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  1. This is the most entertaining film of the 90s! No wonder it was India's selection for the Oscars. Aishwarya is just too cute!

  2. @Avian98X Well, that was an opinion. And the fact that it was the highest grossing South Indian film of the 90s explains how popular it was with people. And did I mention "entertaining"? Yes I did. Because it is an amazing entertainer. If you ask me the best film of the 90s, I'd say "Iruvar." But when it comes to commercial cinema, "Jeans" takes the cake. 🙂

  3. I dont want the movie with spanish subtitles but at least english subtitles
    its terrible I cant understand a bit of it ….. I want to know WTF are they saying …
    Its official: IM MAD ¬_¬

  4. Haha Ash is cute?bla bla bla..did you ever seen her makeup less.God cant bare that.According to me Kareena Kapoor Rockzzzzzzzzzzz.

  5. Wat a movie,i like dis mve a lot,prasanth & aish acting was gud ,great direction by shankar , a great person behind d mve is ar rehman,his music rockzzzzz……

  6. oh gosh i thought it was in hindi language.. no english subtitles :(((((((((((((( hu hu hu hu :((((

  7. This sucks! I watched the whole thing but the English subtitles were way off and I didn't understand what they were saying more than half the time!

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