Jennifer Lopez Announces Rom-Com with Jimmy Fallon, Owen Wilson and Maluma

-You’re one of
the hardest-working people, as I said earlier. Have you
had a break since Sunday? -Yeah, Monday and Tuesday.
-Yeah, right. Walk me through this.
You finish your thing. You hug Shakira. And then —
And then, what happens? You go off-stage,
and what happens? -We go off-stage, and we’re
like, “Yes, it’s over!” -Yeah.
-It was so — I don’t know. There was so much expectation
on it and so much buildup. -Do you check Twitter?
What do you do? Do you go on Instagram?
-No, no. We all went — We all like — First of all,
I’m looking for the — I’m looking for Emme. I’m looking for Alex,
who I knew was out there. And the girls, Natasha, Ella,
I’m looking for them ’cause I knew
they were down there. And I see them, and we all
start running off together. -On the field?
-On the field. They were in the audience.
-Oh! Oh, my gosh. This scene will be in the movie,
by the way. -We start running off together. We go to the trailer,
and everybody just starts, you know, celebrating,
screaming, yelling. -Oh, gosh. -You know, tears, the whole
thing. We were just so happy that it came out
exactly how we had planned and everything went well. -You’ve got to get a break soon,
because — -I do. I want one. I’m gonna take one, I think. -You have to.
-Yeah. I think it’s my time.
My time has come. -Can we talk about what we did? -Yes.
-We can? -Yes. We’re in a movie together. [ Cheers and applause ] -I play the love interest,
and — No.
[ Laughter ] -You play Jimmy Fallon. -I play me. Did I make the cut? -Yes.
-I’m not cut out of the movie? -No, you’re not
cut out of the movie, baby. You know I wouldn’t
let that happen. -Yeah, it might happen.
No, it might. It’s alright. You’re allowed to.
-No, no, no, no, no, no, no. -You sure?
It’s called “Marry Me.” -It’s called “Marry Me.”
-“Marry Me,” and oh, my gosh. -It’s about —
It’s about a pop star who winds up
marrying a random fan from the audience
at one of her concerts. -She’s onstage, picks someone
out of the audience, and marries that person. -Yes. Yes. She marries
a math teacher in the audience. The math teacher
is played by Owen Wilson. -Great director.
-Yes. -Oh, yeah. Owen Wilson is great. -He’s great.
He is great in this. -But her other co-star
is Maluma. -Maluma, exactly. -Whoo!
-Who is — Yeah. -He’s my boyfriend.
-Yeah-huh. But then he’s your husband,
yeah. That’s awesome. Kat Coiro is the director. -Yes, she is.
-Who is awesome. And the production designer,
by the way, is legendary Jane Musky. -Yes.
-And she is legendary. So I was so psyched
to even just meet her. -I know, she is…
-I was freaking out. -…amazing, amazing.
-She’s done every cool movie. -And, you know, they just, like, putting the first cut together,
you know? And I did an album
with this movie. So there’s a whole — all new
songs and all new music with it. So it’s exciting.
-Oh, really? -Yeah, yeah, it’s exciting. -You did?
-Yes. -I didn’t know
you did a full album. -Yeah.
-I didn’t know — I have like six to eight — I think like eight songs,
six or eight songs, and Maluma does
two or three, yeah. -Is there a tour
that goes with this? -Maybe? The “Marry Me” tour? -Yeah.
-You know what? I could do that.
But not this year. Not this year.
[ Laughter ] -But maybe —
-Not this year. -You have to tour
if there’s new music. I don’t know if you remember
telling me this, ’cause you and Maluma
shot a scene — You just had did the song,
and you were like, “Jimmy, it’s —
I couldn’t stop — In rehearsing,
I couldn’t stop crying. It’s the most beautiful song.” -Yeah, I love this song. Yeah.
-It’s a beautiful song. -He and I did a duet
that we do up-tempo, and in the movie,
we do it as a ballad. And it’s a great song, yeah. I can’t wait
for everybody to hear it. -But you do actually
have brand-new music that’s out officially today. -Oh, yes. I did a remix with
the Black Eyed Peas and Balvin who was in the Super Bowl
halftime show with me. -J Balvin.
-J Balvin. -“Ritmo.” -“Ritmo,” yeah.
-“Ritmo”? -I believe it’s for
the “Bad Boys” soundtrack. -“Ritmo.”
-And they did it. And then they were like,
“Let’s do a remix to it.” And they put
me and Balvin’s on it. -♪ This is the rhythm,
this is the rhythm ♪ ♪ This is the rhythm ♪
-♪ The rhythm of the night ♪ ♪ The night ♪ ♪ Oh, yeah ♪
[ Cheers and applause ] -It’s so good. Here’s a sneak peek
of “Ritmo (Remix)” from the Black Eyed Peas, J Balvin, and Jennifer Lopez.
-Please let it be — -Take a look at this. -♪ This is the rhythm, rhythm,
rhythm, rhythm, rhythm, rhythm ♪ ♪ This is the rhythm,
rhythm, rhythm, rhythm ♪ ♪ Rhythm of the night ♪ -♪ Tonight is gonna be bueno ♪
-♪ The night ♪ -♪ I’m talking no problemo ♪
-♪ Oh, yeah ♪ -♪ We party
to the extremo, baby ♪ -♪ This is the rhythm
of the night ♪ -♪ Baby, tonight’s like fuego ♪
-♪ The night ♪ -♪ We ’bout to spend
the dinero ♪ -♪ Oh, yeah ♪ -Come on. That’s how you do it
right there! “Ritmo!”
[ Cheers and applause ] Jennifer Lopez, everybody!

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  1. You’d think she discovered the cure to a major disease you know like cancer… she jumped around in her stripper clothes and promoted the destruction of our borders🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️👎👎👎👎👎

  2. Jennifer Lopez just gets better and better as she don't age. Just beautiful! I simply have to say. I Loved this year's Halftime Superbowl. Great job! Well Done.

  3. Jennifer Lopez mamacita you need a break. that's too much work in such little time. You look great strong ,beautiful ,young and sexy and hot .

  4. Why are people putting them against eachother when both of them enjoyed it. This interview is about jlo obviously, her point of view. Nothing against Shakira… plus if people start comparing level of success it just makes the whole thing unenjoyable. Both of them have amazing careers and both have countless awards. Honestly for those who are comparing and annoying stfu and enjoy the halftime show.

  5. Con razón la fama de llorones de los colombianos 🇨🇴 ya vienen aquí a llorar por que no pelaron a Shakira en la entrevista si quieren oír de Shakira vayan a caracol tv pero no vengan aquí a llorar 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

  6. hey jimmy wer is SHAKIRA
    as far as everyone knows
    it was jlo and SHAKIRA who performed
    is this favoritism?
    and why shes NOT HERE??
    they never even talk SHAKIRA's performance i mean like performing with her or something. ✌
    i don't mean anything thing but i was expecting the two of them on this show. ✌✌✌

  7. HOW TF Does she do all of this.. I know she has a team, but hello…. here, I am having to plan ahead when I need to just like bake a cake or something LOL

  8. This bitch and angela bassett found the fountain of youth and im like GIVE ME A DROP! y'all are drop dead gorgeous. Goals for real.

  9. These artists have their agenda about what they want to pursue. Their collaboration dont make then a day to day partners and talk about each other everywhere they go. Let go of Shakira when JLo speaks, let go off JLo when Shakira speaks. Same as Shakira, she is private about interviews, respect that too. She is not in each talk show, it is her decision. I bet behind close doors these people are besties and not talking about each other, is called boundaries and respect. I do admire both of them and how they handle themselves. Let these artists be, at the end they are the successful ones, apparently what they do work.

  10. For all the people saying she is gorgeous, everyone would look like this at 50 if they used botox and had hundreds of surgeries.

  11. Before you take a long break JLO I want a Monster In Law 2. I can imagine you battling Jane Fonda over your kids attention and love.

  12. Y como se llama la canción que cantará junto a Maluma? Será #Recordandote ? 🤔 La canción que @leonitorres #LeoniTorres ha compuesto para ellos ?

  13. So the other video when they talked about the super bowl you said “when there’s an artist being interviewed they talk about themselves”
    “Its jlo’s interview she doesn’t have to mention others”>>when it was about shakira. but there you have another clip and she mentioned another artist so what you think now?:)) lol

  14. i understand that she wants a break but am i the only one who misses a whole jlo ALBUM? like a solid album not just singles

  15. Owen Wilson has a baby girl and doesn’t acknowledge her he didn’t want nothing to do with her. So sad, but besides that love jlo and jimmy and maluma!

  16. People asking for #Shakira if you are true fans u would know she is working/relaxing in Spain with her family,., she does not have time for USA television she did prior to supper bowl.

  17. Aaa Jimmy gerl always hugs mornins see hugs after work day go home hugs) ME to hug buagag oo nice parfum) Nice tehno song

  18. Is no one talking about Bad Bunny performance??? I have loved him from the beginning🥰

    Plus, Shakira has a better voice than Jlo.

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