Joe: Are You Really Cool With Roger Stone’s Crosshair Picture? | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Joe: Are You Really Cool With Roger Stone’s Crosshair Picture? | Morning Joe | MSNBC

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  1. We'll see if this is simply one of Roger Stone's dirty tricks to replace the judge in his case by claiming that the judge can no longer be fair after feeling threatened by Stone. I got news for Stone, she won't fall for it.

  2. It has been extraordinary how the President of the United States is thought to be the most powerful person on the planet. Trump has relished that fact, but tainted it to the point where the President of the United States is the most dangerous person on the planet.

  3. Tactic of throwing on to others what you do in order to tryto lift urself up doesnt work. All youve just said, all if it, is attributable to you. Theres no one out here to convince, either theyre criminal conspirators with you or with other side of criminals. In truth, tho Trumpf inc, same converge at top, but theres a powerful group who envys his winning. Trumpf has looted well & proved his point now. Hubris of criminal, privileged trash. Theres no one in country or world who wasnt seen the long slide more rapid w bush, obama..more open cuz Internet. Losers who cant tell any truth, flea whores bent over to fat, devil, fake money…how degrading to Creation

  4. Watch any democrat do the same thing as Roger Stone, threatening Rupert Murdoch, Hannity, Trump or God forbid Tomi Lahren imagine the rightwing outrage.

  5. He put it on the internet and it has been digested by the far right. Removing it later and “apologizing” does not undo the call to violence. The gag order
    …He spit on that. Typical trump and GOP ACTION…lawlessness. 🐍🐍🐍🐍…

  6. Umberto Eco declared, that 30 % of italians are fools and elected Berlusconi in Italy it took 20 years to realize the italians, that Berlusconi was just out for himself…in the US, exactly a copy of the italian sample happened: Trump….a fraud, a con artist, exactly as Berlusconi and I might add: as Putin…and Stone and people like him, are worse than Trump….

  7. The crosshair was already in the pic. You are not watching Call of Duty in the picture are you, where you should be moving it over the target? Are you shaped by your gaming habits, and maybe seeing this in the real world? If you listened to Stone, he was concerned that in the background was him being targeted since the judge was originally appointed by Obama. If you think he is inciting violence, you must be totally devoid of sense.

  8. Lock this mediocre creepy weirdo up. If Any of us regardless of party affiliation would have done anything like this we would be under the jail.

  9. Joe, these Americans want to be entertained, that's how it started. They think they are watching a spy movie and want the evil to continue because it entertains them; they cast themselves as the good guys. This is part of it. Sort of like when their were public hangings and they made it a carnival. This all stimulates our reptile brain. I don't know how to control the reptile brain. The mammalian brain was suppose to control this except in the case of extreme emergencies. The reptile brain houses the survival instinct. They have this guy up there that stimulates their reptile brain and times are a little tough. They see the jobs going away and this guy is pointing to the southern border telling them that the immigrants are taking the jobs away. "Technology" is a little big and ethereal for their reptile brains to take in. They want something they can blame (other than their smart phones, computers, microwaves, vacuum cleaners…all things that make their lives easy.) Trump says "immigrants", Hitler said "Jews". Whoever runs on the Democrat ticket, will have to be tough and will have to be able to stimulate the reptile brain as well as the mammalian brain. It may have gone too far at this point to simply use reason. I, like you, am a displaced ex-Republican. I grew up in a small, Midwestern farming town in rural Indiana. I know these people. I don't know how to fix this, but the Dems have to give the people something tangible.

  10. I have NOW no faith in America anymore, you are not the country that will be strong anymore you just care about your money the government is corrupt! You not the leader of world peace, just making money for yourselves. Your government is fake!!! Sad last two years!!

  11. For over two years I have heard that the President is a Russian Agent. If he was – do you think he would have been allowed to have his finger on the Nuclear button for two years? Of course not! This is all smoke and mirrors. It goes back to the failure of DEMS to accept a loss.

    And I just went and looked up the picture of the so called crosshairs on the judge…You have got to be kidding me.He obviously just pulled some photo that he did not even notice that tiny little image in the background, and you guys are crying about this? CRAZY INSANE NUTS ALL OF YOU!

  12. Stone is so very proud of his harms against others…nicknamed himself, "The Prince of Darkness,". Those who demonstrate complete disregard of others should not get bail. Let them sit in jail and wait for trial, like poor people.

  13. This is exactly why I give Marmalade Mussolini's PHOTO a single-finger-salute when I pass said photo as I enter my Palo Alto,CA., V A hospital …..everytime , without fail , on the way IN ,and on the way OUT ………PERIOD !!!!! ……..I used to give a full address salute to the photo of the last REAL Presdent !!! (just so ya know , I'm a WHITE Vietnam Vet , 66-67 , 8th & 13th TBS , Phan Rang AB , 462 Weapons Tech , B-57's , ''BLMF's'' )

  14. The zombie apocalypse as arrived, their just brain dead "red caps" walking around in a daze of denial, stupidity and ignorance.

  15. It's not a crosshair, it's the position symbol used on blueprints for machinists!
    And it was a repeating pattern on the background layer of the photo.

  16. Corrupt Federal Judges (e.g. Sauber Berman Jackson) –> GITMO –> U.S. Military Tribunals –> U.S. Military Firing Squads.

  17. Thursday she needs to revoke his bail, no apology needed. Punish him to the full extent of the law. He is a flight risk and his wife needs a gag order herself.

  18. stones a trumpy Moron…anyone who has Nixon tattooed on his back is capable of any low down dirty criminal tricks …

  19. Exactly Joe! Why aren't people going after the GOP that are still supporting this criminal president , they know his crimes, but leaves a criminal in office!

  20. The fact that 10 million more voters voted democrat in the midterm elections is just a preview of the 2020 presidential election. All those independents who hated Hilary Clinton for railroading Bernie and voted for dumpy for revenge have come back toward the Democrats. So in the end yeah trump can have his 35 percent but that wont get him re-elected.

  21. "Teach civics" says all the people who haven't been to public school in 40 years. Young people are getting civics and young people are fighting against this upending of norms. The people who are uneducated are the 40-somethings who cut school funding for lower taxes and voted for austerity king Reagan.

  22. Cenk made a good point about this I think, Stone is probably doing this so he can get a new judge, by saying that this judge can't be objective anymore. It's a gamble, but if he's assuming he's screwed with this judge, it's a risk worth taking I suppose.

  23. Stone put out a hit on the judge presiding over his case. He offers no money, so he's not addressing professional assassins, just the hotheaded gun-loving psychopaths he knows are out there. He might as well have shown a google map picture of her neighborhood with a red arrow pointing at her house.

  24. Roger Stone posted a cropped picture of the judge that had a Celtic symbol in the background. The left is just using this as an excuse to be outraged and spin the story. Why would the “target” be off in the background to the side of her head and not actually on her head if he were trying to threaten her? Roger Stone is a smart guy, like him or not. He’s not dumb enough to post a picture with a target on his own judges head.

    The real issue is why Roger Stone was raided by the FBI for process crimes? Do you know how many public officials violate process crimes? Then they turn around and give him an activist judge that let Hillary off the hook for Benghazi. This is a political hit job.

  25. 50 years of hard work has been undone in 2.5 years by a traitor who is only interested in his own interests. Those 4 out of 10 are stupid, short conversation.

  26. Didn't mobsters 50 + years ago used to wear pinstripe suits?
    This guy's favorite role model is Nixon who allegedly hired and paid for break-ins any legal information and also got the IRS to attack people he didn't like. I could go down the list.
    Now this crosshairs business. This is like something out of Syria where civil war and killing / murder who you don't like if fashionable. Is that really where the United States is going?
    The problem is we don't have any kind of unified media, not that I want State propaganda like North Korea, but these extreme philosophies that are in the business of selling adds, in the business of addiction through anger and fear is the main problem in my opinion.

  27. MSNBC CNN ABC SNL All late shows should change your name to the Donald Trump show . The more negative publicity and trying to convince the public how bad Trump is yet blatantly turn a blind eye to other more tangible crimes such as rigged illegal Fisa warrants.. the Obama Clinton tag team secretly selling uranium to the Russians , Comeys illegal exoneration of the Clinton pardon etc etc and the more trump gets Tangible results with the economy Nth Korea new favourable trade deals etc makes you guys look whinging propaganda spreading looser stupid idiots. Id be doing cart wheels if I were Rodger Stone Getting bail in under 2 hours flat after 27 armed gestapo goons at 5am storm your house to arrest him..
    Here's a News flash MSNBC news ….the FBI could have just picked up the phone and summoned Stone but that would not be dramatic or sensational enough then now would it CNN cameraman wink wink .

  28. You're right Mika.. For us here in Australia, we are really questioning you guys in the US.. not how we thought you would turn out. Very disappointing really. We're now seeing some politicians here starting to act like Trump. The blatant lies you guys are putting up with is a major problem, and if that spreads around the world, we're all in trouble!! Please do something about Trump!!

  29. Palin was the test run . Demagagory & speaking directly to the alt right tools Saying " I'm with you people' This showed Trump & many others in the GOP that thier 15 + yr propagandised base was ready to be used & exploited.

  30. It's called be targeted politically not any violence. Are you really going with the narrative that trump has "colluded with Russia!? Yet your the ones saying the right is deranged.

  31. Roger could of cropped the photo showing her her face only, so he know
    full well what he put out and plays perfectly to the fact he doesn't
    want this judge and due to his actions can alter the jury perspiration
    and has a point to demand a new judge even though this perception
    was orchestrated by him in the first place. He's playing the system. I
    went to school with Roger, his nickname wasn't Rodger The Dodger for
    nothing, he still owes me 75p for a lunch box swap from 1979.

  32. Hey ken dillenian. You little half witted corporate media reporter. Roger Stone doesn’t have a first amendment right to put a crosshair target sign on anyone’s head. That’s not free speech. It’s a terrorist death threat.

  33. …If you truly HATE the United States of America
    Vote Democrat

    First question: why have Political agendas become MORE IMPORTANT than the lives of USA citizens.
    Second question: is not a TRILLION of anything more than 999 BILLION
    Third question : have we officiated genocide on the unborn? Population control?

    Remember it is ALL ABOUT CONTROL

    To see clearly through this current time of imposed distraction & deception and simultaneous deliberate division proliferated by today's political (policy) which has been amplified by the media, one must acquire knowledge and tools that have not always been brought to light. Know this : Even if indicted a citizen of the U.S.A. Is endowed with the right of due process and is innocent until PROVEN guilty. Political TACTICS are creating this cloud of distraction and deception. We as citizens are beyond lynch mob mentality. We cannot allow ourselves to fall trap to this divisiveness. Remember it is ALL ABOUT CONTROL / SELL THEM UTOPIA and give them what they deserve

    Think of this when ever you see these items popping into the news agenda.
    Think of the United Nations and Agenda 21 (see Georgia stones)
    Think about the 1% very elite and their psychopathic desire to CONTROL you and me.
    Imagine : Spawn collectivism while denying all individualism.
    Corporate media is here for four simple objectives: how to control a nation :
    Distract Deceive Divide and profit from the unthinking masses

    First: HEALTHCARE : Control health care and you CONTROL the people.
    Second: POVERTY : Increase the poverty level as high as possible. Poor people are easier to control if you provide everything necessary for them to live. But not too much now.
    Third: DEBT : Increase the debt to an unsustainable level. This method is used to increase more taxes and therefore create more poverty.
    Forth: GUN CONTROL : Remove the ability to defend themselves from the government . They will also be dependent on law enforcement to "save them" from criminal activity and collateral damage. This is the method to create and grow the police state.
    Fifth: WELFARE : Take CONTROL of every aspect of their lives. Food, housing, means to acquire and keep income.
    Sixth: EDUCATION : Take CONTROL of what people learn in school. Erase history and supplant collectivism attitude and new "people's language" .
    Seventh: RELIGION : Remove all belief in God from government and schools.
    Eighth: CLASS WARFARE: Divide and Conquer . Especially divide the people into the wealthy and the poor. This will cause more discontent and it will then be easier to take (tax) from the "perceived rich" with the support of the poor.
    Create racial barriers where there are none. Tension among collectivist groups will enable the ruling class more CONTROL through offering solutions often by diminishing individual rights.

    Does any of this sound like what is happening in the United States of America? Europe? Australia? The world?

    "It is difficult to free fools from the chains they so revere. " ALWAYS:
    Believe what you are told. Watch more television and believe all newscasters. Surrender all . Submit to all. ..what's a couple more dead body's on the road to utopia?

    Tyranny in the making. Stay alert.

  34. Playing victim is their past time !!! You guys got it you have Americans that think Americans who are in a different political party are their enemies and the people that are selling out america and its Allies to the ultra rich and foreign adversaries are who they stand with !!! Allies are enemies and Vladimir Putin is a friend and an Alli together they are against their countrymen !!!! This is insane !!!

  35. My phone has been hacked and I have found post on Google and youtube that were not my posts.
    I have complained to Att multiple times about security and they don't care.

  36. Someone was holding up an effigy of Hillary's faux bloodied severed head at a Trump rally over 2 years ago. Are we really that surprised? At this rate history is just going to run it's course.

  37. Crosshairs mean, please, my supporters, shoot this person. Roger might consider it a joke, but thousands of Trump supporters took it is dead earnest.

  38. Woah..woah..woah…We passed the EXIT!!! We've been discussing SERIOUSLY AND FOR SOMETIME NOW…about all these SOCIOPATHS…Remember Sociopathy..Since like..the BEGINNING??

  39. Another nut job like Alex the ruski Jones, Rushy Limpballs, Annie Cuntler and don't forget Happity clown face and Foxes 3 Amigos Dippity Dappity Dump and are Beloved Donny Diaper Dump Trump

  40. The only thing roger did wrong was support Israel and to help George h W Bush. Other than that his libertarian Republicanism is great and he's a good man who believes in free speech even if he disagrees with it. He never colluded with Russia.

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