Joe Biden’s Segregationist Gaffe | The Daily Show

Joe Biden’s Segregationist Gaffe | The Daily Show

Right now, you cannot talk
about the Democratic race without talking about Joe Biden. Not only is he the frontrunner and former host
of The Price Is Right, but he’s been leading
in the polls since the day
he announced his run. But that doesn’t mean
it’s been smooth sailing. He took heat for flip-flopping
on a major abortion policy, he faced questions
about his voting record, and, of course,
we all remember when he had to apologize for
giving people surprise massages. Yes. Now, “surprise” being
the operative word. Because massages are nice, but nobody wants
a surprise massage. Yeah. Just like a road trip
is great, but a surprise road trip
is just kidnapping. And this week…
(chuckles) this week, Biden has continued
his scandal streak with comments he made
about missing the old days. Joe Biden is under fire
this evening on comments he made
about working alongside segregationist
senators in the past. REPORTER: Biden recalling
his early Senate career, bringing up
two segregationist senators, Herman Talmadge
and James Eastland, who called African-Americans
an inferior race. (reading): Biden made the comments despite
his aides having long urged him not to discuss his relationships
with segregationist senators. Joe Biden, what are you doing? You can’t come out in 2019 and say that these two senators
from back in the day were super racist,
but at least they were civil. Yeah, civil to you maybe. Of course
they never called you “boy.” You’re white. Biden’s running around like,
“I worked with these senators– “Senator Eastland many times– “and not once
did he call me the “N” word. “Yeah. Oh, I mean,
there was that one time, uh, but I had a tan,
so I understand.” (laughter) Now, now, the reason Joe Biden
told this story– even though
his advisors told him not to– is because
he’s trying to set himself up as the guy who can work
with adversaries in Congress, even if he disagrees
with their views. The problem is, by saying this, he may have created
new adversaries within his own party. Those comments have prompted
swift criticism from his 2020 rivals, including Kamala Harris,
who weighed in moments ago. To coddle the reputations
of segregationists, of people who,
if they had their way, I would literally
not be standing here as a member
of the United States Senate, is, I think, um…
It’s just… It’s misinformed,
and it’s wrong. Now Senator Cory Booker was
among the first candidates to come out and-and push back
on Biden for these comments. He said… Yeah. I get
what these senators are saying. You see, for many people, it felt like
Joe Biden was saying that being polite was more
important than not being racist, which is not
how black people feel. No black person’s like, “I know they think
we’re subhuman as a species, but at least they said,
’Go back to Africa, please.’” (laughter) And now I… I would believe… I would believe it
if Biden said that his story wasn’t meant
to offend black people, and that his comments
were taken the wrong way, but he definitely
didn’t help himself when he responded
to the criticism like this. This morning, a defiant
Joe Biden is refusing calls to apologize for comments
that he made about finding common ground with a senator
who supported segregation. I ran for the United States
Senate because I disagreed with the views
of the segregationists. The point I’m making is,
you don’t have to agree. WOMAN 1:
Are you going to apologize… WOMAN 2:
All right, thanks, guys. -…like Cory Booker has called
for? -Apologize for what? WOMAN 1:
Cory Booker’s called for it. -He’s asking you.
-Cory should apologize. He knows better. There’s not a racist bone
in my body. I’ve been involved
in civil rights my whole career. Whoa, whoa, whoa, Joe. Not a racist bone in your body?
Who said you were racist? People said
your comments were tone deaf, and now, you’re like, “I don’t
have a racist bone in my body. This one was
from texting too much!” (laughter) Cory didn’t say he was racist. Kamala didn’t say
he was racist. He just comes out,
“I’m not racist!” It’s like a cop pulls you over
and is like, “Excuse me, sir. Do you know
how fast you were going?,” and you’re like,
“I did not kidnap anyone! “That was a surprise road trip,
Officer! Maybe you should apologize!” Because what the (bleep)
was that about? I can’t believe Joe Biden
told Cory Booker to apologize, which, by the way,
which, by the way, undermines Biden’s
whole entire point. This whole thing started
because he’s selling himself as someone who knows how to work
in a civil way with people he disagrees with. Yeah, but when senators in his
own party disagree with him, his response is basically,
“Eat shit!” (laughter) So a week before
the Democratic debates kick off, clearly, the pressure
is starting to build, and Joe Biden
is the frontrunner. Look, man, you better get used
to criticism, because everyone is gonna be
watching what you say. Instead of snapping at people,
you got to learn to keep your cool,
you got to relax. In fact, maybe… maybe you should give yourself
one of those surprise massages.

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  1. what's the problem? don't like remembering that it was the democrats who owned slaves, that founded the clan, who opposed the Civil Rights act at a higher rate, etc. no wonder the left wants to rewrite history SO badly…

  2. Cory, with all due respect, you will not win the nomination by playing the race card over and over and over. What will you DO FOR ME?

  3. Trevor Noah is a SPY. He works directly for the South African government. He I meddling in the 2020 election and COLLUDING WITH DEMOCRATIC PARTY PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATES! He already did this in 2016 and got away with it. He is NOT an American citizen, he is anti American and this video proves it. He needs to be arrested and deported.

  4. If you say your not racist when nobody said you were, then there is a good chance that you are racist.

  5. I'm glad he didn't apologize. The swing voters that we need to beat Trump in 2020 aren't the kind of people who think a guy who always apologizes is a good candidate for president. Why do the Democrats always want to eat their own? Stupid. That's how we got Trump.

  6. The first comment Biden made about segregationists wasn’t that bad. When I heard about this, I thought he must have said something important. I think Kamala and Cory did know better. I think they threw him under a bus for political expediency. They should apologize. Why not just say, “I’m not going to speak about Joe’s campaign. That’s his responsibility.” or “If you look at the quote it’s clear he’s saying that he’s worked with people he doesn’t agree with in a civil manner. That’s it.” or “I made a promise not to attack my colleagues in this race, I’m sticking with that promise.” I feel disappointed in them. They succumbed to the temptation of an easy hit at an opponent.

  7. Get the old motherfuckers off the stage. I'm 70 years old and I've had it with these assholes. There should be a maximum age limit of 55.

  8. Who is it that is supporting Joe Biden? He's the same-old same-old Democrat; a neo-liberal. No wonder the party is under water.

  9. "I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy," Biden said. "I mean, that's a storybook, man." – his thoughts on Obama.
    I mean after all, he did vote alongside segregationist for desegregating schools. There's the way he handled the Anita Hill case. And then telling Booker he should apologize for that stupid comment although his aides pleaded with him not to.
    You know, I'm beginning to think your uncle Joe's a ra….

  10. The Democrats are self-sabotaging again. Congrats. Congrats to Joe Biden for proving once more why he is not the president America needs right now, and congrats to the Democrats for jumping on this idiotic bandwagon again. Trump will win so easily if Biden gets the nomination. It will be the same fucking shitshow like with Clinton. She was the wrong candidate with a bunch of silly scandals, and now Biden is the wrong candidate with a bunch of silly scandals while the Republicans get away with murder.

  11. People are taking this out of context. I know this happens when you’re the front runner, but still. Fuck Booker! Who the hell thinks Biden is racist?!?!?!?!?

  12. I like how the daily show lectures politicians to be even more perfiedious cock suckers instead of lecturing the people rationality.
    Guess criticizing the emotionally outraged plebs doesn't sell that good nowadays.

  13. Its not only the problem, that he worked with these racists. Its that, nobody who is sane wants to work with the "Trump Nazi Party" aka GOP in the Senate. And that would be indeed the wrong signal. Fight them! should be the signal not "Lets see if maybe we can work together." BTW….WARREN 2020!

  14. Before watching: I bet Trevor bashes Biden. He seems really inclined to see him out of the running which imo is a bold all-in that will either help who he wants or detriment all democrats by dividing the polls and benefit Trump.

    Also, it’s interesting how Trevor keeps referring to his being physically affectionate as the most indicative feature of how his policy will affect women and has yet to even once mention that the man literally wrote the Violence Against Women Act.

    I love Trevor Noah, but think he’s playing a risky game.

  15. So election 2020 is to vote out one racist to replace with another racist. I think in the past and recently, blk ppl were using the voting polls as an excuse to get out the house.

  16. He took pride in working with racists. You don't think that would be controversial? I'm surprised people haven't brought up his opposition to busing desegregation.

  17. The Democrats are handling this election poorly. They are doing exactly what the republicans did 3 years ago and splitting the vote. If they want to fight back, then they've got to step up their game. There are a lot of republicans seats up for grabs in the senate. They should honestly be focusing on their Congressional races instead of just the presidency. The real stuff happens at the Congressional level. Only one person will be the President, and if they keep going the way they are, it won't be a Dem.

  18. At this point, does it really matters who gets elected in 2020? Both candidates have about the same agenda and the same corporations will do the real politics behind the scenes. You could even argue that Trump would be the better choice because at least he is too incompetend to cause any more damage himself…

  19. Biden slogan: "Our best days still lie ahead"
    More like: "Our best lies still days ahead"

    Here's a good slogan: "Gonna put y'all back in chains!"

    Or this: "MAMA: Make America Mess Again – Sloppy Joe"

    Or: "Promises made…for 50 years!"

    " After 50 years, HOPE I've CHANGED?"

    "I'm woke! Sleepy Joe"

    "Hope and change? No man, Grope a stranger. Creepy Joe"

    "Fighting for our children's future. Trust me with your kids, they'll be in good hands. Uncle Joe"

    "I nose a thing or two about women and young children"

    "Victory! I can smell it in the hAIR."

    "I'll tell you what you want to hear. Honest Joe"

    "I can turn this economy around! Say it ain't so, flip flop Joe."

    "Old, stale, crusty and white. Bred for the new Democratic Party!"

    "Joe Biden, Vice President for 8 years under Obama. Who's more experienced in Presiding over Vice?"

    "No more plagiarism. Copy that?

    "Mediocre at best. Your average Joe"

    "Joe Biden, segregated from the rest of the Democratic Socialist candidates."

    "Folks, I knew Spartacus. Spartacus was a friend of mine. Senator Booker you ain't no Spartacus."

    "Folks, when you want to take a rest: adoring, boring, snoring Joe"

    "Tired of winning? This is my 3rd time running. Experienced in losing."

    "I have a dream. I dream about getting things done! Vote for dozing Joe and we can keep dreaming."

    "When 8 years of stank stagnancy is not enough – Vote swampy Joe."

    "I can be bought. Ask China, Russia and Ukraine. Buy Biden"

    "No reparations. I was around during slavery and it wasn't that bad. We all worked together. Working together!"

    "A fella can smell her. I'm in touch with women. Respecting personal space since May 2019! Oops, June 2019"

    "Joe's 2020 perfect vision: My policies are……..hmmm…….uh……
    orange man bad. Trump that!"

    "I ain't no JOeKE. Serious times call for serious talking."

    "Let me be clear about my core principles…..snoozzzzzzzzzzzze."

    "2020 race: Ready, set, Joe.
    Biden, he's used to running."

    "I'm for term limits…of 60 years.
    Biden my time"

    "Remember Joe the plumber?
    I'm Joe, the dumber plumber.
    I will flush this economy right down the toilet! Biden, when only a professional poolitician will do."

    Now get out there and vote for Trump!

  20. He sucks, but he didnt say or did anything wrong on this matter. Glad he didnt bend to the histeria of misinterpretation and immediate judgement and did not apologised.
    You people need to learn to interpret for fucks sake.

  21. I don’t see anything wrong with Biden’s first comment. I feel that people are taking it out of context. However, his second comment was very Trump-like. Not good.

  22. Hey, um, I don't see the big deal here. Biden told a story about how he could work in a civil way with people he disagreed with. That's it. Why are people freaking out? Are we not allowed to mention America's less than stellar human rights records? Or is the issue that the left doesn't want people who disagree to be polite to each other? Because I can see that second one. All the democrat candidates are trying to eat each other like a pack of starving gnolls. They need to freaking work together and maybe run for senate instead!!! Don't divide the party base too much!!!!

  23. Biden is living in the past- he needs to retire and let the younger fresh political leaders run the party and country.

  24. A gaffe is a mistake, not a plan repeated several times in several ways to disenfranchise black people on purpose by working with OPENLY white supremacist dillholes. The man worked with Jesse Helms. That's not redeemable to work at the DMV much less as POTUS.

  25. He was vp under the black president for 8 yrs, kamala has a suspect past with black culture and cory is her bff. I just want to know where is the kool-aid these truth bombs are heavy.

  26. Democrate are going to lose, they can't say shit because eveything they say will get them marked as a racist…. fucking stupid idiots these libtards…

  27. No apology needed what he is Ponting out is that politicians should work together and get things done no matter if its in the democratic or republican interests after the elections you get a job so do it good and forget about politics til the next election comes up

  28. Biden was never the vice-president, something that most people do not understand. In July of last year, on a lecture tour in Africa, the obama told an audience, "I'm the first U.S. president from Kenya!" Then his wife said (and I quote), "Kenya is the land of his birth!"' For those of you who aren't following the logic here, it is against the law for a person born in Africa or Europe or Asia, etc., to be president of the U.S. Many in the military did not accept him as president because it became clear long ago that he was NOT "born in Hawai'i." But the powers-that-be installed him in the White House anyway, and then conned the general public into believing that they voted him in. The U.S. went for 8 years without a president. And, since the obama's "presidency" was illegal, since he was never actually the president, then quite obviously Biden could not have been vice-president. Hey, people, this isn't rocket science. Is there anyone out there who really doesn't get this? …

  29. I'm sorry Biden's right on this one. The point that you can be civil and get things done with someone you whose views you disagree with still stands

  30. Its a statement about being able to still find compromises and work together despite differences in ideology. Look at what you have right now, you are unable to agree with each other on even the smalles issues and block any form of change whether in a conservative or liberal sense. And you get mad about him stating that you could work with people that you may not agree with ? You people are fucked up, this is why you americans all suck.

  31. Kamala Harris next time she can ask Joe Biden why he surrounds himself with racist Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton

  32. compromise and bipartisanship is not how politics works anymore. repealing glass steagall and implementing dont ask dont tell is what you get when you compromise with republicans. and it always seems democrats giving in more than republicans.

  33. It wasn't a gaffe. It was a perfectly self-conscious attempt at political self-advancement by trading horses and cutting backroom deals with segregationist Dixiecrats, who controlled many Congressional committees and wielded tremendous influence in the party. Status quo Joe at his finest!

  34. Ask yourselves what you would think of a Republican saying these things and touching women like that.

  35. DNC really should boot Biden if they want to win. He'll divide the democratic voterbase just like Clinton did.

  36. Senator Kamal Harris' Mom is from India. When did Ms. Harris become "black?" Oh, it's an election year…

  37. Hey you know what is a good surprise? Kinder egg toys. Want to hear a bad one? Loot boxes are surprise mechanics…

  38. Jim Crow Joe don't fool me .He's behind a lot racist fuckery. #CutTheCheck #FirstThem #Tangibles2020 #FBAvsEverybody

  39. His track shows he supports the oppression, injustice, and maintaining white supremacy. He doesn’t care about human rights he smiles plays nice and does nothing. A true example of has power but no common sense. To apply or implement ideas to deal with black American’s period.

  40. Unfortunately, based on his records. Mini Bison's idea of working with "xyz" is: not what representation is about. I get the feeling.. based on net worth and voting records. Well..follow the money and voting records.

  41. Imagine living in a world run by liberals. No joking, no evolving on issues, no room to make mistakes. Just strict rules on how to conduct yourself, or else you get fired and thrown to the wolves.

  42. Are we not going to talk about the fact that Biden said he didn't have a racist bone in his body, which is exactly what Trump said after the send her back chants?

  43. Its funny because its such a milquetoast comment from Biden and there is such an uproar because the far left wants a more liberal candidate. KKK and segregationists were leftists.

  44. "a surprise road-trip is just kidnapping!" – I laughed so weird I almost blew out my ear drum again!! hahhaha

  45. I find his comment of boogering kangaroos like the people of Delaware do quite odd. Kangaroo are a natural species of Australia, not US.

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