JoJo & BowBow Make UNICORN HORNS! 🦄 The JoJo & BowBow Show Show! Season 2: Ep. 6 | Nick

JoJo & BowBow Make UNICORN HORNS! 🦄 The JoJo & BowBow Show Show! Season 2: Ep. 6 | Nick

Cheerio, friends. Welcome to JoJo And BowBow Show Show. Fancy a cup of tea? That means, would you like a cup of tea? We have some awesome new
friends on our street. Grace and her corgi, Georgie. They just moved here from England so we’ve been working
on our British accents. Any which wayzos. Grace is a super talented
artist with tons of fans. Hint, she’s all about the unicorns. Wow. Wow. We’re actually going over there right
now to do some unicorn-themed crafts. Let’s go go, BowBow. Hello, governor. Hi Grace and Georgie.
We’re here! Hello JoJo and BowBow. Greetings fine friends. The supplies are all ready
for making unicorn art. Whoa! Uni-tastic. I sorta, kinda, really, mostly,
definitely can’t wait to start. Wonderful, but before we do, well,
we need your help with something. Don’t we Georgie? Oh yes, help is needed indeed. Great because help is my middle name. Actually, I mean, It’s Joanie, but it might as well be ‘help’
because I love helping people. So really my name should
be JoJo Joanie “Help” Siwa. Nevermind, won’t fit on a sweatshirt. What’s up guys? One of my fans has been
poo-pooing my unicorn art. And Georgie and I thought
everybody liked unicorns. Um, yes, unicorns. What’s not to like? Hm, yeah. The poo-poo-er. I had one of those once. A sock-wearing poodle. [growling] But JoJo helped me out a lot. That’s right. Being kind and
brave is the perfect way to go. We should ask this person what
kind of art they would create. You know, because sometimes
when a person’s grumpy, they just want to know
that somebody cares. They certainly do. I mean, that’s a wonderful idea. It really is. I’ll ask them right now. Dear Sir Fluffybottom… That’s what this person’s nickname is. Oh, I say. I care about all of my fans and I’d love to know what kind
of art you would like me to make. Sent. And now we wait. Goodness me. I’m suddenly quite thirsty. Excuse me while I fetch a cup of tea. Ooh, that sounds good. Bring some for me please? Sir Fluffybottom is writing back. Reaching out worked. It totally does. Okay, read it. Thanks for asking Grace, I have a
great idea about what you can paint. Hold on, JoJo. What if I painted what they describe? And then gave it to them
as a sign of friendship? Spoken like a true Siwanator. I’m proud to be one. Me too, but where’s that cup of tea?
I better go check. Okay, more reading. You should paint a creature
with fluffy brown fur, short little legs,
ears that stick up like a bunny rabbit and a shimmering horn on top of its head. Oh my! JoJo, look! No… way. Hiya Georgie. BowBow? Why are you typing a message on
the computer and not making me tea? [muttering] Wait a minute. Oh, I say. Are you saying that
you’re Sir Fluffybottom? All right, yes, yes.
I’m Sir Fluffybottom. We have to tell Grace and JoJo right away. Must we? I’m a bit
embarrassed about my behavior. Georgie, true friends
will always understand. Oh, Georgie, this is you. I had no idea you were Sir Fluffybottom. Next time just tell Grace
how you’re feeling, Georgie, instead of poo-poo-ing
her art on the computer. I was just jealous that you might
secretly want one for a pet instead of me. Unicorns leap and jump and
have rainbow dust everywhere. – Wow.
– Wow. See? All I do is fetch and sometimes drink
from the toilet when nobody’s looking. Oh, did I say that last part out loud? We’ve all done it. So I thought if you
could see me as a unicorn then you might think I was special too. But you are special Georgie. You’re my Georgiecorn. This is so sweet. – Aw.
– I’m one happy chap. [howling] If you start howling,
then I’ll start howling. [both howling] Thanks for helping me reach
out to a friend today, JoJo. Turns out, it was my best friend. Those are the best kind. [both howling] So everything worked out
great for Grace and Georgie, and the Georgiecorn painting. Grace posted it, and it was her most
loved piece of unicorn art ever. Wow. Well, that’s today’s JoJo
And BowBow Show Show. We gotta go-go. But we’ll see you before you know-know. – Peace out.
– Peace out. – Tea anyone?
– That would be lovely.

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  1. I never new there was a jojo show in Nickelodeon I always watch Nickelodeon but my brother only watches Nickelodeon a pile bit I hope I did not do a really long text

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