JoJo & BowBow Make a Cake?! 🎀 The JoJo & BowBow Show Show! Season 2: Ep. 4 | Nick

JoJo & BowBow Make a Cake?! 🎀 The JoJo & BowBow Show Show! Season 2: Ep. 4 | Nick

Hey everyone, it’s JoJo. And BowBow. And welcome to the JoJo
And BowBow Show Show. Yo, yo! So BowBow and I are getting
ready to watch an amazing show. Dancing With The Pugs. [salsa music playing] Uh, BowBow… I was going to say our friends,
Jacob and Einstein’s baking show. Oh yeah. They film it live,
and today is their 100th episode. Did somebody say 100th episode? Woohoo! It’s Jacob and Einstein. Hey guys. I love it when our
friends pop up in bubbles over our heads when
we’re talking about them. What are you guys doing here?
Your show starts any minute. We wanted to invite you
guys to be guest chefs. We’re making a huge cake
with 100 ingredients. 100! That sounds awesome. Us? Guest chefs? I accept. Great. Want a ride over to
our house in this bubble? Um, yeah we do. Whoa, it’s really nice in here. Like an airplane. Are pretzels served? It’s a short flight. Hold on tight. Wee! Okay, 100 ingredients for your
100th episode cake are 100% ready. Thanks. I’m so pumped. There’ll be tons of people watching.
Everybody’s super excited to tune in. Excited! Just a quick reminder to not say
the magic word before we go live. You know what happens when
Einstein hears the word… Action. Oh, we know. He goes a little mad
scientist with the food. My doggie lips are sealed. Thanks, now let’s get ready to bake. We need to focus. No distractions. I’ll take care of the
audience interaction. And I just want to get in on the action. Action! [all gasping] Did I say action? You said action. But we were rhyming. It was just bad timing. Oh no, Einstein’s climbing. Time to cook! – No!
– No! Cook! Not the hot fudge. Or the eggs! Bake a cake. Einstein, what are you doing? You have to put the
lid on so it doesn’t… [laughing] Ah! It’s a disaster in here
and we’re live in one minute. Help! JoJo, did I ruin their show? No way BowBow, it was just an accident. We can clean this up in no time. It’s so not that bad. [whirring] I should have stayed home today and
binge watched Dancing With The Pugs. Dancing With The Pugs. BowBow, Jacob,
that’s exactly what we’re going to do. We’ll dance our way to a clean kitchen. Everybody put these on your
feet/paws and start grooving. It’s worth a shot. We need a little music. [music starting] And slide to the left. Now slide to the right. Hey look, it’s working. Cleaning more fun than cooking! Now let’s get funky. Freestyle people. Ah, yeah. Break it down. – Wow.
– Whoa. Thanks JoJo, we did it. Aw, no problem Jacob. But what about your 100 ingredients? What are we going to
make the cake with? I always keep backups just in case
this sort of thing ever happens. Ooh, yay, yay, yay, yay.
Time for show! Time for show! Just in time, here we go. And three, two, one. I’ll skip saying the magic word today. – Good call.
– I think that’s best. Hey everybody. Welcome to
Baking With Jacob And Einstein. We’re live with our special guest
chefs, JoJo and BowBow. – Yo, yo!
– Yo, yo! And today,
we’ve got 100 reasons to celebrate. So let’s get cooking. What’s up guys? We just got
back from the show, and wowzers. It was a huge hit. Jacob and Einstein had the
most viewers they’ve ever had. And we made this amazing cake. See? It was the perfect way
to help our friend celebrate. JoJo, maybe we should do
something to celebrate us. But BowBow, we haven’t made 100 episodes
of the JoJo And BowBow Show Show yet. But we have had a hundred, thousand,
million fun times together. – Haven’t we?
– Aw, we sure have BowBow. Maybe we should take
another ride in the bubble. You read my adorable little mind. Wow, so much leg room. And I brought the pretzels. Well that’s today’s JoJo
And BowBow Show Show. We gotta go-go. But we’ll see you before you know-know. – Peace out.
– Peace out.

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