JVC 2012 D-ILA Projectors with e-Shift

JVC 2012 D-ILA Projectors with e-Shift

We’re standing in front of the JVC 4K theater
at the 2012 CES. 4K theater means that JVC uses a proprietary system called e-Shift,
which upconverts 1920×1080, full HD, to 4K — 8 million pixels versus 2 million pixels.
Now, that 4K image is important because if you’re going to have a home theater system,
you’re going to have a larger screen. And in order to have a larger screen, you need
to have more “dots”. That 4K is over 8 million pixels of high quality picture. JVC 4K e-Shift
technology is available in two of our three projectors — the DLA-X70, which has THX and
ISF calibration, and our flagship, the DLA-X90. Now, the DLA-X90 gives you an amazing 120,000
to 1 native contrast ratio. That’s the highest in the industry. Native contrast means you’re
going to get rich, velvety blacks, bright whites as well as color, all at the same time.
There’s no iris needed, so therefore it’s not going to close down to give your whites
a dark image and open up and not be able to give you black. so, JVC DLA-X70 and 90 with
4K e-Shift from JVC gives you over 8 million pixels of pure video for the most excitement
you can get out of a home theater projector.

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  1. those are the best home theatre projectors in the world. the x30 alredy blows me away… i wonder how the x90 would look like 😀
    i must say jvc produces a lot of crap but in terms of projectors they're doing it 100% right.

  2. Great projectors, just dont last that long. I spent 8G on my HD-950 and have had two fail on me and the second was past warranty. Luckily I had purchased extended warranty from my retailer, but at this point I am pretty sure my replacement will croak unless I get upgraded to something in the X series chassis, even then it is a toss up.

    Optical blocks are usually the problem and cost more than the projector is worth. Puts a guy in a difficult position when problems arrise after warranty expires

  3. 4k content is still a fair bit away so this technology interests me because it'll give new life to my blu rays until the next format is released. looking at the x75. but for a third of the price can get an epson 9100w.. decisions, is the upscaling really that impressive? everyone seems to think it works good…

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