Jumanji (1/8) Movie CLIP – Wasps and Monkeys (1995) HD

Jumanji (1/8) Movie CLIP – Wasps and Monkeys (1995) HD

It’s gotta be micro-chipped or something You go first Okay… “Six.” “A tiny bit can make you itch, make you sneeze, make you twitch.” (screaming) Don’t! “This will not be an easy mission, monkeys slow the expedition.” What’s that? (monkeys howling)

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  1. A tiny bit
    Can make you itch
    Make you sneeze
    Or make you twitch..
    I itch about popcorn getting on me
    I sneeze when im cold
    I twitch if something I dont like comes near me..
    A cold piece of alive popcorn xD

  2. My wasps are actually deadly and/or infectious species of bees and bee girls,and my monkeys are possibly either mice-girls or the zombeavers,(specific or small-species)zoombies,and Cooties zombies…I can't fuddin' stand zombies…they're everywhere

  3. These kids have some balls.. if I saw a board game move the pieces on it's own I'm throwing that shit right on out.. FOH

  4. the visual effects from industrial light and magic is stunning to look at and it's a great tribute to Robin Williams.

  5. "It's gotta be microchipped or something" 6…. Goodbye Robin. You play with fire… Mrs Doubtfire, and occultistic dark boards and you are gone……
    I don't see if people know the references I am referring too. But maybe some

  6. they actually have the board game jumanji on sale now i'm going to try it see if anything happens if you see me riding an elephant than you know it works )_)

  7. موجود الفلم في قناتي كامل ومترجم وبجودة عالية .. وشكرا ❤🕊

  8. Boy this was my childhood my teacher used to show us clips of it to teach us about animals when we were 4 and now her i am 9 years later looking at this

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