Jaya Janaki Nayaka Full Movie – Bellamkonda Sai Srinivas, Rakul Preet Singh – Boyapati Srinu

Jaya Janaki Nayaka Full Movie – Bellamkonda Sai Srinivas, Rakul Preet Singh – Boyapati Srinu

“Hey beautiful parrot” “Bring all the colors hey parrot” “Because the surrounding
kingdom is yours” “Come opening the wings
without any shy” “Never was such glow
before the garden of youth” “Today in the blossomed flowers,
Your existence brought in a new color” I am leaving…
TC… why? Vikram is harrassing me too much,
As dad complained to the principal He came to my home yesterday night Who are you? Did you complain the principal?
– Yes, I did complain. Oh… Hey, what is this? Daddy! Dear! Vikram.
– Hey! I’ll kill if you speak out. I’m like mud, if you try throw
a stone on me, I will spill on you. There will be a stain. He made such a beautiful ring road
and he doesn’t want me to drive on it. Will a dog do yoga
when you throw a mutton piece to it The dog will behave like this.
I’ll also behave like this. If you complain again,
this time it wouldn’t be a wall. Hey, Amulya took her TC,
she is leaving. Amulya took her TC it seems, Vikram. I said not to inform anyone, right? Fine, you told. Will she do something? Vikram, behave yourself
this is not right. Why are you talking?
Should I come to your home today? Should I come? Should I come? Do you want me to come? Shall I come? [ Grunts in pain ] Hello! Hello! Tell me. – They hit our vikram
come here. Boys! Thank you so much. Really. By the way… I’m Sweety. Go. Hey Gagan! Hey Gagan. Gagan! What is this attack sir?
I recorded everything in my mobile. You should call the police right now. Police?
– Yes. Who do you think they are? Do you know Chakravarthy
group of companies? Are they workers? Owners. Owners? Good morning sir.
– Morning. Do you know how they behave
with employees? Do you know how
he behaves with kids? Come on, pour…
– Is that enough? Oh… yes! Dad omelet is ready. Thank you my son. Yes, omelet. How does it taste? Yes, super.
you did a great job son. Hey, why do you drink coke?
Have a peg You will have a sound sleep. No dad, I’m comfortable with this. Isn’t it wrong to drink alcohol? Drinking alcohol is not wrong, But not knowing when to stop is wrong. When do they stop?
– You guys finished two bottles… Dad, shall we have some food? – Let’s go.
– Yes. Squeeze more… Squeeze.
– Take it sir. Gagan take it.
Come on guys have it. Take… show your plate. If someone helps us we should
either respect them or thank them. But we should not complain. Mr Subramanyam.
– Sir. Find out when, where and what time
is the function of Aswit Narayana Varma? Say I came from Delhi
and I will attend the function. Ok sir. What is it? Nothing uncle, we’ll meet you tomorrow. Who did this?
– Chakravarthy’s son right? Yes dad. They hit me very badly
in the college Why did they get angry when you peed
in the house of someone? We should not get into any bush
just because we have a mug in hands sir, Snakes would bite His urgency is such. Will they do nuisance
just for peeing? It is a crime to hit with stick
for a thing gone by washing, right? Isn’t it crime? That’s a crime. Son, not always
people who beat are heroes The guy avenging is the hero. First, it should be the right time. Second, we should make
time favour us. We’ll hit back. When time comes, we’ll hit back. You be relaxed. What uncle,
why are you so serious? What is this? What is it? Why did he put our back photo? Added my tummy too is seen
– Yes dad. Yes, they will put lighting
and take photos when you fight. What exactly is that fight? Which fight? Oh… which fight? Have you blessed them
without knowing about the marriage Oh no, it is enough that one
from you three is messed with. You hit even without caring about
who and why is he hitting, right? I forgot again. Keep two rods
behind the vehicle. They will come for use.
– Rods? One should put carriage
in the car of a college student. But why are you putting rods. [ Chakravarthy Laughs ] Thanks son, we cannot forget
your help in our entire life You are very elder to me… You should not leave college
when a problem you are in a problem. But should clear that problem. All the best. It is your watch. It actually was dead, I was awake all night repairing it. Thank you. I uploaded yesterdays fight in facebook. You got six lakh likes. One foreigner asked
what fight is this, Kungfu or Karate? Do you know what I said? I said ‘Goli soda fight’. Ok, will your mom say nothing
when you fight and go back home? We don’t have a mother. Are you trying to flatter him? Waste. He is like a wall. You should hit nails over it,
but should not feed cakes. He fits as a bouncer
but not as boyfriend. He never even looks at girls, traitor. A traitor for not looking at girls? Yes. A girl though shabby at home
comes out in a very mass style She comes out classy,
trendy and stylish. For what? Why? Why? So that boys will look at us. Added protein shampoo,
multi vitamin conditioner, Hair spray, hair gel, Threading for the eye brows,
mascara for the eye lashes, Lip stick, lip gloss,
painful blackhead removal, Foundation face pack,
shoulder pack, dental pack, Pedicure, manicure, waxing… We put sun screen in summer
and water resistant in during rains Why are we do all this? For the boys to see us. Though no ventilation
and irritating from inside Why do we wear skin tight jeans? For the boys to see us. If boys stop seeing girls like this, There will be no sales for cosmetics,
no business in beauty parlors, Lady customers will not go to textile shops,
fashion designers go starving, No demand for products
and GDP will drop down. Sensex gets ruined
and no future for India. Tell me now,
isn’t he a traitor? As far as I know, The man who keeping a phone
in the hands of the girlfriend And stays courageous is the real man, Either a lover or a husband. For example him, He gets calls from either his father,
brother phone or weather phone. That is why I like him. I am trying from three years,
he has not even seen my face properly. They looked out for another match
at home by then. Engagement is in the next three days And I can’t come out
of home after that That is why, I am giving
a party in the pub. Everyone must come. Ok? You should not be dumb like this. You should open up and enjoy happily. Even my dad and brother will come. Huh? Dad and brother to a pub? Ma’am. What can be done when priest sits
in the first night room and says to carry on? Our life is like that. What happened? It is not a party when fathers
and grand fathers attend. It is called the commemoration ceremony.
Look how all are “Let us toss whether head or tail” “Wine, whiskey or cocktail” “Let us decide something,
in this flow” “Let us get the party rocking baby” “Champagne bottle overflowed
with a sound” “Cat walk Rosa got up with force” “All hips hissing are into snake dance” “Let us get the party rocking baby” “Hey, let us jump like the rubber balls
Let us push sleep further away a bit” “Let us cut the ribbon
for rocket dreams” “Let us compete with the fast
circling globe like a top” “Let’s take off the breaks for our speed” “Right, right, right…
let’s party all night” “Right, right, right…
let’s party all night, yo!” “Right, right, right…
let’s party all night” “Right, right, right…
let’s party all night” “Like speakers are born to the heart” “Like the mind sounds
becoming a mike set” “Like memories in mind get grinded” “Let’s get the party rocking baby.” “Like standing on the edge of the earth” “Like seeing depths from a height” “I am into sky diving, I promise” “Let’s get the party rocking baby” “Like a duster wiping away yesterday
You are like the poster for tomorrow” “Become a booster for this minute” “Like the laser cutting a diamond
You are like the teaser for victory” “You will become a winner continuously” “Right, right, right…
let us party all night” “Right, right, right…
let’s party all night, Yo!” “Right, right, right…
let us party all night” “Right, right, right…
let us party all night” “Hey come in, my dear new bride” “Come in stepping over the right foot” “Come in, hey dearest beloved” “Come in to the temple
you wished for” “Play the non stop DJ mix CD” “Give the fast beat with no end” “To dance steps saying do not stop” “Land in happiness as the next stop” “Like a tattoo for this minute,
Like a motto for the happiness” “I became the route for joy” “Though moonlight is bidding farewell,
Though Sunlight is saying hello” “Do the duty right in the party dear” “Right, right, right…
let’s party all night” “Right, right, right…
let’s party all night, yo!” “Right, right, right…
let’s party all night” “Right, right, right…
let’s party all night” Sorry uncle… Elders when they come to parties
they start preaching. Thus we thought bad about you
in a feel that party may get dull. Look dear, A girl is like a bank locker. Property or happiness
or self respect or morals Or future of coming generations
can be hidden in that. The power to hide so and give back
again to the future generations. Only a girl has it,
You are so great dear. They say so in a feel that nothing
should happen to such girls. That’s it. Come on uncle, let’s have dinner.
– Here? Our dishes are very special. Sir, hot bajji’s are ready – What, bajji?
– Bajji? These are not just bajjis
but rechargers for body. Uncle, this is very old
and trend has changed. Trend? You guys eat Pizza and burgers. You come out and have
the Calcutta pan again. Wow… Super uncle. – You get
ready posh for fashion show And get rid of bad eye
again from grandma. You buy foreign cars and
again put a lemon to the car bayonet. You get the prayer done
only at Peddamma temple. Wow… super. But uncle, you can eat
anywhere you like, But why only on the road? Look dear, such a guy lives eating these. A guy from foreign lives eating those. Not make in India dear,
but making India. We have to eat these, eat them. Thank you uncle…
– Give me father. Take it…. eat happily. Eat properly. Eat.
– Uncle. Uncle, are all fathers like you? Two renowned and biggest
families from our state today The great business man nearing
o be known as father of Indian roads The great business man
Aswith Narayana One and only daughter Sowmya
– Sir, we are getting late. Great daughter, And the mining king, Mahendra Varma One and only daughter’s engagement Many renowned dignitaries
are present for this occasion. Minister is here move aside. Hi.
– welcome sir. Greetings! congratulations Continue… Mr. Mahendra Varma Making daughter of Aswit Narayana Varma
as daughter-in-law means To have grown high by 100 feet.
– Thank you sir. Why I am saying is, Mr. Subramanyam
– Sir. Prime minister feeling sorry not to have attended
sent best wishes in the message. After all this is settled, he invited
to bring the in laws for a lunch. Sure. Cheers. – Cheers.
– Cheers. Come, come, let us enjoy. Mike off.
– Have it. Wow… let’s get started. Excuse me sir. Excuse me sir. Thank you. You should speak to the prime minister
about me. – Uncle. Just a minute. Ok brother.
– Let’s go. Have you noticed? In law’s
have already started the business. My son is a bit fast.
– True. Just have a look uncle. Sorry to say this uncle,
but I just got it Who gave this? – I have put
a check uncle, it’s my marriage right? Who else knows about it?
– It’s just me and my security Wow, super. Hi dad. Come on dear, sit. Morning.
– Have some coffee. Thank you. Breaking news… In the
car accident at midnight, Son of renowned industrialist
Mahendra Varma has died. Yesterday night after his engagement
with Soumya, daughter of Aswit Narayana Varma. Son of Mahendra Varama was travelling
to Delhi on a business work On the way to airport,
a truck has crushed them. Both him and his body guard
died on the spot. City shook in shock at once
with this news. Body is shifted to hospital
for the postmortem. There is very bad news
near Mahendra Varma’s home. Mr Mahendra Varma,
I am just watching the news. I am very sorry,
I will come and meet you. Ok. By the way, that is not an accident dear,
we got him killed. The groom put forth an evidence saying
your daughter is dating with somebody else. Information if one gets to know,
News when four people knows And a nuisance if forty gets to know Thus I stopped it. If you have love on someone
should tell it before I fix the engagement. We broke up, daddy. Did he leave? All these house, cars,
office, factories and all I earned. Either break or burn away God gave me the brain and
courage to earn them back. But the prestige of my house, For a 100 years by my great grandfather
and gave it to my grandfather. He made it stand still carefully for 100 years
and gave it to my father. He grew it for 100 years
and gave it to me. When my own daughter says to ruin that,
what shall I do? What shall I do?
what shall I do? what shall I do?
what shall I do? What shall we do?
– Dear. Great daughter. She died and saved my prestige. This Aswit Narayana Varma
gives even his life if asked, But will kill when messed
with his prestige. Hi Gagan. Hi. Are you free?
– Yes. Coffee? Come on guys… let’s go.
– Let’s go. Let’s go. Coffee. Have it. Oh no! Hey God, Need to change this guy a lot. Speak a little. Should I call Gagan? Hey, hey let’s try this. How is this looking?
Looking good. hold it. I’ll take a picture. Smile. Smile. Wow. Yeah. Ok, let’s take a selfie. Hello… dad. I am in the class.
Shall I call you later? Dad. Yes, dad.
– Where are you? Sweety brought me to Diesel showroom
and is checking my dress size dad Nothing son, there is no soda for alcohol. Bring two cases of soda
while coming home. – Ok dad. You won’t hide anything? I never lie to my dad. Anything?
– No. Shall we go to your house? Hello dad, Sweety asked if she can come to our house.
I am bringing her. Oh no… Oh God. Wow. What is this, camera is not working?
WhatsApp is not working Nothing is happening. Come on dear. Are you the one getting
coffee and T-shirts for him? Gagan? – Keep talking,
I’ll be right back. Our guy is a bit shy dear. Come, I will show you the house. This is the bedroom of our guys Three beds? Three of them cannot be away
from each other. Which means they don’t sleep alone.
– [ Sweety chuckles ] This is the bar room dear. Three full bottles every day.
They drink whole night. What about their health then? Don’t ask about them,
they get anger. come, I will show you something else, This is the war room. You are thinking is this a house
or a terrorist camp, right? This is a house. They do not use all these
for themselves. If they just hear that
someone is in trouble, They beat up saying ‘you hit and I hit’. She is the Goddess of this house. Everything was great till she was alive. She went over the wall
and they fell on streets. But these people are gold. They just slipped from control
as there was no lady at home to say. Have you again started?
– Good morning uncle He says that with affection. come on. Don’t bother about it Oh, is it here?
– What is this? When I asked for soda opener
they searched the whole house, Idiots, keep it in the bar room. I cannot drink without soda in alcohol at all. I do not understand the taste.
– Why is he talking about alcohol to a girl. Forget about that, what will you have?
Coffee, Tea, juice, Uncle, you like girl children right? Very much dear, what do you need? A bit of liberty.
– It’s all yours. Take how much ever you want.
– Thank you. Uncle, all the alcohol bottles
– No drinking, nothing Don’t leave even a drop,
throw it all and break the bottles. Take all these and throw
in the dustbin. Baby, this is the licensed gun
and they will put me in jail without this. Ok, just this one weapon
should be at home. Uncle, yours is the responsibility for this.
– Ok dear Gagan, uncle should take
only two pegs a day It’s your responsibility. All the servants come that side. All your systems should
change from today. So, menu change and
outside food is banned. Green leaves, vegetables,
carrots and beetroots Only such food should be
cooked and used. Only this diet should be maintained. I will come every day in the evening
and get it cooked. Uncle, please don’t
misunderstand me. Many would be good if you stay well. Thus, I’m doing all this. Oh no, this change is very good. I am very happy to see a girl
making changes in my house. Oh no, dad has come from Delhi. He is waiting and
I have to leave. Oh no, you came to our house
for the first time. Please have your food. I will come tomorrow right?
I will have then. Please Gagan, let’s go. Bye. This is what I wanted in this house. Gagan, mom is not at home and ok. But why not get brother married?
– Brother had a love failure Is that girl married?
– No. Then we will make it a success We will stay calm here when you
say to make it a success? I’m the father of bride. Uncle, is love a mistake? Do you know
what exactly happened? We enquire at four places
even while buying a puppy. Will we not enquire while
giving our daughter? We did enquire and got a bad report. I asked when they came directly. Dear, is that him? Yes dad. He looks good. Personality is good You said good personality, right?
Shall we get them married? Father of the bride here. Crores of property and income
in Lakhs which is also good. Still, he stays in support
to dad and this is better. But, he is a waste guy Oh no, they attacked.
– Hit him! hit him! Please do not hit there,
he has piles problem. Don’t worry, our guys are a bit rash…
– That’s my father. Oh no, what is that hitting?
He cannot withstand, Please hit one after another. Why are you doing it, Chakravarthy? Sivannarayana, what happened? Nothing happened, just a small matter. Compromise compromise. Small matter and compromise? They beat like a buffalo.
[ Grunts in pain ] Wounded my whole body
and compromise again? Ask them to apologize. Hey, apologize him formally Oh, they started again… Don’t worry, dear. Please, he cannot withstand
so many sorry on the same day. If needed come tomorrow and say. Oh no, he look to die
in your hands, please leave him Oh my god. They hit like Tyson
from front and like Bison from back. It took a week for me to get up
and wear a dress. He has piles too. They hit like the women societies tie
a rapist to a current pole and hit. I thought he would die,
but did not. Oh no, he is not a relative
but a messenger of death God. There is a meaning that they hit.
Even the guy to marry also hit me. How can we send our girl to
such a house even after knowing? Believe me, they have changed. Are they any currency notes to change?
They are the cutouts of Death God Gagan come here,
fold your hands and stand. Sit Get up smile
give a shake hand Say sorry and go back.
– Sorry. See, they have changed.
If needed, you can insult them. Oh no, it is just coming into the path. Uncle, a tree would get dried
if not watered for 10 days. And that is a house without a lady from 10 years,
understand how it would be. You are so good, others may get their
girl married at least being stubborn. But, you have respect
for your daughters love. And waiting that they
would come back again. You are really great uncle. Also, look at him bending his head
and standing for the love of his brother. He is also very great. Please let this marriage happen. Ok dear. You watered here. You yourself water the plant that side too
and see to that the plant lives. Thank you Sweety. “Colour is great and
spectacles are great” “World is a wow
like wearing and watch” “Beauty and the properties are great” “Enjoy great on this evening” “We shall make noise playing the drum,
We make noise and go high” “Let’s wipe out age differences now” “Increase the sound bro,
let’s rock the Sangeet” “Total city should be
resounded this night” “I am like Prabhudeva,
when before the mirror at home” “Coming in front of all,
I become very shy” “Who would see me
and you when there are so many?” “Freedom is further more in group,
enjoy more” “Hey, this moment
fixing a frame,” “We shall put in the locker” “All the poses got mixed,
let’s take a sweet selfie of life” “Increase the sound bro,
let us rock the Sangeet” “Total city should be
resounded this night” Oh no, Wife feels that
the necklace worn is not seen No use with jewellery
when we have dazzling smiles “Liquor is looking
why nobody is looking at it” “Many relatives to share
the feast better than the liquor” Yes, so many days house like
a voter has become a sweet home “It got full like the umbrella
with fun and joy ” “Increase the sound bro,
let’s rock the Sangeet” “Total city should be
resounded this night” Uncle, why are you not
taking anything? Coke Here take it.
– No, dear… I prayed to God not to have cool drinks
till his piles complaint is cured. Ok.
– Did she ask you? Either you drink or stop,
why about my piles issue in between? Hi Mr. Sivannarayana.
– Hi. It seems you have piles, be careful. They blast if touched. Is this any terrorism
that it travelled to London? Take it and put in front of United Nations,
even the hills would get to know. I will say if they ask dear… Hi uncle, you are not having anything. Juice take the juice.
– No, it’s ok. Please take the juice, let me know
if you need anything else. Ok, have fun.
– Sure. Do you know about that girl?
she is going to be the bride. She is going to be the bride. Hey Gagan. Uncle is calling, go Yes father?
– See… Look at Sweety… Look, how happy
has she made this house. We should see that tears
never come in her lifetime ever. We are not there on that day. It is like we are dead. I won’t let that happen. I will not in life time.
– Uncle… Uncle, why are you here
when the knot is being tied. Come on, Come. Why are you talking there
instead of being here? Hey Gagan, come on…
– It’s ok. Come on. Come, come. Thank you.
– Hey. it’s ok. Baby, it was not like a marriage
but went on like a festival. Just because of you. We will leave now dear. Where will you leave?
You got a good family. This family has got good people like you.
Have drinks today happily. Uncle, no boundaries today for you.
I kept two bottles in your room. I have put bajjis and Goli Sodas too. Ok, I’m leaving now.
– Where are you going? Where will you go? Time is one. Uncle, dad is waiting at home
and already called twice. He would again feel tensed.
So, I will leave. I will come again. Gagan,
please drop me. Bye uncle Sweety, Come here. What is this uncle,
like a kid? I will come back tomorrow,
see you. Shall we go? Bye. I am so tired. You don’t have any other
expression except this? Come. Sweety, I never expected in my life
that my house would be so much colorful. You are the reason behind it.
Thank you, thank you so much Stop! Stop! Expensive vehicle, got a big party. Hey down who?
– Classmate sir. Are you taking tuition in the car?
Or doing combined studies? I will conduct an exam, wake her up. She is very tired.
– Aren’t you tired? Why are you getting angry? I should know whether you are taking
or eloping, right? wake her up. Why are you increasing the sound? Why are you getting down? I made big body builders go down. Why is he going that way? Is there another babe here? Sweety.
– Did we reach my home? Sorry Gagan, I could not
give you any company. See you. Gagan, why did you hit the Police? Why did you hit? Will you hit if someone comments me? I will kill them. Go.
– You go insdie. Yes!! This is the project we are dealing.
Diamond Highways Indias most prestigious project. Length 10000 Km and costs
One Lakh Sixty thousand crores. From Kashmir to Kanyakumari Bombay harbor to Howrah harbor
this project is connected. if we can finish in time. Not just in India but ours becomes
number one company in Asia. Daddy. We have a situation What is it? You heard of Arjun Pawar, right dad? Arjun Pawar?
– Marwada liquor king. Sixty percent of the liquor business
in this country belongs to him. Come to the point.
– He is our competition in this project There is nothing wrong,
let him try. He is not coming in
the right route dad. He bought all the companies
supplying us materials. He also bought four of our Engineers, That includes him. He did not stop with that dad. The backbone to our company from long. Highway Authority of India director JP,
He met with him. I can’t give you this project. Reason? Your background?
– What is that? Killing, extortion, Kidnaps, court cases And your liquor business. We do not even let drunkards
move on highways How can we let you manufacturing come? yes, you’re right. Hundred percent right.
– They fear of me in my business. I have power in hands
and enough of money. Only thing I don’t have is respect. I came into this line wanting that. But, what you want to enter
is a prestigious project. Prestige of that project
will be gone if we let you in. You have that prestige, right? I mean, you have a daughter
and I have a brother. Let’s get them both married. Then your prestige will be mine Then comes this project
running to my house. You are talking too much.
Security That’s your security. Now, some walk when the way is laid. Some walk while laying the roads Like me.
like this. So many died so,
when I came for just a meeting. What if I come for a fight? You cannot even guess. By the way, my brothers
Elder brother and my younger brother, Your son-in-law. Father-in-law, wish him. Hi father-in-law…
Oh, blood. Damn! Bonding started with blood
stays stronger than blood relation. Thank you, father-in-law. Go, see the girl. Ok. JP sir. Life is greater than the prestige. For me prestige is more
important than life Greetings sir. When is the groom coming?
– Tomorrow. Take care of him. Get married now. We touching the project disturbed
that Aswit Narayana Varma. And that Engineer we threatened… has complained to
Aswit Narayana Varma. He took revenge like this for it, With his son. Just for a warning
they started a war. Violence is requirement for him
and a habit for me. I’ll show them both. Why did you ask me to come here? Sit down. I should talk to you about something. I have been waiting to meet you
since you dropped me home yesterday night. Yes dad, I am in the class.
Shall I call you back? Uncle, my son lied to me.
– What? Which means he is with Sweety.
– Good… Tell me. Did you lie to your father? Tell me… Gagan I feel that I have
everything in my life. But I miss something. My feeling is that you can fill it. We feel to follow behind
seeing some people. Seeing few people you would
like to walk with them. But looking at you, I feeling like
holding your hand and walk with you. I don’t want to miss you in my life. I love you… forever and ever. and ever. Sweety. Hi daddy.
– What are you doing here? Daddy, this is my friend Gagan.
– Hi Gagan, how are you? Good sir. Daddy actually… —
What is this dear, let’s go home and talk. Come on…
– Lets go home. Sit. Bring two coffee with snacks.
– Feel at home. Today is not a Sunday right?
Why didn’t you go to class dear? We met to talk
an important matter, dad Oh, About the exams? No, it’s about life. Life? We both are liking each other daddy
and we wish to marry Marriage? Your name is Gagan, right? Yes sir. What does your father do?
– Industrialist sir Which industry? Chairman of Chakravarthy
group of companies, dad Which one? They eat bajjis sitting on the road, They keep beating students
and goons with sticks on the streets Heard they fall down drunk
on the roads, is it them? It is them sir. They call those with such habits
by some name agabonds, countryside scrap… Etc… Etc… Am I right? Maybe sir. Rich means not just to have money
but to have brains Daddy. – Marriage, dear!
And you are saying to marry. We cannot take the Bentley car
and keep it in a dirty area right? We got to check. Two minutes, We’ll come back to you. What is your mother doing? She is no more. She is no more or not there with you? Sir, dad would come and talk with you.
– Damn! I don’t give an appointment
to such a guy. A big man came home yesterday and asked for
my daughter as his daughter-in-law. Saying their prestige would grow. The value they gave me
for that confidence and my bringing up. I felt like die in happiness. Now, you have put
my prestige onto roads, idiot Daddy, listen to me.
– Stay back! Stop acting. Don’t act smart. I trusted you. when you said to be going
to the house of your friend. Friend is a girl, boy, boyfriend, Lover or such a waste rascal.
I didn’t ask you this. I daily keep seeing in the papers. I used to read informing to be for a function
and dated with someone Became pregnant and then got aborted. You have cheaper than those,
you dirty girl. I was quiet when you insulted my dad, When you insulted our lives
I was quite. I was quite when you
insulted my mom. But your daughter is like a fire idiot
and you say such a girl as dirty? Daddy…
Gagan. Please. I do not exist without him. Please leave. we should never meet again. Please leave, go. I will kill this fellow
if you cry What is it? It is right when
your daughter lives as you like And wrong moving with a guy like me.
Is it so? Do as you wish to. But, if she is disturbed in life… Or tears roll from her eyes,
I will kill you. Wherever you are,
I will search and kill you. Gagan, I cooked for the first time,
will you taste? What happened? What happened? Where is Sweety? She will not come, dad Who stopped?
– Her father. That’s very common. No problem if he stopped, But he said she is characterless Where is his house, son? Sweety won’t come
if you go dad, Only her body may come. She too is mad of her dad like us. Gagan. Sit. I love you forever and ever And ever. I don’t want. Prudhvi, get up. Characterless lady. Leave… We felt that girl to be in the house,
but he wanted her to be in life. He cannot bear. What shall we do now, uncle?
– Let us send him out For the first time in life,
we could not give what he asked. We cannot live without him, uncle.
– He will not live being here Let’s send him… Let’s send him. Where? Vizag, I have known people there. [ Priests chanting final rituals ] Sir, the process is complete, take these
offerings and mix them in sea waters. We run out of time
when we give time to our enemies. We should hit by the time
he recovers. Gagan. Gagan, love failure
Am I right? Yes, I am right. Just chill boss. Satyam uncle, you said
I cannot identify right? I did. Do you know how? When all were in chill mood,
he alone was in dull mood. I caught him there. Speak to you later, bye. Oh by the way,
Falguni Nasthik. Native Bobbili and settled in Vizag. It is first time for you coming here, right?
This is Visakhapatnam, No scarcity for the tides here
and also for the dreams. No less for beautiful girls like me,
just chill boss. Idiot, have you gone blind? Is the horn dead? I would have finished you,
if the car had hit. Sorry sister. Sister? You rascal! I will
end your life in the dickey. Bloody fool… Do you not know the difference
between the aged and young? Sorry, sorry. Nativity What to do? Get in Love failure it seems, right?
Take it easy boss. Once upon a time,
Love was eternal. But now it’s external. In which car you pick up,
in which mall you buy the dress, Which pub are you throwing a party
and how much are you spending Is what girls are seeing
and falling in love boss. Be practical! Boss, just in six months they change
the cell phone saying to have got bored What about you? Are you listening? [ Singing break up telugu song ] Boss, even the FM people know
that you are in the city. [ Continues singing song ] Stop, stop. Go to your right. Right?
I have to take a left turn. You can’t go to the left
go to your right please. Why are so many cops there. Some Pawar it seems boss. Son of Varma broke the backbone
of his brother. Pawar finished son of Varma
in the marriage. High alert all over the city
with that incident and Police are here so. Their mess is theirs and ours is ours. Just chill boss. Get the bags.
Come on boss. Come. Boss. Hello boss freshen up,
have two drinks and a shower. Beach on outside and a great batch Is celebrating youth festival there. I am the host and you are the guest. Get ready to chill boss. “Hey Disco boy, play
all your discs one by one” “Hey Hukka boy, take all
your puffs for kick” This is the pub with no top
Beach hub of bikinis “Shall we relax in the night
with no climax?” This is the room with no roof
and time with no shackles “Shall we fill romance
in a bottle with no cap?” “Finish, finish the pains of love” “Just chill boss, chill boss,
let’s give life another chance” “A little happiness and lots of pain.” “Is life not a remix” “Your wish a bit
and a bit of its wish?” “Is the paper of fate not a remix” “There is fire and ice too
and a glass mixing both” “What you need is your choice.” “There is kick and also
the mike and stock in your heart” “What you do is your voice” “Over, over let this love be over.” “Just chill boss, chill boss,
let’s give life another chance” “Let’s go!” “Love is like lava” “Touch and see, you will turn into ashes” “Love is the cyanide
looking like chocolate” “You go breathless,
just kiss and see” “A minute living in
the kick of happiness is enough” “Why live for 100 years like a statue?” For the heart in support,
I will give away my breathe “I do not care even care
about my life” “Over, over let this love be over.” “Just chill boss, chill boss,
let’s give life another chance” “Oh yeah!” Hey, Gagan. You are super boss
just sharp Everyone saw energy in your dance. I saw your love emotion. You are ultimate boss. Till now, love for me was waste,, But understood that it is a feeling
only after seeing you. You touched my heart. Yes, why did you let go the person
who took away your love? Come, let’s finish him. Hey! Sir. One minute sir. Hey… you! Kill him. Son. They killed my son And taking away my daughter-in-law. Please save us. We killed your son,
and broke the sacred knot For not making her
sit in your house like a widow, But to keep her in our house.
And to drag your prestige onto the roads. Move! Come! We killed your son,
and broke the sacred knot For not making her
sit in your house like a widow, We should not let tears roll
in her eyes in life time. We are no more the day,
tears roll down. It is like we are dead. I won’t spare you. Gagan! Gagan. Gagan. Gagan. Gagan. Gagan! Gagan! Move, Careful
Move on, quick Come on, hurry up. Move, careful Doctor, come here. Let’s go quick! He should live first His condition is very critical. Physically he is not responding
but mentally he is fighting for his life. That means he is trying hard
for something and someone sir Gagan. I will catch the guy who attacked you
by tomorrow morning sir How much is your staff in the city?
– Five thousand, sir. My staff in this city is Fifty thousand. I am bigger than you
and better than you. I know when to do,
how to do and what to do I wished to get in to construction
and he got into destruction, Just because he is alive, right? Who is that guy saving them? No idea which mother
gave you birth, You saved life of this family
fighting with your life. Thank you son.
– Why did they attack? For my daughter-in-law.
– For her? The fight with Arjun Pawar
in business turned into personal He is not fit for anything. Problem solved. Thank you sir. Mr. JP, our relation is
from 25 years. You die for perfection
and me for prestige. We both value the morals. Let’s take it to the next level. Our family will be good if you send
your daughter as our daughter-in-law. This is not for the project, But with a confidence
over your bringing up. Thank you. Thank you very much sir,
thank you Let the good happen. Let it happen. When the girl to be on the side of brother
is going as their house as daughter-in-law, Is that good? If we bring before marriage, They say Pawar kidnapped
daughter of an IAS officer. If we kill him after the marriage
and bring her. They say Pawar kidnapped
daughter-in-law of Akshit Narayana Varma. He should be on roads
with his prestige gone. [ Priests chanting prayers ] They killed him after
he tied the scared knot. They won half the battle
by killing my son. They attacked to win completely
by kidnapping my daughter-in-law. That would have happened,
if you would have not come. A war between rigidness
and prestige without any reason. She was a bait. A child without her mother. I never expected my daughter’s life
to become so. Fate. What could we do? I want to take my daughter home.
– Take her home and? Can you hold at least for an hour
from Pawar after taking? He will take her away. She is not your daughter now, But the prestige of this house. She should be here now. Till her last breathe. If needed, have a look
at your daughter and leave. If anyone does injustice,
girl says to her father. What if that father
does injustice to her? God has not given me
even the chance to correct this. I lost… Forgive me. Forgive me. Hi. Sweety is dead Gagan. Nothing should happen to you. Please leave. Problem is a bliss by God,
wash that with tears. Cry… If there is anything sacred
than the holy Ganges water, That is tears, Come on cry. Cry. These are your last tears
and your last problem. Sweety, Whoever stands by you or not,
I am there for you. I love you dear, Forever and ever and ever. Till my last breathe. “Like the colors come again
to the dawn” “The shining Sun” “Reflecting in the weeping eyes” “Trial of the warrior
to stop the flowing tears” “For the Jasmine bud
caught in fire” “The soldier coming
as a snow tide” “For the dove caught
on the knife edge” “Savior coming for the war
as a life guard” “With a deep cut wound at bottom of the heart
Came as a justice through fight” “He becomes the smile on the lips
of captured princess” “He is the one with immediate duty
to save you” “He is your army of lakhs” “He would change you
into a rainbow” “He is your strength and the army” “Either threw away or buried,
he searches back your courage” “You hid or burnt down,
he makes your dreams alive” “He came back as a remembrance
which you forgot but he did not” “He is the Sun rising
on the east troubling you” “He is the one with
immediate duty to save you” “He is your army of lakhs” She wouldn’t attend any function,
why did sister-in-law come now? Give it here. Brother. You got to celebrate
good occasions with care. They say “Time of kid
and a girl entering home.” She stepped in and
a dreaded incident took place. What happened is bad and the to happen
A dreaded incident is to be stopped. Way for that is the Mrithyunjaya Homa. We are starting to
Hamsala Deevi along with her Pawar is in waiting for us to come out.
– Is he greater than God? We are going. Who is he?
– He saved us… Only that girl is coming
with our family What’s your name?
– Gagan sir. How are you feeling? Ok sir. Go anywhere and get treated. If you require anything,
it has my PA number. Call and everything will be arranged. Driver, drop him
wherever he wants. Thanks for saving me. Ma’am, phone. Pawar.
– Madam. You want that girl
and I am bringing her out. Come, take her. You remember the deal, right? You should not mess again
with our family, past is past. Ok madam. There may be discount at bar,
but no discounts in war. Don’t miss again. Kill everyone. [ Priests chanting prayers ] Sir, this Mrityunjaya Homa (ritual)
is complete. With this ritual, fear from enemies,
fear from death, bad omens, obstacles And all problems are cleared forever. If you go and take the scared bath,
this process can be said finished. Get up. Brother! Wait… Brother, no brother You said she stepped in
and bad time started. She is not bad time for you
but luck for you. That luck stopped the knife
on the neck of your brother. That luck has stopped your death. You saw God in a stone but couldn’t see
the heart of another lady. I feel sad for you. Brother, listen to me. See how he planned brother. None should be left alive. Hey, pick her up. Let us see who would save. Hey Gagan. Gagan!
Sweety! Come on. Come. Come. Gagan. Come! come! come! Come on, come on… I promise taking this
sacred place as witness. She is my life and everything for me. I let her go once
unable to see her tears. Maybe you thought she has none
as the tears rolled in again. I am there to wipe them.
I am with her. I am there to finish when another
lady has tried to play with her. Not to finish, but just try to touch her. I challenge you Your grandparents
should come down to count the dead bodies. “Like the colors come
again to the dawn” “The shining Sun reflecting
in the weeping eyes” “Trial of the warrior to
stop the flowing tears” “He pacifies your heart becoming
the lap of mother” “He ends your shackles
and enemy being the God sent bonding” “He twists the closed fate
and restarts again” “He is the ray of love glowing
as half fire and half moonlight.” “He is your strength and the army” “He is your army of lakhs” “He would change you
into a rainbow” “He is your strength and the army” Sir.
– Sir. We shall not leave that Varma
who started the war by killing brother, sir We should not leave
the guy who killed brother… I won’t spare them both. I will never the lady
who is the reason behind this. My brother was the useless guy
who can’t stop the guy taking prestige of this house My sister who wished to sell the prestige
feeling that her brother is a not capable. My daughter-in-law went holding hands
of another guy within a month of widow. Wow Aswit Narayana Varma, To hell with your life!
– Dad. Brother. You killed me badly I will not spare Arjun Pawar,
who killed my son in front of my eyes. I will not leave her
who went away holding his hand. I will never leave that fellow
for taking away my prestige. I swear on my pride. I said that love is trash
and also told love doesn’t exist. I saw a guy in front of my eyes
giving his life for the girl he loved. I’ve also seen a guy taking lives
for the same love. You said ‘I love you’
when you had everything But he said ‘I love you’
when you have nothing. Your love is great. Do not think now, move on. Come dear. Come dear. Today is your birthday. Cut the cake. It’s ok dear…
cut the cake. “You are my life” “You are the friend
teaching tears to smile” “You are my world” “You are the friendship
coloring the darkness” “You are the flowery way
at a place not walkable” “You are the lullaby for a life
with no sleep” “You are my life” “You are the friend
teaching tears to smile” “You are my world” “You are the friendship
coloring the darkness” “There are many clouds,
you are the sky” “You are the affection,
how many ever are the tunes” “You are the happiness
among countless relations” “You are the luck among
the countless troubles” “You are the heart and word
of this tired throat” “You are the sacred fort
in the forest like heart” “You are my life” “You are the friends
teaching tears to smile” “You are my world” “You are the friendship
coloring the darkness” “You are my courage,
though there are many Gods” “You are my own,
though there are many heavens” “You are my rays though
there are many lamps” “Though there are many jewelry
You are my jewel on the brow” “You are the first love
in the sweet language” “You are another birth
in the hope of death” “You are my life” “You are the friend
teaching tears to smile” Brother… Tomorrow is the final date for tender. It is like asking, is it needed? Yes, we need it. Tender is the reason
and Pawar is the target. People say roads laid by
Aswit Narayana Varma are beautiful, let’s make them all say his attack
would be so frightening. No stepping back brother,
either we kill or die Sir, Verma’s men
are all over this place. If your coming here…
– He will kill me. From how long are they planning? It’s been around half an hour sir My planning started six days ago. Anyone coming or leaving
should cross that bunker, right? Look there. Look at the reception once. Look up once. Understood right? Be prepared. Enough. Ok sir. Come sir, welcome Good morning, sir. You will reach heights. Mr Subramanyam.
– Sir. Switch on the Ac in the room.
We three need to discuss. Who killed your brother
in Hamsaladeevi? – Him. What did you do?
– You challenged not to leave him, What happened? Who took away your daughter-in-law,
whom you said as your prestige? It’s him. What did you do? You shot yourself
and promised to kill him, Have you killed? Your power and his prestige
is in his house. Who said to kick if you look that way
is being left aside Why are you both trying
to kill each other? I don’t understand at all. It is not the tender
you should get by killing. It is that girl you should bring
even by killing. Bring her… Then decide who you want. Hoping that you will listen to me,
and do this. I’m leaving. Mr Subramanyam
– Sir. Did we pour the petrol
or did we settle? Oh no, it is Petrol sir.
– Yes, petrol! They beat up my son?
I will not leave till they die. I will not be at mental peace
till I put a garland on their dead bodies. Let’s go… we are getting late. Hey, don’t say anything to daughter-in-law,
I will beat you. What baby, you didn’t put sugar in this. I put honey. That’s enough. Sir. Come sir. Why are you like that? If everything goes the same forever,
it is not life. It’s life only when
such things happen. I could not understand
my daughter’s love. I could not understand
greatness of your son And the kindness of your family. Entire family has stood on their life
when a trouble has come for a girl, Please forgive me sir. Come on sir, not just life
but we will give anything for her Dad… Manasa has conceived. Thank you dear.
– Congrats sister. See sir, good time started
when your daughter stepped in this house. We will be happy forever. Uncle, call our employees today. Give them all bonus,
arrange for alcohol and a feast. Ok.
– Celebration of our house. Should become a celebration
of every house. – Ok. Baby, you should not object
for today. No chance and you are accepting it. Enjoy! “A for Apple, B for Bujjilu” “C for cilakalu (girls), D for Dimple” “So many such names from A to Z
They gave many names to my body” “Hi messages and Thai massages” “Great people come
with hearts leaking” “So many fees for the fuse
breaking beauty” “They give diamond bangles
even when I refuse” “Whose ever is the phone,
they have my photo” “I make a relation with
guys of any age” “Account of my beauty
cannot be solved” “There is bamboo chicken
and jumbo beauty” “Who is Rambo from you” “Here is beauty bomb,
There is item song,” Who is my combo from you? “Hey, saying as sweet of Rajahmundry” “Saying sweet of Kakinada
and like a rose” “There are so many
pet names for my lips” “They say I am of zero size” “Saying as golden bangle” “Slimmer than trumpet
and like a jasmine” “There so many nick
names for my waist” “Your man is harder than
the hot pan, my dear” “Your names are sweeter
than the Mango jelly” “There is bamboo chicken and jumbo beauty
Who is Rambo from you” “Here is beauty bomb
There is item song,” “Who is my combo from you?” “My little cheeks are like balloons” “I am a walking beauty saloon” “The place I stand is accident zone
for the youngsters” “There are so many poetries
as such over me” “My beauty is water melon,
A field of shy in my cheek” “any questions saying
who the farmer is to plough” “You blew the glamour grenade
in our hearts” “You gave beauty patent
in writing to us” “There is bamboo chicken
and jumbo beauty” “Who is Rambo from you?” “Here is beauty bomb,
There is item song,” “Who is my combo from you?” Come dear…
– No. Come on dear.
– Oh no uncle… Chakravarthy!! Father-in-law.
– Uncle… Father-in-law. Wait. wait.
move that side. You should not come inside. Let’s go dear. Gagan, something happened to dad
it seems, where? He is being operated.
– Operation? This is my hospital
and I should do the surgery. Who is operating without me? Hey… who is that? Go that side. Wait dear… wait.
Don’t go dear. There is something wrong.
Don’t go. Father! Hey… hey… Sorry please. Hey, what is this? What man?
what is this nuisance? Sorry. Hey Gagan, Father. Hey, get up… Hey, father… It’s dad… hold for a minute…
hold for a minute… Gagan. Hey! You said you would kill, If we look at him. I shot and made them sleep in between
the dead bodies in the mortuary. You think it is over, not yet. Not tears from the eyes,
but blood should come rascal. Move. They took away the girl. Father. Father! When asked to send your daughter
my home as daughter-in-law And said prestige grows ten times, you sent the girl tasted
by another guy to my house. When I kept the same guy
to my house myself, Even after knowing that
he came to take her, Do you make me a broker by hiding it
and drag my prestige to roads? The prestige I saved by killing my daughter
is ruined by you as daughter-in-law. What shall we do? Kill me and my dad, But please leave that family alone. You talk about those
taking away my prestige, rascal Brother… don’t do it. His is revenge,
yours is prestige Theirs is love. Do not touch it, brother. Hey Pawar, I didn’t agree for you to even see her
as she was my daughter-in-law till now. The day she held his hand,
she is became character less woman. I am giving you the chance now. Kill her! Sir, don’t do it. Please don’t kill my daughter…
please sir. No brother, it’s bad for you. Kill her. Don’t kill her sir… please. It’s bad for you, brother. Kill her! Don’t do it brother…
listen to me. Kill him! You said we should not see
tears in her eyes, father But they made her cry. See now! What? What did you say? What did you say?
To love is to spittle? Every time we get problem in life,
we do not let go life But we let go love.
I won’t leave… Because I love her. I loved her like how I loved
my dad, my mom, my brother. Like how I wish for the good of my dad,
mom and brother wherever they are, I wish the same even for her. Because I love her. But she is not good
and thus I came. I will not leave even if I die,
come on touch her. You try touching first. Come on, come on,
come on Come on, come on,
come on. Hey, love is not
your liquor in the bottle But the power in my heart beat. Love isn’t like alcohol that
you can be sober by morning. It’s the blood that stays
in every nerve after it starts. If I can’t save the girl I love,
it is like I have no right to live. Try touching me. Hey… Prestige takes life
and love gives life. Which is great? The breathe you are taking,
the luxury you enjoy, The pride you talk with
and the prestige you die for For my love…
this is your alms. Which one is great? To kill a girl, you joined hands
with the enemy. It’s dead right there
and where do you have it now? Come on… Uncle. Uncle..
– Nothing dear, Brother! Leave out everything dear. Look, everyone came for you. Are you hurt?
Nothing happened to you, right? Dear, which name shall we
put on the cards Sweety? Which name dear? Janaki.
– Janaki!

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