Jennifer Lopez Breaks Down Her Entire Super Bowl Halftime Show from Pole to Daughter Duet

-You sang
“Jenny From the Block.” -Yeah, we did “Jenny From
the Block.” We did “I’m Real.” No, we didn’t do “I’m Real.” We did “Ain’t It Funny.”
-Yes, you did. -We did a little bit
of “Love Don’t Cost a Thing.” We did “Get Right,”
“Waiting for Tonight,” yeah. -And then —
-“On the Floor.” -Let’s just — I just want
to know every step of the way, ’cause I loved it. Honestly,
I was with my wife watching, and I saw Shakira, and I’m like,
“Phew, here comes” — And I’m nervous for you,
’cause I feel like — -‘Cause you know me.
-Yeah, man. And I’m like —
I feel like your brother. -You’re like, “Don’t mess it up! -“Come on, sis! Do it!”
you know? I’m like, “Come on.”
But I go, “Nancy,” I go, “Nancy, watch,
’cause this is — Watch –” -It’s worse
when you know the person. I’m telling you,
Alex was literally a zombie. He was like — [ Laughter ] And I’m walking around right
before I go out in that outfit, and I’m like, “You okay?” [ Laughter ]
-He’s the one who’s nervous. -He’s like, “Yeah, nah,
I’m great, I’m great, I’m great. It’s going to be great.” [ Laughing ] And then I see
a video of him that he posted where he’s like, “Baah!”
like, crazy! He was like,
“I had to let it out. I had to let it out.
I was so nervous.” -I know, I was like,
“Oh, ’cause here it comes.” -Yeah, go ahead. I didn’t mean
to interrupt your story. -No, my gosh, no.
This is exactly — This is what we want to hear,
because this happens — I’m so happy to have you here
to talk to you about this. You come out, and I was like, “Oh, she looks stunning,
gorgeous.” Is that the —
-Empire State Building. -Empire State Building, yeah. Like, you’re
on top of the world. -I wanted it to be like
women were on top of the world. We’re on top of the world
right now. [ Cheers and applause ] And I just start on top
of the Empire State Building and do “Jenny From the Block.”
-“Jenny From the Block.” -That’s what I wanted to do.
-Come on. Right? That’s what I’m talking about.
-You know, I’m a New York girl. -Absolutely. That was the best.
I love that. And are you nervous,
like, okay, like, where’s your foot gonna go?
Are you going to slip? Are you holding it?
-No, I’m good. No, I’m good. -Alright, so I was the only one
who was nervous. -See, because, like,
that’s what happens. Like right before you go on,
you’re like, “Okay,” you start getting
in, like, the zone. That’s why I’m, like,
doing all those crazy things and, like, my face is like
dead face and all. Because you have
to stay so calm. -No, but then you get off
of this thing, and I go, “Okay, okay, get off,
okay, don’t fall.” -“She didn’t fall.” Yay.
-‘Cause it’s all live. And then you’re like, “Oh –” You start going crazy.
I go, “Oh my God! Stop. Now, calm down.” And then you know
what you do to me? You do a cartwheel.
You do a cartwheel. I go, what is going
through your mind in this shot right here? -This was towards the end of
the performance where I danced with this Colombian dance group
called Swing Latino, who’s been on — Yes, who are amazing.
[ Cheers and applause ] And they’re
the only ones I trust to do these type of tricks with. But they turned me upside-down,
and I was like — And it was towards the end.
So I was like — -You already had the win.
You already had the win. You don’t need to do this.
-I wanted to do it. -Oh, my gosh.
-It was good. -No way that —
-Yeah, I wanted to do it. That was a good one.
-And then — And then when —
Dude, when you did — When you did your acrobatics
on the pole — -Yeah, that was the pole — That was “Waiting for Tonight.”
-Yep. -Yeah.
-I mean, look at that. That looks — That looks like — It looks like a painting. [ Cheers and applause ] -That was my little — That was
my little nod to “Hustlers.” -That was your little nod
to “Hustlers.” -My little nod to “Hustlers,”
you know? I was like,
“I learned some pole things. Let me see what I can do.
We can put it in there.” And I just felt again like
it was a very powerful move. It was like,
“Look, ma, no hands.” [ Laughter ] -But, man, oh, man,
you did that. You did like 100 things. I’m like, “Oh, my gosh.
Alright, now, good. We’re good. You did great. Just go. Stop.” -Yeah.
-And then you did the slide. -[ Laughs ] I did do the slide.
-The slide, that never-ending slide.
-Which Benny hates. My manager Benny, he’s like,
“Do you have to do the slide?” -Dude, run up
to the camera and, “fsss!” and slide?
-Yeah, yeah, yeah. -And you nailed it perfect. -It was my favorite. -Do we have a clip?
-It’s my favorite to do. -Here’s Jennifer Lopez
during the halftime show doing the slide. Check it out. ♪♪ [ Cheers and applause ] -Like a superhero. -Isn’t that neat? I have done — I used to do that in Vegas
occasionally. And every time I did it,
you know, there was a time
where I did kind of tumble. So Benny was always afraid,
like, I’m going to tumble and, like, roll. And I was like,
“No, no, I got it, I got it.” -“Don’t roll the dice on this,”
and you did, and it paid off. It was perfect.
-I did. It was good. -And then — And then it got — Really a beautiful moment when
your daughter sang with you. Emme came out. [ Cheers and applause ] -I know. -You got me, man.
You totally got me, ’cause I was like,
“Whoo-hoo! Yeah!” And then I’m like, “Aww, boy,”
I’m thinking about my girls. And you got me.
It was a roller coaster. And she’s beautiful. -Oh, my God. She is.
-And sang. Does she get nervous? -You know, no. She has the performance gene, you know, where it doesn’t —
She doesn’t let it in her mind, like, how big it is
or how it scares you. That’s what you have to do
when you’re up there, you know? You kind of have to control —
And she just — She has that gene, you know, the gene of, like,
“I’m comfortable up here.” -Yeah, “I know what I’m doing.”
-She doesn’t — You know, I think she gets
amped. She, like, gets excited. -Yeah.
-But like a cute excited. Like, I wish I felt
more like her, you know? I wish I didn’t realize
all of the ramifications of all the thousands of things
that can go wrong. Which is what makes you nervous.
-Yeah. -But she just —
She has a good time with it. And I would never make her do it if she felt uncomfortable
in any way, you know? -Absolutely.
-So she was — -She nailed it, and
she sang a little line from… -She was excited to do it.
-…”Born in the USA.” -“Born in the USA.”
-And I love that. I was like, “Oh,
that’s a little Bruce line.” -Yeah, Bruce. -Did you ask Bruce
for permission? -I did, I did, I did. And
he called after the Super Bowl, and he was like, “You girls
can really sing and dance.” -Oh, really?
[ Laughter ] He’s like, “I like that!
I like — You came out! That was great! I loved it! That was fantastic!” -He loved, he loved hearing — He said him and his wife, Patty,
loved hearing the song. He’s like, “It just —
It made us — our hearts — our hearts leap with joy,”
and he was really excited. So, that was a great thing. -I want to show. Here’s a clip. Here’s Jennifer Lopez
and her daughter Emme performing at the Super Bowl
halftime show. Look at this. -♪ Come on, people,
let’s get loud ♪ -♪ Let’s get loud ♪ Latinos! -♪ Born in the USA, I was ♪ -♪ Let’s get loud ♪ -♪ Born in the USA ♪
-Ladies! ♪ Let’s get loud ♪ -You can’t stop being legendary!
[ Cheers and Applause ] That was iconic!
-Thank you.

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  1. Thanks to Our President Donald Trump woman are in top of the world, and the half time 90%of dancers and of course my Shakira are Colombians

  2. Jlo plays a lot down and other things up. Her and the empire state building is about her being queen in her mind. But plays it off for all women. So tired of self obsessed celebs its all brain sucking billionaire garbage. The rich getting richer

  3. It’s her interview. He’s asking her about her part. Stop with the implying shadiness for not mentioning Shakira. Why people feel the need to compare women with each other? They both were amazing. Girls need to be more supportive of each not to be put in a freaking competition 🙄. Go to both or they IG they both have pictures of each other.

  4. With everything aside!! Latinos broke a Superbowl record!! Latinos owned that stage that night!!!!!!!! Congrats To Shakira and Bad Bunny and Jlo and J. Balvin and Swing Latino!!!!

  5. She put her child in a cage to "make a statement and attack on the president policies" what she should had done is put dying and starving children standing outside a locked warehouse. along with other victims of the hurricane that the dumbfuck liberal politicians who stored and kept aide sent by the president to attempt to make him look like he didnt care about the people of Puerto Rico. But noooo let's virtue signal Instead. 🤦‍♂️ oh I'm Mexican by the way and jello is a fucking moron.

  6. Kids watch the Super Bowl .. Wake up we don’t need this on tv .. football just don’t care what the kids see .. Have respect for yourself.. You don’t l see .. that was bad bad halftime slow

  7. Because nothing says wahmen empowerment like having a bunch of little girls including your own young daughter do a choir and immediately afterwards have a bunch of half naked women and a stripper pole performing. But yeah go off I guess.

  8. Shakira did amazing and played instruments, danced and sang!! I wished she got some more recognition. I guess JLO is a bigger star you know. JLO did great hats off to her.

  9. I was nervous, too watching from home and I don’t know her personally LOL

    My husband was like “what’s wrong with you?” 😂

  10. I noticed JLo did not give Shakira any praise – no appreciation …. I thought Shakira was a better dancer /shaker. too………

  11. You were amazing Jen! And to think youre 50 just phenomenal. Em deff looks up to you and realizes youre on stage with her which also deff helps 🙂

  12. Jennifer should stop promoting that stupid movie by bringing a pole to the stage. It was just…meh. Shakira is more popular here in Europe – I guess a lot of people know now why.

  13. This is what is turning the US third world society, we have serious social, health, political, etc. Issues And everyone got distracted with a performance from a woman that has done all her life, do you people watch musical videos, soft porn, the only thing left in modern "Artist"

  14. When she says, “I learned some pole things. Let me see what I can do.” It reminded me of when Cardi B does that voice sometimes. Lol

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  17. She really likes talking about herself too much, you don't even see Shakira giving interviews left and right after Superbowl. But props to JLo for singing at least half of her set live while Shakira lipped through the majority of hers.

  18. Swing latino was born in my city… simplemente gracias JLo por permitir que bailarines muy pobres tuvieran la oportunidad de vivir y brillar una vida diferente a la violencia y la pobreza

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  20. This interview is about JENNIFER!!!! STOP saying it’s rude not to mention Shakira THEY WERE BOTH GREAT. they wanted to know JENNIFER’S side of the performance. if YOU want to know about Shakira go watch HER interviews. Stop being so childish. Grow tf up.

  21. Yeah, nah, that performance did not help women in the slightest. We are trying to convince people that we are more than our bodies, I thought. Because.. we are. True skill is being able to get up on stage and be fully clothed, not needing to swing around some pole. I'm sure Jennifer is talented, so great, be confident in your talent. This performance is not empowering, it is disempowering.

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    Does anyone still enjoy here music?

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    We all get older we don't all get grown 🤷🏻‍♂️

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    I watched this whole video waiting to see some cellulite.

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  34. Look. All I’m saying is I’m not one of those feminists I want to lay in bed and be treated like a princess. None of that “all genders are equal” shit idk why I’m saying this here but I am

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