Jennifer Lopez Gets Emotional Reflecting on Her Super Bowl Halftime Show

[ Cheers and applause ] -[ Laughs ] -Please don’t make me cry.
Please. -No.
-Oh, my gosh. -Thank you so much.
-We love you! -I love you!
-We — yeah, we love you! [ Cheers and applause ] -Oh, my God.
-Oh, gosh. I’m so happy for you.
Oh, my gosh. -Oh, my God, I can’t.
-You’re getting emotional. -I am getting emotional.
[ Cheers and applause ] -Yeah — we love you.
You hit a homer, buddy. -Thank you.
-You hit a homer. -Thank you.
-Here, I’ll give you a tissue if you need one.
[ Laughter ] -Thank you. -Well, you have to walk me
through everything. But first, what a great
halftime show. -Thank you.
-That was unbelievable. [ Cheers and applause ] 100 —
-Thank you. -100 million people
watched — oh, no, 110 million people watched
it on TV. Your halftime show alone has
gotten over 100 million on YouTube in less than a week.
-Thank you. -I mean, it’s obviously —
[ Cheers and applause ] When I say that you knocked
it out of the park, I mean you hit a home run.
It’s unbelievable. And I know you. How much did you rehearse
for this? -I got emotional because
we did, we worked so hard. [ Light laughter ] We started rehearsing
in November for my set. And, you know,
it was just every single day, every single day for the —
it’s a short amount of time, you know what I mean? But —
-Yeah. So much goes into that
moment. And it’s hundreds of people. They put that stage together
in seven minutes. And then you get on it
and then you rock. And it’s just — it’s crazy.
It is such a big deal. And — -I mean, like walk me
through this. -I’m just glad everybody
liked it. [ Cheers and applause ]
-We beyond liked it. We beyond liked it. -That’s why I got emotional,
yeah. -It’s a score.
You should take the victory lap. You should own this
’cause you scored. So walk me through.
You wake up, Sunday morning, Miami.
-Ugh! -Yeah.
-You’re like, “it’s here!” -I know, and you’re like —
so you wake up — -I wake up, I went to work out.
-Okay. -Because I feel like that
always helps my mind get right. You know what I mean?
It calms me down. -Do you eat breakfast
before you work out? -Yes, I eat breakfast and —
-Okay, now do you get superstitious like
what you’re gonna eat? -I was on a diet the whole time.
-Yeah, right. -You know, just trying to be
in my best shape ever. -And healthy, yeah.
-And healthy and feel good. And then I went to work out,
and then I went back home and then I called
my choreographer. I was like, “Come over.
We’re going to go over everything
just a couple more times. Just a couple —
just me and you. Like, none of the dancers,
nobody. Just me and you.”
She’s like, “Okay, I’ll be there
in 20 minutes.” You know, and she came over.
We went into my garage. We went over it
a few more times. We just like dialed in,
you know, couple of moments. -Oh, gosh.
-And then I started getting ready to head over
to the park. And we got there early.
We get there early. They ask you to be there
really early because of all the traffic, obviously. Super Bowl weekend in Miami was,
you know, insane. -Yeah, so —
-And so we get there, and then we basically wait
for the show. -So you’re in the
stadium just waiting? -Yeah, around 4:00.
-Wow. -And we went on, I guess around
8:00-ish, you know. So — -Now are you just
nervous the whole day? -You know, I kept praying. I was like, “God, just help me,
you know, embrace this moment, be in the moment and just do
my best and to feel good.” I didn’t want to miss it by
being too nervous or being, you know, too anxious
or anything. I just wanted —
I wanted to feel good. It was a once in-a-lifetime
kind of experience. The type of thing, as an artist
that you always dream of doing. And so I just wanted
to feel good. And so I just tried to stay,
like, really present. And it was good, it was good. -Is it a dream for you
to do the Super Bowl? -It was.
-It was? -It was.
-Do you remember the first one you saw? -You know, I remember seeing
Prince… -Yeah.
-You know, kill it in the rain. Sing “Purple Rain” in the rain. -The rain was purple.
The rain was purple, yeah. -It actually rained for him. -That was insane that
it actually did. -You know what I mean?
-He was — yeah. -You know, there’s so many.
I remember, like, going back when I got the Super Bowl
and watching Diana Ross’s. I watched Madonna’s, I watched,
you know, Aerosmith. I watched so many. I watched Bruno’s
and Beyoncé’s and Gaga. I just watched everything.
-That’s wild. -And for a few years,
you know, they were talking to me about doing it,
and then, finally this year it was just like, “Okay.”
-Yeah, you’re gonna do it. -“You’re gonna do it.”
-There’s a video that’s already viral online. I think it has like, over,
like, over 5 million hits. -Uh-oh.
Which one is it? -Of just you right before
you’re about to go on. And you’re just like —
[ Heavy breathing ] And like, you’re just like,
“Yeah.” It is the most — it’s like,
“Wanna see confidence?” [ Laughter and applause ] I wanna watch.
I wanna see. -I want to see which part
you have. -Here’s Jennifer right before
she went on stage. -Take a look at this. [ Cheers and applause ]
♪♪ -Yeah, I mean, come on!
[ Cheers and applause ] ♪♪
-I mean — -You know — -Come on.
-You know you have to go over your first move in
your head. You’re like, okay is it —
got it, got it, got it. [ Laughter ] I’m ready to go.
I’m ready to go. -And I will say, by the way,
everyone was like, “She is perfection.”
-Thank you. -You looked gorgeous
and you were just awesome. [ Cheers and applause ]
Every move, precise and cool. How do you — I know —
I love all your hit songs. But there’s so many songs.
How do you choose what order or what songs
you’re gonna do? Because there’s not
that much time. -It wasn’t a lot of time,
and obviously me and Shakira had to split the time. So, usually it’s one artist
that does it. So it was — it was tough.
It was tough. You know, I think when I first
did my first set it was like 20 minutes,
and I had like six. -Yeah, like, “Hey, Jennifer,
a little problem.” -“Okay, I’m gonna
have to cut this down. This is not going to work.” -“Shakira, just come out
and wave and leave. I gotta do my set.”

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  1. It makes me sad sometimes when people are so hateful and mean when it comes to JLO. She's a minority, and SHE'S KILLING IT. What she's done is so worthy respect. So worthy. I loved how her and Shakira made it known that there is nothing but love and respect there for each other! No need to compete or compare. Keep shinning queens! 🙌🏾💙

  2. Shakira did the Most beautiful cultural dance and more beautiful dance and song what's with them not bringing that up? Is she that jealous? But I guess she always steals everyone's glory

  3. Umm the show was trash, shakira had a better performance but honestly it doesn't take much to beat jlo performance….. was like the husk of a corn decided to put on make up and strap the boots on one last time before the sun dries her up completely 😂

  4. Watching this clip it sounds like she was responsible for 100% of the show, when it was half of it. It is a rare omission of Shakira.

  5. From demonic adult material show to an emotional near 😢 tears gal next door. No .Everything about that halftime performance was demonic. Can't whitewash this off dude.

  6. Oh yes, only JLo, and Shakira? What's up, dude? She is also increible and JLo didn't say anything about Shakira, soo bad, but Jennifer Aldo was increible but Shakira too.

  7. All those millions views are Shakiras fans. Go to Shakira's YouTube channel & go to Jlo's YouTube channel. You'll see who's the biggest one.

  8. As the NFL just RAKES in billions, they don't pay their performers and they barely pay their athletes in comparison to the money the corporation gets to pocket.

  9. I think shikera atleast kept it a little lady like and respectful to all the familys and kids. Jlo had no respect my opion. No thank you.

  10. All we got was the further sexualization and degradation of the Latino women after we had fought for decades against machismo. And it was done by Latino women. Go figure. Last year Lady Gaga did a great show, and she didnt whip her ass in front of the camera along with her crotch and the kotex pad she was wearing. As a latino woman who has endured this sexualization personally, Im sick of it. A pole, really, did it really have to go to the gutter!!!!

  11. Give credit to Shakira too, I like both of them, watched JLo last year here at Chicago but just my opinion Sharika has a better singing voice than JLo….😊

  12. Why aren't people letting her bask in this? Yes, Shakira was the other half of the show. Does recognizing Jennifer somehow deny Shakira her credit?

  13. The comments keep saying "shakira needs to get recognized" trust me she will Jennifer is not the only one even tho her part was more better… No offense!

  14. Jlo should thank Shakira. Without shakira, jlo would’ve looked so stupid and trying too hard to be sexy what an insecure auntie . It would’ve been so average without shakira. Also shakira doesn’t need to go on interviews to talk about her own performances cos shakira has done it for World Cup. I’ve always hated how egoistic jlo is . Calm down auntie

  15. I feel like I’m a friend! I’ve literally watched her from in livin color until now, I’m so proud of her!! She’s a friend in my head.

  16. I believe that the NFL announced both ladies will host the halftime show at the same time it wasn't just oh just jlo it was both

  17. Poor j.lo she got emotional also bc of all the harassment jay z did in order for her and shakira not to do a political statement. Thank u jlo for standing strong for us.

  18. Jimmy is so good at fawning. And dancing. And goofing. And repping basic celeb cred. He’s very talented. His interviewing is his bottom 50.

  19. First of all ! Give shakira the damn credit !!! WTF! Second of all , stop interrupting your guest when they speak . I’m legit going to stop watching this show anymore .

  20. let me point out that we dont have to hear anything about Shakira this is her interview..go watch Shakira interview and be happy with that..grow up fans of shakira

  21. And why the hell you didn't invite Shakira too JIM? Excuse me OR NOT, but J-LO seems to be taking all the credit, Shakira played the drums and the guitar ,speaks 5 languages PERFECTLY……………..okkkkk Jimmy

  22. this is jlo’s interview, she is talking about HER experience on that stage. why do you immediately assume she is trying to remove shakira from the narrative?? let her have her moment and stop pitting these incredibly talented women against each other

  23. I never comment on Youtube videos, but all I see are comments about how he need to acknowledge Shakira, but come on, what is wrong with people? I'm Colombian, I fucking love Shakira, she was amazing, but this is JLo's interview, she was fucking awesome and amazing too, let it be about her, let her shine, let her tell the world how excited she was, how hard she worked. STOP finding the negative in everything!

  24. Jo-L is a good singer she should stick to singing. What is so talented about doing few spins and splits on a pole. While her dancers were holding her up most of time. Lmao

  25. Yes, Jennifer says she is so emotional because she dances like a stripper on a pole. Letting little kids see her like that and she's getting married for the 4th time. Genius

  26. For those of you wondering where's Shakira, I'm pretty sure she's heading back to Spain to get a well deserved rest with her family. Her husband Pique plays professional soccer in Spain. Both were truly amazing for that performance!

  27. I’m in my 20s and I’m not nearly as fit or flexible or energetic as her honestly.
    I’m just constantly tired & my back hurts


  29. I LOVE Jennifer, but they need to give Shakira credit also! She is honestly more iconic and not to mention talented in MANY things! Heck she can probably pole dance to she just doesn’t put it out there lol.

  30. All this BS talk about where is Shakira! You’ll probably see more of her on Spanish language tv than the US networks. Perhaps she’s returned to Spain where she lives part time thereby not available for interviews in the US?

  31. It's clear that if Shakira wasn't doing the show it wouldn't be so successful.
    Humble people like shakira doesn't need recognition from none or whatsoever

  32. Seriously? … Yeah, I'm sure gods biggest concern was that JLO enjoy her performance… Smh. 😂😂😂 come on people. Of all the things. Hasn't she done such things multiple times already? It was a good show but this conversation seemed unnecessary.

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