John Wick Changed Action Movies And You Barely Noticed

John Wick Changed Action Movies And You Barely Noticed

Style, grace and elegance aren’t terms usually
associated with modern American action movies. The genre is full of high-octane explosions,
brutality, and bloodshed. But when it comes to the craft of filmmaking,
they can often be unmemorable. John Wick changed all that. The Keanu Reeves-led revenge thriller is epically
violent, but it’s elegant violence, captured in a way we don’t get to see too often. The character’s sharp suits and sharper shooting
have left a huge mark on the action movie landscape, including in a few ways you might
not yet have noticed. Here’s how John Wick rewrote the rules for
modern action. Low on ammo To understand John Wick’s influence on action
movies, you have to look at the state of the genre in the years before its release. Seven years after the The Bourne Ultimatum
rounded off its own influential trilogy, the genre felt tired, full of same-old structures,
and stale premises. There were occasional gems, like the old-man
action of the first Taken or the Indonesian import The Raid. But for the most part, mainstream Hollywood
action was plagued with insubstantial, CGI-heavy spectacle. Success stories were frequently genre hybrids,
such as Lucy or Edge of Tomorrow. All-out action was reduced to the likes of
A Good Day to Die Hard or White House Down. Movies like these feel like half-baked efforts,
full of ridiculous spectacle that looks fake, with no weight. Audiences were lulled into complacency. When John Wick came along and had the guts
to send a puppy to doggy heaven, people weren’t ready for the impact. I know gun-fu John Wick’s biggest asset is its energetic
implementation of gun-fu. A mixture of kung fu and gunplay, the cinematic
fighting style was first popularized by Hong Kong action director John Woo. Woo’s movies helped create a subgenre of Heroic
Bloodshed. These stories feature characters who value
honor and integrity, and follow strict codes of ethics. Often the protagonists will stop at nothing
to exact revenge, with the resulting carnage made more palatable by the sense of morality
we know they have. John Wick is part of this tradition, but what
made it so different? Why did we become so attached to a blank slate,
nobody of a character we’d never met before? “That f—ing nobody… is John Wick.” The dance of doom Directors Chad Stahelski and David Leitch
made their marks in Hollywood as stuntmen, most notably on the The Matrix, where Stahelski
performed as Keanu Reeves’ stunt double. This boots-on-the-ground perspective gave
the pair a unique perspective when it came to shooting action as directors. They saw that camera operators often regarded
action sequences as stressful exercises in “hiding imperfections,” so they rehearsed
and choreographed each scene with the camera people included, leaving no room for surprises
when it came time to shoot. For authenticity, the duo was determined to
use as much footage of Reeves as possible. The actor performed the vast majority of the
stunts himself, spending four months of pre-production honing his techniques. Training included Japanese jiu-jitsu, Brazilian
jiu-jitsu, standing judo, and firearms training designed for close-quarters combat. The result is fight choreography that flows
freely in a kind of brutal ballet. Violence in John Wick is so stylized that
it comes off as a hypnotic dance, performed by a professional hitman and his unfortunate
victims. Stylish shooters John Wick proved the stuntmen-turned-directors
understand much more than just fight choreography. The cinematography of John Wick is as stylish
as the man himself. Criminal underworlds are supposed to be murky,
gritty, full of dirt, yet Wick’s world is saturated in otherworldly hues, his fights
taking place inside of exclusive clubs, ornate hotels, and mirrored museums. The fights themselves are stylish, too. John Wick rejected the sharply edited, frantic
action that has come to be a crutch in the genre. Instead, wide shots and long takes capture
every punch, kick, and pistol whip. You’re left wanting to re-watch the movie
just to admire the ways its setpieces are staged. An underworld worth visiting John Wick’s world-building is unmatched in
the action genre. The story takes place within an intricate
network centering around the Continental, a hotel in New York City which serves as a
safe haven for assassins. The universe is as detailed as it is original. Winston, the hotel’s owner, is a charming
and affable enigma with evident power. Outside of the hotel, special gold coins are
exchanged for criminals-only services from seemingly legitimate businesses. Tailors offer bulletproof suits, and sommeliers
are experts in pistols, instead of pinot. It’s an underworld you can feel intimately,
even if it’s never all that explained. Fight like Wick Years on from John Wick’s release, the ripples
on the movie on the industry can be felt everywhere you look. Put simply, vengeance and well-done violence
are very “in.” One heir of the style is Leitch’s own Atomic
Blonde, a spiritual sibling to Wick. Charlize Theron as even said she was inspired
to dip into the Cold War-era action flick because of her admiration for John Wick. Leitch then went on to up the action stakes
as director for Deadpool 2. Another John Wick producer, Basil Iwanyk,
has said the combat in the 2018 Robin Hood was inspired by Wick, saying to Collider, “The stuff we’re doing with the bow and arrow,
it’s the same thing that Keanu does with the gun.” The producers of the remake of cult classic
Highlander clearly have the same idea, hiring Stahelski to apply Wick’s style to that movie’s
swordplay as director. In short, John Wick has inspired action filmmakers
to up their game, with highly-skilled assassin flicks starring men and women both. There’s Jennifer Lawrence’s Red Sparrow, Taraji
P. Henson’s Proud Mary, and Jennifer Garner’s Peppermint, a revenge thriller that’s been
described as “John Wick with a female protagonist”. “I will kill every one of you. And then I’ll pretty much wing it from there.” Checking in? John Wick’s flair for world-building has also
spread across the action genre. The Hitman’s Bodyguard includes an assassin
underworld similar to Wick, and the Jodie Foster-starring Hotel Artemis has a premise
that’s heavily reminiscent of The Continental. That movie stars Foster as the manager of
a hotel which doubles as a safe space for criminals to seek medical treatment and lay
low. In other words, the telltale marks of John
Wick are now everywhere, and there are no signs of the phenomenon slowing down. Wick’s stylish action has smashed the proverbial
sledgehammer into conventional genre fare, unearthing a winning formula. The Boogeyman has changed the action movie,
and he’s only getting started. Thanks for watching! Click the Looper icon to subscribe to our
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  1. Jon wick 3 is the best movie I have ever seen. Prepared to be absolutely blown away.. you have to see this in theatres.. I’m telling you guys this is on another level. I thought avengers was good, this is ten times better

  2. The first movie was captivating, and the world building pushed the franchise. I loved both and looking forward to number three. I wish more movies were a pleasant surprise like JW, i'd probably watch more then

  3. I loved how many times John Wick reloaded. Most gun movies, you never see that.
    Once in a while but John Wick constantly does it.

  4. so it was really John Wu who changed action films. Also The Man from Nowhere came out way before John Wick and was in some cases better

  5. I rarely watch movies, because they're all coded messages for shitty ideas. I don't care for john wick rippoffs. The thing that makes JW good is its believablity, Jennifer Lawrence deftly killing a room full of men? NOT BELIEVABLE> Its why the new star wars are shit, its why a movie that's actually worth watching comes out every 5 years.

  6. U forgot that badass backsong.
    When i first watch john wick is the first one who take my attention is that badass backsong

  7. I remember when The Matrix came out people were also saying it changed the sci-fi movie industry. Now, with John Wick they're doing the same thing 😀 Keanu knows how to choose the right project

  8. i have kinda strict rule with fight scene. but these 2 is a must.

    1- not too many cut
    2- no shaky camera (a little is forgiven)

    that's why i enjoy this movie (and also jackie chan movies)

  9. I didnt find John Wick all that good of a movie. Then everyone was hyped, so I thought I might just have missed something. And I watched JW1 and JW2 after that. I still was not impressed. And now after watching this video

    I still dont fucking know why this cookie cutter action flick is so popular…

  10. I think the thing that everybody keeps forgetting about the John Wick style movies, is the fact that we are now weaponizing celebrities. Because I mean really think about it: you don't just forget these skills over your lifetime and now this means that if he actually had a firearm or nothing on him Keanu Reeves could defend himself in a life-or-death situation armed with nothing but a pencil. A f**** pencil!

  11. No gun fu is never seen because it is stupid and not realistic. Guns are range weapons. Martial arts is close quarters. If you have a gun and im a black belt, if i dont surprise you im going to die. Theres no wrestling AND shooting.

    All this is American crouching tiger hidden gun. I like keanu, i think the style is fine, but this is just dumb

  12. The Bourne Trilogy: shit in many levels

    John Wick: no shaky cams, impressive gunplay, one-take fight scenes, actually RELOADS, no "hey look its him on the CCTV footage; enhance image" scenes, and just complete badassery at its finest.

    John Wick is one hell of an action movie.

  13. Lol I remember in Rotten Tomatoes, there's a thot who gave the first John Wick movie one out of five stars calling out that theres too much violence and no story.

    She probably made a bad mistake giving it a low rating lol

  14. The thing is with John wick their was a lot going on but you were still able to see what was happening in the action scenes. While other movies have so much going on that it you are basically staring at a whirling mass of colors.

  15. action movies will forever b dif cuz o John wick..hopefully no more unbelievable neverending ammo shoot em ups

  16. The only thing Wick movies changed is that the main actor, Keanu Reeves, trained for all the fight scenes. But the fight scenes are lousy, slow, unrealistic, and full of "I'm not going to move so you can hit me" coreography. And the main reason why Wick movies are so hyped up is because Keanu really trained in martial arts. I see mass hypnosis.

  17. But, none of the films it has directly inspired even come close to how awesome the JW trilogy/universe is. Much of this comes from of a perfect lead actor and amazing supporting cast.

  18. I think john wick and dare devil series are of the same …that is one take,,, and that why they are masterpiece…..

  19. Didn't Looper create a video about John Wick Chapter 3 already and knocked it as somewhat campy because of the villains? Are you trying to save face now?

  20. Keanu reeves got his black belt at Chucky Cheese. John Wick is the WORST action film ever. Keanu is a wimp.

  21. No, you barely noticed it, because I was excited about John Wick 1 before it was released just because of Keanu Reeves and I wasn't wrong now everyone talks about it just because it became popular.

  22. I agree that JW films are a pretty great spin on action films style but *cough, *cough, BOND, has been killing 'em classy for decades. I'm not saying they're the JW is ripping of JB, I'm just saying JW's uncle may have worked for, Her Majesties Secret Service.

    1)Angelina Jolie "WANTED"
    2)Christian Bale "EQUILIBRIUM "
    3)Keanu Reeves "JOHN WICK"
    4)Will Smith "SUICIDE SQUAD"
    5) Helen Mirren "RED"

  24. I need to stop clicking on Looper videos, they’re always just so poorly written. They do a good job with editing, but the script for this is awful. You’ve broken the video up into different segments, but those segments don’t flow together, or even really fully explain a point on their own. And you’ve spent very little time even talking about action movies that have taken inspiration from the series. I agree that John Wick has made a big impact, but this video doesn’t even explain that.

  25. No too much shaky cam, cut, different angles. This is the reason why I love many action scenes from Thailand and Hong Kong/China films.

    I hated it when Tony Jaa went to Hollywood. The fighting cinematograpgy was just crap and doesn't deliver the same impact his Thailand moviea did.

  26. GQ-Assassins, with Gunkata. Equilibrium also pioneered the idea of a firearms centered form of martial arts. Eh, Atomic Blonde – woke knockoff.

  27. I wonder who will play Young John Wick in the future films or the TV series. That's a very big shoes to fill because of how perfect Keanu embodied the role.

  28. That’s cool and all. What about the movie Drive? I feel like that movie has also been influential in its own way.

  29. John Wick didnt change a thing. Asian action films have been doing this since the 80s. They just realized cutting 20 times for one punch in a scene is terrible.

  30. Keanu reminds me of that old hollywood grace. Im sure youve seen the videos like "instagram model vs supermodel" and it reminds of that. He has the grace and modesty but also talent of the older hollywood idols. The hollywood of today is much more flashy and for clout.

  31. Please no more Marvel Comic movie sequels. Just one is per month like the books or just release all at once, really put fans in a frenzy. Funny how Matrix influences and now John Wick is thrown around with Marvel/disney. Not forgetting the whole video game aspect of this title.

  32. Title is wrong. I noticed the moment it came out.
    Don’t play yourself. We all know. That’s why it’s so big.
    These movies are so freaking amazing.

  33. I could watch john wick fighting scenes over and over again cause of how great they are and filmed so im glad other people and movies are taking notes from it and following in their steps like they said with Atomic blonde

  34. I appreciate all the training he actually does to prefect the character. He just doesn’t rely on cgi or winging it, he puts his body & mind through it. Keanu is awesome, the first movie where the fight scene on the dance floor, he was ill and done it like in 1 take

  35. If Keanu made a movie with him killing bad people with chopsticks and fortune cookies, i will watch it.

  36. Honestly, not to sound all hipster, but I thought this film look special from the original's poster, the one of Keanu's head with the fuse and those piecing eyes. It really stayed with me though i never watched the movie at the time and here years later its allover the internet! Mainly i want to say, props to that the poster designer for suck a striking image!!

  37. While John Wick deserves alot of praises, to me without The Man From Nowhere which acts almost as a precursor to this type of action movie, we would not have a John Wick and deserves more attention then its garnered.

  38. I was pretty much over action/kill em all movies, but john wick has definitely been a much appreciated treat! All those movies compared to john wick were awful! Lmfao

  39. I felt that the fighting in John wick was more realistic in that he does pick up the dropped weapons which never made sense to me they didn't pick them up before. If you're defending yourself in a fire fight and its a large one your going to run out of ammo, as there's only so much you can carry. So you've got to pick up the weapons that the others have dropped hopefully and you also need to reload. Reloading isn't going to happen at the most perfect time. I also feel that today's Street Fighter assassin people would be highly trained former military and would have more of a ballet in their work. so let's go back in my shoe damn ups of the eighties something had to give something had to improve and the foreign films were improving and had to come to American cinema at some point and it did with John Wick.

    As a female I rented it for myself because I like Keanu Reeves I like the way he acts and the way he plays the protagonist of the movie John Wick number one was a fantastic ride I watched it over and over again I believe I watched it 6 times before I had to return it the next day I was not as pleased with the ending of the second movie I feel it was 2 over the top and unrealistic but that's what the directors wanted I think it would have been more frightening if you hadn't known who really was the enemy instead of making it look like everyone was.

    As for Keanu Reeves I have a great deal of respect for him, compared to a lot of the other actors. He doesn't bring politics into his movies, he just does movies, he doesn't do them to tell us what to do, he doesn't get up and tweet that he's this, and he's that, & we need to do as he tweets unlike others. He's just a person, he keeps his life private, and he knows that what he does can affect what people do. So he's very careful about what he says and does. What I like is that he is a real person and that he doesn't use his notoriety or fame to try and make us do something.

    The only thing that he does is he does have charities, but he's so quiet about it that you don't know he has these charities. To me, he's like the old movie stars way back in the 30s and 40s. They really didn't use their fame to get something and instead used it to help others. They knew they were lucky & merely human on a stage loved for a part they played not the person they were.

    When Keanu did the Matrix at first, I didn't understand what was happening in it, but I have to admit it does have a cult following because of what it teaches, it teaches us to be very careful, not only about say, for instance, if we were attacked by aliens and whatever we would do, but also be careful about the world around us, what's real and what's not.

    Just the other day I was talking to my husband that there was a beautiful rendition of Simon & Garfunkel's "Hello darkness my old friend" by a little girl on YouTube, and it was very haunting. It struck me, it's here. Talking all the time, but saying nothing, on Twitter Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram. WhatsApp. Putting our lives out for all to see talking, but not really speaking. These neon gods, really scary, oh, my husband, just looked at me and said, I never thought of it that way. I'm sure that when they wrote the song, they were just writing something that came from the heart, not realising that in their life time, they would see us doing this.

    Did you know one of the Google creaters has a church that worships as its God, a computer! Why not, it's perfect, it wouldn't make a mistake. Well, yes, of course, it would, all computers are programmed by a human being, it only knows what the human being put into it, even AI is created by th,e intelligence of the person who programed it originally.

  40. I love how they actually take into consideration that On firearms can and will malfunction and two guns do not have an unlimited ammo cheat code. Dont get me wrong, I enjoy watching Arnold in Commando take on an island full of opposing army with one gun that shoots non stop killing anyone that comes within feet of the round all while none of their rounds come close to Arnold as he mows them down. I also enjoy the one liners like the end of commando where Arnold is fighting a bad guy in a chain link vest named Bennett and after he defeats him by throwing a pipe through his body he say "Bennett, Let off some steam!" I had never seen anything like John Wick. I happened to catch it on cable tv one day and immediately had to find it so I could watch it in its real form. Right after I was hooked. Just a rare movie to see in todays world where they aren't even as good as the old Commando or Steven Segal movies. Its The Rock using his strength to hold up a 50 story building while he saves his family. Total ridiculousness. Obviously JW is not 100% realistic but its just right in how much it adds to make it entertaining.

  41. All the movies he just said . Gay John is just the same but worse Come on the gay walked around like he got fucked in the ass all the time.

  42. John Wick can also be compared to Jackie Chan type action scenes. Keanu Reeves was the perfect man to bring this to Hollywood.

  43. It didnt change things…….it just managed to bring back the 80's and 90's R rated vibe which Bourne's PG13 + shaky shit started to ruin

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