John Wick Official Trailer #1 (2014) – Keanu Reeves, Willem Dafoe Movie HD

John Wick Official Trailer #1 (2014) – Keanu Reeves, Willem Dafoe Movie HD

[Music] you like that huh nice try Thanks how much excuse me how much for the car she’s not for sale give good day sir I lost everything that dog was a final gift from my dying wife Jonathan you got out once you dip so much as a pinkie back in this pond you may find something reaching out to pull you backing it’s personal but you get that car what does it matter it’s not what you did son it’s who you did it to nobody but nobody [Applause] is jumping you’re working again now I just sorting some stuff out tasks accrue how many this man asked you have [Music] Pingu keep asking if I’m back yeah I’m thinking on back [Music] [Applause] I’m not afraid John wick [Applause] how good’s your laundry no one’s that good I thought you [Music]

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  1. cuando jonh wick nació el le dio la nalgada al medico y lo hizo llorar. de pequeño sus padres dormían con el cuando tenían miedo; en la escuela la maestra le pedía permiso para ir al baño. se dice que jonh wick falto dos días a la escuela y ahora se conocen como sábado y domingo. jonh wick se corta las uñas de la mano derecha con la mano derecha. cuando jonh wick se fue de la casa su papa paso a ser el hombre de la casa. jonh wick no se puede reflejar al espejo porque solo puede haber un jonh wick.

  2. "Started from the bottom now were here."
    Me after watching parabellum then re-watching this trailer. 10/10.💕

  3. I came here because people kept saying:
    “Frank Castle is the MCU’s John Wick.” And now that I’ve seen this, I agree. 😂

  4. funny thing: when I first saw this movie I was like "wow nice movie n all… but all this for a dog?"

    now that I have my own dog for almost a year I can totally relate to this 🙂

  5. First time I saw this trailer when this movie comes out, I knew this movie was a masterpiece

  6. I saw portions of JW2 and he killed about 500 people..I'm like woah woah woah hold gotta see the First one.

  7. 🔨🔧🚕🚔🚳🚷🚉💵💵💵💵💲⛺⚠⚠⚠⚠😲😵😵🔪🔫⌛💯💯💯📴🚹❌❎

  8. I'm not usually rooting for action films, but oh boy, this one is marvellous! And not only as an action one, but as a good story in general. People, bonds, tragedies, revenge, persistance, class…

    Every line, move, feeling. Every bit was so damn good.

  9. Anyone else notice that the guy healing Johns wounds is also the same actor who plays key master from The Matrix?

  10. No not the puppy. I wanted to see why john wicks is so popular. Keanu his hot his always been got since Wayne's world. I'm gonna watch all the wicks movies the trailers have sold me.😉💕💕💕

  11. i dint watch the trailer. that was the best thing. the movie was just totally virgin for me. that was insanely great experience.

  12. Sum of John Wick: Keanu Reeves is practicing headshots for the new CS-GO spring season with the altruist help of the Russian maffia…

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