Jaan-E-Mann (HD) Super Hit Comedy Movie & Songs – Salman Khan – Akshay Kumar – Preity Zinta

Jaan-E-Mann (HD) Super Hit Comedy Movie & Songs – Salman Khan – Akshay Kumar – Preity Zinta

Agastya! Do you remember
what day it is today? So far from Earth.
What difference does that make? Whether it’s Monday or Friday,
every day is the same to us. No, stupid! Remember,
exactly a year ago, this day.. ..we have left earth on this mission
is 25th August. 25th August! Oh, my God! What happened? I forgot to call my friend, Suhan. Today is his birthday. Suhan? Yes! He is an old friend of mine. From Houston? No. From Mumbai, India. From India?
– Yes. Well, what exactly
are you trying to do.. ..calling someone in India
at 5 in the morning? That’s true. Well. Now that you have a couple
of hours before you call him.. ..why don’t you tell me
about your friend, Suhan? Well. Where do I start from? Suhan. Let me start before I met him. He was a total madman. Welcome to the
18th Annual Filmfare Awards. The best of stars and awards. The award for
the best female singer.. ..Lata Mangeshkar. Best supporting actor..
Shashi Kapoor. Best supporting actress..Mumtaz. Patriotic hero..Manoj Kumar. Romantic hero
Rajesh Khanna. Tragedy king..Dilip Kumar. And best actress..Nutan. And brothers and sisters,
now you’re eager.. ..to know the name of the year’s
best actor. Aren’t you? Then listen with bated breath. The award for the superstar of
the year goes to Suhan Kapoor. Thank you. Good evening, everybody. And thank you, Filmfare.
Thank you, Jury. Thank you, Meena. I’d like to thank all my colleagues. Kaka.. Amit.. Dharam.. Sanjeev.. ..Shammi, Shashi, Rajji.. Thank you very much.
And better luck next time. There’s a person in my life. Actually, the only person who’s
really, really important to me. I’d like to thank my little.. Someone’s cell phone seems to be
ringing near the console. Could you please switch it off? Oh, sorry. Sorry. Vikas. Secretary. Yes, tell me, Vikas. – There’s a
mind-blowing role in ‘Bajirao Mastani’. Bajirao’s?
– No, his friend’s. So will I carry Bajirao’s palanquin
in the whole film? I’ve told you so many times, no
side roles. I do only main leads. Sorry, guys. Yes, I was saying my
little uncle and.. Excuse me. Embarrassing. Uncle. Uncle,
I was just talking about you. Uncle, could you call me back in
two minutes? I’m giving a speech. I’ve called many times.
Are you still dreaming? Uncle. Dream? Yes, Uncle?
– Come to my office immediately. Come. I have an urgent problem
to talk with you about. Uncle, I’ll be right there. Suhan! My hero! My superstar! Uncle, basket. Uncle, what is the trouble that
you woke me up early in the morning? It was that kind of situation. Give it to me. Sorry! Sorry!
– What were you trying to do? Sorry, Uncle. I was trying
to help you. I won’t do it. You want to help me
because I’m a dwarf? No, uncle! – So.. – Tell me.
From where do you look like a dwarf? Exactly. You are my true friend.
– I know. Are you the new assistant?
– Yes, sir. Pandey. Mr. Pandey, henceforth knock
before entering my office. Sorry, Mr. Bowney
(‘dwarf’ in Hindi). What did you say?
– Mr. Bowney. It’s not Mr. Bowney.
It’s Boney! I don’t know why my parents
kept my name such.. ..that it suits my personality. Bowney.
– Boney! Bo..
– Okay. You can call me sir. Sir, this.. Don’t you sit down!
Stand up! Stand up! Don’t ever sit down in front of me.
– Sorry, sir. Sir, this is
the bona fide certificate. What certificate? – Sir, bowna
(‘dwarf’ in Hindi) fide certificate. It’s not bowna fide.
It’s bona fide certificate. Even I can see that.
But whose are they? Mr. Banerjee. Mr. Pandey..are you
doing this deliberately? What, sir? Because you know that I.. Sir, you what? Because I’m..because I’m..
– You? Because I’m a dwarf. Sir, how could you even think this?!
Sir, I can’t even imagine this! Okay! Okay! Relax!
Don’t get emotional. Give me a pen. Boney Singh. Okay. Thank you, sir.
– Okay. Sir.. Yes, Mr. Pandey. Sir, today I need a half-day leave.
– Of course! Of course! Why do you need a leave? Sir, my car has broken down.
Its bonnet has broken. Bonnet? Get out! Get out! Bonnet? No need to hide your laughter, son. Very soon these tears of happiness.. ..are going to become
tears of sorrow. No! A notice had come today
in the morning. From Piya’s lawyer. A year ago, Mr. Suhan Kapoor
and Ms. Piya Goyal had divorced. The court had declared
that every month on the 1st.. ..the husband, Suhan Kapoor,
will send a cheque of Rs.25,000.. ..as alimony to his wife Piya Goyal. But even after a year, Suhan Kapoor.. ..has not sent even one
cheque of alimony to Piya Goyal. Because of Suhan Kapoor’s
carelessness, Piya Goyal.. ..had to undergo tremendous financial,
physical and mental stress. Because it has been proved
that Piya Goyal.. ..can’t depend on
Suhan Kapoor every month.. ..Piya Goyal demands
a one-time settlement.. ..of Rs.5 million as an alimony
from Suhan Kapoor. Rs.5 million! You have one month’s time
to repay the settlement amount. Suhan! Suhan! Suhan! Superstar, catch the ball! Watch out! Uncle! I had heard that poison
is used to treat poison. But shock being used to treat shock
I’m seeing for the first time. Rs.5 million! Uncle,
from where will I get Rs.5 million? I don’t have enough money to even pay
the telephone and electricity bill. I have not paid my house rent
for the past three months. This is of no interest to the law. The law had decided the amount. And you have not paid
a single penny to Piya. But Uncle, Piya doesn’t need money. I don’t have work.
She should be giving me the alimony. But when you got divorced,
at that time you had work.. ..and Piya had no work. Cheers! Correct! Correct! But now the tables have turned. She has work. That too in New York. She is earning in dollars.
Uncle, I have no work. So we have to go to court,
and re-evaluate this case. And you’ll have to get me alimony.
Correct? Really? How much? I think Rs.50,000 per month is fine. Rs.50,000! I’ll throttle you! Why? You didn’t like my idea? Not at all! At least sometimes
take your work seriously. This is a court case. You have not given a single penny.. ..to Piya in the past
one year as alimony. If you go to the court,
then you yourself will get stuck. Uncle, what should I do?
I don’t get any work. Whatever money I had, I spent that
on bodybuilding and the photo session. Where will I get Rs.5 million? Son, you’ll have to arrange
for the money. Otherwise,
you’ll have to rot in prison. I won’t go to prison. If I went to prison.. ..then my dream of becoming a
superstar would be totally shattered. I’ll somehow survive.
But you won’t. Think of a way out, Uncle.
– I should? I’ll think of a brilliant idea. I could have never imagined! I could have never imagined that
Piya would behave like this! I don’t know what I’ve done that
she is taking revenge on me! She wants to send me to prison. What is this?
– I’m showing you the flashback.. ..so that you’ll get
a rough idea about my life. People who live for love are lucky. People who die for love are strange. Our saga is precious, my love. We are away and yet we are near. “I know..” “Love is naive.” “The heart tends to make mistakes.” “Love is oblivious to patience.” “I know that love is naive.” “The heart tends to make mistakes.” “Love is oblivious to patience.” “I know that love is naive.” “The heart tends to make mistakes.” “Love is oblivious to patience.” “My love.” “My love.” “My love.” “My love.” If you had not given me
the idiotic idea.. ..of eloping with Piya that night.. ..then today my plight
wouldn’t have been this. I couldn’t bear your plight then. How was I to know that Piya
would turn out to be like this? She looked so innocent. “What happened was
the norm of society.” “Mom didn’t agree.” “Dad was angry.” “That was the start of my downfall.” “This was the only style of love.” “They didn’t agree.” “And we became rebels.” “We were fervent, and we escaped.” “I know that love is naive.” “The heart..
– Tends to make mistakes.” “Love is oblivious to patience.” My hero? No, no.
It’s just a rumour. Sir. Sir, did you call me? I’ll call you back. My PRO said that you are married. Yes, sir. Piya sir. The girl who had
come to the office with me. Sir, she’s my wife. Piya. Your wife? If the public comes to know
that my hero is a married man.. ..then who will come
to watch my movie? I’ll lose millions. If I knew you were married,
I would never have signed you on. But now, you have to hide the fact
that you’re married. You have to stay away from your
wife till the film is released. Okay, sir. Are we going somewhere? “I’m worried about
this helplessness.” “You’ll be sad to know it.
But I’m with you.” “I’ll have to stay away from you.” “It’s a matter of only a couple
of months. Please endure it.” “My future, I swear on you.” “My future hinges on this, Piya.” “I know that love is naive.” “The heart tends to make mistakes.” “Love is oblivious to patience.” You have no idea what you’re doing.
Idiot. Silly. Nonsensical. You are simply hopeless.
– I got a headache due to this film. This film has ruined me. It was my mistake that I invested
money on you. You are a super flop! “When I returned defeated..” “..back to my home..” “..Piya had already left.” “She didn’t even answer my call.” “I wrote her letters
throughout the year.” “But my voice didn’t reach her.” “My Piya got lost somewhere.” “I was hopeful that some day
she too would call me.” “I know that love is naive.” “The heart tends to make mistakes.” “Love is oblivious to patience.” The table is a bit far. Your story is very sad.
It’s very emotional. Even today, I don’t understand
why she did this to me. She ditched me when
I needed her the most. Women are like that.
– Correct. You can never trust them.
– Correct. If you have wealth and fame,
then women will hover around you. And when you are in trouble,
they’ll leave you in the lurch. What are you doing? I understand all these things. There is only one thing that my
business mind can’t figure out. From where will I get Rs.5 million? Friend, don’t worry about that.
Don’t worry about that. Because the one
who has given hunger.. ..will also provide you with food. Because the one
who has given thirst.. ..will provide you with alcohol too. And the one who has given alcohol,
he’ll give snacks as well. The one who has given trouble
will also find a solution. We’ll surely find a scapegoat
from whom we’ll get Rs.5 million. What scapegoat, Uncle? What scapegoat?
A scapegoat that has Rs.5 million. A foolish man who is willing
to give us Rs.5 million. A fool who’ll dance to our tunes. A fool who’ll listen to
everything that we say. A fool who’ll do whatever we say. But where will we find such a fool? Excuse me.
Behind..the street behind. Listen to me. Sell this house. This house doesn’t belong to me. I’m a tenant. And for the past
three months, I haven’t paid rent. How much will you get
for your old car? I already sold it three months
back for Rs.50,000. You have no integrity to sell.
Do you have anything to sell? Uncle.
– Yes. How much will I get for my kidney? Don’t talk rubbish. The one who has nobody
has God with him. I don’t say that.
It’s written in the books. Now only God can save us. Let’s ask for God’s help. Help. Yes. Help. We don’t have any other option.
– He is right. It’s the first time
I’m asking you for something. There’s no other way. Please God, send an angel
who will solve all our problems. Please! Let’s see who has come. Hi, guys. Hi.
– Hi. Angel! Like this, I entered
Suhan’s life as an angel. What are you looking for?
– What are you looking for? Piya.
– Piya? Piya! Piya doesn’t stay here.
– Piya doesn’t stay here. But the address is of this house. Have a look.
– Get me that letter. Please help the child.
– I’m not a child. I’m not a child.
– Sorry, Uncle. She doesn’t stay here.
She got a divorce. Divorce. I knew it’s not going to work,
it’s not going to work. How could Piya have remained
with that guy? Piya is an angel,
and that man is a beast. It’s all my fault.
I shouldn’t have let her go. I should have been with her. God, I don’t know in
what condition she’s in. What? – Your praise
(‘who are you’ in Urdu)? Is this a time for praise? Let us ask in English. How are you?
– Oh. Who are you?
– You mean… Actually, sorry, I’ve been in
the U.S. for the past seven years. And so my Hindi is not that..
it’s a little bit..you know.. Yes, we understand. Anyways, I’m Agastya Rao..
– And I myself am.. ..from NASA, Houston, Texas,
United States of America. And your pin code?
– Zip code? F5176721. Hey, come on, guys. Be serious.
Be serious. Be serious.
– Stop it. Please. I’m sorry. After hearing
the news of Piya’s divorce.. ..I became a bit hyper. Yes, we can understand.
– It happens. Hey, guys, can you help me?
Let me know where she stays? Her contact number, address,
e-mail, anything.. She’s gone.
– She’s gone. Gone far away. Where has she gone? She’s gone far away.
– How far? New York.
– New York. New York!
– Yes, New York! After seven years, I gathered
my courage and came to meet Piya.. ..and she is in New York? Me and my plan to surprise her. I should have called her up first
before coming here. Listen..
– Yes? This guy looks to me like a fraud,
not an angel. Are you sure?
– Yes. Sure. How do you know Piya? You are? My name is Suhan Kapoor. Superstar! This means you are the new
owners of this house. – Oh, yes. But you are asking me questions.. ..as if you know Piya very well. As if you are her relatives, could
be an elder brother. – And you? From your words, it sounds like
you know Piya’s family very well. Yes.
– Please explain. No, I don’t know Piya’s family,
but I know Piya very well. She was my girlfriend.
– What? Yes, she was my sweetheart.
– What? But, Piya’s marriage was
going to be with someone else.. Yes.
– I mean.. What did I tell you?
– I don’t know. She was my girlfriend,
but I wasn’t her boyfriend. Oh.
– What are you trying to say? I can understand. Actually, Piya was to marry me. Oh. But she married that
bull and ruined her life. Have you seen him?
He looked like King Kong. I already knew that Piya could
never be happy with that gorilla. She was a delicate doll,
and the guy was a hairy bear! But you haven’t yet told us,
how did you know her? How did I know her? Actually, we studied
in the same college. She was the love of my life.. ..my sweetheart. Whose photo is this? This is me and Piya. That is the only copy I have.
Please handle it carefully. I’ll.. That was the last time I saw Piya. She was very happy. I don’t know what condition
she is in now. No, son, don’t say it like that. Uncle..
– Be quiet. So you were saying how
Piya was to marry you. Yes. It’s a long story.
It’ll take a lot of time. Don’t worry about time.
We have enough. What do you say?
– Yes. I still remember vividly..
my first day in college. Come. See my college.
Excuse me. Please clear the frame. E=mc2. I don’t know how
that genius cracked it. It’s amazing. Einstein, genius.
– Einstein. What’s the time?
– 3:30 pm. Okay, okay, I’m going, bye.
– Bye. Bye. Champu! Hey! Sorry. No problem. Champu!
– Love at first sight. I remember.
The first day of the college. The first day of the college.
My foot! Sorry dude. What happened then? Time passed, and we came closer. Piya and I were like one. Whatever class, chemistry, physics.. ..we sat together.
– Really? Then one day.. ‘Find the velocity of sound
at 20 degree centigrade in water.’ Whereas, zero degree
centigrade the velocity is 1133.. ..speed per second. Yes, sure. Sure. Excuse me. Excuse me. Who are you? What do you want? Me, Agastya Rao. Your neighbour. I always sit here. Really? I never saw you before. But I have always seen you.
– What? Your sister. She’s calling you.
She’s waiting outside. Come here. Please help me.
– No. No. No. No. Please..
– Okay, okay. Sir. I have one question, sir.
– Yes? Nucleus of an alpha particle with
velocity of 5.95 into 10 raised to.. ..the power of 6, sir. Can you tell me the velocity of
the equal of the nucleus, sir? Very good question, Agastya. Go, go. Go. Yes, come in. You dropped your book. Agastya! What are you doing? Me.. And for the first time, I remember.. ..I sacrificed for Piya. Come on. “Spread the net.”
– “Fly away.” “Fly away. Fly away. Fly away.” Yo! Hi, baby! I’m performing in your college
tomorrow night. – Yes! Who will you come with? Somebody has to accompany me.
– Nonsense. You know I’ve
a psychological problem. I can’t see you with another man.
– Suhan, please. It’s a rock concert.
How can I go alone? Darn it! Don’t get jealous. Okay, listen to me.
– What? I’ll come with whichever
guy you suggest. Really? Come with him. Yes. Yes way!
– No! Yes way! This Champu has already gotten
a thrashing because of you. There’s no threat to me
from this fool. No threat to me. Suhan! Okay. Okay. Love you. Even today,
when I think of that day.. ..my ears start ringing.
– Ofcourse. My sacrifice wasn’t wasted. I was sitting alone
on the steps and thinking.. Hi, Champu. Oh, my God! Are you crying? No. There was something in my eye. Take this.
– What’s this? I’m so sorry.
It was because of me.. No. Not because of you. Don’t be sorry. We are friends. And in friendship,
you never say sorry or thank you. Friends are friends. Okay? Oh, Champu, you are so sweet. Don’t cry. Okay, listen. Will you come to the rock-show
along with me as my date? I would love to.
I would love to come. Champu, you are late. – I’m sorry.
I had gone to buy a new suit. How do I look?
– Wow! At least look at it once. Come on. Come on. Friends, get set to rock.
It’s the superstar! “Say hey-o.” “Hey-o.” “Hey-o.” “Hey-o.” “We love you!”
– I can’t hear you. “We love you!”
– Louder! “We love you!
– Yes!” “I love you, too.
– Yeah.” “Colour it!”
– “Fly away.” “Beat the drum”
– “Fly away.” “Spread the net.”
– “Fly away.” “Fly away.” “Colour it, fly away, fly away.” “Beat the drum. Fly away.” “Spread the net.
Fly away.” “Fly away, fly away.” “This love of mine is not new.” “Then why am I flying?” “I was as colourful
as the butterfly.” “I started to fly.” “If someone is with you,
then fly away.” “Colour it, fly away, fly away.” “Beat the drums.
– Fly away.” “Spread the net, fly away.” “Fly away.” “Yes, this is the conflict.” “A fight in style.” “Look! Cho Chweet.” “I could read the lines
of someone’s palm.” “If someone wished,
I would treat him.” “Listen to what your heart says.” “And then fly away.” “This love of mine isn’t new.” “Then why am I flying?” “When fire burns,
it does not extinguish.” “On this heart,
it comes and settles.” “Love, if you find it,
then fly away.” “Fly away.” “Colour it, fly away, fly away.” “Beat the drums. Fly away.” “Spread the net, fly away.” “Fly away.” “Colour it, fly away, fly away.” “Beat the drums, fly away.” “Spread the net, fly away.” “Fly away, fly away, fly away.” “Put your hands together!” “Do you want more?” Oh god! How sad! Sorry. After listening
to such a sad story.. ..my eyes are moist.
My throat is dry as well. I’ll go and get tea. Shall I get something for you,
Champu? I’m sorry. I entered your character. Shall I get something for you,
Agastya? Yes, I’ll just have a..Bourn..vita. It’s not Bourn and then Vita.
It’s together. Bournvita. Okay?
– Okay! And you..follow me. What are you looking for, Uncle?
A recipe for vita? Shut up! Found it! What did you find,
Uncle, Rs.5 million? I didn’t find Rs.5 million,
but an idea to obtain it. Piya will pay me?
– No. Now listen carefully. Section 25,
under the Hindu Marriage Act.. After divorce, a husband has to
take care of his wife’s expenses.. ..until she remarries. Once your ex-wife remarries.. ..her responsibility
passes to her new husband. And you need not give
money towards expenses. This means if Piya
gets married to Champu.. ..then we’ll get Rs.5 million? No, Uncle. I’m not going along
with your lousy ideas this time. As you wish. I was trying to help you. As a friend and a lawyer.. ..I was doing my duty. Now it’s your decision. There’s no other way, Uncle?
– No. So what do you say? What do you say, sir? I was thinking, we won’t find
a better suitor for our Piya. So we should find
an auspicious time.. ..and get both of them married. I think we should ask
Piya what she wants. It would be best. Here, son. Bournvita for you.
– Thank you. So son, what have you thought?
What will you do in life? What? Nothing, Uncle.
I’m thinking of going back home. But you know,
I’m worried about Piya. I don’t know what condition
she may be in. Look son, whatever happens
in life is for the best. Had everything been all right
in Piya’s life.. ..today you would be having
Bournvita with her husband here. Correct. You wouldn’t be having Bournvita
with me and him in this balcony. What?
– He hasn’t got it. I’ll explain. Son, you are having Bournvita
with us here.. ..because Piya has separated
from her husband. He still hasn’t got it. One second, Uncle. Are you telling me
about Piya or Bournvita? Hey, shut up, shut up. You haven’t understood.
I’ll explain it to you. You..I’ll tell you. Piya has got a divorce. Yeah.
– Piya has got a divorce. That means she doesn’t
stay with her husband. That means she is alone once again. You have come here after seven years,
across the ocean. Why? To have Bournvita.
– You.. You haven’t come for Bournvita! You came because you are
destined to be with Piya.. ..and Piya is destined
to be with you. You’re made for each other. Made for each other.
– Yes. Really?
– Yes. She is only yours, only yours. Only yours. What are you doing?
She’s mine? Yes, she’s yours. Your name is in her destiny. Otherwise, why would she
have gotten a divorce? – Why? Why would you come here
after seven years? – Why? Yes, that makes sense.
– Of course, that makes sense. Why are you here having
Bournvita with us? – Why? Here is her address.. ..that she had sent for forwarding
her letters, et cetera. Take a flight to New York and in
22 hours, Piya will be in your arms. One second. But.. What will I do there?
– Do we have to explain it to you? Yes, we do.
– Do we? You too…
– Okay. I’ll tell you. This is magic. See. “It knows, it doesn’t believe,
it believes, it doesn’t know.” “The world..” Please, come in.. Hi..hi.. Please come and sit here. What are you doing here? Who will play the music?
Your father? “It knows, it doesn’t believe,
it believes, it doesn’t know.” “The whole world knows,
only Piya doesn’t know.” “It knows, it doesn’t believe,
it believes, it doesn’t know.” “The whole world knows,
only Piya doesn’t know.” “The heart knows the lover.” “The heart knows the lover.” “But Piya doesn’t know the heart.” “It knows, it doesn’t believe,
it believes, it doesn’t know.” “The whole world knows,
only Piya doesn’t know.” “In broken poetry,
I have written in a diary.” “You are the last rain,
you are the last request.” “In broken poetry,
I have written in a diary.” “You are the last rain,
you are the last request.” “Why don’t you understand..” “..the heart is a deep well.” “A fire burns every time.” “There is smoke everywhere.” “Leap, you’ll get Piya.” “Move a little,
the world will move too.” “Die and fall in love.” What are you doing, Uncle?
The song is so good. You fool. If you play just one song,
the audience will get bored. “The whole world knows.
Only Piya doesn’t know.” “Oh yeah.” “Show some charm of yours..” “..If you love Piya.” “Let life be lost, if it does..” “..It’s a small risk.” “Show some charm of yours..” “..If you love Piya.” “Let life be lost, if it does..” “..It’s a small risk.” “If you cut it with your nail..” “..even the diamond will be cut.” “If you even look at it..” “..the bulb will explode.” “The system of love is the same.” “Your beloved is the same.” If she isn’t there.. “The heart knows the lover.” “The heart knows the lover.” “But Piya doesn’t know the heart.” “It knows, it doesn’t believe,
it believes, it doesn’t know.” “The whole world knows.
Only Piya doesn’t know.” “It knows, it doesn’t believe,
it believes, it doesn’t know.” “The whole world knows.
Only Piya doesn’t know.” “It knows, it doesn’t believe,
it believes, it doesn’t know.” Hey, guys, thank you very much.
You’ve opened my eyes, you know. You’ve made me feel that this could
happen between Piya and me as well. Leave it. Do you think it’s yours? Excuse me.
They’ve taken my make-believe Piya. I’m going to New York to the real Piya.
– Congratulation! Thank you. Thank you very much.
Thank you. Hurry up! Come on, hurry up. Hey, guys. Thank you. Really, thank you very much. What is the need for that?
– That’s right. This was our duty.
– We are friends. Uncle. Bon.. Bon?
– Bon? Voyage. Bon voyage. Okay, bon voyage. Bye. Darn his bon voyage! Now there’ll be some fun! No chance. No chance. Uncle. Do you think this Champu will be
able to impress Piya? This Champu? Have you gone mad? You’ll have to do it. No problem. But, Uncle, how will I
go to New York? – Yes! This is my lifelong saving. I had saved it for my wedding. Now it’ll be used for your divorce.
Take it, son. Take it, son.
– I’ll take it, Uncle. I promise, after my divorce,
I’ll get you married. No, no, this is not my flight. I was here on the ground in a taxi. Proceeding to New York
in search of Piya. What would I do there?
I didn’t have any idea. But no problem. Somebody else
is more concerned about that. Here’s your boarding pass
and your passport. Hi.
– Window or aisle? Anything will do,
but Agastya Rao should be nearby. Hey, Suhan. Agastya. Agastya Rao. Champu. “Piya knows the heart..”
– Yes. So after all,
you’ve taken my advice. You’re going to New York? Yes. And what about you?
Where are you off to? I’m going to Ghatkopar. Ghatkopar? Where is that?
– I’ll get down at the next stop. Hey, stop. Sure. Excuse me. Can I have one hot chocolate, please?
I need to relax before take-off. Sorry, sir, there’s no
service before take-off. You’ll have to wait.
– Okay, alright. Excuse me, my dear,
could you find my.. Here it is. Well, thank you, my love.
Oh, my God, you smell good. Estee Lauder. Right? My favourite
perfume in the whole world. Sweetheart, just throw
this jacket somewhere. – Yes. Yeah, and another thing.
Apple juice and wine. There’s no service
before take-off, sir. But I’ll see what I can do. Oh, and hot chocolate
for this young man here. Sure.
– Thank you. He needs to relax himself. Wow! How can you do it?
How can you do these things? Did you see that girl? Had I been like you,
I would have been with Piya. I don’t even know how to talk to girls.
I wish I was like you. You mean, the flirting..
– Yes. It’s my luck. I was born with it. There’s nothing I can do about it. Cool. – Sir, Bournvita. Thank you. And your apple juice. It’s quite hot.
– Thank you, sweetheart. And you know what? This is for you. Want you to get back
as soon as you can. Thanks. Right. Right. I’m getting nervous. When I.. ..meet Piya tomorrow,
what will become of me? I don’t even know what
she likes or dislikes. I hope I don’t make
a fool out of myself. God has sent me
to solve your problem. If this is not a miracle, what is? We are both going to New York
in the same flight. And not just that. We are seated
together as well. – Yes. I understand. See. I promise you.
I’ll help you out. Especially after hearing
that you are after her. Really? – Really. I have promised uncle that
until I get you married.. ..I won’t catch
a flight back to Mumbai. Promise. Our mission started like that. And then began the biggest con
in the history of romance. Oh my god! I completely surrendered
myself to Suhan. Now, he was my godfather. I’ll just..
– Okay. Excuse me, sir, could you
help me with this address? Oh, the sweet little girl next door. Piya. – Piya. My neighbour. Look no further, young man. She lives right up there
in her apartment. – Up there? The one with pink curtains? But she’s probably
sleeping right now. You must be the brother
she’s been talking about. The brother? You must be the old man
she keeps talking about. Probably. See you, sir. A pleasure.
– Bye. Hey, bro. What’s up, guys?
– Yeah. “My love for you isn’t new.” “But still why?” Sorry.
Here’s rent for a month. What is this?
– Hey, guys, let’s go! “I’ll make a house
in front of your house.” “I’ll make my world..” “..in front of your house..” “In my neighbouring window,
there’s a radiant beauty.” “It’s regrettable that it is..” Suhan, what are you looking at?
– You’ve forgotten the mission so soon. Oh, yes. Piya. Show me. I want to see her. She’s probably sleeping.
– Okay. You keep watching.
Call me quickly when she wakes up. What happened?
What happened? You were right. She has grown
so much in seven years. Behave yourself.
– Sorry. Relax. – Sorry.
– Chill. – Sorry. Just hold.
– Right. Have you gone crazy? She looks like Piya to you?
– Then who is she? Please. Get the number of your
glasses checked, Mr. Agastya Rao. I’m an Indian, not Russian.
– What? Agastya. Agastya Rao. Agastya. What?
– Agastya Rao. Sorry. Piya.
– Please Can I see once, just once? Please. Agastya! What are you doing? What is this?
– I’m an astronaut. Yes?
– And this is a telescope. The precursor of binoculars. I want to become an astronaut, too.
– Oh, why are you pushing me? Hold this. Amazing. Wait.
Something will have to be done. Suhan understood
I couldn’t impress Piya. So he changed my personality
to be just like his. I’m looking just like you, right?
A Rock star. No. Superstar. What can I get for you gentlemen? An apple juice and wine. Uncle!
– Uncle? Oh, I love you, Uncle!
– What are you doing? Whose uncle am I? Do you have a twin brother in India?
This small. If I’m this size,
then how can my twin be that size? I don’t have a twin brother.
I’ll ask my parents. Anyway, wine with apple juice. Did you see? Absolutely identical. He is uncle’s carbon copy. How is it possible?
– Why can’t it be possible? Actually, it’s claimed
there are at least.. ..seven people with any one face. Nonsense.
– No, it isn’t nonsense. It’s a scientifically proven thing. Really? – There are seven people
in the world with the same face. And..
– And? Just a minute. That means there must be six
other girls looking just like Piya. I think if I pursue them.. ..at least I’ll get one of them.
What say? Do you love Piya’s face or Piya? Both. Then forget all this nonsense
and concentrate on the mission. Okay. Tell me. Today is the first day, so we’ll
just do a warm-up today. – Okay. Do exactly as I tell you. Nothing more, nothing less.
– Fine. Otherwise,
the whole plan will be ruined. When Piya comes out
of her apartment.. ..react as if you’ve seen
her unexpectedly. All right? One moment. Just show me once more. Now I’ll do it. Just look at me. You do superbly natural acting.
You should have been in Hollywood. Hey, come on, stop kidding.
– Listen. When she is walking ahead,
you’ll call her by name. Like this..Piya! P..Piya!
– Oh, my God! You?
– Oh, my God! You? How Amazing!
– Here? Amazing! She’ll turn back and look at you.
Her hair will fly at high speed. Go, my tiger.
My blessings are with you. You remember everything, right?
– No. What? – I forget everything
when I see Piya. Please come along with me.
– No! Why?
– Why? What do you mean, why? Why..why am I asking this question?
Why am I asking this question? Come on, let’s go back home. Please.
– No, no. Listen, I’ll come along with me. I’ll be near you,
but I won’t be with you. All right?
– Okay. Come on. Wait. What’s this? You use that as a radio-antenna?
– Thank you. Let’s rock it, punk. Rock the stone. Rock the stone. Okay. Let’s go. You know what you’ve got to do,
right, Champu? Let’s go. Action! Hello! Yes, everything is fine. Oh! Piya! Cut! Cut! Cut!
What are you doing? Go back. Energy. Loud. Feeling. Emotion. Take 2. Ready? Action! Yes! No, no,
the weather is absolutely.. Oh! Piya? Cut! Cut! What are you doing? Go back. Loud. Call out louder. Piya. Take 3. Action! Yes, everything I fine..yes.. Piya! Hello? Hi! Me..me.. Oh, my God! Champu?! Yes. Yes. You’ve changed so much, Champu!
– Yes! When did you come to New York? This morning..today morning. He’s hopeless. Darn kids! Nice meeting you. Hi Piya.
– Hi. – Okay. Nice meeting you. Hi. Hi. Zubin. Zubin Honibhoy. Piya, okay. Okay, bye! Bye, Piya. Bye! Where are you, Piya? Bye! Bye, Piya. Did you see how Piya just went
with Zubin? – I saw everything. Don’t worry, she won’t go for him. But what happened to you? Why were you tongue-tied? I had told you earlier
I can’t do this. The moment I see Piya,
something happens to me. I think I’ve bet on a lame horse. I have a bright idea. Sorry, I was listening to you both.
I couldn’t help myself. This is a micro walkie-talkie. With this, I sit here
and control my entire staff. You’re incredible. When you decide to stop
showing off, tell us. We want to talk of
something important. All right. I was just trying to help
you. – No, don’t pay attention to him. Tell us what you wanted to.
What is this? Very good! Good boy. Look, you put this one
behind your ear and.. ..the other one you
put behind your ear. And then whatever you
want him to do, tell him. Keep telling him,
and he’ll keep doing as you say. Great!
At least you were of some use. Come on, your work will be done.
– Thank you very much. But listen, remember its range
is only 100 metres. All right.
Come on, punk, let’s rock. Suhan, Suhan.
Just once more. Once more. Come on, punk, let’s rock. So darn clear. Again, again.
– Oh, shut up. Come on, punk, let’s rock! Give me your credit card. Why?
– Why? Why am I asking this question?
I was just thinking that. After all, you’re going for my work.
– Right. Yes, you’re going for my work. Not this one..give me this one. From now on, this credit card
will remain with me. And until I return,
stay here in the car. Whatever I am going to get Piya man,
It’s okay. What are you? You didn’t recognise me?
– No. Suhan. Suhan. That means nobody will be
able to recognise me. And I’ll be
within 100 metres of you. This is a book on Picasso.
– But this is an old book. It’s second-hand,
so it’ll look like you’ve read it. Excuse me, Can I help you? Oh! Champu, it’s you? I’m so sorry I.. – No. From you,
even Champu sounds sexy. But how come you’re here? I was passing by, and I saw that
it was an interiors shop.. You..you work here? No. This is my store.
I’m into interior designing. This is your store?
– Yes. These are all your designs.
– Yes. Wow! You know of this flower? Halcyon? Wonderful! Fabulous! You like flowers?
– What? You like flowers? I love flowers.
– I love flowers. Flowers are in my blood.
– Flowers are in my blood. Looking at me.. ..you may feel that flowers
and me are opposites. But never judge a book by its cover. You know the flower halcyon. It’s found in the tropical
forest of South America. Very good.
– Oh, I’m so sorry. I don’t even remember
your real name. Agastya Rao. Right.
– Agastya. Oh, wow. – No, no, Rao.
– Agastya Rao. – Yes. I’m impressed. Though you’re a guy,
you have such a passion for flowers. Listen, I don’t believe
in this guy-girl thing. I don’t believe in this guy-girl.. I’m a homosexual. I’m a homosexual. Oh, no! Don’t say that. Metrosexual. Metrosexual. Metrosexual. Drop the book.
– Oh. Thank you.
– You like Picasso? I like Picasso? I love Picasso. Picasso is in my blood. But how did you know? Sharp observation. You know,
I’ve read this book four times. You know what is the best
thing about Picasso? – What? Yes? So, you were telling me
something about Picasso. Yes, Picasso. Picasso.. Who are you?
– Zorro. Zorro? Show me how you disappear. You really want
to know about Picasso? You’re a fraud. Fraud! Do this and show me. Idiot! Zubin, how could you do that? No, Piya, I didn’t do anything. It was Zorro,
outside your boutique. Anyway, you guys won’t believe it. Agastya, I’m so glad that
you’ve come for dinner with us. I had made all the arrangements
for French food. But suddenly, how come you both
were in the mood for Italian? You like Italian? I like Italian? I love Italian. Italian is in my blood. Suhan hadn’t really got an opportunity
to wear costumes in his career. So he used this opportunity
to wear different costumes. Always came in a different costume.
He was quite funny. I’ll have one penny Arabia.
– Okay. I’ll have the same. Thanks. And I’ll have a diet coke.
– Okay. Just diet coke? Come on, Zubin. Order something. I..I hate Italian food.
Specially spicy food. You don’t like spicy food? You don’t like spicy food? You like spicy food? I like spicy food.
– I like spicy food. I love spicy food.
– I love spicy food. Spice is in my blood.
– Spice is in my blood. Agastya, are you all right?
– Wicked, wicked. I love spicy food. Eat more of that..
what was that Italiano.. – Arabia. It’s really nice. Idiot! Hey, where is this man?
Where is this man? – There! You? You were
at the boutique too, right? Now I know. You’re following us.
You are.. Champu, your work is done. What are you looking for, Agastya? What am I looking for? Yes, I’ve found it.
Brooklyn Bridge. I wanted to see it
since I was a kid. It’s really beautiful, isn’t it? Thanks for everything. You should thank Zubin, not me.
He paid the bill. No, I didn’t mean that. I really had a great time tonight. Me too. In fact, it’s seven years
since I’ve laughed so much. Seven years? May I ask you something?
If you don’t mind. You loved a girl in college,
didn’t you? I heard that she broke your heart.. ..so you left college and went away. We didn’t know where you had gone. You just disappeared. You used to love that
girl very much, right? Do you love her still? I’m sorry. But I think
you’ve been unable to forget her. If you don’t mind me asking,
who was she? Look, Agastya, you can trust me.
I might be of some help to you. Please, tell me who she was. You. How can you help me? She’s already married now. Then you can get any nice girl.
Forget her. No. I’ll only marry her. No. If I get married, it’ll be to her.
Otherwise.. If Suhan hadn’t
come on time that day.. ..the show would’ve ended
before the start. Bye, Zubin. Bye, Agastya.
Good night. In thirty seconds,
she’ll come out wearing a nightgown. But where did I keep
the remote this morning? Yes, in the kitchen. She’ll jump on the couch. Now she’ll watch
an emotional movie.. ..and cry like Meena Kumari
(Indian actress). What are you doing? I’m eating chocolate
and studying the case. Okay. Now, excuse me. Let me see. Hey, buddy, I have to write
the dialogues of this script. What will you do by watching? I don’t think you should
watch like this. – Why? Then you too will fall in love. What? I don’t need anybody’s love.
I’m happy alone. Keep your Piya to yourself. Now what have you done? Satellite connection? No. Telescope.
– Oh! Fantastic. The clarity is excellent. Popcorn?
– Yes. “It’s an unknown city.” “It’s an unknown evening.” “Life is..” “..unknown.” “What is your name?” “Strange is this life.
This life is strange.” “Here you meet, then separate.” “After separation, again we meet.” “It’s an unknown city.” “Without you,
I feel sadness is sweet.” “What? Is this your magic?” “You aren’t aware that
the earth under your feet is saying.” “What? Is this your thought?” “It’s an unknown city.” “I found life.” “Strange is this life.
This life is strange.” “I had thought it’s near.” “But it’s somebody else’s destiny.” “It’s the incident of one night.” “You were lying on the clouds.” “I remember you had called me.” “You were feeling cold.” “You had draped thin
moonlight on yourself.” “And you were sleeping
in a shawl of dreams.” “Let it be strange..” “..but you are merged
in my breaths.” “Strange is this life.
This life is strange.” “This life is not for me.
It’s the destiny of somebody else.” The first time I saw a faint hope
of love in Piya’s eyes for me. You look stunning.
– Thanks. How do I look?
– Like a Rock star. No, a superstar. No, a superstar. What happened? – No. Nothing.
I just remembered something. Good or bad?
– Good or bad? Good. Hi, could I have
a glass of red wine please? Get buzz!
– What will you have? Apple juice.
– And wine. And wine. Now drink the two as a cocktail. Thank you.
– Thank you. Cheers. Why are you looking at me like this? I’m looking at your sixth smile. I’m looking at your sixth smile. What! – Do you know you
have 6 kinds of smiles? Do you know you have
6 kinds of smiles? Smile number one,
when you smile whole-heartedly. Smile number one,
when you smile whole-heartedly. Smile number two,
when you smile in pretence. Smile number three,
when you smile shyly. Smile number four,
when you smile mischievously. Smile number five
when you smile to greet somebody. And smile no. 6.. When you smile to hide something. When you smile to hide something. This is your sixth smile. What are you hiding from me? Agastya. Agastya. Agastya. Wow! Excuse me. Get out of here.
Excuse me. Agastya, go to Piya. Agastya! Agastya! Sorry. Champu, call them outside. Suhan, these are six well built
people. And we are only two. Actually, there’s only one person.
– Just do what I’ve told you to do. Okay. You…You…You.
Can you please come out? You want to act tough. Meet us outside. You’re a dead man.
– Hey! Agastya, please. These are very nasty people.
Don’t lock horns with them. I’ll come back. Agastya.. Champu, let go of me. Let go. Oh, man. Suhan, stop it. Suhan was furious. I tried in vain to stop him. If there was anyone
who could stop him, it was Piya. Agastya! Agastya.
– Who are you? Oh, my God, Agastya!
Are you all right? Listen, don’t you ever,
ever say..one second. Don’t you ever say anything to her!
Okay! I’ll send everyone to the moon. What a knock-out punch
Suhan landed on my face. I was seeing stars in daylight. Piya had great respect for me. From an idiot Champu,
I had become a Champion to her. Piya. Hi.
– There’s a small party at my home. So I’ve called to invite you.
– Party! Yes. A birthday party.
– Birthday party! Yes, yes. Of course I’ll come.
I’ll come. This evening? I have a meeting this evening. Oh, no! It would be great
if you could come. Anyway no stress. Work comes first. Yes, of course, work comes first. Okay. Bye-bye. Take care. Why did Suhan do that? Why did he stop me
from going to Piya’s party? I had many such queries in my mind. But I didn’t have
the courage to ask him. Excuse me.
– Yes. I’m John Winter. Writer.
– Pleasure to meet you. I’ve been noticing you
for the last couple of days. All those get-ups.
– All right. Are you an actor by any chance?
– Yes. Do you want an autograph?
– Actually, no. Then don’t waste my time. Just a second.
I have something to tell you. I’m writing a major television
sitcom called ‘Vikram and Juliet’. It’s a romantic comedy about.. ..an Indian Vikram falling
in love with American Juliet. And you want me to play Vikram?
– Well. Not exactly. I’m offering the role of
Vikram’s driver. Chakram. What? You don’t know
who you’re talking to right now. You misunderstand. Chakram is a major character. I only do main leads.
I’m a superstar. Ciao. Let me go.
Please. What are you doing? Please, for God’s sake.
Please, please, let me go. Everybody’s leaving. What? Now what do I do?
The party has got over. Everything is over. They have gone.
Should I go to wash the vessels? Hi.
– Hi. Agastya, you? Wow! You had some urgent work,
didn’t you? Yes. I realised that
no work is more.. ..important than friendship. So I left everything
and I came here. Well, I’m so sorry, but the party..
– Is over. Everybody had their
fill and they’ve left. It means your friend has
come at the right time. Would you require my assistance?
– Sure! Come on in! Great, my brave one!
You have reached inside her house. And in a short while,
enter her heart as well. Second table, chips and coke. What are you saying?
Champu? Yes. It’s my pleasure, ma’am. A cross-connection. Darn! Piya! Brilliant! Brilliant! Oh, god. How beautiful they are! I mean..may I touch them? Come here. Open the window. May I kiss..
– Champu! Open the window. Such a cute baby!
Looks just like you. Come on, stop crying. Such a sweet baby!
Looks just like you. He sits so quietly. She sits very quietly.
Her name is Suhani. She’s my little angel.
And today is her birthday. Suhan. Suhan, please.
Suhan, please get up. What is it?
– Thank God! There’s just 5 minutes. I’m not feeling well.
I can’t come. Suhan, please get up. If she talks,
how will I answer her. Suhan!
– Take her out to watch some movie. You needn’t talk to her then. Tell me which movie
I should take her to? Please. Hi.
– Hello, young man. Pizza.
– Yeah Pizza. Great! Great! Oh, my God! Hi. My name is Suhan Kapoor.
I’m your father. I’m your papa. Hi. No handshake? Fingershake. Fingershake. Fingershake. My little angel. You’re an angel. May I carry you in my arms? You sure? Thank you. Oh, yes. Wow! Come, let’s sit. Oh, my God. Same eyes. Same nose. Same lips. You’re my replica. Your smile is just like your papa. Suhan forgot about time
with his daughter. When Piya and I returned.. Maria, what are you doing outside?
Where’s Suhani? She’s inside. I got locked out.
– Oh, my God. How can you be so careless?
I don’t believe this. Oh, my sweetheart! I’m so sorry! Come here, baby. Come here. It’s very cold. Thank you. May I ask you something?
– Yes. Actually.. No, no. What’s the matter, Agastya? I.. that.. But.. Agastya! – Did you marry the guy
whom you used to love in college? I just wanted to ask that. If you
don’t want to answer, then it’s okay. I understand. I’m sorry.
Just forget it. Oh, my God! What am I doing?
– Yes. Then.. Then.. All our wishes
in life will not be fulfilled. Congratulations, Piya. You’re pregnant. Thank you, doctor. Are we going somewhere? “I’m worried because
of this helplessness.” “You’ll be sad to know.
But I’m with you.” “I’ll have to stay away from you.” “Just endure it for a while.” “My future, I swear on you.” “My future hinges on this, Piya.” “I know that love is naive.” “The heart tends
to make some mistakes.” “Love is oblivious of patience.” You didn’t tell him? How could I have told him?
That day, he was very happy. The greatest dream of his life
was going to be fulfilled. But when I realized that.. ..our marriage was creating barrier
for his dreams, then I decided. By giving him this news,
I couldn’t break his dreams. What did you do? I waited for him. I tried many times to talk
with Suhan in my loneliness. Ma’am, can I speak
with Suhan please? – Who is this? I..I.. What could I say? He had warned me not to tell
anyone about our relationship. I had no choice but to wait. The wait of a few weeks
converted into months. But I received no news of Suhan. I was all alone in that city. And then one day.. My brother Vishal came to visit me. He couldn’t bear
to see my condition. I had eloped to marry
against my family’s wishes. But still, they forgave me. Vishal told me not to stay
alone there in such a condition. So did he come? He didn’t come. But I got a divorce notice. Forget about him. You can easily
find another good man. You had said some dialogue like
that to me near Brooklyn Bridge. Remember? Agastya, you’re so sweet.
Thank you. Bye.
– But listen, don’t forget. Tomorrow, we have to go to my
parents’ anniversary celebration. Goodnight, Piya. Now papa has to leave. Don’t worry. Papa will come again. But there’s been a change
in the plan. Now, I’ll take your mummy along too. She isn’t that bad, you know. Fingershake. Bye, sweetheart. Boney! Uncle.
– Suhan! What progress has
there been in the mission? Suhan, what’s the matter? Is everything fine? Uncle, we were wrong about Piya. Look..we have committed
a grave mistake, Suhan. Now what do you want to do? What I should have done
a long time ago, uncle. I want to take up
my responsibilities. Uncle, I want to
take care of my child. Uncle, what I did was wrong. I want to rectify my mistake. Uncle, I want Piya and the baby.. ..both back. But how will you do all this? Hey, John. You know the job
that you offered me. I’ll do it. That part has already been cast. I really need it. – You’re a superstar.
Why do you need anything? If I need you, I’ll find you.
Now just get out of my face. I’m working. I’m sorry. I’ll get it. Hey, John. I’m really sorry.
I was so rude. I know you must be really upset with me. I wasn’t nice. I was rude. In fact, I was a jerk. But look at me now. I’m on my knees. I’m begging you.
Embarrassed. I’m really sorry. I’m a changed man, John. Listen, I need to prove
to my wife and my child.. Come on. Please. Help me with this.
Just one audition. I’m sorry. The part of Chakram.. ..it’s gone to someone else. But I’ll try and get you
an audition for another part. Come to the studio tomorrow. 9am. Suhan woke up earlier
than me that day. Piya, today I’m going to
start my new life. Please, wish me all the best. Mr. John Winters’ audition. Second door around the corner. Thank you. Beautiful! Are you a princess?
– No. But my father is very wealthy. Why don’t you live here then? There’ll be a room
for you in such a big mansion. Yes. They all want that too. But whenever I come here,
papa harps on the same thing. My marriage.
– Yes. You must have informed them
that I’m coming. Otherwise, they may think a babysitter
is coming along with you. Of course, Agastya.
In fact, papa is waiting for you. Hello, sir. What are you doing, Agastya? He’s not papa. He’s our butler. Hello. Agastya here. Hi, everyone. I’m home. Hi, Piya! Introduce me. – Oh. He’s my friend, Agastya. Hello, darling.
– Hi! Nice meeting you. Piya’s Aunty. – Oh, is that so? Piya’s uncle. – Okay, okay. Piya’s uncle.
– Hello, sir. He’s not bad. – He’s so sexy.
– Does he have a younger brother? ‘Does he have an elder brother? Every mother wants the best
for her child, and so do I. Every mother wants the best
for her baby. – So do I. That’s why I’ve chosen.
– Booboo diapers. Booboo diapers have
a rapid dry system.. ..with triple protection
from leak b..barriers. Triple protection
from leaking barriers. That protects against leakage.
– Day and night. So if you love your baby. Clearly, Booboo diapers.
– Booboo diapers is the choice. You’re so good looking.
I’m sure you’re an actor. No, I’m not an actor,
I’m an astronaut from NASA Astronaut?
– Yes! – Travelled to the moon? Who else is there in your family?
– Actually, I’m alone. From my childhood I was alone,
my parents.. Self-made man.
– Yes. I’m Samrat Goyal. Piya’s father. Pleasure meeting you, sir.
Pleasure meeting you. Happy anniversary.
– Thank you. Thank you. I like self-made man.
– Thank you. You know when
I had come to New York.. Excuse me. – I had just $5 in my pocket.
– Yes. With those $5.. He’s the guy who is after Piya.
Today he has reached the house. Since when are you seeing him? What does the guy do?
– Who else is there in his family? Does he smoke cigarettes?
– When are you guys marrying? Next Monday is good to marry.
– Please! Specially with the software in.. Let me introduce my..
– Uncle, let me guess. He’s Vishal,
Piya’s brother and your son? Correct. How did you know?
– Piya told me. And she said that you’re tall,
handsome.. intelligent, good looking. I like this guy, dad.
– Thank you. – Very good! You guys enjoy. I’ll see you later.
– All right, uncle. See you. You’re not having anything. Should I get you a drink?
– Maybe.. Maybe champagne. Gentlemen’s drink. Absolutely. Thanks. Hi, my name is Agastya. Hello. – Vishal. Hi. – Hi. – Hi. Hi. I’m Dabbu, Piya’s cousin. Even I want to be
an astronaut like you. Wow! Brownies! So this Agastya..you didn’t
tell us anything about him before. Mom, now you too are
behaving like everybody.. What do you expect, darling? For the first time,
you’ve brought a guy home. He’s just a friend.
I don’t love him. Piya, if you want to live happily.. ..then choose the person who
loves you as your life partner. The one you loved never
gave you any happiness. Why do you think
that Agastya loves me? Are you serious? Can’t you see what we all can see? So if you really love
your child, clearly.. Booboo diaper is the choice. Good morning,
my name is Suhan Kapoor. Every mother wants the best
for her baby. So do I. That’s the reason
why I’ve chosen Booboo diapers. Booboo diapers has a rapid dry
system with triple protection.. But what’s new with that? Every other diaper in town has that. The reason why
I bought Booboo diapers is.. ..because they’re really
easy to change. Even an idiot like me who doesn’t
know anything can change them. Now my wife doesn’t have to wake
up in the middle of the night.. ..to change our baby’s diapers.
I do. And it only takes about five seconds. So if you love your child,
if you love your wife.. ..then Booboo diapers
is the right choice. That was brilliant, Mr. Kapoor! As much as we loved your work,
we cannot select you. What we are looking for here is
a mother talking about her baby. A woman. Sir, do you know Mr. John Winters.
He asked me to audition for this part. I’m afraid, my dear friend, you
have come to the wrong audition. That’s next door.
– Darn. Unless, Mr. Kapoor,
we change our advertising campaign. Over the last few days.. ..we have auditioned
hundreds of girls for the part. But none of them have moved
my heart the way you have. If you love your baby and wife.. ..Booboo diapers is the choice. It’s brilliant! So if we change our campaign.. ..and instead of a wife and
a mother talking about her baby.. ..we’ll use your idea of a father.. ..talking about his baby and wife. That’s so very innovative! Mr. Kapoor, would you like to be
the face of Booboo diapers? Sure. Thank you, sir. This is the study.
– Okay. And that’s Vishal’s room. You can pick anything you
like from his wardrobe. – Okay. I think it should fit you just fine. Agastya. They are my mother’s parents.
– What a beautiful painting! When grandpa had
proposed to granny.. ..then he had captured
this romantic moment on canvas. That’s very romantic!
– And this is the same ring. See. Yes. You get ready. We are waiting
for you downstairs. – Okay. Hello.
– May I speak to Piya, please? Who is calling?
– This is Richa here. Hey, Richa! Where are you?
You’ve disappeared. Forget about me,
tell me about you. I saw you with
a handsome man yesterday. That was Champu.
Didn’t you recognize him? Champu? Yes. Champu from college. That handsome! You lucky girl! Oh, no! It’s nothing like that. Oh, really? Yes! He still loves the girl
he adored in college. You’re right.
And you were that girl. You didn’t know? How would you?
You were so madly in love with Suhan. When he saw you with Suhan.. ..on prom night, he was heartbroken.
That was why he had left college. Piya, will you marry me? Agastya has proposed to Piya! No! No! Wait, wait! Yes! “You’ve crossed your limit.
What have you done?” “You’ve made him go
crazy about you.” “I used to love her.
She was my classmate.” “She always used to be
upset with me.” “She used to ignore me.” “She used to ignore me.” “Can’t you see?
He’s in love with you.” “Say I do. I do. I do.” “Sister, say yes. Say yes!” “Say yes! Say yes!” “Give your consent.
– Please accept.” “Give your consent.
– Covertly and shyly, say yes.” “Give your consent.
– By a gesture or a sign.” “Give your consent.” Yes! Ladies and gentlemen, welcome
the new face of BooBoo diapers.. Suhan Kapoor.
– Yes! Congratulations.
– Thank you, sir. Thank you very much.
Thank you, everybody. “This guy is very nice.” “He seems to be a good person.” “If you say seven nuptial rounds.” “He may even take more than that.” “Listen! Listen!” “The past never comes back.” “Come. Come on.” “Don’t lose this chance.” “I love you.” “I would even give up
my life for you.” “I’ve come with a request.” “If you consent,
I want to marry you. I love you.” “He’s so handsome. He’s a dude.” “Say ‘I do’. I do. I do.” “Sister, don’t refuse now.
Don’t harass us.” “Marry him, and don’t turn back.” “Give your consent.
– Grab the chance.” “Give your consent.
– It is the way of decent people.” “Give your consent.
– It is the hope of years.” “Give your consent.” “His voice is sweet.” “I think he’s a jolly fellow.” “Grab him with both hands..” “..if you think he’s a bit weak.” “Yes. Oh, yes.” “This is about coincidence.” “What? Oh, what?” “This is the auspicious time.” “Whatever you like,
that will be my liking too.” “If you want the twilights
to become long..” “I’ll shorten the days.” “Girl, he’s too good to be true.” “Say ‘I do’. I do. I do.” “Sister, do say yes.
Listen to us children.” “Otherwise, this auspicious time
will pass away.” “Give your consent.” “Give your consent.
– This is the best thing for you.” “Give your consent.
– You are destined for him.” “Give your consent.
– What has to happen will happen.” “Give your consent.” I have got work.
I’ve become a model. The contract is in my hand. Now I can take care
of Piya and Suhani. But Suhan,
what will you say to Agastya? I’ll tell the truth. I’ve wronged him. I’ll accept any punishment
he hands to me. Very good! I accept. Yes! Bye! Goodnight.
– Goodnight. Suhan! Suhan! Suhan, I want to tell you something. You’ll be so happy. See this! Sorry. Look. I got engaged to Piya. Meet my would-be wife. Piya Rao. Boney speaking. Hello? Congratulation uncle, we’ve done it.
Our mission was a success. Piya has got engaged to Agastya. They are going to marry very soon. Now there’s no need to worry.
The whole matter is resolved. Suhan, don’t accept defeat so soon.
I have an excellent idea. You do one thing..
– No. Not today. Today, don’t give me
any of your lousy ideas. You’ve always given me wrong advice. Today, I won’t listen
to a thing you say. How had Piya wronged us?
She hadn’t. And I..I’ve only given her hurt. Now, no more. I’ve seen Piya. She’s very happy. Agastya loves her a lot. And he’ll always keep her happy. Because he’s not like me. His love doesn’t change with
circumstances like mine does. Do you know, when he found
out Piya loved somebody else.. ..his love didn’t change. When he came to know that
Piya had got married.. ..still his love didn’t change. And when he came to know
that Piya has a child.. ..still his love didn’t change. Uncle, Agastya’s love
for Piya will never wane. He’s really an angel. And I.. I could never make Piya happy. But I can at least
let her stay happy. I’m hanging up now. Yes? Yes. Who is it? Suhan! You got your love Piya. I’ve kept my promise. My role ends here. You don’t need me anymore. I’m sure you’ll take
good care of Piya. Take care, Agastya. Suhan went away. Me too. Piya and I were
to be married shortly. I shifted into Piya’s parents’ home. If you love your child and your wife,
BooBoo diapers is the right choice. Cut it!
– Suhan decided to go back to India.. ..after completing the
modelling assignment. “There are a hundred pains..” “There are a hundred ways of relief.” “I’ve got everything, my love.” “Only you aren’t there.” “There are a hundred pains.” “There are a hundred ways of relief.” “I’ve got everything, my love.” “Only you aren’t there.” Without Suhan, I was like a puppet
without the puppet-master. Neither could I
talk freely with Piya.. ..nor keep her happy. I wanted Suhan to come and save me. “This breeze that blows haltingly..” “..why is it so indifferent.” “On the busy streets..” “..I come flying.” “There are a hundred ways.” “But there’s no way for me.” “There are a hundred pains.” “There are a hundred ways of relief.” “I’ve got everything, my love.” “Only you aren’t there.” “Let the water flow on.” “Let the time stand still.” “If the sea has turned.” “Let the shore endure it.” “I have a hundred wishes.” “But not your sorrow.” “Alone.” “Alone you are,
alone you must go on.” “Alone.” “There are a hundred pains.” “There are a hundred ways of relief.” Vishal, you had promised me..
– Zubin, just take it easy. ..that Piya would marry me.
– Hi. – Hi brother-in-law. Come join us for a drink. No, no.
– Just one drink. I don’t drink,
I swear I don’t drink. One drink. You shouldn’t say that.
Vishal is your brother-in-law. And when the brother-in-law says you
should drink, then you should. Here. If this brother-in-law gets angry.. ..your plight will be the same
as that of Piya’s first husband. What happened?
– Didn’t you know? – No. Piya’s divorce was
because of Vishal. Because of him. Zubin, you’re drunk. You don’t believe me?
You don’t believe me? I’ll just show you.
– Zubin! Zubin, just take it easy. All those letters that Piya’s.. ..husband had written for Piya. But not one of these
letters reached Piya. Vishal hid all these letters here. He didn’t even give the
two a chance to reunite. Scoundrel.
– Shut up, Zubin. It was another matter with that guy.
He was a good for nothing. But I like Agastya. I’m sure
he’ll take good care of Piya. Am I right?
– Sure. Cheers.
– Cheers. Come on. Hey! Thank you. Hi, kid. I’m back. I’ve brought something for you.
Do you want to see what it is? This is for you. Oh. You don’t recognise me? One moment. And. And.. Here. Here. This may be the last time
I’ll get to meet you. I had planned to take you with me. Later, I planned
to take your mother with us. But I have to go alone. All my plans failed miserably. Will you heed my words? When you grow up, don’t be like me.. ..be like your mother. I love you. I love you. I love you. All your manipulations failed.
So you’ve stooped to this? Vishal. – No, Dad. Last time too,
I was quiet because of you. That’s why all this has happened. He came to kidnap the child. But Dad, I’ll hand him
over to the police. Otherwise, he will..
– Vishal, enough is enough. Suhan is part of our family. We don’t need to involve the
police in this family matter. Suhan, it’s your child too. I can understand your position. But this isn’t the right way. If you want the child’s custody.. ..fight it out legally,
properly in the court. We’ll abide
by the court’s judgement. Security, escort him out. Suhan committed a grave mistake. But that mistake was not his fault. He too was a victim of the
misunderstanding created by Vishal. I know that Suhan loves you a lot. And you love him too. I’ve just come
between the two of you. How could you love me? I’m only Champu. An idiot. I can’t even talk to you properly. And then, you haven’t fallen in love
with me but with Suhan once again. Whatever I said to you. Whatever I did for you. That was not me, but Suhan. I was only the body. Piya, you shouldn’t be with me
but with Suhan. You are made for each other. Suhan loves you a lot. When he thought that
you were happy with me.. ..he left everybody
for your happiness. Suhan will be shattered
without you, Piya. He needs you. Suhan loves you a lot. Without you, Suhan.. Suhan.. Suhan.. Please don’t stop, Agastya. No one says
anything good about Suhan. Today for the first time, I’m
hearing something good about him. Please don’t stop. Yes, Suhan is a.. I like to hear
good things about him. He’s a good person. Please don’t stop. He loves you a lot. Hello, Vikas? Hi, sir. When did you return? Last night. Any work for me? Yes, sir. There’s work, but no
male lead. Nothing worthy of you. Any role will do, even side roles.. I’ve an offer for a Bhojpuri
(Indian regional) film, sir. Bhojpuri ? Yes, sir.
– Of course, it’ll do. Cut. Okay. Oh, mind-blowing. What a great shot!
Come, let’s see the take. Come on. Autograph please! Piya how come you are here? I…
– Suhan, please don’t say anything. We can’t wait anymore. Champu, I know that you’re here.
Come out. No, Suhan, my role ends here. I have to leave now.
I was never suited to this world. My purpose is elsewhere. Thank you. She is the only woman
you’ve ever loved. Then how did you
fall in love with me? You’ll get your answers when
you speak to Piya and Suhan. It’s 8 o’clock there and
I’m sure they must have woken up. Let’s call my friend. Come.
– Okay. Switch it on. Please. Happy birthday, Suhan! Thank you, Champu. Not Champu. Agastya Rao. I have a respectable reputation in space.
– Where had you disappeared? It’s a long, long story.
I’ll tell you some other time. But where is Piya? You scoundrel. At least now, let her
go. She’s now your sister-in-law. Shut up! Just call Piya!
Just call her. Call her right now. Piya!
– Yes. Come here, Piya! What happened?
– There’s a surprise for you. The surprise better be good. Oh, my God!
Champu, where had you disappeared? Say something. I want to give both of you a surprise.
Are you ready for it? Show the surprise fast!
– Shut up! Come, come. My girlfriend Preity Zintakova. Zintakova..va? Remember, Suhan? I had told you
there are seven people with one face. Isn’t she beautiful? Wow! She looks exactly like me! I mean I look exactly like you. Oh, my God! Yes!
Suhan, she looks exactly like me! It would be wonderful, if we could
just meet. – How old is Suhani now? We are going to be
in the next 6 months. We are going to be in Houston. So you should come and see me and
Agastya. – Yes, we will! – Yes, yes. We’ll definitely come to Houston.
But you must come to Mumbai first! Yes, yes. We’ll
definitely come to Mumbai. We love you.
– I’m a big TV star here. You know he’s really funny.
That’s his sense of humour. I’ll kill you!
– But.. He talks about you all the time. How old are you? Yes. You must take care of Agastya.
You know we absolutely love him. I can’t believe it.
This is like a dream. Yes! Take care of yourself! “We know love is naive.” “The heart makes mistakes.” “Love is oblivious of patience.” “We know love is naive.” “The heart makes mistakes.” “Love is oblivious of patience.” “My love.” “My love.” “My love.” “My love.” “We know love is naive.” “The heart makes mistakes.” “Love is oblivious of patience.”

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