Joel Dommett – 2016 Melbourne International Comedy Festival Gala

Joel Dommett – 2016 Melbourne International Comedy Festival Gala

Hey Melbourne! How’s it going? You good? Sweet, sweet. This is my confetti cannon. I know right! This is the button that sets it
off and it’s very exciting and you seem like a nice man and just… I’m going to give this to you mate. Just set it off when you think it’s the right time in the set yeah? *crowd laughs* He’s waggling his eyebrows. Oh f*ck. I’m starting to completely regret my decisions. There’s something that really annoys me, right? My dad whenever I watch movies at home he always has to pick the film. Always! And then he always falls asleep
in the middle of it anyway! Ahh! Then I’m left watching a sh*t movie I didn’t want to watch in the first place. So frustrating. Now this, oh, this is what
I always do to my dad and if you’re ever watching a movie with someone who falls
asleep, please do this! It’s so brilliant! Confuses the hell out of them right? Alright. They fall asleep. What you do is get up quietly. Then change the film to a movie with the same lead actor in it. *crowd laughs* Sssh. Sit back down. Wake him up. Dad! Hey wake up. He’s like I’m sorry. It’s like hey dad, it’s fine, don’t worry. Don’t watch the movie. Just watch the
confusion happening on his face. So good. We were watching Castaway with Tom Hanks in it. I changed it to Philadelphia right? *crowd laughs* Oh my god how unlucky is this guy. *crowd laughs* Finally gets off the island, now he’s got AIDS. *crowd laughs* My… it’s actually really lovely. My family at
the moment we’ve got a lot closer because my mom recently passed away. like… *confetti cannon goes off* *crowd laughs* That was the wrong time mate. *crowd laughs* I was on a train. It was lovely,
so beautiful. I was on a train and there was this lady, she sat right opposite me. She was
so beautiful guys. Ahh! So beautiful and I thought you know what I’m going to the romantic thing that people do on trains. I let her leave and then regretted it. *crowd laughs* I did that. And this is the lovely part. She had her name written on her back. Alright. You can find people now! You can find people. Her name was Adidas. *crowd laughs* No, it’s true. She had a real, a real name
written on her back. Alright and I told my dad. I was like oh my god there’s this lady on the train she was so beautiful. I want to try and find her. She had her name written on her back and he was like oh my god yes, find her. Mmmm it’ll be like that film Taken. *crowd laughs* What are you talking about? He’s like you know that film Taken the one with Liam Neeson where like he tries to save his daughter and then it goes black and
white and he saves loads of Jews. *crowd laughs* That’s it. You guys have been an absolute pleasure. I’ve been Joel Dommett. Bye bye!

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  1. Suspiciously similar idea to the opening gag from Stewart Lee's '90's Comedian'.

  2. It could’ve been to celebrate that they’re family got closer or to break tension. Or just that he likes dark humor

  3. Props to the guy with balls the size of my head for pressing the button! 😀 Great timing.
    But the comedian! He handled what must have been a crazy difficult situation for him briliantly! Great comeback 🙂

  4. The confetti canon bit is pure genius. Give the audience member a dummy remote and have a stage hand trigger it at the right moment. It's perfect

  5. I refuse to believe that the comedian did not tell the backstage people to set the confetti off at that certain point. Still funny tho

  6. Love every minute of this set, especially the confetti canon. What a brilliant prop. I love comedy that is spontaneous and unexpected and this was perfect, great idea. The first time I saw it I literally lost my pants, couldn't stop keeling over in laughter with tears streaming down my face. Full on belly laugh that wouldn't quit. That's the kind of laugh you want and is difficult to achieve with the traditional pre-rehearsed jokes kind of set where it feels to me like the comedian is trying to be funny (which is obviously the point) but for me, this trying/expecting to laugh just doesn't gel. For me it has to be a natural unexpected thing and this sketch was fkn perfect! Well done Joel Dommett.

  7. his materials alright but his deliverys wank though – too enthusiastic – he sounds like a virgin; trying to explain a playboy magazine to a blind homosexual

  8. People just love ruining good things. The confetti was not part of the act. A joke that funny could not have come from a comedian this lame.

  9. That man has the largest balls in the history of the world imagine if the audience didn’t think that was funny and the room was dead silent

  10. The amount of people who do not realize that the joke was staged is staggering. It’s absolutely hilarious. Quit taking credit away from the comedian.

  11. 0:27
    You can just tell by the womens faces that they were thinking "boi you just made the biggest mistake of your career!"

  12. Joel Dommett: I will make the audience laugh tonight
    Audience Member: I am going to end this mans whole career

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