Kaadhal – Oru Copy ll New Tamil Short Film 2019

Kaadhal – Oru Copy ll New Tamil Short Film 2019

“Love – One copy” (someone whistling a Vijay song) Its been 10 minutes since I got ready Is this what you call ready?….:P Go… Get ready properly!! Wait for my revenge… :p Wow… Its superb Daddy: What’s it? Look at this snap by brother Its good… :- Any update on the internship that you applied for? Yeah Daddy… Its on the way… Seems its on the way for too long :p hey… please keep quiet! Even today, there were call-fors for graduates to bank exams …in the newspaper. Plan accordingly! You want me to take up accounting after doing engineering!! I can’t do it!!! You’re right! One should only be pursuing photography after learning
computer science… 😛 Keep on doing it!! :p Laugh as much as you like!! Even I’ll have my day once! Lets see when it comes… Now focus on driving :p Will you stop at a xerox shop on the way? I need to take a photocopy! Totally forgot it 🙁 You cunning… :0 Pretending to study at home… and now are up to making xerox to cheat in exams?? :p Chee… You thought of me like yourself? I need copies of log table without which …I won’t be allowed inside the exam hall 🙁 I knew you’re not so smart :p I don’t have change for balance!! No worries… keep the change! Hey… what’re you doing? I’ve change 🙂 shamelessly staring… ! here Don’t embarass me !!! Do you know her? Remember? She was our previous neighbour Raju uncle’s daughter – Nithya! Ohh! That Nithya

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  1. Yunus nega vijay mari erukeenga okay , but nega unga style na nadinga vijay anna sona mari nega negala vaanga 🙂🙏🏻🙏🏻

  2. Good one.. concept so simple and sweet… background music makes more strengthen each scene… good keep it up guys.

  3. Ithu en frist love sollavanthavana ok pannala.aga style irruntha than intha ponnukaluku pudikuma.alagu than mukiyama.manasu nallavana venama.

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