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  1. That Miracle of life film.. Sounds so familiar. I think it might have been the documentary I saw in biology class as a freshman. I can still remember the scene of an xray imaging of ejaculation…. The live birth part was a blur tbh.

  2. Man Stephen is terrible at rolling with John's jokes and playing back and forth. Sometimes he's like a brick wall.

  3. “Do you have children?”
    “No, but I have a dog :)”
    ….could be a nursery

  4. This is so old probably no one will see it, but green is the color of the heart chakra. 💚 Your dog's got a good heart, lol.

  5. Anyone else feel like John has an old school feel to him? Like he is from a previous era and was somehow transported here?

  6. One of my first jobs was at a formerly well known company in Rochester, NY. I worked in a series of old buildings used for the manufacturing and processing of film. Lots of weird noises, especially when you were the only one in a particular area. The elevators would stop randomly on abandoned floors as well. The doors would open, yet no one was there. Still the best job I've ever had.

  7. listening to john mulaney talk is so fucking entertaining. he's not even trying to be funny. he just IS,

  8. i also went to a jesuit high school and that's EXACTLY what they taught us, the miracle of life video and all

  9. I want to punch him…………..also, I want on a date with a very attractive girl that told me he was her celeb crush. I said 'who?' and proceeded to google John Mulaney and then said, 'this nerd?' That was our only date.

  10. 7:25
    This reminds me at my elementary school there was a Janitor, named Bob, who accidentally spilled some chemicals that some how knocked him out, I think bleach and rubbing alcohol, and his head fell in the toilet and he drowned. Anyways, this school is like 104 years old, its pretty old, and we kinda start a religion based around this guy, called "Bloody Bob." The main symbol was the holy plunger — a plunger with wings. We would go to worship on Saturdays and to get initiated you had to have toilet water poured on your head. We ourselves must always call him Bloody Bob, but the Awaihas, the leaders, could simply call Him "Bob." There was also a dance we would do, etc, etc.
    Anyways, so I thought this cult was not that wide spread, I had seen that someone had drawn the holy plunger on a bathroom stall once and thought it was cool, but then I started seeing graffiti of "Bloody Bob" or "The Holy Plunger" all over my town. It was weird. Even older people, in middle and some in high school were in this thing. It was quite strange.

  11. "contraceptives don't work so don't try them" is the dumbest thing I've ever heard anyone teach anyone ever

  12. Hey Mulaney. I'm very high right now. Which means my sixth sense has been activated. That green orb is a potential cancer spot. Get the poor guy to the vet.

  13. I love steven as a host…he really gets in the guests mood and really listens. The interview can get to a comforting intellectual level.

  14. Why does it feel like John grew up in the 1930s but is somehow still only like 35? He just seems like a child of the depression for some reason.

  15. John: "If I saw a ball of green light on my dog in real life, I'd bow down to it"
    Stephen (mentally): "Now we don't have time to unpack all that…"

  16. I remember the birth video in high school. A boy in the class got woozy and fell off his chair, and I’ve yet to forgive him for it. I mean, YOU aren’t the one who might have that happen to you one day, so why are you the one freaking out the most? What about ME? That video still haunts my nightmares. That being said, nobody could ever resent John. He’s too precious.

  17. He’s always drinking talk show water. Once on the tonight show he drank Cardi B’s by mistake. I don’t think he ever noticed to this day

  18. John Mulaney is an interviewer's dream. He's a storyteller, hilarious, quirky, intelligent with a timeless melange of a modern Mid-Atlantic accent or Announcer voice.

  19. 3:27 makes me giggle a lot for some reason lolol
    John: I had a bit of a nervous breakdown at the farm
    Other dude: oh okay-

  20. That entrance music for John reminded me of "The Jetsons". Don't know why. If you don't know The Jetsons, you're probably too young.

  21. My Little sister was attacked and "honked" by a goose once when we were on a camping trip on the west coast. My mother took a picture of it as it was happening, and it was absolutely hilarious.

  22. I watched Big Mouth a couple years ago and found it hilarious. Had no idea this dude played Andrew but now I can't stop hearing it in his voice. His standup is hilarious and he seems like he's from another time, I love ittt

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