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  1. This is the hottest perfume commercial I have ever seen, I want to buy it NOW! And Kanye West- Lights Flashing

  2. Amazing actress and beautiful woman. Dior did the right thing putting her as the face of their perfum!

  3. Was at a mall where they had a giant screen just replaying charlize theron promoting j'adore l. I walked straight into a hand rail.

  4. Charlize Theron is the goddess of beauty & talent,she has infinite sex appeal,these are facts.

  5. What is it that I like so much about this ad? Is it the way that she opens her eyes slowly and looks at the camera? The way that she walks? I don't know, but I'm in love with it

  6. Tbh I know it ain’t sane but I avoided Kanye’s music because he’s kinda whacko, but he can thank Charlize for bringing me into it I fell in love with this song and she is so perfect !!!!

  7. La plus belle pub de Dior surtout avec Charlène thirson La Plus belle Et elle le reste elle est sublime !!!!

  8. Of course this version is great but I think the carmen kass version is the classic forever. Without her, there is no more Dior

  9. Everytime I come out of my pool i try to mimic her walk 😅 I'm like, "watch this guys" walks out all sexy moving my hips in slow motion and shit my friends… THE FUCK YOU DOING can't help it. This commercial is BEAUTIFUL.

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