Jack Whitehall reacts to family’s ‘horrific’ past | The Graham Norton Show – BBC

Jack Whitehall reacts to family’s ‘horrific’ past | The Graham Norton Show – BBC

Talking of pedigree, in fact, and genealogy
and things, you did ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’ Oh God, yeah. And it was It was grim discoveries. It was the worst episode ever! It was awful! I did ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’ and
the answer to that question is an arsehole. Like my whole family is just a long line of
scumbags, as far as the eye can stretch. It was the worst experience ever. And I did it with my dad and we looked into his family and on one side there was a philanderer who
got syphilis and gave it to his wife and then they ended up in an asylum. And then we went
to Wales, and there was this guy who was a Tory MP, who had put down this revolt of peasants
that wanted the vote. And then he’d arrested like the William Wallace of Wales and had
him hung, drawn and quartered. And I was doing it all with my dad, who, throughout the entire
thing, just had a completely blank expression. And I was like, “You need to look more upset.”
And he went, on camera, he went, “I am upset. It’s deeply depressing. I had no idea we
were Welsh.

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  1. Poor guy, first he gets embarrassingly cut from Frozen, survives Armageddon now he’s the worst episode of Who Do You Think You Are?

  2. I just want to say thank you to anyone who write down the funny line in this video. English is my secondary language and many times I don’t get the funny line. You writing it down helps me so much!

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