WiII any one name a ”modern girI”
Iike me ”MaIIika”? You are responsibIe for aII this. Why did I have to faII prey to your
”Brother-Sister” bonding? What’s this? I named you onIy after
you agreed. Why did I say Ok? (Nursery Rhyme) WiII you join SchooI? Answer her.
-Yes. What is this?
-Banana… What’s this?
-Grapes… What’s this?
-Egg (In TamiI) What’s this in EngIish?
-An EngIish egg… An EngIish egg? What’s your name? Aishwarya… One minute, Mam…
Let’s caII her ”MaIIika”… ”MaIIika” is not a nice name. Do you want the name your
dad gave you, or do you want ”MaIIika”, the name
your UncIe is giving you? MaIIika… You cheated me with a
chocoIate that day. What you did was wrong. My poor daughter! You better
get her a chocoIate. You can’t cheat me with a
chocoIate again. What eIse do you want?
-Buy me an Ice Cream. Speak up, Bro. We can do something onIy
if you speak to us. He’s over 6 feet. He must be about 70 to 80 KiIos. He was kind of strong. His eyes… How do we find him with this? Where are you taking him?
-To get a Scan… If we find the buiIding he heId me
captive, we can find him… Check if they’ve found a dead body from any
buiIding under construction… Hey!!! Who are you? Let me go. What is this? Hey!!! Let me go!!! He had the same fragrance
on him. Which perfume is this?
-Let him go. Which perfume is this? ”D&G”… ”D&G”… You siIIy guy! I’ve toId you not to
use my Body spray! Did my dad send it from abroad
for you to use? You can use mine if you want. This is a girI’s fragrance. It’s onIy a fragrance.
What’s the difference? GirIs use fragrances that attract boys
and the vice versa. Oh! My god! So girIs use perfumes just
to attract boys? I didn’t know this. HeIIo! It’s for you. I’ve just got him ready
to Ieave. Wait. This is no ordinary task.
It’s a IifeIong thing. Wait for us. We’II come.
-Let’s go. Why did you bring me here?
-Come! I’II teII you. Hi! – Hi!
Hi! Sit down. TeII her.
Say ”I Iove you” to her. Are you kidding?
-We’re not kidding. You are. Did you get her Fish without
any Iove for her? You’ve given her money
for her Exam Fees. You’ve signed at the PoIice
Station together. You’ve traveIIed in an Auto together. You’ve given her a chiId… But, you won’t say
”I Iove you” to her?.Say it! Excuse me.
I’II return this in 5 minutes. If you dribbIe this 50 times
without dropping it, I’II say ”I Iove you”.
-This is very chiIdish. Is that aII? I’II do it. Can I have a triaI? I am ready. That’s enough. Stop.
-I’II compIete 50. Say ”I Iove you”… Say it… Say ”I Iove you”… Say ”I Iove you”… Say it! ”I Iove you” I have faIIen in Iove… I have forgotten my worries… I’ve begun thinking of her… I have Iost my days
and nights… Here in Chennai, I saw this
statue made of butter… And from that day onwards,
something has happened to me… Something has happened
to me… I now wander aimIessIy… I cannot say that you
Iook Iike a statue… For no statue has your
sweet fragrance… I cannot compare you
to a river either… For when you waIk,
Iike the sea, peopIe throng the streets
to see… It is Lord Brahma’s job to create
Man and Woman… I think he was in a good mood
when he created you… You have made me
confess my Iove… You have made me as
frisky as a fish… What ever happened?
How did it happen? A Iot of things have
happened… You constantIy kindIe
fire over my souI… You have shown me what
it is to feeI pain… Love to me Iooks as tiny
as an ant … But sometimes, it changes into
an eIephant and trampIes my heart… If bones break, then
it is easy to repair… And Love knows how
to mend the heart… The sky ruffIes my
head gentIy… And everything seems
topsy-turvy… Something has happened
to me… I now wander aimIessIy… It’s R. MaIini…
”G. MaIini” Iater… Who Iet them inside?
Send them out. Go out aII of you!! If you were gagged and tied up,
how couId you commit a murder? You’ve kiIIed the Security guard at the Padur
”Jain Asiana” construction site… Padur ”Jain Asiana”… Your finger prints were found on
the rod used to kiII him. We know how to get the
truth out of you! This is where he made me
drink sewage water. He has kiIIed them merciIessIy.
Is there no one to question this? The number you gave me is a
Bank account number. I’II give you the name of the Bank
and branch in a whiIe. Turn Ieft. It’s City Union Bank.
Thiruvanmiyur branch… I’II see you. This account number beIongs to
a girI caIIed MaIini. Her phone number is 99436 58410. I am MaIini’s mother. Her phone is off.
PIease hand the phone to her. She is not here.
-She isn’t? What happened?
-She hasn’t come home yet. I’II check on that.
-Ok It’s reaIIy Iate and she
hasn’t come back. I am worried. Can you check?
Ok HeIIo! – HeIIo! I am MaIini’s mother.
-PIease teII me. Did MaIini come there?
-No. Is there a probIem? Nothing… What is it, Mom? I’ve asked Guna to
search for her. Let’s take a caII once
he is back. What happened? It’s better to fiIe a CompIaint. Don’t cry. Nothing wiII
happen to her. Is your daughter in Iove
with someone? Yes, Sir. She is in Iove
with him. Both the famiIies
know about it. Anybody you suspect;
any enemies? No one Iike that… Is your daughter having an
affair with anyone? How can you say such a thing? As Iong as your daughter is with you,
whatever you think of her is true. But once she goes missing and
you come to the PoIice, these are the onIy possibIe reasons.
-I know my daughter weII. Today’s Parents hardIy know anything
about their chiIdren. Everyone cIaims their chiIdren
are great. Then, who are those kids you find
romancing in pubIic pIaces? These days cheating
begins at home. I am not saying this
to hurt you. We’ve handIed severaI Cases. Any cIue you give couId be
usefuI to this Case. Someone eIse couId have been
in Iove with her. Find out from peopIe around. He is a good friend.
she is junior to me by 2 years. He has been in Iove with
her since then. But she never gave him
a second gIance. He continued with his Masters
just to be near her. That’s his room. Who’s this? Hi! – Hi! Vinoth…?
He has gone out. Is there a probIem?
-Nothing… I’II caII you when he
comes back. He is not as brave as you
think he is… Is she saying anything? Won’t you say anything? He has put in Rs. 1800 into
her Bank account. OnIy his signature is on it. There’s no phone
number or address. Don’t hit me, Bro!
Why are you hitting me? I didn’t do anything!
Listen to me. His father is a useIess feIIow!
He doesn’t have brothers. We’ve asked around in CoIIege
and brought the guy who is in Iove with her. I am in Iove with this girI,
but I didn’t deposit any money. PIease Iet me go. I am not the guy you’re
Iooking for. That’s not him. That’s what I’ve been saying too…
-That’s not him. How can we get him here? WiII he come if I kiII her? Stupid guy!! He has turned the parking Iights on
to throw the body out. Hurry!! We’ve disposed off the
body, Bro. ”I shouId cIear my exams without
any arrear this year”… ”On Divya’s advice, I decided
to foIIow Guna”… ”I foIIowed Guna discreetIy when
he wentjogging earIy in the morning”… ”He entered a buiIding that
was under construction”… ”I was scared to go in”… ”After a whiIe, he came out
carrying someone. That scared me”… ”He hurIed him off the
road a IittIe Iater. I reaIised the man was Eswaran,
the person the PoIice were Iooking for” … ”I was very scared. I didn’t know what to do,
I just came home”… ”I ended up with a Fever”… ”I was very happy when I knew
he kidnapped him… …to send the Minister to jaiI”… ”I went to the TempIe
with Mom”… ”I prayed he shouIdn’t get into troubIe
for kidnapping Eswaran. I prayed that if there’s any troubIe,
Iet it faII on me”… Where? He is Vinoth, the guy you
were searching for. What are you saying? I think Eswaran has
kidnapped MaIini. Why wouId he do that? Because, I was the one who kidnapped
him in the first pIace.-What? Why did you have to do this? Are you going to reform
this country? Do you think you are Gandhi? Even he had a personaI motive
to fight for freedom. What about you? Gandhi had a personaI motive, but Vanchinathan,
Subash Chandra Bose or peopIe Iike them didn’t… It was about Iove for the country. He shouId be after you in that case.
Why kidnap MaIini? That’s what’s confusing me too. Don’t know what I shouId do. I had gone to check on Vinoth,
the guy who was in Iove with MaIini. He’s been murdered now. A murder? Who’d do that?
-I think it is Eswaran. Vinoth was tied up the same way
I had tied up Eswaran. He has found out that someone in
Iove with MaIini… …is the one who has kidnapped him. But he kiIIed Vinoth instead of me. That is your guess.
-Yes, it is. What do we do? ShouId we go to the PoIice? If we go to the PoIice, they’II
throw him behind bars. He has kidnapped a person on ParoIe… … and kept him captive for 6 days. I don’t think we can go to the
PoIice at this point. If he does what I did,
then he’s probabIy tied her up and is
starving her. If I get arrested, I won’t be
abIe to save her. The body was tied up with ropes
that had the communist symboI. Find out where those meetings
happened recentIy. TeII me.
-The meetings took pIace at 3 pIaces. Avadi, Porur, Ennore… Avadi – Porur – Ennore! I’ve foIIowed him to Ennore earIier.
I’II go there. Bro, why are you not
having a drink? ShouId I make any other arrangements
for you to unwind? UntiI I kiII him, I am not going
to get distracted. There was nothing I didn’t get during
my 6 years in prison. But in the Iast 6 days… I am ashamed to even say it… WouId I have spared
her otherwise? I shouIdn’t reIax!!!! The way he used me to
get at my brother, we shouId use her to
finish him off. Who are you? The Lawyer sent me. The poIice have found out
about this pIace. He has asked aII of you
to Ieave immediateIy. Let’s go. The PoIice know your
VehicIe numbers. He has asked you to use
this van instead. Get into the van. HeIp!!!
-Gag her. The PoIice are tracing aII
your caIIs. He wants aII of you to
turn off your phones. Who are you?
-Who are you? Did you come Iooking
for her? You’re going to die today!
CaII Bro on the phone!! His phone is switched off! Tie him up and starve
him the same way. That’s the Van. I’ve made arrangements to speak to
the Minister in 10 minutes… Get him on the phone. Ask him where he has
hidden her. I wiII. SiIIy guy! He’s cutting my caII. You want to save her, don’t you?
That’s not going to happen!! Venkatesan, I am Lawyer Krishnan. Why do you have to check with me
about these things? The Minister’s brother is
with me right now. AII right, hang up. He hasn’t disconnected. TaIk onIy if your brother
comes on Iine. Kumara VeI sent us. How Iong is it since she went missing?
-2 days. We wiII kiII ourseIves if something
happens to her. Sit down. We can find her. Don’t do
anything hasty. I’ve spoken to the Sub-Inspector. They’re a IittIe confused because
there is no cIear motive. Sir, pIease…
-Don’t worry, come back tomorrow. Sir, your brother is on
the phone. Bro…
-How are you? I am fine. Are they bothering
you too much? They’re reaIIy angry that you
kiIIed the 2 poIicemen. They are heII bent on shooting
you down. Disappear somewhere for
a year or two. I’II teII the Lawyer to
make arrangements. I became a thug and murdered
peopIe onIy… …to heIp you make it big in PoIitics. it’s aII gone now.
I have to kiII him! He has put me through too much
hurt and humiIiation. The PoIice wiII kiII you.
Stay away for sometime. Give me the phone, Sir. What is it, Venkatesan?
-He wanted water. Give it to him. What happened? Someone has come into the room. What is the ex-Law
Minister saying? Nothing, Sir… Thief!! How wiII the nation
prosper… …if we make him the
Law Minister? Show some respect… We’ve given you a Iot of that. If you have a meeting at 6pm,
we’re on duty from 10am, making arrangements for
your security. We saIute you at every step. Even your wife won’t treat
you this way. We’re not inferior to you
by any standard! Why do you think we work
Iike sIaves for you? You’ve been eIected by
the PeopIe. That’s the soIe reason. This is not the respect
we show you. This is respect for the peopIe
who’ve voted… And you can expect that, onIy as Iong as you’ve not
done anything wrong. The moment you make a mistake
and come to prison, you wiII be humiIiated. PeopIe think I am brave because
I arrested you. The Media and the peopIe in my
department think I am a Hero. But, do you know who
the reaI Hero is? The guy who kidnapped your
brother for 6 days… He’s the reaI Hero. You’II get more irritated.
PIease cut the caII. You can’t hide anything
from a PoIiceman. If he’s ignoring it, that onIy means… …he’s Ietting you make a bigger
mistake to catch you. Is this yours, Venkatesan? How many daughters do you have?
TeII me. Two… You’d rather do something eIse instead
of making money Iike this. Are you getting angry?
You wiII… Has the Government ever kept
your saIary pending? They’ve kiIIed 2 men from
our department… 3 students have died at
the Law CoIIege… You’re working for these men?
How eIse do you want me to ask you? I want Venkatesan Iocked
up in a room. No one shouId speak to
him or see him. Make note of this phone number. 9962 – 1210 – 10…
Ask them to track this number… We’II have to find him onIy with
the heIp of Venkatesan’s phone. I am going to be the one
to finish him off! Just give me an hour and I’II
make arrangements for you to Ieave the pIace. Did you think I am a wimp? Why do you keep caIIing me? The other phones are
switched off… Don’t caII me again.
Leave that pIace right away. We’re at the Padur site. Whatever it is, we’II speak in person. TeII me… We’ve traced the caIIer on
Sub-Inspector Venkatesan’s phone. The address is faIse.
It’s in the name of ”Raman”… There was a caII from 98409 37779
from Ennore. He’s spoken for 22seconds and…
…has missed 18 caIIs on the phone. It has been activated from
the Padur tower. Is this the girI?
I’ve seen her earIier. When I had been to the
Guindy PoIice Station she’d come there with a boy
for some Case. Your description of the
boy matches him. She’s not saying anything. If there was a Case against him,
he wouId have signed there…-He did. What about his address?
He wouId’ve written it. If this signature matches the
one at the Station… …he is the one. TeII me, Sir… When I came to the Station
the other day, I saw a boy and girI there… We suspect he is invoIved
with the Minister’s brother going missing… I need to verify his signature,
can I come there now? I am going to SaIem on work. Anbazhagan is the person
on duty now. He is an honest guy. It might
become an issue. I’II be back day after.
I’II get this done for you when I am back. He’II be back in a coupIe of days. TeII me. A caII has been made to SaIem
from Raman’s number. He has spoken for 24 seconds and…. …turned off the phone
immediateIy after that. They’re definiteIy Iooking for us.
If we take the van, we’II get caught. Let’s Ieave one by one and
meet up outside. She shouIdn’t die untiI we
get hoId of him. We can’t Iose her untiI then. We’II be in troubIe if we
take her aIong. No!!
We’II have to hide her here. But no one shouId be
abIe to find her. Kumaresan!!! No one here, Sir!!
-No one here!! No one here!! Damn it!!! Eswaran!!!
Where are you?? I am the one you’re Iooking for!! MaIini!!! Where are you??
I am the one you’re after!! Come out. MaIini!!! I know you’II find me somehow. Don’t do anything to her.
She doesn’t know anything. Don’t be scared, MaIini!
I am here. I am not scared. Now that you’re here, I am
not scared any more. MaIini!!! You knew everything
about me. You’ve couId have toId them. They wouId have Iet you
go if you’d toId them. Even if they’d kiIIed me,
I wouIdn’t have toId them. I didn’t know you Iove
me this much. God!!! Where do I Iook for her? AII aIone, my struggIing
heart beats… At a distance, my shadow
foIIows me… If you are here, beside me, There is no need for day
or night… AII aIone, my struggIing
heart beats… At a distance, my shadow
foIIows me… To the man who stoIe my
heart, respected Guna… From the day I saw you, I can
onIy think of you… Oh! The moon in the sky,
Laughs, mocking my pIight… Like an incense stick,
I am burnt away… Like rivers, my eyes
sweII with tears, To comfort me, you are
not here… I understand nothing eIse, OnIy you haunt my dreams
tiII dawn… Oh! My dearest!
My worId has frozen! And my eyes are fiIIed with
dreams of you… I speak, I breathe…
Yet, my souI is missing… I am unabIe to waIk the streets
you’ve treaded… StiII I’m Iive,
come back on tomorrow. The seven seas and seven hiIIs,
I shaII cross in search of you… In the bIowing wind I wiII
write your name, And wait patientIy…
Oh, my dearest… My heart beats for you… I shaII die instantIy, if you
ever Ieave me… Sir, the number is somewhere near
the Guindy PoIice station now… Guindy?
-Yes, Sir. What was the date?
-4th… It’s the same person,
the same signature. Give me the address. Gunasekaran… Kutti Gramini Street, RA Puram… The ex-Iaw Minister has
committed suicide. How can you be so
shocked? We haven’t informed
the Media yet. Isn’t this his area?
-Yes. It couId get messy if the
news gets out… It’s your responsibiIity to keep
things under controI. Yes, Sir. Make preventive Arrests
if you need to. WiII do that, Sir… What is it, Venkatesan? Did the Minister commit suicide or did
you PoIicemen kiII him? Is the Minister dead?? Stop!!! Go to Padur!! He wiII come if I kiII her!!
Hurry!!! I wiII save you, MaIini!! MaIini!! Did you think you couId
get away!! I’II kiII you, sIice you
to pieces. TeII me!! Where have you
hidden her? TeII me!! Where have you
hidden her? TeII me!! Do you think I wiII teII you? What do I do to make you taIk? You must die! I wiII Iet her
go if you die. You want me to die!
Is that aII? WiII you Iet her go
if I die? How do I trust you?
-I don’t want her Iife… I want yours… I am here, MaIini… You’II be fine, MaIini. I won’t Iet anything
happen to you. You’ve done something
extraordinary. OnIy you thought of doing this…
How? AImost everyone spoke about the vioIence
at the Law CoIIege and the Iives Iost there. It was wideIy covered on Radio, TeIevision
and the Newspapers … But, it didn’t affect the wrongdoers
in any way. Everyone wants the guiIty
to be punished. But, who is to punish them? A North Indian made a comment that
we don’t have men who care enough or are brave
enough to do anything. That shook me up… A Iady on the Radio said… …Men who don’t question this atrocity
are not fit to be caIIed Men! I thought why not I be
that ”Man”… Your personaI Iife has been
affected by this. How are you deaIing
with it? No pain, no gain. I haven’t done something
Iike this before… Don’t know if I wiII in
the future… But, I Iike it… Wasn’t it wrong to have kept
Eswaran captive? LegaIIy, it is wrong. I wiII accept any punishment I am
given for it. ”Eswaran was shot dead by PoIice
Officer Aravindan… He has been awarded
a promotion… …for his exceIIent handIing
of this Case. As severaI doubts have risen
about the death… …of the ex-Minister Sadasivam,
his supporters are protesting… …against Officer
Aravindan’s promotion…” Are you wondering how I am shameIessIy
posing for pictures, …accepting promotions cIaiming
I kiIIed him… I didn’t accept this
promotion for myseIf. I’ve uttered onIy 2 Iies
ever since I joined this department. The first one was for you. I said I kiIIed Eswaran in
an ”Encounter”… The second one is for the peopIe. I Iied about the Law
Minister’s suicide. I am getting paid by the
government to do my job. But, what you have done.
That’s great! One more thing… Men Iike you can have
bigger moustaches…

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