Kaaki Sattai – Tamil Full Movie | Sivakarthikeyan | Sri Divya | Anirudh Ravichander

Kaaki Sattai – Tamil Full Movie | Sivakarthikeyan | Sri Divya | Anirudh Ravichander

Priest, how is my son’s star placed this year? He’s a Capricon, right? It’s time for a complete change He’ll stop walking and start flying now His moon is placed favourably So he will do good for friends And punish enemies He’ll acquire speed and stealth
to defeat his enemies He’ll do great! Where does he work? He’s a police inspector How dare you arrest men from my Party? So what if he’s from your political party?
Do you know what he’s done? He’s brewed duplicate liquor Five of the consumers have died.
And fifty are fighting for their lives Our inspector will be coming.
You can talk to him This station is in my party’s jurisdiction And I should wait for that inspector? Break open the cell and free our men Hear that sound? Our inspector has arrived.
And he’s going to skin you alive Break open right before
the Inspector’s eyes! Show them our party’s power! Heard you said something about your party? This piece of cloth can make me your party man But touch my uniform and you’ll
find yourself behind bars Don’t get it? I’ll lock you up for forcing entry into my
station and obstructing justice… Talking to me about sections now?
Do you know who I am? You were on this “Wanted List” five
years back Now you call yourself a noble educator,
with your drug money And leather business Flesh trade with women- available in
all states! A lawless oaf and a miscreant Did I get your bio-data right? Don’t mess with me I’m going to strip your dhoti and
make you sit in your undies You’re going to make me sit
in my undies? It would be unpleasant to see you naked, right?
There are lady cops here Constables! Constables! You, Mathi! This constable kid is a dreamer! You’re day-dreaming now? I’ve told you not to wear your uniform I have assigned you a duty.
Go take care of that Off you go! What a guy. Hey, Ravi?
– Yes, sir? Why did you have to come down
for these guys? They’re our boys-
– Okay, take them away I knew this would happen.
So unnecessary. Let’s order some tea Your entry was in an airplane this time? A horse-carriage? Tri-cycle? Why are we afraid of these guys? This isn’t how you deal with such men! Why is our “Ins” this way? Why are you getting so worked up? See our Sub Inspector?
He just sits around digging his ear.. … And goes home You should be that way, too I’ve only worn this uniform thrice
in the three years I’ve been here And one of those times was to
check the fit I only joined the force because
I liked this uniform You should have joined Law and Order
department, then This is the crime department Our job is to blend in and dig up dirt
on criminals and lock them up How can you do that in a uniform? Just wait and see. I’ll end up in this
very station as an Inspector someday Head constable sir, you’ll shake from
head to toe and salute to me then Damn your intentions! Let us progress at least in your dreams! This guy will grow to be an Inspector… …But we must be stuck in this position
and salute him? I could become a DSP someday! I could become a commissioner, then He’s still not left? Sir, he won’t leave!
Just go, man A man with that face become a commissioner! Mom, you’re making your constable son out
to be some big shot! What’s too much? Someday, my son will be a legend like
Alex Pandian or Durai Singam He could reach such heights, with
his looks and intelligence Mathi, are you at the spot? Over Mathi! Are you there? Sir, couldn’t you opt for a ticket collector’s
or porter’s attire to catch thieves? This is embarrassing! When will the thief come? Are you new to the job? You gotta yell “Madam, sir!” while begging
Or they won’t give you anything Shut up, snot-mouth! I’m so annoyed… Feeling embarrassed? It’s like that initially But it gets fun eventually Did your dad throw you out or has
you wife run away? Shut up, man!
Do I deserve this, Ins! I get it now
This “Ins” guy is your business partner He stole all your money and gave you
an orange candy No one in this world is to be trusted, buddy Who’s your “buddy”! You beggar… I’m a beggar and you’re the guy who
owns these trains? We’re beggars on the same plane now.
Beg that man in green shirt… Hey! You don’t know who I am…
-Who are you? Mathi! When you’re undercover, no one
should know that you’re a cop What a big hole! How can I hear your thoughts? Okay, buddy. Shall we share?
– What? Sharing is the act of splitting equally
the money we’ve earned begging… Normally I don’t share with anyone.
But I really like your beard Do we have a deal or no deal? Oh god!
– It’s a deal, then Hello, generous one!
– You don’t look like beggars Do we look like bidders of premium
sports clubs He’s Shah Rukh Khan’s partner and this
one’s Preity Zinta’s partner And we are, buddy..?
– Punch you! I’m just as pissed. Just give us
the money and buzz off I will give you but you must
split it equally, no fighting Give us two fifties… This is fifty paise.
Half of it is twenty five paise The government has already banned it An idly costs a rupee.
And a water can- ten rupees! This can buy us only one thing.
Give it to him and it’ll buy you a slap Look at his face! Like a broken bulb Sadist! He’ll get run over by a train…
He’s even worse than us Lady Charity is here!
Boys, cue sound effects. Action! Miss, I’m so hungry! Please show
kindness, O Goddess of Generosity! Miss, come soon! Enough talk! Come soon, miss Don’t get angry! Please come, miss.
Hey, your plate is hurting my ribs! Miss, I only ate an hour back.
Buy me some clothes to help digest… Please, miss! Are you recruiting for police!
What are you studying like that? He looks the most pitiable You might as well have not come! I’ve been performing all day and
she gives money to the newbie Mathi, the accused is coming
– He’s here? Where? Haven’t earned even a penny since morning.
Please madam, sir! Just give me something Sir, let’s go to the police station? Quickly! Quick, quick… Sonu! Take this away The girl I saw in the railway station
was an absolute angel! We went to the same school till 5th grade Even back then she used had this rose
on her hair and would wink at me like a doll! Like this? You say she went to school with you You don’t how many children she has
mothered now! There were so many beggars there but
she gave me the money. What does that mean? Don’t you get it? You were the ugliest of all the beggars If you love a girl, go tell her
Why do you tell me? I want to do something different… Samarasam! What are you doing here?
– We were begging.. I mean, talking… We were discussing ways to get the
accused to talk, sir You two? Think I’ll buy that? Trust, is everything… Are you imitating him? I asked you to type the case file And you! Serve the accused tea… Take it Sir, he’s said in Bengali that the theif
is in Kerala The boy was a Bengali, so he figured it out About our thing…
– I’ll take care of it Who in Kerala? The Bhai..?
– George Kutty from Allappy, sir The same! Give it to me
Can’t live without chips? I’ll tell the Sub Inspector about you… What do you want? Chips?
You can have anything you want You look like that girl in that movie… Promise! See the boat over there? He’s inside it How can you tell? It’s Mathimaran’s instinct! Mathi says he must be in that boat Look in here
Look inside that room! Catch him! Catch that guy! How did you find out? Sir, the place where he’s staying was
written in his house in Malyalam It was written here in English.
That’s how I figured it out Do you know Malyalam?
– A little bit I thought you were all talk, but
you’re smart enough Sonu, you helpled with the Kerala case.
Take whatever you want Are you taking the dirty magazines? Wow! India has branches for everything How can this guy do the job?
– Keep quiet. I know what I’m doing Hello, Durai! Who’s he?
– My wife’s brother How many sovereigns?
– Five hundred sovereigns Really? I only lost 50, but an extra zero
got added while typing the complaint And I let it be Heard you’re causing problems at
the party? No! I haven’t said a word… Watch out or you’ll find yourself dead Brother, he’s online Mr. Manikavel owns M.V.K jewellers.
500 sovereign gold was stolen from his store last week R-5 Police Station has caught 4 KGs of gold
in Kerala, it seems Would be nice if they could settle his case
with the gold acquired Go collect it What’s happening here? Why does
he get the gold? Can’t tell whose gold it is when the jewel’s
been melted and moulded It belongs to forty two different people They must have worked for years and years
to save up this gold We see the people crying out loud
while placing the complaint! How could the “Ins” have the heart to
do such things? You’re surprised by this?
Want to know something else? He’s taken a cut of a hundred sovereigns I’m coming, sir! We’re taking pictures with the jewellery.
Coming? Why would I pose for such pictures.
You go ahead Of course I will pose! You’ll be jealous when you see it in the morning Want to stand on my head instead? Everyone’s so much taller than me! Can’t find my face… Why are you huddled in a corner?
– You felt so bad yesterday But you’re standing next to the Inspector.
Like you’re the Inspector! I solved the case.
Why would I stand in the back row? Not just near the Inspector.
Soon I will be the Inspector A sparrow can hope to build it’s
nest on a tower; But not build a tower How can you become an Inspector?
– Can! Like a tea vendor became our Prime Minister.
And a bus conductor became our Superstar If you believe, anyone can be anything This uniform of mine Sets you ablaze Protecting you is my growth;
My future This uniform of mine Leaves you amazed It’s time for progress;
Let’s go my friend! Don’t settle for a meal
Strive to win the whole world The sky is nothing
You can reach greater heights With your sweat pouring
Like the rain Don’t stop at the shore
Swim across borders You may come across
A million barriers Pave your own way
Across planes and rivers A thorn that hurts you
Will only make you stronger Your touch can make
All the difference A football that’s not kicked
Is like a feet with nowhere to go! Believe in yourself
Believe in your inner strength This is the motto in life Let’s win this life! The group that arrived this morning: Need to send it to Thiru Homes, Sai Hotels
and Sarvam Constructions Get this done before you start
– Okay, sir Are you well? Still feeling dizzy? No, sir. I had two continuous shifts that day
and didn’t have time for breakfast But I’m okay now On the one hand, we have people who faint
because they don’t have time to eat On the other hand, there are those
who don’t have food to eat Is that their fate? They’ve left their homes to earn a living
at some alien land Doctor Madam, prescribe medicines if
there’s something wrong with them We must care for them Me? You’re the one who saves lives.
You’re great I make a living out of the commission these
workers earn from their toil And you call me great! What station did you say? I know how to interrogate.
It’s not for you to say The robbery has happened close to
where these seven work So they must come for interrogation
whenever called for Not just that, I want updates on all the
workers from your agency Forty-fifty men come every weak and
leave within a few days as they get home-sick Or they transfer to another agency for a
higher salary What could I do? Till there’s a proper law established for all this,
it’s hard to tell the guilty from the innocent Looks like wanting to serve people
is a crime these days You may leave
– So long Bring them with care
– Okay, sir Daddy! Yes, sir. The child’s name is Swetha.
She is in first grade She’s gotten down from her school van
and wandered off alone Driver didn’t notice Please take a look and let us know Did Swetha come there? Do you have Madhavan’s number, sis? What do I know! Check in the diary She’s not there! Oh no…
She always tells us where she’s going Why are you getting so worked up now?
She must have gone to her friend’s place Is she a college girl to visit her friends?
We’ll find the girl. Don’t cry! Where did you go? Mommy! Where were you? There’s no problem. She had lost her way I brought her from the station Why did you go to the railway station?
– Not railway station- Yes, aunty! She’s here now She’s here now, stop yelling! You’ve saved our child! Please come in Come in and have a seat Why did you get down from the van? I saw someone just like Daddy But then I realised that it’s not him How could a job be more important
than spending time with your little girl? I told you not to wed our daughter to a cop.
You didn’t listen You said it’s some good job with a good salary.
Now look what’s happened! He’s roaming around in a different state
each year That guy doesn’t even have the concern
that a passer-by did You sit down.
Don’t talk about my husband like that, mom If you don’t want me living with you,
I’ll leave You should have thought about this
before getting me married What’s the point now?
– Why waste your breath on split milk? Serve our guest coffee or tea
– Valid point! The cop husband has called
Go talk to him A cop’s job is not so bad Yeah, but how could one come home
only once a year? What kind of a job is that?
A family is important, too What do you do? Me.. I am.. What do you do? I work as a nurse at Devasagayam Hopsital
You? Policeman… is a bad job so I’m looking
for a good one If there’s a vacancy for a doctor, let me know.
I’m good at such jobs The coffee was nice It’s tea The tea was great, too! Welcome one, welcome all!
Sunglasses for sale! Time flies by
So do we! These glasses will even make your wife
fall in love with you I should buy one of these Others have sale only during Christmas
But we have sale all 365 days! Easy to give offers when the glasses
are not even yours You sound just like a salesman!
But don’t turn into one Remember why we’re here
– Why? We’re hear to catch the man who’s
robbing that ATM I thought you said you’re looking
for a good job? What’s wrong with this job?
I won’t beg, lie or steal- That’s all Begging is fine if it’s once.. Can lie
occasionally too. But no stealing! How much can you make selling a glass?
– I get five rupees I’ll have had a turn-over of
a hundred rupees by evening Come with me, I’ll sell it all I’m a pro and I’m finding this hard enough.
What could an amateur do? Don’t trouble yourself. Carry on You’ve dropped my sister’s child home.
This is the least I could do Hop on..
Mathi, do you copy? You.. and I.. together in this bike… To sell these glasses? Mathi, are you there? Flirting with the girl who came to
buy glasses? Mind your job Too much disturbance here.
Shall we go elsewhere and mind our job? Shall we?
– Let’s go He’s gone! Uncle, these sunglasses will cool your eyes.
And good for your sight Even the old look young in these sunglasses Yes! If you wear for a while these, no one
can tell who you’re looking at If I wear them for a long time?
– You can’t see anything It’s of great quality, look! Just take one of these You’ve got a paunch on your face.
You’ll only look nice with these glasses Just buy one of these, aunty Yeah, aunty Yeah, aunty Keep quiet for a while Buy one from me?
– Okay, give me one Here you go. All sold.
There’s two left Wait, we’ll find some idiot… Found them!
– Who? You, in the green saree! Can’t you
hear the girl calling you? Keep walking…
Stop glaring at me! Give it to me We only have two pieces left.
Please buy them His mother is mentally ill What about his sister? She died We must sell these to save his mother Please take them? Let him save his mother.
Give her the money Thank you so much, mother!
Your son shall prosper So you’ve found a girl! She’s just a girl I know
That’s all Did you babble something? No! I just told her you were in love Why?
– Don’t worry. But thinks she might be your lover Even I’m not so sure yet Where did you find that girl? Physics book?
– It’s Facebook, mom! So that’s where you met her Don’t know how to explain.
I’m just trying now Will let you know if there’s
some development Let me know if you need some help It’s not like you have a friend to play cupid Cyber Sanki alias Sankaranarayanan befriends
people on Facebook… … And commits fraud, You Honour He’s lied to my client that he’s software engineer
and a millionaire and cheated him, Your honour One small correction, Madam He’s the one who gave me a friends request.
I only “upsetted” it Is “upsetting” a crime, Your Honour? Don’t speak out of your turn Just answer the question Did you steal
money and jewellery from his house? True, but I didn’t commit the crime alone.
He aided me He’s my partner. Am I correct? I don’t understand
– Let me explain, your honour Just a week after adding me,
he kindled the greedy man in me… …By posting pictures saying “This is my family”
and “This is my house” with the complete address A few days later, he posted that he was going
on a vacation to Goa for a week… … And said “I’m missing my home” I didn’t want to miss the opportunity.
So I went and logged into the internet He’s chilling with his whole family
in the beach! I posted a comment “Have fun!” I drank his brandy and had fun, too Three days later, he posted “Back to Chennai” I had packed everything there was He then posted “On the way home”.
I cleaned up my puke and ran away Tell me, your honour.
If I committed a crime, didn’t he aide me? What’s that bruise on your face?
Did you slip? Yes, I was asked to say that
– By who? This head constable.
Don’t know what his problem is, took it out on me Moron got me in trouble! Did you hit him?
– No madam, while recovering the jewellery… Don’t speak! Tell me
– No, while recovering… Don’t speak! Tell me You’ve beat him like cattle! And he called me a buffalo, too! Will I get fired?
– Possibly What do I do, then?
– Become a T.V anchor I’ve warned you several times.
This is the last warning Take him to a good hospital and
get him treated Samarasam, spend from your pocket! From my pocket! Sanki at the hospital.. Divya will treat him..
Yay! He got us caught in there!
Don’t pamper him He hasn’t got “us” caught.
Only you. And one more thing.. We need to treat him
at a good hospital at your expense I was wondering how to make time
for Divya in this busy schedule… But our Sanki here has paved the way! So you don’t care if other go to hell.
As long as you get your chick? What does that mean?
– You’re in love? How did you know?
– You’re smiling for the whole family Have you told her yet? No, there’s a problem.
She doesn’t know that I’m a cop Shall I tell her?
– That I love her? No, that you’re the top cop
– What’s your problem! Don’t mess it up, please! This is how I begged you in the station.
You didn’t listen You beat me black and blue.
I’m telling that girl that you’re a cop Can you say that from here? Over here? A little back Little front… Take this seriously!
Attention! When does your duty get over?
– Ask him to open his mouth Open my mouth? Why? What are you doing here?
– My uncle is having chest pains Oh no! I said “Oh no”! And on our way here,
the auto met with an accident The shock of accident fixed his chest pains
– And then? We decided to take him back home.
But there were a few bruises… So wanted to keep him here.
For observation… And to keep observing How careless! Where is he now? He is…
Here is my uncle who met with the accident He got his mouth fixed Why get his mouth fixed? He has a sharp tongue.
Gets me into trouble with it So he needed to get his mouth fixed What’s he saying? He’s not a philosopher to say something
to this world He just went under the knife.
So he says he’s in pain Go on now. I’ll manage
– Okay! Take care I couldn’t say what I had to!
Your fault You must have gone to meet your girl She must have spoken friendly,
but you didn’t have the guts to propose So you’re wondering if she’s into you.
Am I right? It’s not like you solved a new case.
I’ve been whining about this for a week Give me ideas, sir! Ideas? Does she have colleagues? Yeah, there’s an overgrown baby That overgrown baby is the key.
Your babe will go to meet this baby And talk to her about you If the baby looks at you,
it means she’s in love! My dear, I’m falling in love! The sound of ambulance…
Is music to my ears My heart is hooked on to you And it’s beating so hard I’m stuttering
Like a helpless man Your beauty has driven me crazy Lugging my heart in your scooty Your heart has a “No entry” sign I’m desperate to break in! I’m hooked on to you
Like a fish in reel It’s a sweet torture, baby You’ve tied my senses
To your thoughts And dragging me around, lady The way you look at me
The way you talk! I can’t take this, baby I’m running behind
Hoping you’ll agree Won’t you confirm now?
Baby! Sir, the guy who has finished his college
and is unemployed… That’s him Get his bio-data.
We’ll find him a suitable job You look familiar… Were you at the R-5 police station..? What? Never been to a police station. The only stations I know are railway station,
service station, fire station… Playstation, F.M Station… And the hill station, sir! You do throw glances… And smile so coyly! You tempt me so Only to kill me with your words! When we’re closer If I said I loved you You’d say we’re just friends And switch sides Is love a farce? Boys know that And yet they do it.
Over and over again You missed this yesterday.
My friend gave it to me I’m sorry for lying that I’m not a cop The other day, mom-in-law said-
– Mom-in-law? Your mom! I’ll come, then What’s amazing is, you’re not angry
with me for lying Because you have a thing for me, yeah? What?
– That! Gratitude. For bringing my niece home To be angry with one, you need
to have some relationship with them I only returned your favour So you don’t know why I lied to you?
– I don’t know I’ll explain then. I-
– I don’t want to know Look, Divya! It’s wrong to act like
you have something that you don’t He only hid something about his job.
I don’t think he’s at fault You have no feelings for him and yet
you wanted to find him a job? Mind your business Making boys run around! What’s new? Let me go, Durai
I’ve done so much for you You have helped me a lot.
I should be loyal to you But I choose work over loyalty You spoke to those party-men and
set a date to join even though I forbade you No point in talking now Leave the body outside his house.
Teach his friends a lesson Mathi, stick around and collect the report tomorrow
– Okay, sir He was stabbed by a left handed person? The case’s neck is punctured heavily from the right.
It must have been a left hander Not wearing the ear-plug? Which case, sir?
– Try and get it out of him Tell me! Yesterday’s murder… We got the accused to surrender As if you went and solved the case He surrendered in his own accord! The case’s neck is punctured heavily from the right.
It must have been a left hander There’s solid evidence to show that the
murderer is a left hander But the man who has surrendered is right handed Something is wrong… Yes, something is wrong I know he’s not the murderer
– Why, then? Perform your duties.
Don’t question mine It’s my duty to not let the criminals get away Go away.. Just go Need to submit this evidence to the court.. Yeah, right! Let’s just submit this evidence We should be punishing wrong doers.
How can we do the wrong thing! This is appalling!
– Sure is It will be appalling, disgusting and humiliating That’s just the way things are I was stiff as a stick back when I
joined the force But that served no purpose In this case, both the killer and the accused
were criminals Where’s the question of justice here? You’re right. There’s no justice in
a murder case As opposed to a robbery, where you get a cut You’re referring to the Kerala robbery? I gave them the jewels because the D.C
came here in person and gave orders You think I took the remaining 100 sovereigns Murugan and I called the victims unofficially
and split it amongst them But the 400 sovereigns went to the wrong hands What’s the point in being a cop? When you don’t have the power, sometimes
you’ll have to do the right thing the wrong way You can call yourself a cop, but no cop
can do anything on his own You need to abide by the hierarchy
and follow your higher official’s orders Look, Mathi. This is a huge chain
We’re just small links You can have a million ideas.
But this is what works If you can’t do it, step aside
and let us be good cops You don’t get what I’m saying To understand that, find a shocking case You won’t know if you’ll lose your job,
your life or where you’ll get hit by who If you’re a real cop, find such a case
We’ll see What do you say? Can’t you see the milk is boiled?
Don’t you pay attention? Always pasting these aeroplanes!
Give it to me I’ll break your head Brother!
– Stop, you rascal! Why hit a small kid? Look at this! He’s always sticking this Doesn’t do any of the shop work I’ll beat you to pulp! Go away! Poor kid has come to make a living… So should I not make him work?
The agency gets money every month I need to extract work from him Upset that a higher official yelled at you?
Higher officials are always like that I’ve gotten yelled at so many times Not just him! Even the accused and
passers by have insulted me You can’t pay heed to all that
Just do your job Just wait and see, I’ll solve a huge case someday I’ve been saying that for ages now But I know you.
You will solve a huge case someday And the higher ups will praise you! I’ve found a solution to your love.
It’s called “possessiveness” Drop it!
– I racked my brains for two days- My brain’s injured! The solution I found is called
“possessiveness” What does it have to do with my love? If you take another girl and talk to her
in front of your babe like “hehe” The feeling of “aargh” that happens to her
is called possessiveness This is the only girl I know.
And she won’t talk to me Where will I find another girl? Law and order went on a raid yesterday and
arrested eleven women I’ll borrow one of them, let the other ten
go to the courts You take one of them and go see your girl.
How’s the idea? The gentleman standing there has a problem
– Amazing sunglasses! Looks like you’re going to cause problems! He has a doubt.
So you go with him… not yet! Aren’t you too eager to go? You go with him and clear his doubts.
Then go to the courts Look there Brother, two cups of tea Girls never understand true love these days But lucky me! You just get me! Oh come one! Talking about mind and
heart and things I don’t understand I only know one thing…
To give value for the money Speaking of money, the bill is here What’s this nonsense? Shall we go to the park next? Parks will be too crowded. How about a hotel? Go! Do it
– Why me? Are you out of your mind? Why do you speak to my lover like that? Is she panicking now? I’ve told you so many times to quit this job And now you bring your customer
to the hospital? Nurse Divya is really annoyed! You should never go after girls.
Make them come behind you I’ll have to run with their bag This idea might be old.
But a first coming from a mother! Do this and the girl will come after you Not here. Go to the crime department
– Inside? Get it done before the inspector comes He deals with all the important cases.
Go to him The registration number? How did you know? His mom told him When a young lady comes to the station.
She must have lost her heart or her bike You don’t seem to have a heart Any special identification marks? For the bike! Yellow coloured “Vespa”.
The side mirror broken If I’d studied more while I followed
girls around, I’d have become IAS, IPS Or even the American President Let that be On the back of your vehicle… There must be an indicator?
– No. Identification… Yeah, identification.
Like a scar on the waist or mole under the lips Mole? It’s a bike, not a starlet.
Go away or I’ll undo your belt If there’s some special identification on your
bike, it’ll be easier to investigate “Love is God” is etched on the back It’s only written on the bike?
– “Love” means mercy, affection and care I don’t know about that. To me,
love only means love When will I get my bike?
– When to give… You know this park in Adyar where
couples meet..? Jeeva Park?
– How do you know that? It’s near my house So come to Jeeva Park at five tomorrow
and we’ll meet there Don’t you want your bike? When will I get my bike? – What, dear? What?
– What bike? My bike!
– It’s only five thirty. So many wait for months to get their
lost vehicles Some don’t even get it back.
You won’t wait for half an hour! But it’s annoying to wait, yeah?
– Yeah Then let’s go play in the slide over there Must make the call and get the bike The cops caught me on the way.
They won’t let me go! Tell them who I am!
– He asks you to talk in person Wait here for ten minutes
I’ll just… You say it’s some love affair.
Just take care of our R.I before going How can a cop bribe another?
– A cop shouldn’t refuse another cop! My bike. Let it be here.
I’ll pay you and take it later Tell me where you want to go.
I’ll drop you there Your family doesn’t like cops You could get into trouble
being seen with me I’ll just catch a cab My family doesn’t like cops.
Doesn’t mean I don’t It’s wrong to fake something you don’t have You only hid your profession.
Not a big deal Blinded by love… I’m singing poetry
And applauding myself This desire in me… Makes me inch closer
To find you sweet as honey I was free as a bird Now I land on the ground
Like a floating feather Your thoughts that haunt me
Day and night… They melt me You’re the wind
Touching my body What can I say? He disappeared
Like a sweet dream He read my mind
Like an open book I was alone in the dark
You came in like a lamp Now I know you Your eyes speak
But they don’t match your words And I’m helpless
What shall I speak? A part of me is shy
And a part of me wants you Ask me what you want
And it shall be yours Dear, you’re my sunshine And my monsoon You summon me with your words
And your gestures I’ve fallen for you! Somebody, please get water!
Sonu, wake up! Sir, call an ambulance Everybody, move out of the way Lift him up! There’s no problem, right?
– No Sir, you stay here We saved his life Call his parents With this boy’s organs, we can save six lives If his parents consent,
we can donate his organs Let me know when they’re here
I’ll talk to them That’s all?
He’ll not make it? 99%- no. Need to keep him at the hospital For a few months or a few years But it’s very expensive His organs have been donated He hasn’t died
He lives in six other people He doesn’t have a father, just a mother.
She has signed all the forms They booked a flight from Kolkota
and brought her here He wished to fly! His mother got it My credit is low. Can you recharge? What’s the tattoo?
– My mom Your mom is.. – Dead Is he a Bengali? He’s saying something about his mother?
Why is he crying? His mother has passed away.
So he is crying He doesn’t have a father, just a mother.
She has signed all the forms What he said means “Mother is dead”
in Bengali? Was it his mother or guardian who came
to the hospital? It was his mother
– Check and tell me I got the signatures. I am sure!
It was his mother Where is his body now?
– Government Hospital, for post mortem I want to see his hand Tell me, Mtahi! I’ve sent you a Bengali name.
Tell me what it reads I will Is it possible to induce brain death
in a person artificially, doctor? Carbon monoxide. This poisonous gas
can cause brain death in a healthy person But it would show in the post mortem! No, that depends on the quantity It doesn’t have a colour or a scent Tell me, brother
– The name you sent was Durga Devi Is there a problem?
– Yes, I’ll call you back What’s the name on the signature?
– One minute Her name is Chithralekha No way! Such a mistake could never
happen in our hospital That boy doesn’t have a mother.
She’s dead, her name is Durga Devi A Chithralekha has signed here.
Isn’t it obvious something is wrong here? No one would administer carbon monoxide
to a patient I was by his side till he went to the
operation theatre Inside the operation theatre?
– There’s no carbon monoxide in there When there are ten doctors working in there,
no one can openly give carbon monoxide Not openly. But without anyone’s knowledge?
– I told you that’s not possible Maybe there’s carbon monoxide in the
oxygen supply pipe? What are you saying? Why would someone go to such lengths
to have a small, poor kid brain dead? Who has anything to gain? Someone who has complete
control over the functioning of this hospital? Our dean, Dr. Devasagayam
– Then it’s him Don’t say such things about our doctor.
He’s a good man He has all the money in the world.
He doesn’t need to earn this way Keep your policeman thoughts
to yourself The mistake may not have happened
in our hospital Maybe it happened outside.
Think about it It’s getting late. I’m leaving Maybe it happened in the operation theatre? Maybe there’s carbon monoxide in the
oxygen supply pipe? The mistake may not have happened
in our hospital Maybe it happened outside Sir, don’t worry. Just hold his legs What are you looking for, nurse? Just looking. What gas cylinders do we have? Why do you want to know?
– Just for study purposes Do we have carbon monoxide?
– It’s used only in the chemical industry A man’s done if he inhales it.
Why would we have it in a hospital? I just wanted to know We’ve sent you the number
you had enquired for We only had one ambulance.
That too got wrecked in an accident last year Haven’t even fixed it What to do? There’s no funds in our trust You were right
– No, you were right We don’t buy carbon monoxide in our hospital But I found another information What? Twenty people have gotten admitted
due to brain death this year Organs of twelve have been donated
through the government The organs of the rest have been stolen
without any connection to the government All this has been approved by our
hospital’s dean- Dr. Devasagayam There’s one thing in common among the six.
They’re all workers from North India Their in-charge is the owner of
S.P Manpower agencies- Mr. Singaperumal The guy you introduced to me for work?
– Yes, him Do you have proof for all this?
– Yes Copy all this in a pen drive and come
to Jeeva Park Damn! Let’s go I’ve got a case with solid proof, sir The victims are not criminals They’re innocent, poor workers Tell me now What do we do, as cops? No, no one else was hurt Looks big.
There will be pressure from higher ups Take them to the magistrate’s house right away
and get custody Who’s name shall I file the complaint on? I will sign the case and take care
of the paperwork Let’s not risk anybody here Mr. Singaperuman, you are under arrest.
– May I know why? I’ll answer all your questions in the station.
Come with me Sir, that doctor is not in town.
He has left to London for a conference They showed me the flight ticket.
I checked at the airport immigration, too No chance of detaining- flight left three hours back Post a man outside his house.
– Okay, sir Which is why we’re arresting at night Nine murders! If we’d arrested your V.I.P after the news
had appeared in the papers… … The public would have pelted stones at him Is there a way to keep him out of this? Even if we have to talk out of the way… May I know who has filed this case?
– I have written the F.I.R and signed it I need to talk to him
– Talk away! Make it quick The magistrate would be waiting.
Make it quick A man who fights relentlessly against
the injustice he sees is a real policeman I was like you when I was younger A minister’s son committed a crime.
I locked him up They slit my ten year old daughter’s throat
and threw her at my feet I kept you out of big cases to avoid such
a thing from happening to another cop I may have humiliated you, yelled at you.
Forget about that Mathi, the case we’ve touched doesn’t end here If a problem arises, I’m there for you Rajamani, see what’s happening there Take the call
It’s that girl, right? She’ll get mad and leave you.
Answer the call If she hadn’t called you yesterday,
you’d be lying here too A parent’s happiness lies in the
child’s safety Don’t mistake me for saying this here This is the right place to talk about this We want to see our daughter living
happily with you You need to do one thing:
Quit your job Come here with another job.
I’ll give you my daughter’s hand in marriage Think about it, son One minute, madam.
Nothing to think about here Find your daughter another man in
a better job so that she’ll be happy Mum only asked you to quit- Accept a man the way he is If you try to change him, he’ll switch girls
and walk away The last I saw him was ten years ago.
We fought and I ran away from home Now I see his dead body He is my father, after all I’ve never seen you so disturbed! I will find the man behind this
and stab him with my very hands The inspector from T-Nagar has been
assigned the additional charge Until he takes charge, I’m in-charge I was a driver to I.G Samy since the
day I joined till I turned fifty four Before retirement, he asked me to stop
being a driver and assigned station duty I wanted to while away the last four years
of my service After seeing the atrocities that take place here.. I wish to be a real cop at least
these last four years I’m not a strong person: Physically or emotionally I don’t care if I lose my life over this case I’ll do whatever it takes to arrest that doctor.
And have him punished Dr. Devasagayam has not gone to London He got down at the transit in Mumbai
and is on his way to Chennai I got to know this through my friend He has a guest house in E.C.R.
He might be there Sorry for what my mother said- I was expecting you A doctor’s job is to save lives How could you commit such a sin? Organ trade:
A fast growing business in the world Buying and selling human organs for money I did this because of Singaperumal’s son-
Durai Durai has sent me to bail you out He’s online. He wanted to talk to you Father
– Don’t call me that You’ve ruined my life’s handwork, legacy.
You have committed a great sin! Sampat told on me?
Don’t get worked up. Things go wrong sometimes Business works that way
– People’s lives is a business to you! This is something no father should say:
You will perish I’m telling the magistrate all about you.
You shall be hung to death Bloody…Had you said this to me in person.. I used my guy and did this. So what? The son gets a share of dad’s inheritance.
Consider this to be mine Obey me and you live a little longer I don’t want to live at your mercy! I will kill you and then die That’s when I burst a firework in celebration Boom! Medical tourism: foreigners come to India
for treatment here A lesser known fact about that is:
organ trade It’s easier to trade organs in India.
And cheaper Durai is a broker who finds these foreigners
through the agents and caters to their needs We are only aware of kidneys when
it comes to organ trade But we have already surpassed that Red market: Human organ market If one weighs under ninety kilos,
with my nerves secreting hormones perfectly Tissues and urine functioning right.
With my heart beating 87 times a minute My body’s worth is roughly
two hundred million rupees INR Of the kids who come here to find work,
he selects the ones without parents Make them inhale carbon monoxide
in the ambulance And sends them to the hospital
as a brain-dead patient To administer carbon monoxide such
that it doesn’t affect any other organ And then the right quantity of oxygen,
he uses people who know the science My only son-
his heart transplant happened that way Yes, the first time I agreed to this was
for him My son was born with a heart
that needed to be transplanted to save his life Durai used this to bargain with me My son died six months after the operation I asked Durai to stop all this Doctor, one of us has to die:
You or me Until then, our deal cannot be cancelled Are you threatening me? You will go to the police? I won’t go to the police.
But I will go to the media You would ask me what proof I’ve got I’ve recorded our conversations
and your payment Durai, this is wrong The boys I use are labourers with no ties If they live, only their families benefit from it But their death can benefit so many Think of it as breeding chicken
for the meat. You’ll feel better I injected myself a minute before you got here Durai is not powerless A man who killed his father
won’t hesitate to kill me or you Only Singaperumal and I are linked
with the hospital records That was Durai’s clever idea.
No doctor can save me I’ve injected 0.2 ml dimethyl mercury I told him I’ll handle this.
But he panicked Don’t worry, everything will go as per plan He said he’d meet you after the press meet Need to tell the commissioner everything! Why has Singaperuman been arrested? Who is responsible for this blast? The investigation on this case is not over A special team is investigating it
in full swing Six months back,
Inspector Sathyamurthy arrested two terrorists They belong to a banned terrorist group Singaperumal has been arrested
under the suspicion of aiding the terrorists Our guess is that the bomb blast
was mastered by that terrorist group The commissioner is the highest authority
in the city’s police What can we do against him? Even if we do, Durai will bury us
the same way he did his father Our problem is that we don’t have any proof
that Durai committed the crime Even if we did, the commissioner is on his side So what? There’s the media,
courts and honest judges If we find one solid evidence against Durai,
we can lock him up! Do what you must, arrest whom you want to.
I’ll sign the charge sheet No point in F.I.Rs and chargesheets here When authority lies beyond our reach,
even a good act must be done the bad way So you’re going to do it illegally? We’re like brothers Sometimes you even speak to me disrespectfully
and I don’t mind that But you can’t involve me in this I am just an ordinary man.
I have a family, children I can’t and won’t co-operate to this Durai’s auditor, his driver.
His maid and his goons They’re all in here His phone can’t be hacked.
He uses a satellite phone Only he can access his laptop.
The security alert has been activated Entering his house is not easy, either What are you looking at?
I did storm out, but what can I do? A cop is a cop even when he’s asleep But there’s one guy in the group
that we can use His name is Jyothi Lingam.
The guy looks terrifying I don’t know how close they are But it was Durai who got him a post
in their political party Jyothi Lingam is running after Durai
begging him for a seat in the Assembly There was a blast in our area last month.
Wasn’t there? That bomb should have been placed
on your ear The bomb blast that took place last month
happened at Jyothi Lingam’s house Upon enquiry, it was known that the idiot
has placed a bomb in his own house for publicity You’ve plugged it in, right? After the blast, our men have been
going for his security This well-built Jyothi Lingam is our
only way in To get evidence against Durai, we must
follow him seriously His health seems to be in a serious condition.
And we should follow him? What else do we do? My method would work on him Long live! Why is brother coming down this way? Today is Monday.
East is unholy! So he’s coming from the North Don’t pull my leg! Why not have an entrance
in the North? He obviously thought of that! It’s bad fortune
according to the Energy of the House! Not just that. The Wind God blows
in all his fury in that direction It doesn’t agree with him.
He’d get blown away, right? Your head looked like a half eaten fruit! But since the posting, you are shining like
Jack from ‘The Titanic’ What’s the point? There are no girls
– Yeah, right Who are you? We don’t have other branches I’m here for you protection, sir You shower me with flowers.
But hit me on the head with a plate! Like the saying goes, “Pastry in the panty” Is that a saying?
– There is no such saying What happened to Mani, who used to
work here before? He’s gone on a leave for his
third wife’s fourth delivery, sir! What did you say your name was? Just tell me your name No room for “sir, beer” here
Just call me “boss” But you do like beer!
Especially cold ones I just said that because it rhymes.
Let it go! You can be with me from now.
You get one day off every week I’ll be your bed when you sleep
and a mother when you’re hungry This saying is nice, too! This is not a proverb.
Tell me the program, let’s go! Need to meet an important person every week His name is Durai. Come with me There’s no Durai there, only dog shit.
The door is that way. Follow me Hello!
– Hello, brother He’s my boy. A guard.
He’s real quick Quicker than a fox
– Keep quiet! May I go? Let him be, he’s just a kid There’s some business dealing
between our brother and Durai Even now, Durai says five will do.
But brother insists on ten ships! Girls don’t switch guys so easily.
Just wait You could have said that over the phone I’m Sathish. In a nutshell, the villain to your love Don’t get it? Divya’s sister’s husband
– What an introduction! Divya told me everything.
A prospective groom is coming to see her tomorrow So we came to meet you You’ve been watching T.V all morning.
Check where he is I’ve asked him already! He’s on his way.
– Doesn’t matter. Ask him again Where shall I place the sweets? Place them in a plate!
Bugging me for every single thing Sure, sir. It will be done in two days It will be done, sir Hello! I’m Mathi’s mother I am aware of the issues This concerns your daughter’s life.
It’s your decision But I thought
you should know some things first This job is my son’s ambition Not just his- mine as well The reason for our ambition
is his father- Inspector Rathnavel His father passed away when he was thirteen There was a fire accident just six days after
his promotion as an inspector He saved thirty five lives,
But not his own But my son didn’t just sit and mourn his
father’s death He’s started from where his father left Performing the duties
with the same level of devotion and honesty He will never be able to quit his job The day he passed away, my son
held my hand And vowed to take care of me and his sister.
He’s a real man He has lived up to the
promises he made at thirteen Even a mother of ten children would know
the characters, mood and tendency of every child I know nothing would happen to my son Have faith and wed your daughter to him.
He’ll stand by her forever No matter what you say, I am not
getting another daughter married to a cop, too Mom-in-law, why are you so stubborn?
This is Divya’s life Don’t you want her to be happy? Please be quiet, son-in-law! Don’t be like this, mom.
She’s come all the way to our home Ask her to come in and-
– Just keep quiet Be patient, Meenakshi.
We’ll think about it and give our decision If that’s what all of you want,
get them married But that is not my wish Won’t you give your blessings
if they get married and stand before you? I will! But I don’t accept Won’t you play with their child? I will! But I don’t accept The watchman has come.
Didn’t give him any snacks? That’s you? You invited me to see the bride You were talking when I came.
So I waited out till you were done We are done talking
– By the way, you are? He’s my daughter’s future husband
– Which daughter? The one you came here to see I’m Mathimaran, from around here I only make fourteen thousand a month See you! Please have a seat!
You’ve been standing since you came here Dear, serve them coffee
– Okay, mom We’ll do the marriage in our native style Let’s have a rehearsal
Before our big night Your husband is here
To teach you all the tricks I’m not letting you go
You’re my meal for the day You’re a rose
With no thorns Even the back of your feet
Get me excited Don’t you run away
Or you’ll leave me high and dry We’re engaged now
What’s the point in waiting? Let me worship
The temple of your body I’ve come like a pilgrim
To pray to you, my goddess Move away, you!
I’m a fiery lass Touch me
And you’ll get burnt Don’t think about touching me
You little man! Come near me
And I’ll snip your tail You’re going to be my wife,
My better half Give me a sneak peek! You waited to be my fiancee
Can’t wait till we’re married? You’re my girl forever
Let’s touch a little bit, woman! I’ll come to you once we’ve wed
Hold still until then, my man! You masterpiece!
I’m crazy about you You’re killing me
But I’m not really dying I was born for you
Made this way to suit you You’re taking me
All for yourself His name is Prakash.
Durai’s man Friday in this affair He’ll be an asset to us.
We need to get him to testify against Durai He’s a drug addict, so we’ll keep him high
until our job is done Keep this phone with you, Mathi Long live our leader!
Long live our leader! Greetings!
– Greetings, leader! I asked you to bring models.
And you’ve brought their moms! This isn’t glamour, it’s poverty! A bowl of rice and a set of clothes
will only buy us this It’s not like you gave me ten grand
to import models from Mumbai Be quiet! He promised a bowl of rice and
a set of clothes but he’s cheated us You only drink porridge at home
but you demand bowl of rice here! Just go, we’ll give it to you Why has he turned up like this? What’s this attire?
Like the Lord Almighty in disguise! I’m fasting for His Holiness Sankiji
– His Holiness Sankiji? Never heard of him Haven’t heard of His Holiness Sankiji? Let me tell you about his greatness I could’t walk or talk till I was eighteen Really? You couldn’t talk? You chatter non-stop like a video jockey! You couldn’t talk? There’s a flashback
– It’s getting late, let’s go It will only take two minutes! Our town is in a beautiful hill
It’s called- Wait, let me visualise it!
Go on It’s called Papanayagampeti There was a smart guy called Hrithik Roshan
in our town Hrithik Roshan in Papanayagampeti!
How is that possible? He was a North Indian who came to the hills What does he have to do with you? We were best of friends! Back when the guys were going after chicks,
we used to take selfies A girl called Simran came between us We both like Simran a lot
– Everyone does! Be quiet! Go on, tell us I couldn’t walk or talk But Hrithik Roshan was not like that.
He could sing and dance He picked up Simran
with his singing and dancing He was so excited about stealing her
away from me! He would flash his dance moves before me
and challenge me to move like him What did you do?
– I got insulted and reacted immediately What? Make a note of this What? I can’t understand
– In your diary Our challenge begins I will pick up a better chick..
and show her off to you! When I delivered Superstar’s dialogues from
the movie ‘Annamalai’ in my own style And turned around in high speed.
It hit me that I can never do that I was shattered!
I stood at the edge of a cliff to end my life Son! Son of Adam… His Holiness Sankiji was floating in the air
in his state of complete peace Why are you upset?
Because you can’t talk or walk? When you talk,
people shall scatter away in fear That’s true! When you dance,
people shall watch with their jaws hanging So different your moves shall be! That’s true, too! I bless you with these boons He gave me those boons He’s made me stand before you
and walk and talk and dance and sing And talk about Him in your presence here
Till I tire out! Such is the greatness of His Holiness Sankiji! Do ask to see him I want to meet this His Holiness Sankiji
– We can see him tomorrow! Not tomorrow! Today
Right now Hey buddy-
I meant, his face is like a bud of a flower! Yes, boss! Only his hair has greyed.
His face and body are that of a thirty year old’s What an aura! I am aware that you are desperately
hanging behind a man for a spot in the Assembly You came here to butter me up for that
Am I right? Yes, Your Holiness! I have a wish.
To travel in a beaconed vehicle just one time The cops will take you in one of those
if they arrest you Little mosquito! Mind it His Holiness Sankiji will give you his sacrament.
Take it Oh! What is this?
– A camera What? A camera! I mean, like a camera.
Don’t get worked up Here, keep this, too
– What is this? A transmitter and a receiver
– What is this for? I will sense the bad energy through this
and convert it to good energy using this Wear this around your neck!
– Right away, Holiness Leave this behind at your benefactor’s house That’s when your thoughts,
mine and his will be in sync May you have victory! Greetings, Durai sir! I conducted a prayer at home
and it’s good to spray the Holy Cow’s urine So I’m spraying it-
– Why are you spraying it here? I’ll be happy when you’re happy.
So I came straight to your house Go away! What’s this? The priest has blessed this Tiger’s tooth
so I’m wearing it What a way to spread the energy
around Durai’s house! What are you doing here?
– This is the East! Must sprinkle here first No need. Go spray at the Fortune end first
– Please, brother Go away!
– You’re so gorgeous Did anyone else come here?
– This is Durai sir’s house No one except you can come here
and get out alive The Lord has given me license to kiss.
May I? He gives me the license
but doesn’t let me ride the vehicle As if you can ride! Durai, sir?
– Need to talk about your Legislative Assembly seat Come to the agency tomorrow Hello, Durai! He’s not here at the moment I’ll talk to him and get back to you Karthik!
– Brother? Keep this phone with you, Mathi Brother, the number you asked me to track
has just been turned on It’s within a few miles radius around you Hello? Brother Just returned from my hometown this morning.
Got the local sweets from there Want some? Tell me quickly!
Want it or not? If we get hold of Durai’s laptop,
we’ll find some clue That’s the next plan.
But not sure how to do it Look there! He’s gambling What’s this pendant? It’s poking me Oh I forgot all about the holy pendant!
Please forgive me, Holiness! Everything happens within your sight, Holiness.
Forgive me just this once The phone’s ringing! It’s Durai What’s up at this hour, Durai? Whom do you want?
Item number 7? Who is item number 7?
Oh, it’s Helen You have a different taste, Durai Watching the ‘A’ rated show? Now you know what his “business deal”
with Durai is He’s a professional pimp.
And we’ve been wasting our time on him! This is disgusting.
Let’s go Turn that off! I shall make money off this recording.
And settle down in Singapore Sorry, sir! I’ll just sty in Mylapore Shall we record it?
– I’ve already hit “okay” We’re climbing up this drainage pipe,
jumping onto the balcony And entering the house.
Am I right, boss? Why are you addressing him as “boss”? From now, he’s the boss and you’re a dodo No more time wasted on small talks.
Let’s start planning He looks familiar.
– From where? Hold on
Are you His Holiness Sankiji’s great grandson? He was in disguise of Sankiji
– Why would he do that? To fool you! Don’t get it? It’s been recorded.
– How did they record it? He told you it was a camera! This is a camera? What’s the point in taking it off now? Last night’s strip tease
has already been recorded Just out of curiosity, why don’t you
turn the lights off? I thought I could see better and work better
if the lights were on Look, we want Durai’s laptop.
We’re going to take and you must help us Go to a shop if you want a laptop.
Why do you want his? None of your business.
Just help us now What if I refuse?
– What if I upload this video on Youtube? What do I do now?
How will I manage? He’s here!
What to do now? What’s this? Going to a hotel is old fashioned Enjoying the outdoor scenery in a caravan
is the new thing You go in and have fun Hold on! The phone is an unwanted disturbance Give it to me Go on And I’ll do my job Why is it so dark in here?
– It’s usually dark when it’s dark Sir, as per our plan, our boys will work hard.
You needn’t stress yourself Number 2! Push it
– What about me? Hop on I got here first! Looks like he’s got dough on his bum! The security is going Watch out! Sorry, I thought it was open.
Didn’t see the glass How do we get in? Through that door Who can open a door?
– I do, sir You do?
– Give me the key, I’ll open it O Goddess with Huge Eyes! Twelve by twelve.. six this wya
and six that way! So this is unpaired! These flight of stairs are like a merry-go-round! Look there!
– Where? Thank god! What’s this weird sound? Why are you screaming? Durai! Mathi! I tried my best.
But he heard the bell He’s on his way Copy these files on to the hard disk How long will it take?
– Half an hour How much longer?
– Almost done, sir I’ll bring it later.
You should leave now You got us in trouble!
– Shush! Just take him away.
– Yes! Let’s go Durai’s phone bill And this is a bill from his perfume shopping He’s shopped for international liquor
for fifteen hundred thousand That’s all there is.
Apart from that, there are five porn movies He’s trying to get them to open Yes, Mathi.
This is not going to work out See? Even he agrees.
What’s this? And it says materials are ready
will be delivered soon That’s written in a letter We’ve tried every single angle.
I don’t think we’ll find anything here Let’s not be so negative
and stay positive. We’ll find some clue This letter reads plus and minus.
And you talk about positive and negative My head feels dizzy, now! Superb, Divya! In medicine, you use the terms
positive and negative for plus and minus, right? These symbols in the formula could be codes
for blood groups! Give me that paper
– Take it Connecting this and the blood group Two people with A+, two people with B+
and two with AB- blood groups What about the 10? That could be one person with o Positive! You say it’s a code word for blood groups.
How do we confirm it? There’s a way to do that This does mean blood groups of seven kids After doctor’s death, Durai has plans to
send these kids alive These seven belong to the
same man-power agency I don’t know anything else Once we transfer the kids on to their network,
our job is done Once that’s done, even we can’t reach them They reach Mumbai
through a variety of networks That’s all I know Only Durai is aware of the links
from the other end Our priority is to save those seven lives.
Not to capture Durai We need to get the list from the
man-power agency And find the seven kids from that list That’s not an easy task.
There are almost 10,000 in their list And most of them would have
one of these four blood groups Who is he? His name is Mathi. The one who came
as my security guard the other day He’s a constable in the R-5 police station A constable! Here are the blood group details
of everyone from the man-power agency Here are the details of their employment From what the dean said, they target
children without parents If we find the children without parents
with a match on our blood groups We can save the seven kids Where is Upendra Singh? Raju!
– He went that way Someone has broken in It’s not safe to be here anymore.
Let’s go It’s the commissioner speaking Think you’re James Bond? You’ve switched duties with the guard
and done fraud! You have broken into a V.I.P’s house
and hacked his laptop Who do you think you are? The lives of Inspector Sathyamurthy
who worked in our department for twenty five years A twelve year old orphan.
And the lives of sixteen people are at stake What evidence have you got to prove it? I’ve got all the evidence.
But you don’t have the conscience to bring it out Your job as a constable it to do as you’re told Just perform your duty What’s a constable’s duty? Opening the door to your car, buying groceries
for your home, picking up your kids from school… Standing a few feet away from the liquor shop
Knowing fully well that the men are drunk And forcing a bribe of ten rupees from them We pleadged:
“We shall not let the guilty go free” And here we are just taking orders,
letting the world rot Driving around in the patrol jeep.
Getting meals for free Is that it, sir? You and I were taught the same rules
when we first wore this uniform The same penal codes apply to
the constables and commissioners alike Our duties are the same: To protect justice,
punish the guilty and protect the public We can still save those seven lives now You scoundrel! Stop talking about lives to me Are they your family or friends? Why are you so concerned? You are stating all these rules,
don’t you know that a cop should obey his orders And not disrespect a higher official? I do know that
But I needn’t respect anyone Who would just play along and
Commit felony and play up to the guilty Know who you’re talking to? There will be an enquiry against you
in the department You will lose your job You’re not even a constable now I feared this woluld happen Where are S.I and Divya? Hello, constable sir!
How are you? I have the people you’re looking for I didn’t catch them.
They fell into the trap on their own Kids play chef sometimes It’s nice to see.
But can’t eat it for a meal What you’ve done is similar Playful kid! A harmless insect I swear to you, I’m not angry I don’t wish to lose another
policeman’s life Please let them go Take them away in an hour.
Near the Saidapet Railway Station And when you come, bring the boy
you saved I’d be a laughingstock if word got out
that a constable is my enemy So let’s keep this hushed up The deal is done.
But I thought about it It’s a small spark that led to my
murdering my own father How can I let that be! You stood right before me and
made me dance to your tunes Let me show you who I am How was our little game? I know to value a human life I won’t just waste your life by killing you Don’t be afraid And the seven kids,
including the one you sent Are crossing the state border as we speak Not just you.
No Knight can rescue them now What are you laughing at? It’s possible If the Tamil Nadu police wish to, it’s possible I ran all this time just for this Don’t get it? The boy I dropped off is not the same one A hundred and seventy two stations,
two hundred and fifty four inspectors Seventeen assistant commissioners,
twelve district commissioners And four joint commissioners,
controlled by ONE commissioner It’s his only son that you’ve got now What did you call me?
A harmless housefly? I might be a housefly.
But I’m in your ear now I’ll dig through your brains
and come out of your eye socket I shouldn’t have let you go Getting worked up already?
There’s so much left for you to see, love To quote the Ultimate star,
“It’s just the beginning” If something happens to my son- You asked me if those kids were
my family or near and dear to me Not related to me.
But blood related to you There are many who still believe
that policemen can do good to them I believe in that, too We can still save those seven kids
along with your son Once I get my son- He’s just a constable from your department.
And you can’t even control him Call yourself a Commissioner? Look, Durai! Do what you want.
But just bring my son back Think I run a travels?
Can’t just ask them to turn around You get your monthly dues, don’t you? I killed my father to do this business He’s just one stupid kid!
You seem healthy Can’t you just have another child? Don’t yell at me The material is out of our hands No one can catch them now I’ve placed a GPS on your son’s shirt, sir The control room is following the signals Going in the Mumbai route The other boys are the same age as your son They’ve come here to make a living Others can let a Tamilian down.
But a Tamilian shall never let another down The control room has intimated all
the other stations We’ll all waiting for your orders Mani, start the vehicle! Fast Want to see Tamil Nadu police
live in action? Be there at the Thiruvallur area in fifteen minutes Go that way, yes! Sir, we’ve recovered the kids! Just in need of immediate first aid.
He’ll be okay Bring the ambulance here! Who informed the media?
– None of us did I did, sir You’ve done a good deed.
The world should know about it Is there someone behind this, sir? Seven children were abducted to
trade their organs We have stopped that and saved them We’ll arrest everyone associated soon Mathimaran from R-5 Police Station
was the one who brought us the news on time I only conveyed the information Credit goes to the commissioner The second he got to know,
he responded with swift action When a cop has a small slip,
you rip us apart on the social media But there are policemen who give their
lives for the duty You can write about these things, too! Congrats on behalf of the media We shall highlight this news, sir In tomorrow’s papers, you’re the hero.
You’re the headline No amount of money can make up
for true appreciation for hardwork, sir Are you still going to avoid taking action
on this case? What is it?
You’re going to arrest me? What’s that hormone trade anyway? Not hormone trade- Organ.
Human organs Whatever. You’ve let go of all the murders But you’ve come to catch me
for some theft? Our political party is going to announce his
candidacy in two days The state election is round the corner Do you have personal vendetta against him? No such thing, sir What, then?
– We’ve rescued the seven victims He has committed the crime We’re looking for his associates- What is it, commissioner? You only watched the flash news on T.V?
It’s real slow Twitter and Facebook are faster Twelve minutes back, the fifteen men
responsible for this crime Have surrendered at the Chengelpet
Magistrate’s house If you still want to arrest me,
the law that you value so highly Will not permit you Here’s my anticipatory bail.
Signed by the HIgh Court Judge Just came in my fax You and your apologies! The candidacy is being announced in two days Be there and take care of
the security arrangements for the gathering Is there nothing we can do to Durai? Our highest power is to arrest.
It’s in the hands of the judiciary from then on But he’s got the law in his hands! We need to submit a plea to the courts
to cancel the anticipatory bail But he’ll break that, too None of the lives associated with this case
have any significance We can’t do anything to Durai Is that right, sir? I said there’s no way to do it legally Whatever we do, we must do
before his candidacy is announced in two days Go on Men like you are made for such
apprentice jobs You shouldn’t dream of arresting a man
who controls fifty M.L.As, five ministers With a thousand bodyguards You can’t do it Understood?
What are you looking at? Burn holes in my body by staring? See the crowd around me? If you throw a speck of dust on me,
they’ll break you into a million pieces You saved the seven children I sent But soon, I’m going to send
fifteen of them in a flight with government’s support To Mumbai I’m taking my business to a whole new level I’ll win this election and become an M.L.A
and then a minister You can’t even pluck a strand of hair
from my body Live all your wishes now Later, you won’t be there to live them We’ll never meet again This being the last time.. let’s take a selfie Representing our party, leading it
to great heights of victory A jewel of the party, a soldier of this party A new dawn for our party, Brother Durai Arasan He will greet our respected Leader with
a flower garland He’s asked us to do it I only did it for public attention What if this kills someone and they
lock us up in high security prison for terrorism? Look! My hands are shaking I don’t have time for this.
Just do your job It flames so well! You’ve set fire to it! Yeah, throw it Thank god! No lives lost Why are you lighting up another? No one dies when you throw it.
So you do it I solemnly declare
I solemnly declare Never to let a criminal
Never to let a criminal Get away with his crime
Get away with his crime He’s been hit by a bullet He’s lost too much blood.
Lift him up! He needs an ambulance Bring the ambulance here!
Quick No ambulance! No ambulance! No! Make way! We’re taking the leader No ambulance! Make way! need to close the door Only the policeman shall get in You control fifty four M.L.As, five ministers and a thousand
bodyguards But not an ordinary constable? There are some things money can’t buy Mother, father, a good friend And a true policeman Men like you rot in hell
But you will end up in heaven Here’s the donor card signed by you
agreeing to donate your organs Not bad! You’re helping many lives
by dying We’ll never meet again This being the last time.. let’s take a selfie The innocent kids came to Tamil Nadu
for protection. How did they harm you? Now you’ll know how all those lives
suffered because of you A special team is investigating the
incident at the party meet We are studying the video footage, too We believe that this too was caused
by a terrorist organisation In the riot, Durai Arasan has been hurt and
ended up in a coma I congratulate the policemen who ensured
that no other lives were lost And assure that no such incidents
will take place again Why are they always blocking the roads?
What is their problem? Only the police can teach them a lesson They don’t know about our new
Law and Order Inspector I just called his personal number.
Wait and see him bash them up Here he is! It takes a cop to teach them a lesson! This is how you fix things I’m going to donate everything in my body This is the least I could do for my brother! Don’t you think this is a bit too much, mom?
– What’s too much? My son has achieved his goal.
You give me it, dear If you truly believe, anyone can win!

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