Jatt & Juliet 2 Full Movie | Hindi Dubbed Movies 2019 Full Movie | Diljit Dosanjh | Hindi Movies

Jatt & Juliet 2 Full Movie | Hindi Dubbed Movies 2019 Full Movie | Diljit Dosanjh | Hindi Movies

“This world and the
people are of no use to me.” ‘That is a wrong song.’ ‘No one is heartbroken.’ ‘A tradition has been broken.’ ‘This is a celebration.’ ‘This is a family of constables.’ ‘The men of this house have
been constables for four generations.’ ‘And so do they retire.’ ‘And today this tradition
has been broken..’ ‘..by the son Fateh Singh.’ Make haste. Put it up. I am doing it. Aunt, come out! Fateh Singh is here. ‘He did start as a constable
but he will not retire as one.’ ‘Since he is now an Inspector.’ ‘These guys had no
hopes for Fateh Singh.’ ‘They are so envious!’ There has to be something amiss here. We got things done. I am a cop now. Greetings. – Greetings.
– Uncle, how are you? What did you call us? A family of constables? That we are so keen of saluting people.. ..that we salute even the
grocer when he comes around? Stay on guard from me. Mocking us? You may end up dead! Greetings, Teacher. How are you? May you live long, dear. What did you say to me back then? That I could not even pass high school. I did complete my schooling
and now you are in trouble. You said I could not write
an essay on Punjab Police. And now essays are being written on me. No, dear. It is nothing like that. I always knew that
you would be a great man. I am a great man now so you will say it. Earlier you thought
of me as a useless kid! Do not dare trouble
any kid from here on. – Dear.
– Yes. May I propose a wedding alliance
of yours with my daughter Rikki? Who would marry this man?
He is a lunatic? This is what you said!
I cannot defy you. Now have your tea and get going. I may make you suffer. My dear son!
My dear. You look so great in this dress,
Inspector. You look so fine! Mom, you had brought forth a good son. He is after all my son. Stop it. What are you saying? – I will slap you hard.
– I will leave you. Like you can? If he has been your
son he would be a constable. He would never be an inspector. Don’t you dare!
He is showing such love today. All the villagers want
a picture with you. Come now. I want to dance. Let me dance, first. Go on. Even I will dance with my son. What is up with the inspector? Where did I keep it? I could not find it, sir. You all dimwits!
You could not find a uniform? – Have some shame!
– Sir, you are the one naked. Why should I be ashamed? You fool! I have three stars. You cannot mock inspector Joginder. You will be dead!
Go and find my uniform. I am roaming around in my shorts!
What if someone comes to file? Good morning, sir. Sir, your uniform. You are roaming around in my uniform? How dare a mere constable
take an inspector’s uniform? Why do you get angry? Sir, I took yours, you may take mine.
Do not mind. Looks like you are running to your doom. You argue with your senior. I will fire you. You cannot!
I work for government and not for you! You are my senior
and hence I respect you. Or else I would hit your tubs. If you act silly, I will punish you! Tell me, what is a tub? What do you care?
Keep your uniform clean. It has not been washed and it stinks. And yet you show your rage to me!
You must lose some weight. – Your waistline is troublesome..
– Stop. – Excuse me, Officer.
– Yes, Ma’am. My purse was stolen.
I am here to file a report. You may speak to me.
What was the colour? I want the officer
to file my complaint.. ..not a peon! Madam, I am not a peon. I am the in charge here. Joginder Singh! In your shorts? You have only seen
the extent of the law. So what if you see me like this? It does not matter.
You can still file a complaint here. I will take my problem to commissioner. – Commissioner?
– Yes If he can be an officer in the shorts.. ..then you must be a commissioner. Ma’am, if that is the case. You may come with me. I will write it. You lost a purse, we’ll get you four.
Come with me! Listen to me, Madam. Hear me out! – Sir, you do get insulted a lot.
– Stop it. Since he has arrived he
has caused a lot of trouble. He took my dress and
now he aims for my chair. Then speak to the DC. He is close to you. What will I say to him?
That he stole my uniform. So a man who cannot
keep his uniform safe.. ..is not fit to run a station. Sir, what will we do now? We will wait for the right time. He took my uniform for a day. I will strip him of his.
I swear upon my name. Fateh Singh, I do not understand. Why did you take this
uniform of the inspector? I had no choice. We had four generations
of constables in family. I had to give an answer to my relatives.
I had a lot of pressure. I lied to my family.
I said I am promoted. I have roamed around in this uniform. So there will be no
trouble for a few months. We shall see later what happens. Mom is calling. Mom, greetings. How are you? Greetings, my son. How are you, my dear? – The job is good?
– Yes, Mom. – Tell me, is everything fine?
– There is a good news. You have got a wedding proposal. A proposal for me? The girl’s family wants to meet you. I told them that my son is an inspector. He cannot simply take
a leave and come home. So we planned to come with the family.. ..and the girl to
see you to the station. Why is that? They must see the power of my son. – Mom, I have..
– Listen to me. Teacher said that he would come with me. Why is he coming? He needs some changes in his passport. He will see the influence of my son. You may work now. You must be busy. – Bye.
– But.. There it is! If my lie
is caught I will be humiliated. What will I do now? – What happened?
– I am worried. We must not be worried. We are cops! Leave it be. We will find a way out. We got two prey coming towards us. We are the guys from the city!
I am dad’s son! I am moving Canada.
I am not coming back again! Police! Dad! Cops! – Stop!
– Stop it now! Where are you taking this junk? This is no junk. This is my bike. Why are you stopping us? To see if you are doing well. Show us papers of the car. We have the papers. There, you may check it. – Please.
– Give it to me. Please hurry up. Why is that? You are in quite a haste.
Going for a snack? It is all so expensive these days. We end up saving money
with groundnuts at weddings. Dad, stop fooling around. Tell them that we
have to go to airport.. ..to board a flight for Canada. The papers are complete. I am going to Canada.
Passport. How can you simply leave? A ticket for three
people riding on a bike. How can that be, it is just two of us? You two and your God. Look what is written here. ‘God is with us.’
This makes three. God is with everyone. Not with me, he is not.
I am suffering. Now pay up 500. – Listen to me. Set a rate.
– You dare argue with us? – We will hit your tubs.
– What is that? What do you care?
Pay up now! Do not act out! He is a constable and yet
he speaks like an inspector! You!
Let me show you. I got slapped once. Hit me twice but let
me go to Canada. Please. First you come with me police station. Once you stay locked in,
you will pay the price. I got slapped again. What is he doing? – Come here.
– Where are you taking me? – Come.
– Dad, stop them! I have to go to Canada. Why can you not be quiet?
You will be locked up. I got slapped again.
Come now! – It is done!
– Dad I have to go Canada. – Come on. Let’s go.
– I love you, son! Sir! Why has a DCP called
me all of a sudden? Order. This may come as strange to you. I wish to discuss a personal matter. Tell me. Joginder,
you know that I have no one with me. About 18 years ago, my wife left me.. ..and she took my six year old girl. Why is that? We separated. Then you must be lucky. – I think my wife will never leave me.
– No, Joginder. I thought the same earlier
and now I feel alone. And I want my family
and my girl to be here. So what? You may call them here. No, Joginder. It is not so easy. After divorce the court had told me.. ..that I cannot meet my daughter
without my wife’s approval. Sir, you never tried after that? I did that but my wife
took Pooja to Canada. It has been so many years
and I have never seen my daughter. I know nothing about her. All I know that she
runs a parlour in Canada. I want that someone may go there.. ..and just bring my daughter back to me. Sir, what do you think?
Can it be an easy task? No! Not at all! If God wills to help
me then it can be done. Sir, consider it done. How is that? I know a man that
can do it in an instant. – Who is it? – It is the best
constable of Punjab Police. – Fateh Singh.
– So prepare to send him to Canada. – Sir, consider it done.
– Canada? Yes. How can I bring DCP’s
daughter back to Punjab? Only you can do it. After all you are the
best cop of Punjab Police. Sir, I never get carried
away but this time I feel so. – May I?
– Yes. There I go. So what do I have to
gain from all this, sir? You have all to gain. If you do this,
you will ask anything from DCP. – Anything?
– Yes. If I bring his daughter
back top Punjab.. – ..I can become an inspector.
– Of course! – Consider yourself as one from now on.
– Are you sure? What else? Sir!
Make a bigger peg for me. Greedy one! Stop it now. – Quite a nut you are!
– Same to you. No need to feel so casual around me. I am your senior. Can you not see? I am an Inspector.
Stop competing against me. And you will rise high! – I love you.
– Thank you. Sir, I will be heading
out and travelling a lot. Who will pay for my expenses? We are sent by government.
We get expenses paid. Government will sponsor your trip. – Government’s expense.
– Yes, it will. – How is that?
– We will file a false case. We’ll say that we are going
to Canada to catch a criminal. The trip will be funded
by system and you get to enjoy. Sir, it doesn’t look nice. What about the time you took my uniform? Our ministers make
such an excuse to go out. They do not go for any meet. Sir, you are right. Where will we get a criminal
to file a false case? I am thinking on that. – Where will we get one?
– Sir! Sir! Respected, sir! Please!
Let me go! Please! Have some mercy on me! God will bless you. I request you. Please consider. I must go to Canada before visa expires. Please let me go. I need help. Please. Help me! Help me! Help me! Criminal Shampi. It is an old case. I have heard that
he smuggles from Canada. Fateh will be going to get him back. And we will get the visa.. ..and we will have
no worries about expenses. – Whose idea is this?
– Fateh. I am impressed. – Joginder.
– Yes, sir. You are right. Fateh is the best
constable of Punjab Police. But, sir..
I want to be an inspector. Do not worry.
Do what I want and I will promote you. Even if I have to give
you Joginder’s uniform. It is a good fit, sir. It is stretchable and
that is why it fits all. – Be it a constable or a DCP.
– What? – I am sorry, sir.
– Sir, do not worry. I will bring your daughter
to you in a month. – Very good.
– Yes. – Let’s go Fateh.
– Yes? – Let me give you some
details about Pooja now. – Okay. – Joginder.
– Sir. – Fax this file to Canada police at once.
– Yes, sir. – Come, dear.
– I am coming. Did I do something wrong? – Hi. Good morning.
– Good morning, Singh. By the way, the chief
wants to see you in his office. Okay. So what do you think, Singh? I am sorry, sir. I am willing to handle this case. But I will not work with an officer
of Punjab Police. I am sorry, sir. – But why?
– Trust me. I have heard a lot about them.
They are very unprofessional. We do not trust them. I have been told that
Fateh Singh is their best. Sir, it could be a lie. Look at this guy.
This looks more like a mercy petition. Listen to me, Singh.
No matter what you say.. ..you must solve this case
with that officer from Punjab Police. And you are the only Punjabi here. Sir, even you are one. Fifty percent. I am the boss here. End of conversation. Right, sir. [airport indistinct announcement] The one with the beautiful eyes! The one with beautiful eyes! I have heard a lot about you. What? Fateh Singh! Had it been a minister
people come to greet him. Today, there is someone for me! Thank you, God! Mr. Fateh Singh. This is great! Give it to me! – I’ll have it framed.
– What the hell are you doing? – Who are you?
– Is that you speak to elders? I am almost Inspector Fateh Singh.
Punjab Police. – You are Fateh Singh.
– Yes. This is my deputy red label. – Red label?
– Yes. Once it hits someone it
leaves a mark of Punjab Police. Punjab police is great. Way above you. Here, go buy yourself a candy. Now get back to school.
Give this to me. Candy? School? What are you saying? This is not good. Behave. Where do you go to school?
Have you failed already? What school? I am an officer of
Vancouver Police Department. You are cop? – What did you say?
– Lady police? Why are you wearing blue?
What about a khaki one? Canada police have blue uniform. A blue uniform. But the presence is
felt in a khaki uniform. People do not take letter
from postman clad in khaki.. ..worried it might be a warrant. Seeing this blue uniform,
people may think you are a student. They will give you candies. The police here help people
and we do not scare them. If the common people
are not afraid of cops.. ..let alone criminals being scared. Canadian government needs some reforms. If you are done, may we go? I do not want to talk a lot. Tell me, where is my ride? – In the parking.
– What? Quite a weather today. Over here. Why did you park so far?
You could have brought it here. It’s not allowed here. How can it not be allowed to the police? You have power,
you can park your vehicle on the moon! Six dollars. Thank you. You must get the colour
of uniform changed. – Ten dollars.
– She is a cop. – Ten dollars.
– I told you, she is a cop. – Hold on, I am paying up.
– Ten dollars. – Stop asking for money. She is a cop.
– Thank you. They all understand this! Move on! – My God!
– Bye! This is your guest house. Wow! It is so beautiful! Had Punjab Police not been so strict.. ..I would have called you in. Please do not feel bad. – Oh, I will manage.
– Good. Please be ready by 10:00 a.m. We have to go to the
station to meet chief. Fine, we shall go. Thank you. Thank you. – It is not appropriate.
– I must thank you for dropping me. My hand.. – I am not talking it!
– Thank you. – Tomorrow at ten.
– Sure. Take care. Deputy. Getting riled up seeing a pretty girl. We are cops. Focus on your work. Do not get so distracted. Sir, my son has missed his flight. If he loses his visa, Mr.
Chawla will suffer a loss. He cannot stand that shock. Who is Mr. Chawla? – I am Chawla.
– It is you. Owner of Chawla fish centre. Sir, if you come to Hoshiarpur.. ..do eat the ‘fish tikka’ from our shop. I assure you. You will leave a tip for us. Let us save that for later. How about we serve you
the local dish of the station? – What would that be?
– A belt. A new dish? Tell me. – You want to try?
– Leave it be. I am a vegetarian. – I wanted to ask you something.
– Tell me. – Please let my son go.
– We will. – It will cost you sum of Rs. 20,000.
– What? Yes. My son is of 4 sq. ft. You charge me 5000 for per sq. ft? What is wrong with you? Sir, this is how we trade. Value for the merchandise. What is so special about my son? He is mere bones. Then let us settle at 15,000. I can buy an AC for that money. My son is just weighs 51 kgs. Try it. Why would I have him weighed? Why do you get angry? You are speaking to customer. Do I look like a trader to you? Then so be it.
Let us settle for a sum of Rs 1,100. Do it! I cannot do more. You are bargaining with me?
Think over it. The visa date will be over soon. – Sir, please! Please!
– All right! Do not tell anyone about this. You will lower my rates.
Let us settle for 1,100. – Done.
– Bring his son. Payment in cash or by check? No deductions this time. Just pay up at once.
Or I will punish you both. Make haste. – Take it.
– Can you not give it to me? This is how we always do. We only know how to take. We never give. – My son!
– Dad! Dad, he has.. Such a money wasted for me! I love you, Dad! Stop this! This is bothering me! Respected, sir. – Please give me my passport.
– We will give it to you. You have to pay up
a sum of 50000 for it. – A sum of 50,000?
– Yes. But why? This is buisness.
Value for the merchandise. People end up offering
twice that for Canada visa. I ask for half of it. Move! You cannot treat me like this! If I do not go to Canada
you will never go out. I will curse you. I will make you cry in pain! Move from here! Let us go. Their money stinks of fish. – Excuse me.
– What is it? – We need Rs. 50.
– Why is that? – We need it for the fuel!
– What? – Let us run!
– Run! Lunatics! – Hello!
– Hello! Sir, greetings! I am Fateh Singh! What is the report? It is very good. We have passed. The authorities here
have treated me well. A nice guest house with four rooms. It has a kitchen. A nice one. Kitchen. It has a fridge. Alcohol is kept here. I am worried that we
might get ministers to see me. Stop enjoying and tell me the progress. Still it’s not start. They have put up a cop after me. I must shake her off. She would have me chase Shampi. Fateh Singh,
women do get attracted to you. You are right. It happens.
But do not worry. I will keep her away from me. – We take pride in your work.
– Sir, you shall see. Once this cop backs off,
I will be back in Punjab.. ..with the DCP’s daughter. You cannot ride a bike,
how do you plan to bring her? Sir! – You solved my problem.
– How? Sir, I was worried
how I would convince Pooja? Now I know that I must charm her. Hang up, I have to go. Now I must keep quiet. He gets ideas from me. I must get ready. At once. If things do not work out,
we might have to try something. Okay? What did you say? No! Say it again? You will bring trouble. I am telling you. “I will be with you.” “Oh dear!” “I will be with you.” “Oh dear!” – Good morning. Quite a rain.
– Why so late? I’ve been waiting for half an hour.
Where have you been? Getting so frank. So casual. I figured it out. You are not worth it. You did not salute a senior
officer and you keep arguing. – Senior officer? You?
– Yes. – How?
– You are a constable. Right? You are no DCP. You are a constable. Not anymore!
I will be an inspector soon. I will get a higher rank
and I will be your senior. Now come on, salute.
It doesn’t look nice. I would not even slap you,
let alone saluting you. Try that and I will hit your tubs? Tubs? What is that? What do you care? Get in the car!
Cheif is waiting for you. I will tell him that
his lackey is brute. Learn to speak. This is not your place.
This is Vancouver Police. Got that?
Speak well. You there! Punjab Police can paint
people in local culture. How are you, Fateh Singh? See that?
Mr. Paul speaks like us! That is not it. My father was from Punjab. So I am 50 percent Punjabi. Even a drop can make a drink. You would be Punjabi no matter what. Yes, Mark. Cheif, he has not confessed yet. You better make him confess
before his lawyer comes here. – Okay, I’ll try.
– Thank you. What is the problem? The car thief that we arrested.
He is not confessed his crime. His lawyer will be coming
here very soon. And he will be freed. Hence we have to make him confess. – May I try, sir?
– You? Fateh Singh,
you wish to interrogate him? – So what?
– No, Chief. We cannot allow that. It is against law. I admit it is against the
law but he is a criminal too. He is a car thief! Like I said, you are not going
to get anything without a lawyer. Move out, Punjab Police is here.
Move out now. He’s all yours. Move out now. He is being treated so nicely. Even the good people turn
corrupt once given a chair. They have made a thief
sit on a chair. Get up! Who are you? – Fateh Singh! Almost Inspector! Punjab Police. – Who are you?
– Your old man! Your father!
We can make the animals sing. Answer me! Where are you from? – No!
– Tell us that you stole! – Speak up!
– No! – Tell us that you stole!
– Please! No! My God! No! I am Michael! I am begging you!
Please stop this person! I am confessing! I stole it all! Please! Save me from him! – What?
– So Mr. Paul.. Do you see? – What have you done?
– I stole! I am the thief! I think all the white
folk are criminals here. Tell me anybody else
is here for confession. Thank you, Fateh Singh. Job well done. Take this guy away. Come on now! Move! Criminal! Fateh Singh, tell me. How did you do it? – It is very easy. Fateh’s belt.
– What? A famous trick in Punjab.
We have solved many cases. I never knew this way was so efficient. Sir, what can I say?
I never took pride in it. Fateh, please teach
it all to our officers. – Yes, I will. Happy to serve.
– Then so be it. I will tell my officers.. – ..that you will hold a lecture.
– Yes. Now I must take a leave. Singh, take care of him. He is a special guy. A special guy! Thank you, Mr. Paul. So we will be treated well. Shall we get to the case?
We wasted a lot of time. No, dear. It is time for me to have lunch. Follow me. Go inside and place an order.
I will be right there. – Okay.
– Okay. Hey, handsome! What’s up? – No!
– Hello. – What is it?
– Come soon, or I will be bored. – Piss off!
– Same to you. – Go!
– Do come! I will place an order. Hello. No, not you. He is an officer from Punjab. He is so irritating. Where have you been?
What took you so long? It was an important phone call. You may order if you
wish to eat anything. What? Your ordered
all of this for yourself? All of this? They do not have much! You will be out of
shape if you eat all this! I want be fat. But it does not happen. – Police should be fit.
– Are you insane? We are known by our big bellies. Inspector has a waistline of 36 inches.
DSP has a waistline of 38 inches. SP has a waistline of 40 inches.
DIG has a waistline of 42 inches. So you cannot chase criminals. Why should we run after them? We have this staff.
It has myriad uses. I throw it at the criminal
and it leaves quite a mark. I love you. Then you add a few more criminal cases. After all it is a thief,
be it one case or four. This adds to the reputation
of thief with such cases. Making him famous.
Tell me, silly. Ma’am, can I get you anything?
I am about to close. I am fine, thanks. – All right, here is your bill.
– Are you insane? You dare ask me for money! – What the hell are you doing?
– He is insane. – It is you.
– He is mad! My God! Are you crazy?
He was about to file a case! I told him not to. – Why did you slap him?
– These are dark times. I let him serve me
and he asks for money? This is Canada. You have to pay up! People here are so poor.
Back home, folk are rich. – You may eat all you want,
no one asked for s penny. – God! Nothing can work with you! Nothing! Step back! What are you doing? I got orders to work with you. Are you really stupid?
Or trying to flirt? Flirting?
I cannot do so even if I wanted to. Government does not allow a fling
between two cops. Fling? What is that? It is done by young couples
as they sit in the park.. – Get lost!
– I was telling you.. I see it all. Do not bother
me if you want to work with me. You are worse than I have
heard about Punjab police. Idiot! Punjab police is best! Got that? Darn it! She must be coming. She gets late due to a lot of customers. – She must be..
– Not an issue. – My son likes it all.
– Mom. – Lady, what is this?
– She is my mom. She has been like this for ages.
She keeps sleeping. So I have to move her to check. – You know..
– Okay, I understand. – Hi, Mom.
– Hi, dear. Come! Dear, she is Ms. Neelam. – Hi.
– Hi! He is Sandy, her son. Hey! You naughty boy! He wants to know if your
mole is natural or artificial? It is natural, but why? You naughty boy! Dear, do you know how
to dance like a serpent? What? Your mom called us and hence we came. – We get many proposals!
– Get lost! Look how stubborn she is.
As if she is a cop! Come, dear. We will go and speak to Sridevi. So what if they like Sridevi? You should have just
said that you know the dance. Mom, I say this for the last time
that I will not marry a Punjabi guy! Why?
What is wrong with them? They are stupid and vile. I have seen one such
man outside and one in here. So it is never going to happen.
Good night. If that is the case
then let me tell you.. You will get married to a Punjabi guy! Fine, I am coming there. – Manager?
– He is over there. – Thank you.
– Hello, Manager. – Greetings.
– Tell me. We have to speak over an urgent manner. You may come tomorrow. I am going home. – There is an emergency.
– Respected, sir. Customer is next to God.
You cannot leave without talking to us. Fine, sit down. Tell me. – Thank you.
– Thank you. It so happens that we need a loan. – A huge amount.
– Is that so? Tell me. – A sum of Rs. 50,000!
– What? – We have to pay a bribe!
– What nonsense? – We do not offer loans for that!
– What are you saying? If you can give a loan
for a house or for a car.. ..then why not for a bribe? After all it is a necessity. You are wasting my time. Leave. We will not leave
till we have the money. My brother is in ICU
struggling for his life. And you need a loan for Rs. 50,000! Excuse me! If we wanted a loan of 50 Lacs.. ..would your brother be healed? – What nonsense?
– We are telling you the truth? A dead person is worth nothing
and for that you kick away.. ..a customer worth 50 grand!
Shame on you! – Shut up!
– I got slapped. I got slapped again. Manager, slap him one
more time but give me a loan. I got slapped thrice. What is it? He did agree
to slapping but not the loan. What is the matter?
Why are you not ready? It is my fault. – You warned me not to eat more.
– But what happened? What can I say? I do not understand. I have been at it about ten times. I am not at ease. An upset stomach. Think of it as loose motions. – What do you mean?
– All valves are open. Today, I understand
what normal a day means. What are you saying? What has happened? I am getting cramps. – You know?
– I do not. It is pain in abdomen,
running to the belly. – Try touching me! You will know!
– No! Wait! I got that! You may rest, I will go to work alone. – Duty calls!
– You may rest up today. – Take care.
– I can make some arrangements. You just! Stay right here! Hear me out! Inspector madam. Wait a little! Let me get easy! Easy! No! Truly? You will hurt someone! DCP’s daughter will fall for me. I am worried that she
want would ask to marry me. Let us see, we shall make a compromise.
Punjab Police. Easy cut Parlour.
Payal Business centre. Come on. – I am not going.
– You are Punjabi. – And yet you refuse a brother?
– Do not call me a brother. Indian and Pakistani
can never be brothers. This is a border here. No one can cross. – Got that?
– Is that so? You are a Pakistani?
That is why you started firing! You may not be a brother to me.
I do not care. Drive me to my drop and take the fare. – I do not want your money.
– Are you insane? I never gave any money to an Indian.
And you refuse to accept dollars? You never get such chances.
What a crazy man! You are neighbour and hence I asked you. After all we help each
other in a foreign land. I know how arrogant you are!
You people bother your own! He says we should help each other! You should not insult us.
It does not look nice. Punjab Police makes the worst enemy. I have seen Pakistani Police.
What can you do. – Tell me, what can you do?
– Is that so? Then listen. You mock us, look at yourself. You cannot see us progress. You cannot buy a car and you steal cars. Stop it and listen to me. You cannot see others rise. You go for an ac unit
but you got no power there! You think I cannot cross?
Here I come, do what you must. Tell me! – Do you know like you Punjabi’s..
– Fool! I have no time for this quarrels! Take this wreckage away!
I have to go to work! I’ll take another cab! You have a yellow cab! Do not ever come here! Lunatic! Yes, we have for you five ‘o clock. – Great, see you then.
– Greetings. – Yes.
– Where is Pooja? Pooja? You know the slim handsome
fair Punjabi girl? The owner. – The owner.
– Yes. She is Punjabi.
Let me go call her. I have to work on English. Dear Lord, I have worked my way here. You must help me now. Do not make the girl so
elite that I fail to impress her. Please help me. Yes? What do you want? Dear Lord!
I wanted a girl and not an ogre. Listen to me well before you act. I know now. You are so naughty! You are always joking me. Hello.
What are you going on about? Tell me, what do you need? You are Pooja. What do you care?
Tell me, what do you need? I.. I was.. – You are here for a manicure.
– Yes. – Come over here.
– Yes. – Put your hand forth.
– Will you give me a jab? – No, I will bite.
– What? Put your hand forth! No, I cannot do this. You must sit and I will stand. – Big Boss will be mad at me.
– What Big Boss? The boss upstairs. He will
not like when I seat while you stand. It doesn’t look nice.
You must be seated. Sit down! Wow! You have such manners. We do bring them out
seeing a beautiful girl. – Beautiful one? Who?
– It is you. – You think it is me!
– Yes, who else? – Beautiful girl?
– Yes. No. People call me fatso. They are envious of you.
You are so healthy. Had I been such a good looking person
I would be a DIG by now. Do not lie to me. – I am not lying! Without you it would be just a parlour.
No beauty in it. You are the mountain of beauty. You are so stubborn
and you start chasing.. ..any beautiful girl that you see. We are the same by nature. – Stop lying.
– You are a moon! I did take some time but I managed it. Come on now. – Brother, it is you.
– You! – Great.
– Quiet! Not a word! If you do not speak, we will not fight.
And I will go my way. Listen to me. I am not
letting you go anywhere, Brother. What? Are you all right? Indians and Pakistani folk are kin. You are being so sweet.
What are you drinking? – English ale.
– Dear God. The English separated us
and not they bring us together. Give me some. I cannot show you love while I am sober. You may drink all you can.
You are a brother to me. Always remember this.
I will drop you off wherever you go. For free!
We help each other in a foreign land. If that is the case..
No matter where you go.. ..Punjab Police will
never write you a ticket. – Really. – After all we help
each other in foreign lands! No matter where I go? – As you please. – Can I cross the border?
– Come on! – Here I am!
– Right away! Mind the gap! – Take a peg!
– After you! – No!
– You must take it. Greetings. – Hello, how are you?
– I am feeling.. What is it? – Hold on! I am coming!
– What the.. I was saying that.. I am better.. – I was better!
– Oh my God! – I am..
– Wait! – I will come tomorrow!
– No! – No. I will come tomorrow!
– Duty calls! You cannot leave me! I do not care! Stop your rant! – I will come tomorrow!
– Stop, will you! Stop, madam! Brother, good morning! What? You call me a brother? Why? I had told you!
We cannot be brothers. It was during the day.
What about last night? We help each other! Ride free! Stop joking around!
Get down! What do you mean?
What is wrong with you? Value the drink over which we bonded.. ..if you do not value your word! I can never make a
brother out of an enemy.. ..no matter how much I drink with them! You cannot handle your drink! Is that right? Cross the border now! Why would I go there? – Is that America?
– Do not get me angry! – Step out!
– Shut up! Silly man! – Move out!
– Silly man! What kind of person he is?
He forgets in the morning! Hello. Pooja! Where is everyone? Pooja! I was scared! What are here for today? I wanted to meet you that is all. To meet me? Why is that? I feel so lonely since I have come here. – Is that so? Why?
– My family is in Punjab. And I have been thinking of going back. – And now..
– What is it? – It seems difficult now.
– Liar! – Why is that?
– Someone here has grown close. And I feel that I
cannot leave that person. Have you ever been to Punjab? Yes, once. When I was seven years old
I was only 60 kilos in weight. What? – Yes.
– What then? I then turned double
and so was the ticket. So I never felt like going back. Let me ask you something.
What is so in Punjab that is not here? There are many things that
are not in Canada but in Punjab. – Like?
– For example, art. Back there when animals
take a dump with swirling tail.. ..they pain a flower on walls. – Have you seen such an art?
– No, no. We can take a dump on
the road but we cannot kiss. While it is the reverse. A man can kiss later. But what about nature’s call? – Is there anything else?
– Yes, there is. A good like me can be found in Punjab. I am here just for a few days. So you are leaving? Yes, all alone. I wanted to see Punjab. May I come with you?
I hope you do not mind. Why would I?
Get your luggage packed. Not so fast.
You must come home for lunch tomorrow. On lunch? Why is that? I have to explain everything to you. You need permission from my family. They cannot send a
beauty like me with you. What if you have your way with me? – What?
– Yes. Forcing you? You cannot lift me but you may try. I don’t think I need
to make a promise here.. ..but I assure you.
I will not do anything bad. – Liar!
– You are a moon! Come on now! Brother! Brother! Why do you bother me?
I will whack you up! You may do as you please! I forgive you. We are both brothers. Again with that?
I am not doing this! You keep changing! Brother.
You may shout at me. You have nothing to be mad about her. I have a condition. – What is it? I shall cross the border this time. Most welcome. Please come. – Really!
– Come on now. I come across now. Hold this. Hold on! I am getting a call! Boss is calling! Hello, sir! Greetings! You there!It has been three days.
Why did you not report? Sir, it is all over. We got good news. What is it? What so happened? Pooja has agreed to come to Punjab! – What?
– I did not even have to charm her. And she agreed. She has called me for lunch at her home. I will go and convince her family. And soon we will be in Punjab. Your advice worked. He has such a good fate. I never got invited for anything. He gets invited for
lunch by DCP’s daughter. “Stop with me for a while.” – Fateh!
– Yes, come on in! – Where are you?
– To the left. Do not feel shy. Come over here! Welcome! Greetings. What are you doing here? What can I say?
I am a great officer and I ran a lot. And today I got tired
running all the way here. So I was worried for
a mishap in the night. So I ended up sleeping here. – You slept here.
– Yes. No need to feel worried. If you ever have an upset
stomach you may try this. – It is very helpful.
– God! I am leaving! – I will see you tomorrow!
– My duty calls! – Just take the bucket!
– You disgusting! – Disgusting!
– Wait a minute! You there! Disgusting! Disgusting! Disgusting! Disgusting! Dear Lord!
My love.. You will get people in trouble! Cross border! Brother! Ride free! Get down! I do not get this,
why do you stay here always? This is where I begin my rides from.
This is my spot. Are you a criminal? Listen to me. If you are seen here again
I will hit you in the tubs. – Tubs?
– What do you care? Leave from here! – Or I will write you a ticket!
– Try giving me one! I have all the papers. What about the steering
placed in the reverse side! What about that? You monkey! Get lost. Strange. Even Pakistani police
does not know of it. I am scared! What is the matter?
You are groomed well. Something special? It is nothing. I just put it on. You have no need for this.
You are so special. Stop lying! You are like a moon! She is my mom.
Mom. – He is Fateh.
– Greetings, Ma’am. Do not call me Ma’am. Call me Ms. Jassi. – Okay?
– Okay. Greetings, Ms. Jassi. – Tell me what would you like?
– I’ll take some lassi. Dear, call your dad that
we have guest at home. So he may come soon with grandma. – Okay.
– I will get the lassi. Dad? Grandma? Why are you surprised? Everyone has one. Does your mom have a cousin husband? What do you mean? Where is the bathroom? – Over there.
– I’ll be right back. – Hello.
– Greetings, sir. – Fateh Singh from Canada.
– Yes, Fateh Singh. What is the progress? A good news, sir.
I convinced Pooja to come to Punjab. – Really?
– I am at her house. To seek permission from your wife. – But there is a problem?
– What? I think your wife has married someone. What? Tejinder got married again? No, sir. Her name is Jassi. What nonsense? I will not know the name of my wife? – Sir, it could be her nickname.
– Fool! I lived with her for a decade!
I will not know her? You knew it all in ten minutes? Sir, you are unaware and you scold me. I think you do not
know that your mom is here. Shut up! My mother died 12 years ago. This place is a heaven.
She may have come here. Shut up, idiot!
Use your brain. – Find out what is causing
this confusion. – Yes, sir. Nonsense! Man, what a tough day! No! Come on! You will get in trouble!
I am telling you. Why are you here? What are you doing here? You must answer me first. Liar, I caught you. You lied to me saying
you have upset stomach. – Here you are drinking lassi?
– I have not had it yet. Ask them. I didn’t drink water also. Do not change the topic.
Tell me, truth. – Why did you go to her parlour?
– Stop it now. How do you look so good? You go to parlour and that is fine. I go once and you go crazy? Shut up! A beauty treatment on you? – Wreckage are not given any services.
– Stop it! How can you simply Walk in here!
Get lost! I am at a friend’s house.
Preet is my friend. Ask her name first. She is Pooja. She is Preet. I am Pooja. Pooja, tell her. She is crazy. She is right.
I am Preet, she is Pooja. Got that, Fateh? What? But how can she be Pooja? She worked at a parlour. She did but then she
joined the police force. Why did you not tell
me before about this? How could I? Pooja has told everyone that
she still works at the parlour. Her mom hates police force. And that is why! Got that? So you are the real Pooja? Yes. So I was talking to
this fatso for nothing! You called me fatso! Mom! Do not ever come here again! Get lost! Pooja, throw him out. I doubted you from day one. But now I know. You are not here to solve a case. You want to trap a girl like Preet
to become a citizen here. Get ready to leave now. I will have you deported. Punjab Police? Are you happy now? I am mad at you. But what will I do now? Potatoes! Rs 10 for a kilo! Potatoes! Rs 10 for a kilo! – Take my dad!
– A good man! – For 50,000!
– Take it all! – Take my dad!
– A lovely man! Dear son. Louder. The more customers,
the better publicity. I cannot get any voice out of my throat! My heart is thumping. I wish I could sell myself. I am sorry to say.
You will not fetch a buck! These are dark ages. This world seeks outer beauty. So you must sell your
father and get the money. I am certain that my son
will go to Canada and ear a lot. And he will buy me back! – I love you, Dad!
– I love you, too. – I love you, Dad!
– I love you, too. Dad! Dad!
A customer is here! Let us not get emotional
and talk of business. – Open three buttons of your shirt.
– Why is that? The better glamour the better rate. – Buy my dad! Come on!
– What? – Buy my dad!
– Why is that? I have my own. You may have but not like him. – Is that so?
– Look at him! He is beautiful and glamorous. What a nice body! Do you look like your father? – Yes.
– And hence you are ugly. Had you been his son you
would be handsome like I am! I am telling you that
my father gave me everything. A good buisness,
a good body and a good bike. You must throw away your bad dad. What use is an ugly dad? Buy my father. You and your mom will be happy. I got slapped. I got slapped again. Dad! I got slapped again. Why did you hit me? – Why did you bring his mother in this?
– Sorry! – Buy my dad!
– A lovely man! – For 50,000!
– All of it! So you mean to say that
the cop is DCP’s daughter.. ..and not the parlour girl. Yes, sir. The cop that I troubled. She is ready to hit my tubs. I do not know!
What do you mean by tubs? What do you care? Tell me, what should I do? – What else?
– Try coming back now. She will have you deported. Sir, it is DCP’s fault. He knows about the entire
city but not of his own daughter. Even her mother does
not know what she does. How would the DCP know? Sir! – You have such a brain!
– What have I said now? I never knew that her
mom was unaware of her job. So what? – We can succeed.
– How is that? You shall see. I will make it work. Bye! I love you! What is he upto now?
I must keep my mouth shut! – Dear, have some more of it.
– No, Ma’am. I want to be in shape. It seems that Pooja is here. Ma’am, I would love
to eat if you feed me. I miss mother’s love. Come on now. Here you go. You! What are you doing here? Pooja, he was looking for you. And you did not tell me
that a Punjabi guy is your friend. – He is not my friend.
– What? Even she does not work at a parlour. What? Mom, I was saying that
he is my best friend. – Am I right?
– Yes, Ma’am. And she works at the
best parlour there is. Is that so? Mom, give me something to eat.
I am starving. – Of course, I will get some.
– Thanks Mom. I will feed you. If you tell mom the truth
then you will have it from me. Do not get me deported
and I will keep your secret. I cannot go against my duties. I cannot cheat the lady
who fed me a nice meal. – Ma’am.
I promise. Do not tell mom. Now that you promise,
no matter what happens.. ..I will not tell anyone. What is it? That she works at a police station. – What?
– What? What? Is it true? Mom, I can explain! Dear Lord! Dear Lord! How can you cheat your mother? I educated you with such hardships.. – ..and for what?
– Mom! So that you lie to me? Mom, do not say so! What should I say then? If not a parlour,
you could have joined a bank. Or become a doctor.. Why did you become a cop? After all you are
your father’s daughter.. I have no claim on you. Mom, I will resign
tomorrow if you want.. ..but please do not be upset. No, Lady. Ask her to resign now.
What if you change your mind? Why will I do so? You may feel that you are wrong. I would be wrong? You are not wrong,
you might just feel you are wrong. Had it been a son of
yours then it would be wrong. You could not stop
him from being a cop. She is a girl after all.
It is our trait to stop girls. A woman must always be
graceful and elegant, right? – Yes.
– Am I right? We think of women as weak
while they are better than men. No one gives a lift
to a guy on the road.. ..but people are willing
to give lift to a girl. Women have started stealing
and killing but what do we care? We like the girls that
are scared of insects. And ones that always act
shy when it comes to marriage. It is our trait to stop women.. ..so she must understand. Am I right? So rise! I mean be seated.. So you must rise and stop
Pooja from doing what she likes. After all this is what we do! And even your mom from the 1960s. Since it is out trait to stop women. She must understand! Revolution! Did I go overboard? No, dear. You are right. If I cannot change what
my mom thinks for her.. ..then how can I change the world? What are you saying? I am right. Pooja, my child. You may work as you like.
I will never stop you. Really, Mom? Mom! – I love you.
– I love you too. I love you so much. Oh my God! You worked a miracle! You solved my problem! I am talented. – Seriously, thank you.
– So what? No need to thank me. I solved your problem you may help me. Why must I help you? Hello. Hold on!
Did we not promise each other? We did but you broke
it when you told mom about it. So technically, I can break it. You do not look like the evil you are. I am telling you, do not mess with me. Fine, relax. I will not deceive you. I was simply asking
you to make a new promise. What is that? Promise me first. Why must I?
You may ask anything from me. Is that so? Are you scared? If that is the case
then see my courage! You may ask for my life! Come on, make a promise. What is it? You did your fair share as a kid.
Shake hand! Move! Promise! It is done! Tell me, what is it? My hand? It is yours, I am not taking it.
Tell me. There is a guy. – Chris?
– Chris? A white man. She wants to marry him. She wants me to convince
her mother for the marriage. I am here to take her home
and not to get her married. Am I her uncle? – That must be it!
– Sir, just answer me. What do you think I am? You always call me
when you reach a problem! I am troubled. Sir, do not be angry.
Try to understand. If her mother agrees,
Pooja will not come back. And if I could not
get Pooja’s mom to agree. Pooja will have me deported. What should I do? You are worried about
yourself and I am suffering! What is it, sir? Losing weight? My mother-in-law has moved in with us. That demon! Sir, that is bad. I always say that it is
better to keep the in-laws away. Yes, that is it. She says that I must keep her here. I want her to stay in her own house!
Not with me! Sir, I got it. So what? You will know when
you suffer the same fate! Sir, I got the idea! Hang up now! I love you! Bye! He got yet another idea from me? What is it?
Can I not share my troubles? – So this is Fateh.
– Yes. And he is going to solve our problem? – Hi.
– Hey, little guy. What? What do you mean? A nickname of sorts.
He is so friendly. Mock him and you shall see. There you go.
He is a joke. I do nothing. He is not a Punjabi
and he wishes to marry you. – What is going on?
– Hold on. If that is the case.. ..then let me call
Paul and have you deported. What was that? I said I will call
Paul and have you deported. Is that all? You said it kindly and I will do so. We do not trick others. Do not worry. Chris is my brother now. Do not worry. He likes you. – Good, I like him too.
– Great! You guys carry on!
I will be right back. See you, Chris. How dare you trick a Punjabi
girl while a Punjabi guy is here? What are you saying? I am mocking you! You monkey? Do you drink? Not from a Sippy cup! – Drink?
– Drinks? – Have you drunk?
– Yes. Have you made a scene? Let me show you! Come on! Bring it on. Come now.
What do you think? The drinks were good
but I need something local. I was speaking about Chris. Would mom like him? – Not a chance.
– Why? He is not a Punjabi like me. Is that so? So he is not a
good guy since he is not a Punjabi. He is a good guy. He is so smart. He can speak well better
than all of Punjab combined. I do not understand! Why do Punjabis speak
English after they get drunk? English is their mother tongue. We often get personal
when we get drunk. Very funny. – Anything else you liked about him?
– Yes, I did. He is so friendly. He hugged all women here.. ..more than a Punjabi
hugs his wife in all his life. – Hold on, it is the culture here.
– Is that so? So it is all forgivable here. A Punjabi touches
you and you get cranky. Punjabi men have a bad reputation. What have we done to you? You bother women. You have no manners to speak
and you mark girls on college day.. ..about who gets whom! Like she is an object! And you do not want to know them. You simply go and propose
them after two years. The girls end up slapping! You are fine pampering a dog but
you hit a guy in tubs if he proposes. – What do you mean by tubs?
– What do you care? Get him out of your life. He has nothing. Rather you can marry an animal. Say what you must! I will marry Chris! And in a church. Just tell me, will you help me or not? Think over it. Not all guys are the same. Some are like me as well. True lovers. You look like a loser to me. You monkey!
What do you know about me? Go and tell your guy
that I will train him. – I will help you.
– What training? Your mom loves Punjabi guys. We need to train
him in a Punjabi manner. You are right. Now shake hands and thank me. Thank you. – It is okay.
– All right. – It is okay.
– Okay. – Let me go.
– My hand. Fateh, my hand. It is ours, I am not taking it. I have my own hands. We do not take what is not ours. Go on now! I am Punjab Police! You try! No, it doesn’t look nice. This is a failure. It means you did not like the meal. If you want to tell
your mother-in-law.. ..that food was nice,
you have to go big. Like an atom bomb. An atom bomb! Like this! Try! Yeah? This is a nuclear bomb! A nuke! Yes, a nuclear bomb. Now I will show everyone
that I am a real Punjabi. Save some for tomorrow.
Do not do it all here. All right! How do I tell Pooja’s
mom that she is really nice? You there! Trying to win the mom over! Okay, I will tell you
what to tell the mom.. ..and what you must say
to her grandma. Everything. Thank you. Leave it be. Tell me, do you know
how to greet in Punjabi? – Greetings?
– No, that is not it. Let me tell you. Come here. Why should I tell mom?
You promised me. You will tell her. I promised to help you and
not to be beaten by your mother! Got that? Do something! Will you tell mom about
Chris or should I call Paul? What? What do you mean? Say it again? Should I call Paul again
or will you tell mom about Chris? Punjabi folk are never arrogant. We will lay down our
lives for close ones. You said it nicely and
I will convince your mom. – She would simply agree.
– What is it? That Pooja likes a white guy. – What?
– What? What? Pooja! Is it true? – I can explain, Mom. It is just..
– Dear God! Dear God! My daughter does not
let me live in peace! – Mom!
– I know! I know! You did pick a white guy on purpose.. ..just to bother me. I know. – No! No!
– Dear God! Why am I not dead before all this? Mom, do not say so! If you feel bad then
I will go and refuse Chris. – Got that?
– Ask her to refuse now. What if you change your mind? – Why will I change it?
– What if you think it is wrong? – I am not wrong.
– You are not wrong. Had it been a son of
yours then it would be wrong. And you would be stop him
to fall in love a foreigner. She is a girl.
It is our trait to stop them. – Since..
– I got it. We are bent to stop her. Yes. Dear, where did you
learn this speech from? When I was in ninth,
I participated in a debate. I was fourth amongst five people. I think my speech has impressed you. No. Not the speech. – Your words have.
– Yes. My daughter should get
to choose whom she loves. Yes. Then be it a white guy! Really, Mom? – Thank you! Thank you!
– Not so fast! Not so fast! I will see him,
test him and then I will decide. – Okay.
– Okay. When is he coming? One two three four! One two three four! Hurray! We have a beggar here. Get some change! Wait, let my daughter
get married first! – Ma’am, he is Chris.
– Hi! So tell me, Chris. What do you do? – Mom, he has..
– Not from you. I am asking him. – Okay.
– Yes, Chris. I am actually a chef
and I own a restaurant. That is good. So what do you know
about our Punjabi culture? I know lots about it. I love it. Especially the food. And this food is very good. Let me show you. See. – Food is very good.
– All right. Good. You are good too. I am telling you, you are a bombshell. What did you say? Chris, what are you saying? No, Pooja. I got this under control. And you, grandma. Why do you not die? Old hag! Yeah? Hurray! I am not at fault here. I taught him something
else and he makes a mess here. And it was a mistake.
I am really sorry. This mistake has ruined
everything for me. What was that about? Shut up, Chris. Enough. Did I say something wrong? You have ruined it all! Tool. – Okay. Hurray!
– Do get hit on your tubs? – What do you mean by tubs?
– What do you care? Let us all think what we must do next? Leave it be. Just get mom to meet Chris again. She will be fine with one speech. – It will be done.
– We all will go to Chris’s house. That is fine. I am worried. What will I teach him
now to impress your mom? No way. You are not teaching
him a thing! I will do it. – You?
– Yes. Then so be it. You may do it. I got a lot of work.
Am I right, Chris. Time for a lesson. So ladies and gents, present here. This is was all about our belt. Now let us start with the next. This is our staff. Your staff is small like a twig. It is of no use. My staff is long with great use. The first. Please write. Stop smiling. The first use. It is very helpful in conflict. Mark, take your staff and hit me. Hit me with it. See, that small twig got him slapped. And he was insulted.
Punjab Police does not do like this. Mark, try to slap me. See? This staff can save us! Now clap! The second use. Mark come here. Mark is a bit heavy here. And he has a big belly.
So the belly needs support. The staff helps here. Thank you. Thank you. Now sit down. Now the third use. The best one so far. This staff is helpful
to brag and strike a pose. Look. See here. You there! Punjab police has style. A style of its own! Fine. Class dismissed.
Now leave. Go on. Thank you, Fateh. Session was good No need to thank me, sir. I want the world police
to use our weapon. I have taught you about
all our weapons except one! – What is that?
– That is the best weapon of Punjab! Using that we can do
even the most impossible task. Tell me something about that. No. Sir, I cannot tell you about it. I can show you how to
use it when the time comes. We got salad. Pooja, ask your mom about the food? Mom. Chris wants to know
what do you think of the meal? It is good. But tell him that I can
praise the food just by words. Ma’am, leave it be. He has worked so hard for you. Except the salad here. Mom, Chris has made a speech for you. Go on. Dearest Mother-in-law. Please forgive me for that day. I know you want a
Punjabi boy for Pooja. But I promise that
I will keep Pooja happy. That you will say that
I am better than a Punjabi guy. That is it. Thank you. Yes. Hurray! Very good, Chris. You are smooth. Ma’am, you should agree. I think he will look
after you along with Pooja. Let me tell you. You should move in with
Pooja after the wedding. You can get Pooja’s love
and Chris will look after you. – Am I right?
– No, dear. Parents do not live
with their daughter. Ma’am, I think I have
to give you another speech. If parents can live with their son.. ..why can they not
live with their daughters? – Am I right, Pooja?
– Right! Mom, I would like
for you to stay with me. I will have everything under one roof. – But my dear..
– Ma’am, you have to stay. Can somebody please tell
me what you are talking about? Chris, I want mom and grandma
to stay with us after marriage? I am sure you are fine with that.
Am I right? He got no problems I am sure. Punjabi son-in-law may
have an issue with that. He is better than that! Pooja, could I please talk
to you in the other room for a minute? Yes. Mom, I will be right back. – Excuse me.
– Excuse me. Ma’am. I am thinking they are discussing
which room should they give you. And one for grandma here. How are we supposed to share
our lives with someone else? But they are not strangers, Chris.
It is my family. I have not lived with
mine since I was 18. How do you expect
me to live with yours? I am their only child. I cannot leave them after marriage. If I do not look after them who will? And this is our culture. I do not care about
your stupid culture.. ..or your stupid tradition. All I care is about us. I respect your culture
so you better respect mine. I do not care how you feel. Mom and grandma are staying
with us after marriage. – That is final.
– Who gives a shit? I do not want to
live with your mother.. ..or your crazy old grandma! She is as good as dead anyway. There it is! How dare you insult my family? If you cannot respect my
family you cannot be my partner! I do not understand what you
just said but all I have to say.. Get Lost stupid Punjabi girl! You! – Mom, let’s go.
– Let’s go! Hurray! I must call boss. Hello. Sir, it is me,
Fateh Singh reporting to you. – Hello.
– It is time for my test. I will not say a word. Hello. Why are you not saying anything? No, Fateh Singh. Not today. I am not helping you. I am not calling you to seek help. I called to let you
know that Pooja dumped him.. ..and I am bringing her to Punjab. – What?
– It is all your doing. – Just listen to me well.
– What is it? Get the station cleaned
and have a uniform ready. I will put it on as I land. Let me tell you, sir. No matter what heights I reach. I will never forget you. I love you. I will hang up now. I must go to Pooja now. How can it be done? If nothing works,
I will use my charms. Thank you. I did not say anything today. It seems he got powers. But he does not know my rage. It is time he lost his job. – Baliram.
– Yes? – Get Chawla here in the station.
– Yes. Ma’am, where is Pooja? She did not come to work. Dear, she is in a
bad mood since then.. I tried talking to her but.. Ma’am, everything will
be fine now that I am here. Where is she? You are here and I was
looking for you at station. We have a criminal to catch. Come on now,
we will find Shampi later. The weather is nice. Let us have some tea and snacks. I am in no mood for your nonsense. Please leave from here. That is not good. You are
angry at Chris and you blame me. You got hurt one. Got that? I have been rejected so many times. And I never let it hurt me. Do not compare me
with the likes of you? Do I not feel pain? I too am a human being. You know a pickpocket
rejected me once. – A thief?
– Yes, she came to our precinct. We had an affair. We wanted to get married. I told her to leave
life of crime after wedding. She said I was just like other men. Ones that want women to serve them. She ran away and she took my wallet. – Good, you deserve that.
– Do I stink? And yet I did not get hurt. I met another girl. But she left me. Why is that? She was a rag picker. She told me that there
was a lot of glass in my trash. I drink a lot. But I did not get hurt.
I found another one. Let me guess, she rejected you. I rejected her. Was she about to die? She was the only
daughter of Mc Donald’s. Wait! You rejected her? You! They were not giving
me fries at the wedding! Ha! Ha! Ha! What do you think? I will be amused by
your jokes and thank you? Do not hug me! Fine! Will you leave or should I call Paul? – Why do you bring Paul?
– Get lost. Please go. What is it? What are you doing? What is this? The charm of beauty. – What?
– The charm of beauty. Beauty! Oh my God! I am trying to lighten your mood.
You laugh at me? What was that? Like that? Fine, I am done. Fateh! Fateh! – Listen to me!
– What is it? You were right. Not all guys are same.
Some are like you. – Crazy?
– No, true lovers. Thank you. It is okay. Your hand. So, it is my hand. Where will you take it? “Let eyes look within each other.” “Let me breath before I die.” “Let eyes look within each other.” “Let me breath before I die.” “May you always stay in front of me.” “I forgot the world in your name.” “And today, let me say’ what I want.” “Let eyes look within each other.” “Let me breath before I die.” “I am your shadow.” “I will follow you.” “I am your shadow.” “I will follow you.” “May you never go away from me.” “That is what I ask.” “My feelings bond with you.” “May day starts and ends with you.” “Let me say what my heart wants.” “Let eyes look within each other.” “Let me breath before I die.” “Let eyes look within each other.” “Let me breath before I die.” I got you. Where were you running to? God bless you. You there! What are you doing here? What did you say? You and Pooja! Naughty boy! You will get someone in trouble.
I am telling you. What? She is the daughter of the DGP. I should have seen my
face before speaking to her. I look so bad. Do not turn around.
You will be slapped now. Turn your face here! You must have thought
well before making a move. She is so great and here I am. She is way out of my league? What? Love does not care?
I will hit you in the tubs. Fool. Tubs? What do you care? You are a liar! You lied back home and here. Filed a false case. You lied to the girl. If you had lied so much,
why did you not fake the love. Why did you fall for her? To tell her the truth. All of it? You decided it already? Just go and tell her. I will be doomed. Why have you called us. sir? Take the passport and leave. My passport. Visa still exists. Sir, we do not have the money. I do not want it from you. Get the tickets and leave. Punjab Police is being generous. I cannot believe it. Even I cannot, Dad. I am not so lucky. Can this be a dream? Let me touch him and see. Inspector, I will pinch you now. I got slapped! It is true! One more time! I got slapped again! It is true! I will go to Canada
now and send him shoes. What? One that makes noise when you walk. – Like this..
– Shut up! Thank you. Love you, sir. I go slapped thrice. Leave before I change my mind. – Let us go now, come on.
– Listen to me. Here is Rs. 1100. – Goodwill?
– This is not goodwill. Do not say a word outside
for what happened here. – Get lost.
– Yes, sir! Yes! We love you! Sir, such a change of heart? We do not even spare our own. And you let him go for free. It is all part of my plan. I am a superior officer. Sir, I know. While asking god for millions.. ..you have to put some offering. Now I shall see how Fateh
Singh brings Pooja back. “Oh, Cananda..” “Oh, Cananda..” Yes! Yes! Dad! I have reached Canada. Dad! Look over here! The sky, the birds flying! Dad, your good wishes
and god’s blessings.. I have a gift of God. Let me bow to the
great land of Canada. Dear Canada, I bow to you. Freez! Don’t move! Freeze! Police! Freeze! Security for me? Respected sir,
I have never done any crime. I never smuggled anything. How can I smuggle drugs in Canada? I swear on my bike. What? My bike! I swear on my bike! Come to Punjab. I will take you out for a ride. Shut up. Respected Madam. You may slap me all you want. But let me tell you
that I am no smuggler. It seems you will not spill the beans. We have to use ‘Fateh
ke Patte’ on you. Fateh, from Punjab Police? That vile being has
come all the way here? – You know him?
– Yes! He caused me all this trouble. I am innocent. But he had me imprisoned. And he stopped me
from coming to Canada. I think that he filed this false case. What nonsense? I got slapped again. Why? Liar, you accuse an honest officer. No, Madam. I am not lying. It is a sin. If you do not believe me.. ..then you may speak
to Joginder Singh, his senior. You will know the truth. So Singh, what do you think? I do not believe him. Why would Fateh lie? And yet there is no
harm in making a call. – Yes, sir.
– Yes. If you are lying about
Fateh you will suffer. Fool! I got slapped again. Not an issue. I was slapped in India
and now I am being slapped here. I am getting promoted. I miss you daddy. Shampy? A smuggler? He is not a criminal. I did the police verification. He said Fateh made a false case. He is right. Fateh is a liar. He started the case for no reason. The DCP was once speaking to me. That he longs for his estranged
family back in Canada. That someone must bring
his family back to him. That is all Fateh heard
and he flew to Canada.. ..after filing a false case. Sign here. – Thank you.
– Mark, where is Pooja? Holding room, end of the hall. – The last one.
– Yes. – Thank you.
– Sure. Pooja. You are seated here.
I was looking for you. I need to speak to you. – So do I.
– What is it? Promise me that you will do as I say. How can I give it to you?
You may ask for anything. Scared are you? If that is the case,
you may even ask for my life. Make me a promise. – Get out..
– I was about to tell you. Just shut up. I do not trust you. Since you are a liar. If you have any shame left,
you will not break your word. – Just leave from here.
– Give me a chance. Just get out of my life, Fateh. Fateh Singh. I never expected this from you. These are your deportation orders. You will be sent back
to India by end of the week. Who is calling so late? Hello. – Greetings, Mom.
– Fateh. My dear son! My lovely son! How are you? I am fine. How are you? How can I be without my son? I was missing you some time ago. Now that you called me I am at ease. Mom, I was occupied in
work and hence I could not call. An inspector is bound to be busy.
Constables are not. No, Mom. Constables have a lot. What do they do? They just sit around. Mom, what if I told you
that I work as a constable.. Dear, no matter what you do.
Be honest like an inspector. What if there is
a lie in my heart? What? Then you cannot do anything right. God does not help the ones that lie. He simply enjoys. What is the matter, child?
You are so quiet. And here I am talking to you. Are you worried about something? Mom, I lied a lot.
– So what? I lie every day. Today your dad wanted
me to make some tea for him. And I did not want to. So I lied to him
that I have a headache. That is not it.
I lied about a major thing. What do you mean? I am not an inspector.
I am a Constable. What? Mom, I knew that you would be hurt. But I thought I must
tell you the truth. I am sad that you lied
but I am happy to know.. ..that my son has grown wise. Anyone can be an inspector
but not everyone turns wise. You must hold the truth
and God will be with you. Thank you, Mom. Do not thank your mother. Now hang up.
I must tell your dad the truth. Fine, Mom. Bye.
– God bless you. Beloved.
– Yes? You want some tea? Hi! No, wait! Pooja, please! Just give me one chance
what I came to say. Thank you. Thank you. – Chris, not another note. I..
– Just let me. Let me say this. Pooja, I ask you to
forgive me for what I did. And if it makes you happy.. ..your mom and grandma can come.. ..and live with me at my home. I was a fool, an idiot.. – A dimwit.
– Yes! Yes! A dimwit! A lunatic. A dull.. – A dullard.
– A dullard! A bad guy and a loser. Chris, who wrote this note? It does not matter who wrote it. What matters is that I want
to start a new life with you. Pooja. – No!
– Pooja. Please, will you marry me?
Please, Pooja. Please, say yes.
I’ll do as you please. – Chris, I..
– Please, say yes. Please! Yes! Yes! Thank you, Pooja! Thank you! I have a condition. What? I want the wedding to happen
as soon as possible. Really soon. Really soon?
The wedding to happen soon. How soon? Right this week. “My lips speak of the
pain within my heart.” “Now as spring fades
and autumn comes.” “My lips speak of the
pain within my heart.” “Now as spring fades
and autumn comes.” “My heart has been broken.” “My eyes have lost the
sleep and lost what was dear.” “For I am punished in love.” “My dreams have shattered.
All I know is pain.” “For what fault of mine?” “My eyes have lost the
sleep and lost what was dear.” “For I am punished in love.” “You left me and I
felt I has devastated.” “God willed it and
I suffered by your hands.” “You left me and I
felt I has devastated.” “God willed it and
I suffered by your hands.” “Your words were lies
as I stood loyal to you.” Pooja, dear. May I say something? What is it, Mom? – If you could think again..
– Mom. Do not start again. I admit that Fateh lied.. ..but if you can forget
the lies and meet your dad once.. ..it will be no harm. Mom, you say this? You have not spoken
to dad for 18 years.. ..nor have you let me speak to dad. Dear, often things are puny.. ..but ego consumes us. Listen to me. Do not make any decision like me.. ..that makes you repent all your life. Dear, love has no place for ego. I know what I am doing. At least Chris is not a liar. “Those eyes..” “My eyes have lost the
sleep and lost what was dear.” “For I am punished in love.” “My dreams have shattered.
All I know is pain.” “For what fault of mine?” “My eyes have lost the
sleep and lost what was dear.” “For I am punished in love.” You.. Leave me alone now. What have I done that
you chase me all the time? I am sorry, Shampy. I made a mistake! What sorry? No manners? You know my own dad.. ..who never kept his beard shabby. He had to open his shirt
and show off his body. And as a result, I am being deported. I told you I am sorry. Stop crying. What sorry? No manners. You have ruined my dreams. Why did you do so with me? Why? – Why did you break my heart?
– Get lost! I got slapped. – Wash our hands!
– I told you I am sorry! Back off! Your dreams are
gone and my heart is shattered. Silly guy! Wipe your hand! Why did you tell Pooja the truth? I would have told her. You! Son of a fool! You slapped me but that it is fine. But do not say ill against my father. My dad is a great man. And he has always told
me to speak the truth. I am sorry,
I am simply venting my rage on you. If I had ever learnt
to speak the truth.. ..I would be marrying
Pooja instead of that tool. – You truly love that lady?
– Yes. Then you should be slapped. I mean to say that if
your love is pure and sacred.. ..then you must convince that lady. And fly away with her. Listen to me.
It is easy to make money. It is very difficult
to find true love. You leave your love behind? Shame on you! Shame on you! You are right. How do you know about love? My true name is Loveoshan Singh. You mean to say that I
should go and stop the wedding. Yes, Brother. No need to delay. Tackle these cops here. And I am with you. It seems that it is time to
use the best weapon of Punjab Police. A weapon! Blessed be those who follow thy name! – The one true God!
– The one true God! Anything troubling you? We needed your help. Hello, base.
We need back up, right away. Back up! Right away! Let us run now! Taxi! Hurry up. – Stop! Stop! Stop the taxi.
– You! – I told you that we cannot.
– Not now! It is about my love! If I do not reach on time
she will marry the wrong guy! If you do not help us love will lose. If love loses, so will God. Love is God and God is great. If that is the case
then we are brothers. We are all brothers. Come on in! – Good! Good!
– Come on in! – Stop here!
– Get down! – Thank you!
– Go get your love! Shampy, police is here! Do not worry! Go and meet the one you love. – I will handle them.
– Are you sure? Yes. We should be at the beach.
We are not even getting over time. Excuse, Policeman! – Shampy!
– Please hold on! I am not scared of you! I have a bigger weapon! Blessed be those who follow thy name! The one true God! No one arrived to help me! It seems like I will be thrashed! – Catch me now! God help me!
– Get him. Get him. Pooja, Chris, join your hands.. ..and declare your
consent in front of God. – Do you have the rings?
– Rings? So it is her engagement. I was worried that
today might be her wedding. I will speak to her
once the guests leave. – Get him!
– Once I get my hands on him! Catch him! Catch him! You! Why are you here? I was here to stop the wedding. – It is just the engagement.
– No, fool. Once she puts on the
ring she will be married. – Liar. Stop it.
– I am not lying. This is how people
get married in this land. Fool! Stop! Stop! Do not dare to put that ring on her! You! Who are you to stop me? Pooja, do not say so.
I am here to apologise. I know that I have
lied but I do love you. Shut up! I do not care! Get lost! Let me get married. Will I not be forgiven if I lie? You are marrying
him even though he lied? – It doesn’t look nice.
– What nonsense? – What lies?
– He will not keep your family with him. He had me write all
that to get you to agree. I wrote it all. If you think that
I will not marry Chris.. ..after hearing you
then you are wrong. – Chris.
– Stop! Pooja, I am telling
you it is not good. Is that so? What will you do?
What can you do? Chris. Move. – What are you doing?
– What are you doing, Fateh? Do not meddle or I
will hit you in the tubs. – Tubs? What is that?
– What do you care? Just keep quiet, Chris. – Give me the ring.
– No! – Fateh!
– Pooja! – Fateh!
– What is happening, Father? Hurray! – Fateh! Fateh, give me the ring!
– No! – Forgive me, once!
– You! – Why should I forgive you?
– I have changed. A monkey can be reformed but not you. Pooja, I assure you. I have changed. If you want me to tell
you all my truth, I will. I am not interested in your life.
Give me my ring. Please, Pooja. Forgive me. Please. – Forgive me!
– My ring! Please! I will not give it back! – Give it back now!
– Forgive me! Fateh! Fateh! Give my ring back! – Drive at once! Hurry up.
– Give me. Come on. Stop the car! Give me my ring! Listen to me. Just once. I do not want to hear anything. If I tell you that
as a kid I thought.. ..that parents bought kids from shops. And I thought that I was
brought from Lovely sweets.. – ..will you still not trust me?
– No! If I tell you that I wear
the same shorts for days, what then? Do you really think that
I will laugh at this and hug you? Just calm down and I will hug you. Just shut up. Will you not calm down if
I tell you that I live on a hill? What? No! If I tell you what tubs mean..
What then? – Then you will calm down.
– No! – Think again!
– No! Forgive me now. Come on now. Tell me what it is. Why should I?
Tell me that you have forgiven me. – And that you love me?
– What? I love you? What? I love you?
You do not love me? – Never.
– There you go! You always boast about the truth. And now you lie to me. It is the truth. I can never love a guy like you. Have you seen yourself? – It seems you are crazy.
– What? Are you insane?
Laughing at yourself? Is it? You left your wedding
and lied at the airport. And you took a special
permission without passport. And you sit here with
me clad in white all for love. To know the meaning of tubs. You are very funny.
You attack a cop. Why is that? You got that well. But you do not know
how to appease a girl? You did not come talk
to me and you sent Chris. What if I had married Chris? If I cannot appease you then
you do not know how to get mad. One must not humiliate
the other that he must lose hope. What if I did not reach on time? Then I would marry him! – At least I won’t get guy like you.
– Go and marry him now! Look at you! I am not here for you. – Get lost!
– What do you think? I am coming with you
after all this to see Punjab? Just as the flight
lands I will fly back. Get lost. Give me your number. You have a nice suit. I want one. What is it? – Stop it.
– She is laughing now. – Pooja.
– Yes. I feel sorry. It is okay. You know.. I feel some love. Do you understand? It is understand. It is okay? So why do you not tell me? Tell me what do you mean by tubs? – What?
– Yes. Why did this happen? Tell me or I leave. – So you want to know!
– Yes, I will. Stop the vehicle. There you go. I will tell you. Please. Set. – Dear.
– Yes. It so happens that even
I do not know what that means! What? You! I will not spare you! I am going to kill you! I so missed you dear. I missed you as well, father-in-law. I love you. – Get lost!
– Forgive me, please. – I will kill you!
– Leave him! Dad! I will shoot you dead! – Stop!
– Dad, stop! – Dad!
– Is it enough? – ‘DCP did agree after some drama.’
– Dad, calm down. ‘He had to.’ ‘His wife did agree
on this condition.’ ‘That Fateh will marry Pooja.’ – Hands up!
– ‘That is all.’ ‘Fateh married Pooja
in a grand manner.’ [regional song] ‘And this is a wrong song!’ “Someone must be in pain. Crying.” [regional song] ‘But the song is
being played for them.’ A liar like you. ‘They got it settled.’ – ‘What about Shampy?’
– How long will it take? I am tired! I am exhausted! – I will die! Help.
– ‘Shampy’s father!’ Take Shamy’s bike and his dad! Lovely! – ‘He is gathering funds to get his son
back.’ – I wan to bring my song back. ‘And our cab driver is earning.’ ‘And now Joginder
has lost his weight.’ ‘While Fateh Singh has gained weight.’ ‘And Fateh Singh made
an impact on Canada Police.’ ‘We forgot about granny
in all this haste.’ Where have they all gone? ‘So this was the tale
of Jatt and Juliet.’ ‘One minute! Sorry! Sorry!’ – ‘I have to tell you.’
– Who is it? Stop right here! What is it, sir? You drive without a helmet. Pay a fine of Rs. 1500. A fine?
I think you did not recognize me. Pay me the fine, whoever you are.
Or I will hit you in the tubs. Do not hit me on the tubs. My beauty will be ruined. Tubs are cheeks? So what? You may hit me on blocks. What is that? – Silly guy! What do you care?
– What?

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