Joaquin Phoenix – JOKER – 76 Venice Film Festival

Joaquin Phoenix – JOKER – 76 Venice Film Festival

FRED Film Radio, this is Chiara Nicoletti
from the 76th Venice Film Festival. I’m in the company of Joaquin Phoenix,
who’s the protagonist of “Joker”. Welcome. I want to start the debate
where I left it with Todd and I want you to ask you
the same thing I asked him: do you think that Arthur
turning into Joker is a defeat or an evolution?
Because I couldn’t tell. I’m still trying to make up my mind. And
I don’t wanna tell you what he answered. Well, I don’t… I understand you wanting to know it
from me, who plays the character, but for me, I think the great joy
of the film for an audience, and I hope that people are interested in seeing it,
is that they get to decide for themselves what that is. That was what I was really attracted to.
Typically in most movies, and certainly in genre movies, if you play a villain or a hero, the
motivation for that character’s very clear. And what I liked about this is I never was certain
of what was motivating him. And I have my own opinion, I know what it is for me,
but I wouldn’t want to influence an audience on the movie. So I hope you understand that.
– Yeah. But I also think that it was difficult
for me and I think a lot of the audience, to not feel empathetic with him. Because, what would you do if you
had had that childhood? That kind of life?
– Sure. Yes, he’s acting badly, but still we’re under
antidepressants and so many pills, sometimes, and we have a happy life.
And he didn’t. How did you work on that grey area,
or colored, if you want to talk about Joker? Look, it was a long process,
and the process of discovery, of understanding him, or trying to,
didn’t stop once we started shooting, it continued till the very last day. He’s such a rich character,
there’s so much going on, that… I never got to the point of feeling like
I knew who he was. And that was kind of the joy of it. It was… every day you feel like there was
something new to discover about the character, a different color. Thankfully it was something Todd
was interested in as well and was very confident and comfortable in kind of approaching it
in that way daily. Also, he was very smart
as he set up the schedule so as we had a lot of time,
so we would go on the set and we would talk about a scene
for a couple hours and not shoot, as we were trying to figure something out. Sometimes we would start shooting a scene and halfway through the day, after shooting for two hours,
he’d go: “I think we should go in a different direction, this isn’t the right way
to do this scene”, and we were making adjustments.
We had the time to do that, which I think was so integral
for this kind of character. Why do you think Joker was always
a difficult character, that everybody always said that once
you go deeper into that poker face of his you couldn’t get out,
as an actor I mean. To be honest, I thought it was
a great joy playing Joker. To be honest, I prefer Joker over Arthur. Arthur is the one that is so wound up and has
always suppressed emotions, he’s so tight. The way he moves, everything was so uncomfortable
about him that I couldn’t stand it. And Joker is… Joker was like total liberation,
you could do anything as an actor. It’s something… I had to go… I shot “Joker”
and the 7th week we shot for five days
a sequence of Joker and then we went back to playing Arthur. I was like, I did not wanna do it,
I’ve got to be honest. I thought it was the one
that I struggled with the most. I like the idea of laughing,
when nobody would laugh. – Yes, inappropriate laughter is great.
– I like that. Thank you so much Joaquin Phoenix
for being with us for “Joker”. This is Chiara Nicoletti
from the 76th Venice Film Festival for FRED, The Festival Insider.
– Thank you.

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  1. You guys act like Oscars are something noteworthy, or something he gives a shyt about. Why did Obama get a Nobel peace prize, can you answer why? Yeah you can't cuz these awards these days are for moronic ppl to cheer themselves on & make eachother feel accomplished or seem worthy.. Jaoquin is an outsider to the Hollyweirdness and u sheep who look up to celebs are the lamest ppl. Fck the Oscars and their self involved, politically motivated, activist pandering selves. The world is definitely getting crazier out there

  2. When the interviewer happens to be a good listener.. you’ll get a very nice conversation. She just asked the question that she had on her mind

  3. 5:08 She really wanted that smooch during that awkward handshake at the end.

    Can’t wait to see Joaquin killin this role

  4. The guy needs an oscar… He lost to Hoffman and freaking DDL..there is no shame in that.. Remove them and he is a 2 time oscar winner

  5. somehow, i'm expecting the same level of emotion i felt watching movies like Braveheart, Shawshank Redemption or Saving Private Ryan.

  6. Joaquín wanted to run away quickly from that interview. You can notice how uncomfortable he was just by looking at his body language at the end.

  7. The reason why the late Heath Ledger is so good playing the joker about a decade ago was because he's not just acting, but he is becoming the joker. He was so obsessed and stays in that character even in the real world. I'm not saying it in a bad way, it's just that it really is a waste of talent for dying because of obsession with a character that led him to consume more drugs(overdose). I love that guy tbh.

    While on the other hand, Jaoquin Phoenix is just acting. He really do the hardwork for this acting as if it really makes him crazy but it's not. Of course in one interview he said he almost lost it because it was so tough to make the character to life. He learn a lot. I respect this man so much for that.

  8. Saw the trailer and the story of this Joker seems very very sad. Bullying and negativity etc… Lokks real life situations must be very down to earth movie👍

  9. I love what he said about constantly discovering this character, even up until the last day. There is so much that makes up a person and to embody someone who isn't you must be the greatest challenge. When I was in acting school my teacher said something that I think is absolutely true: "A good actor will be the most empathetic person because they need to explore characters without judgement and find where that character lives within them."

  10. "I hope people are interested in seeing it"
    Joaquin phoenix
    I'm getting crazy n impatient here ,
    waiting for the release..

    The girl did well interviewing him..

  11. Academy Award for Best Actor in 2020 goes to Joaquin Pheonix for the joker "all the crowd claps while standing up and his face is full of tears and he mixes his speech between cry and joy" REMEMBER THIS COMMENT IN Feb 2020 ❤️

  12. What I love about him is his absolute passion and dedication. Everyone thought of who would be a good joker until he was cast and everyone was like holy shit he’s gonna kill it

  13. broo i just watched joker and his acting was masterpiece😭 i'm lost in words. the movie is also cinematography beautiful like wow honestly this movie deserves an oscar.

  14. Give an Oscar to this man, or will I have to think that meritocracy does not exist?

    If you don't give it to him for Joker, what the hell, give it to him for his career … is he still too young ?? But take note that he has already given the cinema and Hollywood more than some give in a super long-lived career

  15. The greatest American actor of his generation. The one who picked up where Johnny Depp left off (when he decided to mostly play Cpt. Jack Sparrow over and over and over and over again) as the Hollywood guy consistently doing challenging, versatile and artistically exciting leading roles.

    And yeah, like so many others have commented, credit to the lady for a interesting little interview with great questions.

  16. "I prefer joker over arthur…joker was a totally liberation"
    Becouse, you mi friend, you are the joker. I watched the movie. Joaquin you blowed mi mind… great job. Your Oscar is coming…

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