Ivanka Trump’s Fake Feminism: The Daily Show

Ivanka Trump’s Fake Feminism: The Daily Show

People are talking about what Ivanka’s influence in the
White House means for women. For more on this I’m joined by
Michelle Wolf, everybody! (cheers and applause) Hello, Trevor. So, Michelle, what do you make
of Ivanka? I mean, a lot of people are
really hyping her up as feminism’s great hope
under Trump. WOLF:
I mean, is she? (laughter) Ivanka’s been silent
on so many women’s issues. Like healthcare, domestic abuse,
reproductive rights. Okay, yeah, but to be fair, no
one can speak out on everything. She did propose
a maternity leave policy. All right, Trevor, let me tell
you something about proposals. They don’t always work out. Do they, Jeremy. One minute your boyfriend’s down
on one knee on the beach. The next he’s down
on your best friend Becky. -I’m over it, it’s fine.
-(audience exclaiming) But here’s the thing about Ivanka’s
maternity leave policy, her proposal only covers
married women. You know who it leaves out? All the single ladies. -All the single ladies?
-All the single ladies. Michelle, that’s really unfair because single moms have to deal
with a lot of (bleep). Yeah. And speaking of (bleep), let’s talk about Ivanka’s
childcare policy. She proposes a tax deduction
for the cost of childcare, but that does nothing
for poor people. They have nothing
to deduct from. That’s like offering me
a free breast reduction. (laughter) It’s a nice gesture, but you’re really not taking
my situation into account. My boobs get any smaller and they’d be concave. Like chest dimples. -Did you say “chest dimples”?
-Yeah. That’s such a great word–
“chest dimples.” I like that. Is that what happened
to my cheek boobs? Is that… is that what that…
That’s hilarious. But-but okay,
I’m-I’m confused, though. If Ivanka’s policies
benefit so few women, then why is she seen
as a feminist icon? Well, because that’s her brand. It always has been. Like, “I’m successful
and powerful. How you can be like me?
Buy my handbag.” I started this company
for women who inspire me.My collection is designed
for the modern,
professional woman.♪ ♪ We have an awesome
collection of dresses, um, that are meant for working women like ourselves. I’ve found that a dress is like my secret weapon. Oh, my gosh. Silly me. This whole time
I was learning math. It turns out… (cheering, applause) Yeah, I don’t know
what was I thinking. I don’t know. It turns out all I really needed was to buy the right outfit. This isn’t feminism,
it’s women be shopping. And, look, I’m not faulting her
for making a buck off women. But let’s all stop pretending
it’s anything more than that. Because whether it’s her brand
or her policies, it’s designed with
one type of woman in mind. Ivanka’s feminism
is the lululemon model– it’s for rich white women, and you can see
right through it. -(cheering, applause)
-Damn. Leggings burn. Wow. O-Okay, okay, like, look, Ivanka may be
out of touch, Michelle. But least she’s
in the White House and she can be
a voice of reason, you know? She could rein people in. I don’t know, Trevor. She has a history
of letting (bleep) slide.(Ivanka Trump reading)-(audience booing)
-Yeah. Just tease ’em back. Oh, Mr. Parsons, I could bounce
a quarter off your ass, too. By the way,
this is my daughter Chloe. She has to come to work with me because I can’t
afford childcare. So let’s review
Ivanka’s formula for equality. Have a husband.
Have children. Dress right.
Don’t be poor. And don’t get mad
when you’re harassed at work. There’s a huge problem
with that. She’s not trying
to change the patriarchy, she’s telling women
how to silently slide into it, like a DM. Which, to be honest,
works for her. But she had very few obstacles. The only person
she had to step over was Eric. And by the looks of it,
she steppedonhim. So, before you put too much hope
in Ivanka, remember: she promotes a brand of feminism
that makes her rich by exploiting the very people
she’s claiming to help. And that’s not being a feminist,
that’s bien.g a Trump. Trevor. Trevor: Michelle Wolf everybody

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  1. In some sick way these people are dependent on the Trump Administration for ratings. Why do I feel they all in it together? Hollywood and liberals never had much to say about trump until he got into office. I mean Bill and and Hillary went to his wedding. I think all these people live in a bubble. Stay strong people don’t buy into these fools on either side!

  2. She let things slide cuz her father sexually harasses her and it became a norm. What a fucked up family. They should get out of politics and let the real politicians handle it from here. She is just a dumb blonde with no common sense!

  3. Working women??? Has she worked a day in her life besides puting on some fancy clothes ?? the only thing that works for her is the fact that she’s really beautiful , that itself can be taught as work, not surprising her behavior cause she lived all her life in that bible of we are a different galaxy

  4. The canned laughter is pathetic.
    And this show's rhetoric is satanic.
    The jokes are delivered as factual; a SNL political news model used by Colbert, etc. The feminist projection is hypocritical in nature. Stop watching this trash and wake up already.

  5. “Working women” the us is so much behind on equality.. In Denmark a worker is just a worker not “female” or “male”. Plus we have equal salary. Go dk.

  6. This is fake feminism! Attacking a woman in a position of power because they are not politically aligned with you! A beautiful example of blind hypocrisy.

  7. Holy shit! Monitizing feminism is a no no now? Watch out oprah, disney, lifetime, nike, Gatorade, nasa, and every avertising agency in the US.

  8. The thing is that Ivanka is feministic. Feminism is usually racist and misogynistic by itself. Women hate other women for not playing the games that women are supposed to play. If a woman opts out of feminist, feminists tear her down. That's misogyny. Ivan fits right in there.

  9. And America goes all around the globe bashing Islam and Muslims about oppressing women.America here's an advice ," TRY TO FIX UR OWN COUNTRY FIRST". Besides we muslims dont need ur ugly white stinky ass ,which u have a constant habit of putting in all of our affairs and all of out countries.Thank u.

  10. “Feminist Icon?” Okay… 😂😂😂😂😂 “Working Women?” 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  11. She didn't even fight off daddies advances. She has no experience as a real woman.just a Barbie doll FAKE LIKE DADDY

  12. Ivanka clearly thinks this is her big moment in politics.. so she will remain silent on most things. primarily because she she is as negligent as her father im sure. but also not wanting to damn her reputation while sitting next to a maniac.

  13. I believe trumps entire family are idiots I guess they got it from that rapist!!! Fuck trump and all his racist followers..America will never be white again..hahaha

  14. this was amazing – truer words were never spoken. trumpet is a waste of human flesh – she is so out of touch with the real world it is disgusting and the fact that ANYONE would be under the delusion that she is a feminist or for women's rights is down right moronic. they only thing she does is for herself – weeks after her dad took over the white house she got numerous patents that will make her tons of money. what the patents are for who the heck knows !

  15. She's not a feminist. She is the opposite of feminist. She became an object to be paraded out for approval based on her appearance and superficial policies that don't really benefit women so much as they benefit businesses. Her policies she is smiling behind are not really aimed at helping women but more at giving the appearance of doing something to help women.

  16. Come on 😊 did you think it would make sense??? The white house started smelling like bullshit 24 hrs after that trump moved in.

  17. Daddy gave her a government position, W-GDP, and a $300 million budget to help business women in India and Africa!!! So she's a voice for Me Rich and you're going to make me richer.

  18. Ivanka will run for president in the next 2 decades and this whole "voice of reason" thing she is pretending to do now will be her defense, so I am not buying it now and neither will I buy it then.

  19. My dress is my best weapon??!!….. From Orange 45's offspring, pretty accurate statement. It s more convenient for the next idiot willing to grab u by the p$$**&!

  20. What is up with her freaky, monotone delivery of every line? I think she's got a whole Stepford thing going on. But my $500 dress that was made in Indonesia for $5.00, where I pay an average of $10 a week. To save money, my workers can sleep in a back room for just $3 a week, leaving them just enough money to travel home for the weekend and not be able to buy food for the family.

  21. Ivanka is not and has never been a feminist icon. Born rich, never struggled, surrounded by yes people. Revolting creature. Saying Ivanka's a feminist icon is like saying Hitler was jew friendly

  22. The thing nobody talks about is the huge number of misogynistic American closet narcissists who secretly admire and endorse the Trump family. These people are too busy wishing they too could scam their neighbors to amass power and wealth to understand that society would be better off by our working together for the common good. Aside from that, I believe there are just way too many people who find no joy in Life other than by inflicting misery upon others…

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