Joker Trailer #1 (2019) | Movieclips Trailers

Joker Trailer #1 (2019) | Movieclips Trailers

Will you please stop bothering my kid? Sorry. Arthur. I have some bad news for you. This is the last time we’ll be meeting. You don’t listen, do you? You just ask the same questions every week. How’s your job? Are you having any negative thoughts? All I have are negative thoughts. And finally, in a world where everyone thinks they can do my job, check out this guy. When I was a little boy and told people I was gonna be a comedian, everyone laughed at me. Well, no one’s laughing now. You can say that again, pal. It’s so awful, isn’t it? For my whole life… I didn’t know if I even really existed. But I do. And people are starting to notice. Think this is funny? Is this a joke to you? Uh, Murray… One small thing. Yeah. When you bring me out… Can you introduce me as Joker?

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  1. Sure it's gonna be A+ acting…..but still could care less about a joker origin story without a Batman or it looks like not even a villain too

  2. Joker: "I've demonstrated that there is no difference between me and everyone else, all it takes is just one bad day. That's how far the world is from where I am, just one bad day."

  3. In a lot of trailers, the film segments one sees are the best clips of the entire film. In this incredible trailer I feel that the best parts of the movie haven't been revealed… and that makes me very excited to see this film.

  4. I know this will be a good movie judging by the seemingly good storyline and of course, Joaquin Phoenix; but I’m just not excited for the movie based on the trailers.

    I’m still confused about the tone of this film and whether there will be a lot of action sequences, like most super hero (villain) movies, or if it will be more of a drama-type film. I wish they would show us more exciting scenes from the movie to clarify some of these things.

  5. No doubt about Joaquin potraying another amazing ver of the joker…but with the physic and age…I doubt he can fight Batman in a hand to hand combat..Joker had developed descent fighting skills

  6. Damn 0:25 kinda sounds like mark hamill's joker laugh
    I just hope this joker is insane as the btas joker was 😍

  7. Always someone else’s fault lol. Not sure if I want to pay current ticket prices on a big budget character study, but I’ll definitely stay positive for it.

  8. ياساااااتر التيزر يحمس مليون ، الاوكسترا الي تعزف تعطيك رعشه خطيرة

  9. I think that the laugh is involuntary. sort of like an uncontrollable tick that some people have. during the scene where he is walking down the hall, I feel is an indicator. Also after the woman tells him to stop bothering his son, you can see that he tries to stop himself from it happening again.

  10. The power and emotion of the musical score is like a drug….I just want more…please send in the clowns:-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-)

  11. Can't writers think of anything new. Remakes or storylines about side characters. I'm not interested in seeing a movie about the joker. I'm interested in New creationism. But, Hollywood is about making a dollar safely. You need to get China out of California.

  12. As an aspiring actor and a massive fan of this adaptation of Joker. I have created my own Joker short video on my channel. Monologue is my own words but inspired by this Joker. Jaoquin Phoenix has changed the face of the Jokers history. If anyone is interested please take a look on my channel. X

  13. I will give them this, this trailer was interestingly unsettling, in a good and intriguing way, I will give this a chance.

  14. I’m very hesitant to get behind this film. Joaquin Phoenix is great, but with the hangover-director and the lack of Batman, I’m not sure.. especially after seeing how Venom turned out without spider-man.

  15. Ok, Ok. This looks great! Here is my only issue, will this be folded in the main universe? I asked because this could be the foundation of something great. DC shouldn't copy Marvel, they should get more veteran directors and writes from this point forward! Beautiful trailer! Hat's off!

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