Jimmy Neutron: Jet Fusion All Cutscenes | Full Game Movie (PS2, Gamecube)

Jimmy Neutron: Jet Fusion All Cutscenes | Full Game Movie (PS2, Gamecube)

I’ll show him the world will be come oh
yes it will be useless machine it will be mine I’m not even Newtown can stop I’m not going to let you fall Oh with
the Eagle cry Roger what on earth are you doing I did man Eagle man hey George
you were beautiful dead baby beautiful George just a moment I gotta just check
that you can get back here you can’t go you’ll never work in this town again no
try change me back sure I still need to tweak it a little
bit ah thank you for that Jimmy remember everyone after recess your book reports
are due oh and Jimmy please go see coach Leary in the gym he wants to talk to you
about last week’s episode that they are queer real but how was I supposed to
know the turtle by molecular polarity was neutrally charged from Julio’s own
stock coral and llama now Jimmy just go and see him oh and leave that
contraption of yours with me there is a good boy
oh dear my coach levy ah Jimmy you startled me
sorry uh miss Bell said you wanted to see me yes Jimmy you see I’m a bit I was
well last week at the aquarium yes yes the aquarium right what happened there
was the turtle yes and it grew inside yes
size of a small car I believe but sure it’s like I said now now Jimmy we’re
well beyond excuses did make for a fun day though didn’t haha yes sir now I
don’t really want to punish you so why don’t you just have a run around here
for a bit get some of that excess energy out hmm
sure go sweetie all right Goddard it’s time for me to do
my book report I’m going to create a virtual world reproduction machine so I
can show my jet fusion book to the class as a holographic roadie everything I
need should be in the classrooms of the school
let’s go Goddard the false light ray the primary fire button shoots a beam of
light so secondary fire button creates a glob of light and affects an area to use
the next tool button to change tool hmm I need something to protect myself
oh no the Goddard shield I think I left it in the science room initializing diagnostic mode Goddard
shield upgrade installing please wait installation complete correct the
Goddard shield will protect me from harm press and hold the Goddard shield button
to activate it the virtual world reproduction machine
brings the story straight from a book to a cinema near you hmm hi miss Val but
that’s what they said so anyway this ultra shot at King to
fight against with his super uber flipper shooter and he got that away and
it’s out of his throat and ultimate I’ve had away at the revamp and it found it
around the room going clap-clap-clap chain and then he won the end
Thank You Shane nice going ultra dork would you like to go next to me
sure is mouth so what books did you read Jimmy no I made this invention which in
a way read it for you I was embarrassed why ring well just wait till you see
this in action miss fowl I give you jet fusion in the land of
confusion Roger life by the virtual world
reproduction machine first this ingenious invention transforms the
questions which canoodle quite general projector three-dimensional light image
using the character database that was created this brings right to the work
all your warriors 15 to 19 hands wide screen with this invention call are the
games of waiting for movie adaptations important gone are the days of reading
go on is your invention nerd Tron Wow it’s worse than I thought the whole
world have gone topsy-turvy the virtual world containment field must have failed
then the book was projected outwards instead of being kept safely in the
confined field well Goddard I really don’t at this time hello is
anyone out there yes can’t you hear who are you kid what
are you doing on this frequency I’m Jimmy Neutron sir
well Jimmy no one else has responded so I’m gonna need your help jet fusion need
my help yes Jenny professor calamitous has captured me
professor calamitous yes I was just about to capture him when this strange
energy force rippled around me I blacked out and when I woke up I was locked in
here ah some sort of energy force you say I don’t know exactly where I am but
I’m in some sort of totally metal room and I don’t feel right I feel lighter
somehow anyway what’s worse than my capture is that the world seems to be
twisted it has elements of things I’ve already done but things are hazy I I
can’t think straight I’m uploading a rough map of the area I think I might be
into your comm device there are items spread around that you can use to rescue
me they should show up on your radar as well right
anything else I’ll contact you when I can let you know what should be ahead
that’s all for now Jimmy I know you can do it be careful I’m counting on you
come on boy we’ve got a rescue jet fusion hi I’m Jimmy Neutron
you dare to approach me little man I am the three-time all-star sumo champion
and you dare to approach from me now we must wrestle again
it it cannot be nobody has ever defeated me before here have my all-star sumo
champion kimono I am not worthy hmm this could be useful right I understand its
power now let me know if you wish to wrestle again you will not win a second
time hey buddy wanna race what you are going
to attack me no way buddy I just feel the need the need like that you can’t
beat me around this track I bet I can Goddard Kart after all no my wheel
useless piece of junk hmm that engine could be exactly what I need
take it I sure can’t use it anymore great not that night see no sweat Jimmy great work
this is the ultra ninja Lord secret compound
he’s one of calamitous attention I’ve uploaded a map of the area into your
comm now be careful the ultra ninja Lord has guards patrolling everywhere you’ll
need to find a way into the temple to retrieve the idol good luck through this
door won’t open Goddard options three options one create
an invention to jump over the door now too much effort
next to give Goddard a treat Goddard is a good dog fired three looking nearby
buildings for opening mechanism that’s it God and yet wow look at all these
mirrors I bet they’re meant to reflect light into that photovoltaic cell boy I
should be able to turn the mirrors with my magnetic Turner I wonder what it does
though so you have come to get the idol have
you processor calamitous warned me about you
you shall not stop him so says ultra Ninja Lord keep that is no key
there is only ultra Ninja Lord well daughter we made it up here and got
past chain I mean the ultra ninja Lord but there’s no sign of calamitous and
look the ultra Ninja Lord idols ah too slow mr. Newton the ultra Ninja Lord
Idol is with the idols power I will Jimmy you’ve got one Idol but they’re
two more to go I’ll contact you watch your car let’s go Goddard
we’ve got more idols to find here boy Jimmy listen up there’s not much time I
figured out what the idols are all three are actually links to the real world
they seem to be in places where I’ve saved the world before in my book make
your way up to the volcano there’s a path through the jungle that will take
you there unfortunately it stops right in a
cannibal village keep an eye out they look kind of hungry and might want to
snack look boy I sure could use that orb let’s go get it’s a drop oh here you go
boy gauger river raft upgrade installing update complete right now I just have to
ply your River to you is it on hello big heavy to one I am a decayed
keeper so get to the gate you must beat me in our race through the swamp hey boy
this looks like a great place to try your latest feature gutters where we
left you haven’t beaten me fair and square
take these they may help you the way before you is now opened I leave you in
peace Thanks clever boy oh I am like the look
of a scattered thing here is Enoch not a fool
Vicki evening really come on boy we’ve got to do something to protect the
village before we’re all ash I think we lost them don’t worry boy it
doesn’t look like this part of the volcano has been active in hundreds of
years I could be wrong maybe we should find another Jimmy inside calamitous top
volcano goddess of fire I titled come on boy we’ve got to keep going we have to
stop calamitous ha ha what is it voice jeepers what’s that doing down there
it could be useful but I don’t think that I can get to it
no God looks like I’ll have to keep those llama dragons at bay
well done Goddard you want an aluminium drink here you go boy looks like I need
something to fit on this pedestal power big door I know the old trend and your
idol you’re a good boy see no sweat
oh come on boy yeah I don’t care before now I’ve got a bad feeling about this
Goddard hello Jimmy now what reason could you have for being here wouldn’t
react for my idle would you prepare yourself this one is mine Neutron migrate machine
will I will be able to but now I’m asking well done Jimmy you’ve got the
second Idol just one more to go and maybe we can fix this whole mess you
have to make your way to the resting place of the third Idol it’s in a
submersed laboratory off the coast that’s all got a jet Khan Goddard let’s
get that last Idol Jimmy are you there calamitous is going crazy some more
crazy this machine won’t work without the idol and he’s not too happy about
you trying to stop him watch yourself Jimmy it could get hairy if memory
serves me correctly there’s an undersea lab somewhere near here that’s where the
idol will be there should be a submarine somewhere nearby that’ll get you there
get the idol before calamitous Jimmy it’s our only hope
Earth’s not fair army pet birds have escaped please we
won can you help me get them back sure gotta set your radar to bird we’re
going parrot hunting you didn’t touch that you caught all me Birds box how can
I ever repay ya here take this it’s not much but it’s all I have ah thanks I
think look at that point it’s a catalytic
fusion converter that could be really useful it should come off if I just
fucker so this doesn’t look good
we’ll have to use this water cannon to hold them off we sure took those pirates
a thing or two Goddard and now we can get that catalytic fusion converter I got it what is it boy a life preserver
that could come in handy and I have an idea how we can get it let’s do it I did
it come on boys we’re going under to see
hey captain Mauri to be underwater again goddard
course this submarine is nothing compared to my neutron sub Jimmy is Jeff
there isn’t much time left Kalama has just left here he’s heading
for the undersea laboratory before he went he told me of his evil scheme and
it looks like he made a deal with the Queen quick Jim get that Idol
Roger jet I’m going me hey Carter look at that that could come
in handy let’s get it boy whoo that was close Connors we were nearly fish food
let’s go the power of joy I open this door
alright boys let’s get going my home waters look at that oh by the table
plants what daughter we have to stop those plants from being destroyed
make it several Queen city’s daughters now we can use some of the plants and
lashing cable I’m sure it’ll come in handy Seymour I told you it would work fuck quit corners after him going somewhere nerd Tron
Sydney get him home free ha-ah you filled the room now my new
problem trapper will so would it be mustn’t the idols are I good work Jimmy
we might have hope yet calamus has just gotten back here and he let something
slip I’m on a space station in orbit around the earth quit Jimmy you have to
get the idols back from calamitous you have to find a way into orbit I’m
counting on you Jimmy look at all those guards garter and the spotlight then
energy fields oh my god I get just all of that look at the starter calamitous
is changing a satellite orbit if I enter the right code at the same time he does
I should be able to stop the launch let’s do it we did it Goddard ha ha take
that calamitous another item of you think we haven’t got enough for anything
here Goddard when you need to find some more pieces before I can no no Dino
we’re going to have to figure this down on the way down gotta jet
gotta get bored come on guard we have to think of a way
to get into orbit hey what’s that hmm with a little no alley just might
work I’m sure they wouldn’t mind if I
borrowed it for a bit Goddard to that spaceship apparently they do mind you borrowing
the station sorry would love to stay but hmm Goddard what’s going on there are
two that is no loon it is a space station I knew you were
going to see that so you have come to stop you will not
take my moment of glory the idols power mine hello me mum I can’t actually work second point
maybe I could use that machine to create my own robot the Jimmy watch this baby
will surely defeat calamitous now I just need to turn the machine on to make it let’s go Goddard we have to get those
idols the Jimmy bot now we’ve got a chance to defeat
calamitous once and for all let’s go Goddard we’ve got an evil
scientist to stop laughs you promised
you pull my man this time but what happened this is goodbye you guys come on get we have to get out of here
you know much time come on voice lot of track yeah what happened to calamitous I
reprogrammed his teleport device now he’s having a nice stay in jail at the
taxpayers expense but how are we going to change everything back to normal by
attaching the idols to the virtual world reproduction machine should have enough
power to change retro Ville back to normal well Jimmy it looks like you came
through you rescued me captured calamitous and saved retrouvaille well
I’m sure you could have done it too mr. fusion Jimmy Neutron you saved my life
well actually truth is I had everything under control no really I did it was me
who program the teleporter I coached Jimmy all the way through well I guess
that’s it tap it better after a retro village back
to normal everything is back to the way it was Oh

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  1. The graphics aren't perfect, but I like the theme of adventure this game has. I'm sort of glad it doesn't follow the movie. But I wish the movie was more like the game.

  2. So are we going to ignore the fact that Jet kinda looks like a older version of Jimmy but with Black hair instead of Brown?

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