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  1. One of my favorite moments of visual comedy is in the 1962 Lolita, how Kubrick portrays the movie theater scene. It's definitely worth the watch if you've never seen it.

  2. Even with you priming me to laugh at it, the fish tank scene made me laugh outloud, and you're so right about the slow burn of a good sight or prat-gag.

    The remake of Willy Wanka has a lot of problems, but Depp banging into the glass door gag gets me every time. In the theater I laughed for a half minute longer each time. My girlfriend at the time held her hand over my mouth the last time because I was out-loud belly laughing. Monster's Inc is a better overall film but does a similar bit and it never landed the same way, and I think you hit on it from a few angles in this video.

  3. Hi, your video is amazing! So great! I know you add movie titles in the video, but I would really appreciate if you included them in the description box as well. Thank you and good luck!

  4. My thought on the last scene with the door, where he just passes through: "Maan! There is no more civilization!" 😀

  5. This just goes to show that comedy is subjective. I found some of the things that the author of this essay didn't find funny to be funny to me, and some of the examples of what he thought was funny weren't funny to me. This essay is trying too hard to make comedy out to be some science, when it's just subjective art.

  6. 😀 This made me smile. Okay, I have seen the french animated film The Illusionist, the main character HAS to be based on Tati, he looks stands, walk and moves exactly like him. I don't know much about that film, only that I love it dearly, but does anyone know? That must, must, must be him.

  7. Thank you , you are so so so good ! I've learned a lot from you 😀 It's all about how to make people feel emotions

  8. The thing is with humour, as soon as you try to dissect it, you start to destroy it. There is no list of ingredients. There is no recipe. You don't need essays. Explanation of craft is not required, or necessary. Just sit back, enjoy the mastery and laugh.

  9. "if youve seen video essays alot then you would know.." … i mean you could give every frame a paiting its kudos but fair enough..

  10. I've watched this video so many times…I love all your videos honestly. I re-watch this, Takahata, and Brad Bird all the time.

  11. John Belushi is somewhat like Jacques tati but he is the type of comedian to go crazy but that's what I like about him because he is not like any other comedian. he is a comedian that breaks all areas of comedy and people get a kick out of jokes and movement

  12. as someone trained in classical mime, i have to disagree to the notion that mime means exaggeration. Mime is the art of making visible. It is more about the precise order of minute events than exaggeration. Doing to much is often detrimental to the clearness mime strives for. (you can see some of my stuff at

  13. Ehhhhh you lost me. Horrible Bosses did it better than whatever movie you compared it to. Not sorry, but there's tons of modern comedies that are great and do great things.

    Just because it's older, doesn't mean it's better. That's called hipsterism.

  14. This is soooo good..
    may god bless you..
    thank you soo much…
    Tools like these never let me think twice of not opting for film school coz there is soooooo much out there…

    Great video essays come with great observations.. 😀

  15. I actually haven't had that many genuine laughs like this in long time from watching something funny in a movie, I'll check it out

  16. Thank you for show me this, really i like a lot of filmmaking, but i really don't know to much, and you my friend, you are teaching me

  17. My boyfriend and I both love film. He is an actual film director and I am barely starting. His name is Jacques and mine is Tatis. 🙂

  18. 7:12 This has to be the greatest gag in movie history. No matter how many times I watch it, either on this video or on DVD, it never fails to make me smile. Hulot's reaction is priceless.

  19. Andrew…cannot thank you enough for this look at one of the true geniuses of comedy…. we saw 'Monsieur Hulot's Holiday" in about 1959 and that did it…. "Mon Oncle" is a masterpiece…. I truly feel sorry for folks who do not have the chance to relax, turn off the brain for a while and soak up this nectar which is a lot like reading the old Sunday newspaper color funnies. It tweaks one's mind differently, and perhaps increases brain power I suspect.

  20. good comedy relies on manipulating the perceptual expectations of the audience. comedy is enriched by involving several perceptual 'spheres' or modalities simultaneously. the standard nature of narrative structures and non-specific nature of locales allow the audience to 'universalize' the depiction by applying it to specific instances in their own lives. with a few notable exceptions, a narrative framework provides direction for the structure and pacing of gags. for exceptions, a specific place such as 'the city' (tati) or 'a luxury hotel' (lewis) or 'a factory' (chaplin) also provides this framework. some of the 'failure' of 'modern' comedy is due to its reliance on too small a palette of perceptual modalities.

  21. Whenever here in the USA they talk about great comedians or film actors I wonder if they have missed all the great european films. So many are better and funnier than modern american films. Tati is so funny I have his entire collection and none of Adam Sandler to name one.

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  23. Spongebob was the show that shaped my sense of humor as a kid, and I'm happy to realize that it practiced all these principles. 😀

  24. The only comedy this century that remotely reminded me of Jacques Tati was The Nice Guys. It’s really got some excellent visual jokes.

    P.S.: Those interested in Tati’s style of comedy should also take a look at some of Emir Kusturica’s films. Not the same thing, but not that far either.


    I literally had to dwonload it with a browser thats not google to be able to see it, 5 different devices and its not loaginANYWHERE





  26. Apologies to those of you for whom the video isn't working right. I'm not sure what's going on. I've been emailing the folks at YouTube (who still haven't gotten back to me) to see if we can resolve what's going on. It's not a copyright issue, but a playback one, so whatever's messed up is from YouTube's end. If this persists, I'll just re-upload, but I would rather not resort to that since I'll lose all the current views and comments. Again, my apologies. If you're still interested, you can find the video here on Vimeo –

  27. PLAYTIME is one of my alltime favorite films – the restaurant segment alone raises this film equal to or higher than classic US comedies such as BRINGING UP BABY, DUCK SOUP, IT'S A GIFT, LOVE AND DEATH, etc.).

  28. This is in my recommendations for days now, yet when i try to watch it, every time a error occurs or it lies to me telling me there is no internet connection.

  29. I really enjoyed this video, I never read or saw much about Tati, but love his films. Your presentation was informative and fun. Lot of good laughs and wonder.

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